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SubjectRe: 2H on Bristol
FromMatt and Paige Thompson
DateOct. 14, 2000, 6:10 p.m.
Thread2H on Bristol
> I general use a 2H 5 mm mechanical pencil.  Only on rare occasion Have I
> noticed "damage" to Bristol board.  Does anyone like blue pencils?  It looks
> cool when other people do it.  However, I do not like it.  Too difficult to
> erase.  

Ooh, I like the idea of the mechanical pencil. No dullness, ever. I've tried
blue pencils, but I couldn't find my details with it. Of course, I've never
inked my own pencils, so maybe it wasn't as big a problem as I imagined.
Still, it wasn't as comfortable as the familiar greyish color of the

> Soft lead users: are you scanning your art as a finished product for
> publication?  Or do you just like the different effects, i.e., soft shading,
> fading shadows, curves..etc.  I assume that you intend on inking your art for
> publication?  Is this extra work justified? I can think of why I would do it.
> Does anyone follow John Buscema advice in the Journal and uses a light
> box and/or transfers finished image to the Bristol board or use a light box
> for inking? 
> Steve

A light box would be so cool. I've heard of that being done, but don't have
the equipment on hand.