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Crony criminalism

Jerry Stratton, March 31, 2014

Navy helicopter with hellfire missiles

In merely local news, Democrat tries acquiring hellfire missiles for the mob.

You may not know it if you follow CNN, but a Democrat in California has recently taken cronyism a step further, into crony criminalism. State Senator Leland Yee is a hardcore gun control legislator, and is now indicted for trafficking in illegal firearms.

Crony capitalism” was always a poor name for the kind of cronyism traditionally engaged in by politicians (and for examples of which you should read Peter Schweizer’s Throw Them All Out). It’s not capitalism that’s engaging the cronies, it’s government; the term should be crony government. It’s government grown so big that it ends up requiring that businesses get involved in lobbying in order to stay in business. When legislators micro-legislate and empower bureaucrats to micro-regulate, businesses must lobby to make sure they don’t get put out of business.

Crony criminalism is the next logical step: legislators can just make something illegal and then profit on the black market. Crony criminalism is, like crony government, a tool of big government—a tool of the left and the establishment. And it’s enabled by national media outlets such as CNN, who simply refuse to report on it except to lie about why they’re not reporting on it. I only just found out, while researching this post, that Leland Yee isn’t the only Senator in trouble in California. I had to find this out by visiting blogs and regional news outlets.

In her article on the San Francisco Gate, journalist Debra Saunders opines that “Journalists should ask themselves whether we could have done a better job reporting on Sacramento and Chinatown.”

Saunders misunderstands the role journalists see themselves filling today. From JournoList coordinating media response to Republican candidates, to CNN covering for Democrats in California, to ABC News using vague terms in polling , their job is covering up for the left and the establishment, and attacking the right and conservatives. If Senator Lee had been a Republican, there’s no question that a State Senator engaging in illegal activity contrary to his legislative agenda would have been a national story. Certainly if that illegal activity had been conspiring to get hellfire missiles onto the black market within the United States.

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