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Zucco’s Cafe

Jerry Stratton, January 25, 1997

Zucco’s Café is an odd little place in San José on First Street near Santa Clara Drive. As I walked in I passed a couple of winos—the smell was unmistakeable. But over the edge and I found myself inside a homey little café. Various forms of coffee were available, but I don’t do drugs, so I ordered the apple juice.

There is more coffee on the menu than foods—which makes sense, of course, it is a café, not a restaurant. But what is there looks awfully good. Various hot sandwiches, advertised on Panini but available on sourdough, wheat, and all the other standards, along with an authentic-looking Greek salad actually made with Feta instead of American Swiss. And of course they have a wide variety of pastries and baked goods.

If Zucco’s isn’t run by a family, they certainly act like it. When I ordered my Panini the woman taking my order got into an argument with the cook over whether or not he knew how to make that recipe. She ended up making it herself; an odd little scene, but the Panini, a red pepper and sausage sandwich on what seemed to be Greek bread, was extremely good. Certainly worth it from my perspective, although someone might’ve ended up on the couch that night.

The Panini.
Be Wary Of
The time. There are no clocks, and it is very easy to fall asleep on the couches.
Good food, great atmosphere, decent prices. Check it out.
Last Visited
January, 1997
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