Release Information

  • Next Expected Release: Never.

Negative Space Collection 1.0.8

  • Streamlined the Collection: Removed all obsolete files, leaving only the OSAX, the Weather Report, the Backup script, the CronShell, and the Signature/Quote applescripts.

Negative Space Collection 1.0.6

  • Fixed a potential problem in MindReader.
  • Converted News Archiver to MacPerl. It now takes a couple of seconds instead of an hour or so.
  • Separated the FB Osax into 68k and PPC versions. Choose the one that’s right for you.
  • Included bug-fix versions of the GTQ osaxen Add Resource and Add String List, with permission from the author.
  • Included a number of undocumented Unix CGIs and utilities written in Perl. MacPerl may or may not be able to handle them. Documentation may or may not be forthcoming.

Negative Space Collection 1.0.5

  • Streamlined GenericForm, BulkMail, and FireComm considerably to make them work reliably in NetPresenz’s shorter wait period.
  • All of the osax are now fat. You aren’t likely to notice a difference unless you work with really large chunks of text over and over.

Negative Space Collection 1.0.4

  • FTPLister now uses the scriptable finder. This ought to make it much, much faster, since it no longer needs to calculate folder sizes.

Negative Space Collection 1.0.3

  • Tweaked MindReader for a little more speed. Also added the ability to panic when it runs out of time.
  • Perl Bunyan now recognizes NetPresenz log files.
  • Added CronShell application.
  • Perl Bunyan now records refering pages.

Negative Space Collection 1.0.2

  • Ooops! You’ve never been able to “#!define” your own variables in GenericForm like the docs said you could. So I done fixed that. You can now, and you can even add defaults in case the user didn’t give any info for that variable.
  • Added “FB Index of” osax, to find the location of items in a list.
  • Added a lot of new features to Paul and Perl Bunyan. See the docs.
  • Added “FB Unstylish of” osax to extract the text from styled text.

Negative Space Collection 1.0.1

  • Added “FB Replace” osax, to reduce dependence on external scripting additions. Also, “FB Chop” now has syntax to chop a string into items.
  • Added ability to ignore certain filetypes, to MindReader. The default is to ignore any incorrect URL ending in “.gif” or “.jpg”. Also, if an incorrect URL contains but does not end with “.html”, the browser is redirected to the URL up to “.html”.
  • Minor speed improvements to MindReader.
  • Converted Paul Bunyan to MacPerl. Yes, it requires you to download the MacPerl distribution, but you can zip through 30,000 line log files in a minute or two--compare that to hours and hours for 5,000 line log files with Applescript. This is why the release date for 1.0.1 was moved back. It may be moved back again, I have to finalize the appleevent calling procedure between cron, applescript, and Paul (Perl?) Bunyan.
  • Perl conversion done: Perl Bunyan now analyzes log files for a month in less time than it used to take to do a single day. Which means that I can finally stop fixating on speed issues and start adding real features. There’s a test feature in this one for generating (via Clip2Gif, get it now!) a line graph of your hourly usage. There are also now variables for the total pages accessed and total hosts accessing your site (in addition to the previously available total hits).
  • Fixed an error in Signature that showed up when you tried to set values from the Negative Space Control app.
  • Fixed an error in MindReader that showed up when you tried to set the MacHTTP headers from the Control app.