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Gamers for Hillary?

Jerry Stratton, April 1, 2005

As part of her shift to the right in preparation for 2008, Hillary Clinton has joined Democrats Gore and Lieberman, not to mention Republicans like Rick Santorum, and called games “a major threat to morality”.

Game author and commentator Greg Costikyan comments:

I do wish Democrats would get it through their pointy heads that the reason the Republicans have been as successful as they have is not because they cater to the “moral values” of fanatical religious nutcases, but because they emphasize freedom--and portray liberals as out-of-touch elitists who want to reduce individual liberties in order to achieve woolly-headed ideas about equity of outcomes. The way to fight that is not to cater to moral-values fanatics, who are about as likely to vote Democratic as to volunteer to be inoculated with leprosy, but to emphasize the aspects of freedom that Democrats support, and Republicans generally attack--like, say, freedom of expression.

But I’m sure what they lose of the liberal vote by attacking video games, they’ll gain from the youth vote.

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