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Reading your ACLU Letter

Jerry Stratton, January 13, 2005

If we cannot truly turn to the ACLU for help, then where do we turn to at this time? What legal organizations are there if any that will truly assist people in need?

I’ve found that there are many focused organizations available; the EFF for on-line free speech assistance, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for cartoon free speech assistance, the NRA for self-defense issues, the National Motorists Association for privacy rights when it comes to vehicles.

These organizations have a tighter focus and, while lesser-known (except the NRA) also do very good work in support of civil liberties. If you are looking for places to send money, they can definitely use it. I’m sure that there are many more legal defense organizations with similarly-tight focuses.

Don’t overlook advocacy organizations either. Families Against Mandatory Minimums, the Drug Policy Foundation, and the Drug Reform Coordination Network are all examples of organizations that, while they don’t necessarily have legal defense funds, do advocate in favor of civil liberties.

And of course, one important alternative is to make sure you let the ACLU know if you agree that they do mostly good work in the short term but are ensuring a police state in the long term.

In response to ACLU Encourages Police State: By arguing against a right of effective self-defense, and by encouraging people to rely on the police for their protection, the ACLU ensures that voters will clamor for a police state.