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Re: remove

Thank you very much Mr. David for your help . lb means LEBANON.
> From: David W. James <nudity!vnend>
> To: Multiple recipients of list GUTTERS <gutters>
> Subject: Re: remove
> Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 1:10 PM
> I've sent messages that should remove the two addresses that complained
> (in the event the list maint. is at a conference.)  Where the heck is
> country 'lb', anyway?  (I'll look it up, but the book is downstairs.)
> Lebanon? 
> Vnend
> (No, I'm not contributing much these days.  I'm taking an art class, and
> that and other stuff is keeping me busy and away from making comics.
> Though the running (friendly) arguement with my art prof. should count
> for something...)