Your first scene: Action!

Now comes the moment of truth. We’re going to put something in our scene. At the center of the universe, we’re going to put a big sphere.

//the center of the universe

sphere {

<0, 0, 0>


pigment {

color rgb <.2, .6, .8>



This sphere is at location <0, 0, 0>, which is the center of POV-Ray’s universe. The next number, 2, is the radius of this sphere.

After that, we have a pigment section. A pigment section begins and ends with curly-brackets, just like objects do. Pigments can be quite complex, but in this case we’re just setting the color of the object’s pigment. The red is .2 (or 20% of maximum), the green is .6 (or 60% of maximum) and the blue is .8 (80% of maximum). This makes for a light blue.