Come to Valhalla: Mail: Building Discussion Groups

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You can build your own discussion group. The ‘parent’ discussion group is $mail_recipient. Here’s a basic, general access discussion group:

@create $mail-recipient named discussion-group-name

Your discussion group name cannot have any spaces in it.

@set discussion-group-name.readers to 1

By setting this property to 1, you’re giving everybody in Valhalla access to the group.

@describe discussion-group-name as "Description of discussion group

@move discussion-group-name to $mail_agent

Until you move the discussion group into the mail agent, it doesn’t matter that anyone else can take part in it, because they can’t see it, and won’t know it exists. Once it’s inside the mail agent, anyone can @subscribe to your discussion group. Your group will show up when anyone else in Valhalla lists discussion groups with the @unsubscribed verb.

Moderated Groups

A moderated group is one that can be read but not sent to. You might, for example, create a newspaper as a discussion group. Journalists would send their articles to you (the editor), and you would edit them and send them to the group, at which time all the readers will see it. To make a group moderated, set the ??? property to the names of the people who will be allowed to send to the group. Only these people can send.

@set #discussion-id to {#player_1-id,#player_2-id,…,#player_n-id}

You need to use the object identifier numbers because Valhalla can’t ‘see’ either the discussion group or the players.

Private Groups

You can make a group private by telling it exactly which people are allowed to read it. Instead of setting .readers to 1, set it to a list of the players who will be allowed to read it:

@set #discussion-id to {#player_1-id,#player_2-id,…,#player_n-id}

The discussion group will not allow anyone who is not on the list to join the discussion.

  1. Setting Your Mail Options
  2. Mail