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Python requires the MySQLdb module. You can get it from the project’s web page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/mysql-python/ if you do not already have it. You can find out if you type “python” and then try to “import MySQLdb”. Python is case sensitive.


import MySQLdb

class album:

def __init__(self, albumInfo):

self.album = albumInfo["album"]

self.artist = albumInfo["artist"]

self.year = albumInfo["year"]

self.rating = albumInfo["rating"]

def tableRow(self):

rowHTML = "<tr>"

for cell in [self.album, self.artist, self.year, self.rating]:

rowHTML += self.tableCell(cell)

rowHTML += "</tr>\n"

return rowHTML

def tableHeader(self):

rowHTML = "<tr>"

for header in ["Album", "Artist", "Year", "Rating"]:

rowHTML += self.tableCell(header, "th")

rowHTML += "</tr>\n"

return rowHTML

def tableCell(self, cellData, cellType="td"):

return "<" + cellType + ">" + str(cellData) + "</" + cellType + ">"

class albums:

def __init__(self, user, password, host="localhost"):

self.db = 'music'

self.query = 'SELECT album, artist, year, rating FROM albums ORDER BY artist'

self.sql = MySQLdb.connect(host=host, user=user, passwd=password, db=self.db)

self.cursor = self.sql.cursor(MySQLdb.cursors.DictCursor)

self.nextAlbum = None

def __destroy__(self):

if self.sql:



def table(self):

if self.sql:

albums = None



albums = self.cursor.fetchall()

except MySQLdb.Error, e:

print "Error %d: %s" % (e.args[0], e.args[1])

if albums:

tableRows = [album.tableHeaders()]

for albumInfo in albums:

currentAlbum = album(albumInfo)


table = "<table>\n"

table += "\n".join(tableRows)

table += "</table>\n"


table = "<p>Unable to acquire albums</p>\n"


table = "<p>Unable to connect to database " + self.db + ".</p>\n";

return table

def page(self):

page = "<html>\n"

page += "<head><title>My Albums</title></head>\n"

page += "<body>\n"

page += "<h1>My Albums</h1>\n"

page += self.table()

page += "</body>\n"

page += "</html>\n"

return page

albumList = albums('Username', 'Password')

print albumList.page()

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