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SubjectRe: 2H on Bristol
FromMatt and Paige Thompson
DateOct. 14, 2000, 8:50 p.m.
Thread2H on Bristol
>>>> Is this some secret that only benefits me, or is everyone else really
> using
>>>> harder pencils as well?
>>> No,  I pencil very tightly with 2B lead and then it doesn't need to be
> inked
>>> at all.
>>> But if I were inking it, then I would use a much harder lead.
>> You must start out very lightly, and sharpen a lot.
>> Or is there some other trick I haven't heard of? :)
> No I don't start out lightly. I just wind up erasing a lot.  It's actually a
> bad habit.

Ha! :):) Well that explains it. I erase enough even with the 2H. If my
strokes were much bolder, either my work would totally stink or I'd be using
two or three sheets of bristol just to get one page done.