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SubjectRe: 2H on Bristol
FromMatt and Paige Thompson
DateOct. 14, 2000, 6:10 p.m.
Thread2H on Bristol
> I think one is not meant to erase blue pencils because they do not turn up
> in print, or they can be easily removed when the artwork is scanned in the
> computer. The people I know who use blue pencils do not use it to pencil
> the page fully though. They use it to pencil only the basic structure of
> the figures in the page. In this way, when one makes a mistake, you can
> erase the grey pencil but your structure beneath, drawn in blue pencil,
> will remain unerased.

That is a cool idea, but knowing myself, I'd probably forget to change
pencils, then end up putting way too much into the blue lines.

>> Does anyone follow John Buscema advice in the Journal and uses a light
>> box and/or transfers finished image to the Bristol board or use a light box
>> for inking?
> I use a light box, but I use it to check the integrity of my drawing.
> Flipping over the page and looking at my drawings, as if from a mirror,
> would reveal many flaws that I would not normally see had I been looking at
> it right side up.
> Gerry
I don't usually flip like that, but I do look from the top of the drawing
table as I pass by. I always see something out of whack that way. Maybe I'll
start using the mirror effect, too.

I can't believe I ever learned to draw in isolation. The tricks that others
have to share are kind of exciting.