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SubjectRe: 2H on Bristol
FromGerry Alanguilan
DateOct. 14, 2000, 5:50 p.m.
Thread2H on Bristol
>Does anyone like blue pencils?  It looks
>cool when other people do it.  However, I do not like it.  Too difficult to

I think one is not meant to erase blue pencils because they do not turn up 
in print, or they can be easily removed when the artwork is scanned in the 
computer. The people I know who use blue pencils do not use it to pencil 
the page fully though. They use it to pencil only the basic structure of 
the figures in the page. In this way, when one makes a mistake, you can 
erase the grey pencil but your structure beneath, drawn in blue pencil, 
will remain unerased.

>     Does anyone follow John Buscema advice in the Journal and uses a light
>box and/or transfers finished image to the Bristol board or use a light box
>for inking?

I use a light box, but I use it to check the integrity of my drawing. 
Flipping over the page and looking at my drawings, as if from a mirror, 
would reveal many flaws that I would not normally see had I been looking at 
it right side up.