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Eating and buying food around San Diego

Jerry Stratton, July 4, 2006

After reading about a new Latino supermarket that recently opened in San Diego, I went looking to see what other kinds of large markets San Diego has. The “places” section of my own Jerry’s Diner Revue hasn’t had a new entry in quite a while. While I’ve moved some of the cookbooks over here to Mimsy, I haven’t moved any of the restaurants over. The only section that I continue to update is the Dining After Midnight section listing restaurants that stay open past midnight in the San Diego region.

I never did start that list of interesting markets I wanted to add to the revue. Fortunately, someone else has a much better San Diego market/restaurant/food blog than I could ever imagine creating. The blogger at mmm-yoso!!! “explores food” in San Diego and wherever else they travel.

The most interesting section for me is the Markets & Grocers section. Among the markets they review are some of my favorites

And of course there are many I’ve never heard of and will have to visit!

There are also a lot of good reviews of restaurants and other places to get food. If I’d been paying attention to this blog I wouldn’t have missed St. Spyridon’s Greek Festival this year. They’re definitely on my RSS list now.

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