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Food: Recipes, cookbook reviews, food notes, and restaurant reviews. Unless otherwise noted, I have personally tried each recipe that gets its own page, but not necessarily recipes listed as part of a cookbook review.

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Jerry Stratton, June 20, 2009

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A Concise Encyclopedia of Gastronomy 1 hour, 30 minutes Andre L. Simon, cookbooks
A Fifteenth Century Cookry Boke 1 hour, 30 minutes Charles Scribner’s Sons, John L. Anderson, cookbooks
A Russian Jew Cooks in Peru 2 hours Violeta Autumn, 101 Productions, cookbooks
Apple pie 1 hour, 30 minutes dessert, pie
Avocado and mint salsa 10 minutes salsa
Bacon scallops in dill sauce 40 minutes fish
Balti Beef Stew 1 hour, 15 minutes Indian, soups and stews
Barbecue ribs stew 8 hours Good Food, soups and stews, pasta, crockpot
Biscuits in blueberry syrup 15 minutes blueberries, whipped cream, dessert, biscuits
Black bean and cilantro salsa 30 minutes salsa, Good Food, salad
Bread machine ka’ick 3 hours aniseed, bread, bread machines
Buggy bread 4 hours bread
Bull Cook Historical Recipes 30 minutes George Leonard Herter, Berthe E. Herter, cookbooks
California Tabouleh 1 hour, 15 minutes salad, salsa
Cavalier Cooking 1 hour, 30 minutes William Butler, cookbooks
Cheesy Moussaka 1 hour
Chickpea stew 12 hours soups and stews, crockpot
Chili Yogurt 10 minutes salsa
Chocolate cookies (for breakfast) 30 minutes chocolate, cookies, Good Food
Classic Chinese Cuisine 50 minutes Rosemary Moon, Asian, cookbooks
Cooking the Bahamian Way 1 hour, 30 minutes Sylvia Laramore-Crawford, cookbooks
Corn and chickpea salad 25 minutes salad
Corn and clam soup 30 minutes soups and stews, fish, Asian
Corn and spinach tofu soup 30 minutes soups and stews
Country Commune Cooking 1 hour, 30 minutes Lucy Horton, cookbooks
Crockery Cookery 1 hour, 30 minutes Mabel Hoffman, Bantam Books, crockpot, cookbooks
Dhane patar chatney: cilantro chutney 10 minutes salsa, Indian
Doi bhat: ginger-scented rice 50 minutes rice, Indian
Easy biscotti 1 hour Good Food, sweets
Egg Flower Ramen Soup 10 minutes soups and stews
Eggplant Chili Snacks 30 minutes
Eggplant hummus 1 hour, 15 minutes salsa, Middle-Eastern
Falafel-potato casserole 45 minutes
Fearless fudge 1 hour, 30 minutes sweets
French Bistro Cooking 45 minutes John Varnom, Chartwell Books, Inc., French, cookbooks
French Cooking Simplified With a Food Processor 1 hour 101 Productions, Ruth Howse, Rik Olson, cookbooks, French, food processors
Fried potato salad 40 minutes salad
Garam masala 30 minutes Indian, spice
Good Food From Mexico 1 hour, 45 minutes Ruth Watt Mulvey, Louisa María Alvarez, Collier, cookbooks, mueganos
Greek Artichoke Salad 15 minutes salad
Green bean salad 30 minutes Good Food, salad
Green rice with corn and tomato 40 minutes rice, Mexican
Grilled herbed tuna 15 minutes fish
Half hour cookies 30 minutes sweets, Good Food, cookies
Half-hour biscuits 30 minutes bread, Good Food, biscuits
Heathen chili 12 hours soups and stews, crockpot
Heritage of America Cookbook 45 minutes Better Homes and Gardens Books, cookbooks
Hoisin chicken salad 20 minutes salad
Home Guacamole 30 minutes Mexican
Hot sauerkraut and sausage 13 hours soups and stews, crockpot
Hot tuna quinoa 1 hour fish
How to make a lunch salad 15 minutes salad
In Good Taste 1 hour, 50 minutes Irish Countrywomen’s Association, Ireland, cookbooks
In a Persian Kitchen 30 minutes Maideh Mazda, Persian, Near East, cookbooks, Middle-Eastern
Jamaican rice 50 minutes rice
James Beard’s Fireside Cook Book 3 hours, 20 minutes James Beard, Simon & Schuster, cookbooks, fried chicken
Japanese Country Cookbook 1 hour, 30 minutes Nitty Gritty Books, Russ Rudzinski, Japanese, cookbooks
Jerry’s Jambalaya 1 hour, 15 minutes rice, soups and stews
La Cuisine Française 2 hours Solar, cookbooks, French
Larousse Treasury of Country Cooking 4 hours, 10 minutes Marie Maronne, Crown Publishers, Inc., Rose Montigny, cookbooks
Laurel’s Kitchen 10 minutes Laurel Robertson, Carol Flinders, Bronwen Godfrey, Bantam Books, natural food, ketchup, cookbooks
Lebanese Cuisine 45 minutes Madelain Farah, Lebanese, Middle-Eastern, cookbooks
Lemon Tea Bread from O’Donnell Angel Food Cookbook 1 hour, 50 minutes bread, lemons, sweets, Louisiana, United States Air Force
Life, Loves, and Meat Loaf 40 minutes Carl Randall, Brandon House, Beach culture, California, cookbooks
