To those EXPO Comic Rejecters past and present

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SubjectTo those EXPO Comic Rejecters past and present
FromSteven M. “Noppie” Noppenberger
DateJuly 8, 2001, 9:48 a.m.
To those EXPO Comic Rejecters past and present:

By now most of you have learned who has been selected for EXPO Comic 2001, if 

made the list, that is great! If you did not and would have liked to, or if 

feel that your submissions should have been included, you have several 

The two extreme options are, 1) you can stomp your feet and complain, or 2) 

can have it published in some other manner.

Do you still desire to publish your concept and want it to be a part of a

collection of illustrated stories to benefit CBLDF, and to show what you can 

in this comic book format?  You can either do it by yourself or we can put

something together ourselves.  Since we “rejecters” do not have money/backer 

pay for the printing, this limits our options to paying for printing 

Hey, if someone would want to donate the money for printing, please speak up.

PROPOSAL: We are familiar with projects like Gumbo or Digital Webbing 

in which each creator or creative team pays X amount per their contributions

(page count) divided by the printing cost.  The same concept can be applied 

the EXPO “rejecters” book. The submission you sent in, to be included in the 

comic, can be showcased in our own “rejecters” book. Much like the EXPO 

proceeds from the sale of the EXPO “rejecters” book will be donated to CBLDF.

Too all EXPO Comic Rejecters past and present do you what to be part of this?

It's either Yes or No?

If it’s Yes, please acknowledge by e-mail: noppie NO ATTACHMENTS 

(If, by chance there is someone else out there who wants to do put this 

together?  I yield to you.  I have a thousand and one things that need to be 

before attending SPX.  If not, do not complain.)

DEADLINE: The deadline for acknowledgment/submission is the 20th of July 2001.

The artwork should already be completed.

Is there a mathematical person who wants to handle the calculation aspect of 


If at all possible, I would like each contributor to receive X amount books. 

the books are sold at the cover price this should reimburse the contributors 

printing costs, and it should still allow the CBLDF to benefit. Since we do 

know how many creators/contributors will want to take part in this, or how 

copies we should print, the cost per contributor is unknown at this time.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Are there individuals who desire to donate money to have it


Does anyone want to handle the money end of this project?  To receive the 

and pay the printer.  Speak up.

Does anyone want to do the cover or back cover?  How do we want to decide 

Title?  Anyone have a good ideal besides Disgruntle/Rejecters?

Contact information and bio’s.  If it’s just simple contact information, 
send it

as text in an e-mail, and/or with the artwork on diskette

ARTWORK & LAYOUT: How do you want the illustrated stories placed in what 

Because of certain limitation of the printed comic book format, not all 

can be placed in any specific order. (i.e. a double page spread in one

illustrated story might be limited in its options.)  Because of time 

I suggest an alphabetical order by title of each submission.

All artwork should be scanned and on media.  One or two exceptions is not

problem. But please be considerate of the time and effort involved in putting

this project together.

If you decide that you want to take part in this madness, mail digital 
formats on

either a zipdisk (100mb, Macintosh or IBM formatted), lots of floppies 
(3.5”), or

a CD; with images preferable in TIFF format, or anything in Photoshop, to:

A n g r y  D o g   P r e s s

Disgruntle/ Rejecter

Attn:  Steven M. Noppenberger

74 Carroll View Avenue

Westminster, Maryland

21157 5602


understands NO ATTACHMENTS!

Russ McIntosh and Steven Noppenberger

         A n g r y   D o g   P r e s s