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It Isn’t Murder If They’re Yankees goes out of print

Jerry Stratton, May 24, 2005

PageFree, the publishing services company I’m using for It Isn’t Murder If They’re Yankees has started talking to me again.

Be sure to keep your book’s archival fee of $15.00 per year up to date, or your book may be discontinued. Royalties outstanding may be applied against any book which is more than one year overdue in archival fee.

It’s not worth the trouble. In the three years since the book finally went live, I haven’t received any sales updates (or, for that matter, any notice of an overdue archival fee) until now. It probably hasn’t sold much--after the trouble it took to get it into print, I lost a lot of momentum and haven’t done much promotion. But I know that I’ve sold at least a few because I bought a few myself when Amazon was giving them a 50% discount over a year ago.

Communication has always been my problem with PageFree, and this letter only underscores it. Fifteen dollars per year isn’t worth it, so I’ll be letting It Isn’t Murder go out of print. I don’t know the exact date; the e-mail doesn’t say. Once it does go, it will be gone indefinitely, so if you want a copy, now is the time to get it.

I may eventually bring it back through Lulu, since I’ve been very satisfied with them for Gods & Monsters. But as I’ve started reading more, I’ve come to appreciate the advantages of the mass market paperback size. It’s a lot easier to carry around. So I’ll be waiting until Lulu can finalize that format as an option before I print any novels through them.

I will also re-edit the book, so there will definitely be at least minor changes if that happens.

In related news, I’m just about finished with the second draft of “FlameWar: The Passion of the Electric Messiah”. This is the book that I was going to write before I decided to write “It Isn’t Murder”. I’ll have more news on that later, and maybe a sample or two.

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