Macaroni and cheese 30 minutes pasta, Good Food
Mint-garlic potato salad 1 hour salad
Miso-yogurt dressing 15 minutes salad
Moko Mojito 4 minutes drink
Mole chicken stew 25 minutes soups and stews
Mole sauce 45 minutes Mexican
National Sandwich Day: Whole Wheat Sesame Bread 5 hours National Sandwich Day, bread, bread machines
Olive-basil tapenade 30 minutes salsa
Orange-cilantro sunrise salsa 30 minutes salsa
Our Favorite Hometown Recipes Vol. II 1 hour Hometown Recipes, Virginia, cookbooks
Pains Spéciaux & Viennoiseries 2 hours Lannoo, cookbooks, French
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster 5 minutes Douglas Adams, drink
Peanut butter and lemon fudge 1 hour, 30 minutes sweets
Peanut butter, walnut, and chocolate chip cookies 45 minutes sweets, cookies
Perfect lemon pie for Pi Day 1 hour pie, Pi Day, dessert, Southern Living
Persian eggplant stew 1 hour, 15 minutes soups and stews, Middle-Eastern
Persian-style tofu and rice 1 hour, 30 minutes rice, Middle-Eastern
Pesto 15 minutes salad, Good Food, pasta
Pie crust cookies 20 minutes cookies, pie crust
Pizza dough 2 hours, 30 minutes
Popular Greek Recipes 3 hours, 30 minutes Ladies Philoptochos Society, Greece, Mediterranean, cookbooks
Potato and cheese pizza pie 45 minutes
Quick bean and ground beef chili 30 minutes soups and stews, Good Food
Real frothin’ eggnog 2 hours, 30 minutes drink, rum, brandy, Christmas
Red Pepper Lemon Salad 20 minutes salad
Rose-water kodafa with pistachio 1 hour Middle-Eastern, dessert
Salmon Curry Soup 45 minutes fish, soups and stews
Saucepans and the Single Girl 1 hour, 30 minutes Jinx Kragen, Fawcett Crest, Judy Perry, cookbooks, single girls, lobster
Seared chicken in gruyère-pea sauce 30 minutes pasta
Seasoned salt 10 minutes spice
Sesame Krispies 30 minutes cereal, sweets, sesame
Soul Food Cook Book 1 hour, 55 minutes Bob Jeffries, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, cookbooks
Sourdough rye bread 9 hours bread
Southern Cooking 2 hours, 30 minutes Henrietta Stanley Dull, Grosset & Dunlap, the south, cookbooks
Southern Living Cookbook for Two 20 minutes Audrey P. Stehle, cookbooks, Southern Living
Spanish chickpea stew 10 hours soups and stews, crockpot
Spinach feta bake 2 hours
Tahini shortbread 1 hour sweets
Tangy corn chowder 8 hours soups and stews, crockpot
The Art of Korean Cooking 30 minutes Harriett Morris, Charles E. Tuttle, Asian, cookbooks
The Art of Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking 1 hour cookbooks
The Art of Syrian Cookery 15 minutes Helen Corey, Syrian, Middle-Eastern, cookbooks
The Casserole Cookbook 5 hours Myra Waldo, soups and stews, cookbooks
The Complete Book of Oriental Cooking 2 hours, 15 minutes Myra Waldo, Asian, cookbooks
The Complete Bread Cookbook 1 hour, 20 minutes Jean Siris Kaufman, bread, cookbooks
The Cooking of Vienna’s Empire 1 hour, 30 minutes Joseph Wechsberg, Time-Life Books, cookbooks, Austria
The Fannie Farmer Cookbook 1 hour, 30 minutes Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., Fannie Merritt Farmer, Marion Cunningham, cookbooks
The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas 1 hour, 30 minutes Jeff Smith, William Morrow and Company Inc., cookbooks
The Frugal Gourmet Keeps the Feast 30 minutes Jeff Smith, William Morrow and Company Inc., cookbooks, Biblical, theology
The Healthy Cuisine of India 10 minutes Bharti Kirchner, Lowell House, Indian, cookbooks
The Indian Spice Kitchen 2 hours Monisha Bharadwaj, Dutton, India, cookbooks
The Italian Ingredients Cookbook 30 minutes Hermes House, Kate Whiteman, Jeni Wright, Angela Boggiano, Italian
The Natural Foods Cookbook 20 minutes Beatrice Trum Hunter, Simon & Schuster, cookbooks
The New Larousse Gastronomique 1 hour Prosper Montagné, cookbooks
The Northwest Cartoon Cookery 2 hours, 30 minutes Starhead Comix, cookbooks
The Tassajara Trilogy 30 minutes Edward Espe Brown, Shambhala, cookbooks
The Wok: a chinese cook book 45 minutes Gary Lee, Nitty Gritty Books, cookbooks, Chinese
Tomato-basil pasta sauce 1 hour pasta
Tomato-cucumber sandwich on sweet bread 5 minutes sandwiches, National Sandwich Day
Tzatsiki and other yogurt salsas 30 minutes salsa
Walnut-maple cookies 30 minutes sweets, cookies
Whole Earth Cookbook 4 hours Sharon Cadwallader, Judi Ohr, Houghton Mifflin, cookbooks, natural food
Yogurt-Eggplant salsa 40 minutes salsa
Yogurt-Lemon Chicken Salad 15 minutes salad, salsa, crockpot
Yogurt-fried chicken wings 24 hours
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