Men & Supermen Character Sheet

Son of the Deadly Phantom

Marcos Malcolm

Beauty:13 Height:1.92 m Mass:78.18 kg
Skin:Black Eyes:Violet Hair:Straight Dark Brown
Gender:male Age:26 Birthday:9/12/1991
Blood Type:O+ Handedness:Right Build:24

Strength:6 Agility:11 Constitution:4
Active Charisma:15 Normal Charisma:9 Learning:8
Newoen:18 Hearing:16 Sight:12
Figured Statistics Action Rolls
Willpower:72 Combat Roll:11
Perception:12 Combat Pool:0
Weirdness Bonus:0 Hand Damage:4
Forgotten Knowledge:34 Move Roll:16
%Recognition:0 Healing Roll:4
Resist Death:4 Lift Roll:13
Fate Points:2
Editing Points:4
Mental Combat Maximum VP: 30 Damage Points: 18 Skin Temper: 1
Standard Combat Maximum VP: 28 Ignore Damage: 0 Skin Temper: 1
VP Lost (heals per round):
Maximum EP: 14 EP Lost (heals per round): EP Lost (heals per hour):
Right Left
Body Head Neck Arm Leg Arm Leg
Maximum DP: 6 4 4 5 5 5 5
Bludgeoning DP Lost (heals per hour):
Penetrating DP Lost (heals per day):
Injury DP Lost (heals per month):
Weapon Damage Speed Pool Penetration SR RS MR
Fists 4 15

Born in a suburban area in Africa.