World Chancelleries: Contents

  1. World Chancelleries
  2. Introduction
Introduction by Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States
Explanatory Article Relative to the Genesis and Purpose of the Symposium. By Edward Price Bell
Judge Wilhelm Marx, Post-war Chancellor of Germany.—Graphic Description of the Trials of the Young Republic, with Reflections upon Its Constitution and Aims
Premier Benito Mussolini of Italy.—Exposition of Fascismo, the Creed of Young Italy, with Its Picturesque, Militant, and Fearless Anti-Bolshevik Leader
Raymond Poincaré, France’s Former President and Great Post-War Premier, on Why France Fought, How She Fought, What She Fought For, What Are the Essentials of the French Soul
Ramsay Mac Donald, Former Premier of Great Britain, the World’s Most Brilliant Socialist-Labor Thinker, Tells Why, in his Judgment, the Socialists are “the Aristocrats of Modern Political and Social Thought”
Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States. Study of the Heart and the Mind of the Man Who Probably Has no Rival in the Accuracy with Which He Reflects American Sentiment and Opinion, and in the Command He Consequently Has Over the Confidence of the American People
Premier Mackenzie King of Canada, One of the Most Interesting Statesmen in the World, an Extraordinary Blend of Human Emotion and Practical Sagacity—A Poet and an Economist
Edgar Addison Bancroft, Late American Ambassador to Japan, Speaks Appreciatively of Japanese Policy, and Scoffs at Talk of Possible Aggression Against America by the Proud, Rugged, and Aspiring Yamato Race
Premier Takaaki Kato of Japan, One of the Quietest Spirits and Sanest Minds in Public Life, Discusses Japanese Qualities and the Ambitions of the First Men of the Island Empire—A Wise Champion of the Peace of the Pacific and of the World
Foreign Minister Baron K. Shidehara, Probably the Most Occidental of Orientals, Though Oriental to the Core, Reveals Japano-American Diplomatic Interchanges, and Reasons with Particularity and Eloquence on the Problems of the Pacific
Manuel L. Quezon, President of the Philippine Senate, the Most Forceful of Filipino Politicians, Argues for the Immediate and Complete Independence of the Philippines, and Gives His Views upon Pacific Problems
Senator Sergio Osmeña, for Fifteen Years Speaker of the Philippine Lower House, the Most Reserved, Refined, and Scholarly of Filipino Public Men, Tells Why He Thinks His Country Ought to be Free
Governor-General Leonard Wood, the Occidental Giant of the West Pacific, and the One Consummate Authority on the Philippines, Defines What He Conceives to Be America’s Duty to the Filipinos and to Christian Civilization in the Pacific Ocean—A Powerful Document
Dr. Tang Shao-Yi, China’s Former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister—“Grand Old Man” of the Celestials—Lays Bare the Fundamental and Resistless Forces of Chinese Life in Perhaps the Most Fascinating and Moving Utterance That Ever Issued from China in Appeal to the Non-Chinese World
  1. World Chancelleries
  2. Introduction