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Re: Future of Comics

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> From: Cassity Daniel SSgt 86 MSS/DPMX <Daniel.Cassity>
> To: Multiple recipients of list GUTTERS <gutters>
> Subject: Future of Comics
> Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 10:13 AM
> Gutters Folk=-)
> 	I've seen a lot of Marvel bashing lately, and want to stick in a
> couple of words to see if we're all on the same page...
> 	Yeah, Marvel had some crappy management in the past couple of years,
> but lets give credit where credit is do.  The first comic book I really
> picked up and "read" (about 12 years ago) was not Concrete, or Bone, or
> Appleseed, or one of the many other cool independant comics that are
> floating around out there...it was Batman Part 4 of "Death in the
> I think a lot of us (not all of course) started out with characters likes
> Batman, Superman, Ironman, Avengers, X-Men, or Spider-Man.  Those are the
> ones that catch comic book readers while they're young, and THAT (what
> Marvel is doing) is just as important as keeping readers as they grow up.
> 	Marvel just needs a little help and support to get the ball rolling.
> Right now, they've got a lot of Baby Boomer fat cats sitting around a
> just thinking up ways to make more money per project, instead of putting
> "heart" and energy into their comics that they deserve.  I sometimes
> if any of the Editors and Presidential staff ever sit back saying "...you
> know what would be frickin' cool to do in this comic...", instead of
> "...Statistics show that Wolverine and Blade are really hot items..." and
> that is why their stories and business are dying.   
> 	I'm part of a lot of message boards on the internet just like
> Gutters, and we all seem to have the same 20/20 vision about what should
> done.  However, not too many Spawn issues ago, I read a response on the
> letters page saying that they printed certain stupid peoples' letters
> because they don't really have enough customer feedback to choose from! 
> a comic book community, we all need to put the pen to paper (or burn up
> keyboard) and tell places like Marvel, DC, and Image what we want to see.
> Tell them we're TIRED of multiple covers (unless they are included in the
> back of one single issue), we DON'T think holograms are nifty for an
> $1.50, we DON'T want 5 versions of the same titles, annuals ARE NOT for
> up-and-coming artist/writer teams (make something important happen for
> $3.50), and mini-series are GAY if you have to buy a seperate book to
> the continuity in your title.  If you want to see horror, western, sci-fi
> comics, or WHATEVER, let THEM know.  Don't just wine about it to a bunch
> people that are already on your wavelength.   
> 	I don't think anyone really benefits by Marvel's failure.  Don't get
> caught up in "Damn the Man" articles, and remember what comic books are
> about... "Reading adventures in a treehouse with your best friend,
> Bazooka Joe, eating Slim Jims, and having the time of your life!"
> Dan Cassity
> daniel.cassity