Simple brush technique may help?

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SubjectSimple brush technique may help?
FromLyman and/or Brenda
DateJune 4, 2001, 12:12 p.m.
Wow, I haven't written anything on this site in years! Anyway, Ryan's 
question about inking got me thinking. Way, way back when I was a student at
the famed Kubert School ('78-81) we had to learn how to use a brush to ink
our work (this was also way before "manga" became popular on the U.S.:
Frank Frazetta and Bernie Wrightson brushstyle art was the rage then.). As a
way to survive this medium I found that if I supported my inking hand (I'm
right handed) on the outside bottom of the heel of my hand (just above the
wristbone) and the tip of the ring finger (finger next to the pinkie), I
could control the brush way more easily. Also, I seemed to get a better,
longer, and more graceful line with a backhanded motion (twist from the
wrist) as opposed to pulling the brush inwards towards my body per se. I
also like the Raphael Series brushes, preferrably a #2. (Brush longevity
hint:mix a bit of clear Ammonia in with your brush washwater to keep the
brush cleaner and free of too much dried ink.)

Altho' I no longer do comics-type work I use an inked line CONSTANTLY in my
editorial artwork, and still find this method works quickly and cleanly for
me: even over thinly painted (guache or watercolor) areas.

It took several months and about a ream (500 sheets) of scrap paper before
my linework became clean and confident. I hope this is of some help!

Lyman Dally