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Jerry Stratton, June 20, 2009

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The Art of Korean CookingHarriett Morris1959; 104 pages5Buy it!
The Art of Syrian CookeryHelen Corey1962; 186 pages6Buy it!
Life, Loves, and Meat LoafCarl Randall1964; 176 pages9Buy it!
Bull Cook Historical RecipesGeorge Leonard Herter1969; 380 pages8Buy it!
The Casserole CookbookMyra Waldo1963; 158 pages4Buy it!
Cavalier CookingWilliam Butler1987; 348 pages3Buy it!
Classic Chinese CuisineRosemary Moon1995; 252 pages5Buy it!
The Complete Bread CookbookJean Siris Kaufman1969; 254 pages5Buy it!
A Concise Encyclopedia of GastronomyAndre L. Simon1952; 816 pages7Buy it!
Southern Living Cookbook for TwoAudrey P. Stehle1981; 266 pages6Buy it!
Cooking the Bahamian WaySylvia Laramore-Crawford1992; 40 pages3Buy it!
A Fifteenth Century Cookry BokeJohn L. Anderson1962; 92 pages5Buy it!
Country Commune CookingLucy Horton1972; 240 pages6Buy it!
Larousse Treasury of Country CookingMarie Maronne1975; 512 pages7Buy it!
Crockery CookeryMabel Hoffman1975; 288 pages6Buy it!
La Cuisine Française1982; 511 pages7Buy it!
The Fannie Farmer CookbookFannie Merritt Farmer1990; 874 pages7Buy it!
James Beard’s Fireside Cook BookJames Beard1949; 322 pages5Buy it!
French Bistro CookingJohn Varnom1988; 128 pages7Buy it!
French Cooking Simplified With a Food ProcessorRuth Howse1977; 144 pages5Buy it!
The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates ChristmasJeff Smith1991; 297 pages7Buy it!
Good Food From MexicoRuth Watt Mulvey1950; 253 pages7
The Healthy Cuisine of IndiaBharti Kirchner1994; 286 pages7Buy it!
Heritage of America Cookbook1993; 288 pages6Buy it!
In a Persian KitchenMaideh Mazda1960; 175 pages8Buy it!
In Good Taste1992; 166 pages6Buy it!
The Indian Spice KitchenMonisha Bharadwaj1997; 240 pages6Buy it!
The Italian Ingredients CookbookKate Whiteman1999; 256 pages6Buy it!
Japanese Country CookbookRuss Rudzinski1969; 200 pages5Buy it!
The Frugal Gourmet Keeps the FeastJeff Smith1995; 302 pages6Buy it!
The New Larousse GastronomiqueProsper Montagné1961; 1,064 pages9Buy it!
Laurel’s KitchenLaurel Robertson1976; 641 pages5Buy it!
Lebanese CuisineMadelain Farah1974; 156 pages7Buy it!
The Natural Foods CookbookBeatrice Trum Hunter1961; 296 pages6Buy it!
The Northwest Cartoon Cookery1995; 26 pages7Buy it!
The Complete Book of Oriental CookingMyra Waldo1965; 246 pages7Buy it!
Pains Spéciaux & Viennoiseries1993; 173 pages7Buy it!
The Art of Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking1968; 262 pages7Buy it!
Popular Greek RecipesLadies Philoptochos Society1957; 218 pages7Buy it!
A Russian Jew Cooks in PeruVioleta Autumn1973; 191 pages8Buy it!
Our Favorite Hometown Recipes Vol. II1994; 102 pages6
Saucepans and the Single GirlJinx Kragen1968; 176 pages4Buy it!
Soul Food Cook BookBob Jeffries1969; 116 pages8Buy it!
Southern CookingHenrietta Stanley Dull1968; 384 pages6Buy it!
The Tassajara TrilogyEdward Espe Brown1970; 693 pages7Buy it!
The Cooking of Vienna’s EmpireJoseph Wechsberg1968; 206 pages7Buy it!
Whole Earth CookbookSharon Cadwallader1973; 120 pages5Buy it!
The Wok: a chinese cook bookGary Lee1970; 176 pages6Buy it!
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