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Olympus Pen 17mm and 14-150mm sample photos

Jerry Stratton, January 5, 2012

Here are some sample photos taken from the Olympus Pen E-P2. Click on any image to embiggen; I take the photos at 4032x3024, but here I’ve dropped them down to 2688x2016 to keep the file sizes under a megabyte at high quality.

These two photos were both taken with the 17mm lens. The breakfast photo was from about a foot away; the 17mm lens can theoretically take photos from .67 feet. The line of palms was taken from a moving car (by a passenger!) at about 35-45 miles per hour on the Pacific Coast Highway.

The next four photos were taken with the 14-150mm lens. The aloe plant was about ten feet away, as was the tree.

Here’s an example of the difference between minimum and maximum zoom. I went for a bit of a walk to find a clear view of Mission Valley; this is overlooking Hotel Circle just above the back road to the UCSD hospital.

I hope you found these useful as examples of what the Pen can do in the hands of a real amateur. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Pen over the last year with the 17mm, and hope to enjoy it even more next year with the new flash and zoom lens!

In response to Olympus Pen E-P2 with 17mm and 14-150mm lenses: I bought the Olympus Pen E-P2 with the 17mm pancake lens in July of 2010, and have taken it on several vacations since then. It’s been a great, lightweight camera.