Appendix: The Forest

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The Forest is a circular area about 8 kilometers in diameter, with the Kramers’ log cabin on one edge of it. The Forest is not sentient. Any personality it has is the personality of the present caretaker. The caretaker has control of a lot of power. As Melias grows older, he will discover more and more of this. The Forest normally has an additional 1 point to Space/Time and Astral Continuums, although this can increase to 4 in certain special times.

The Kramers’ Log Cabin: This is a one-story building. There is very little stuff in the house, except for in Andrea’s ‘typing room.’ She has a manual typewriter and a battery operated television/radio/cassete player, and many cassettes. The batteries are rechargeable, and she recharges them with the station wagon or in town. She usually keeps 20 to 30 dollars hidden under her typewriter.

The Valley/Fight Area: The valley is small, about 40 meters wide and 500 meters long. At the area around the caves, it is 20 meters deep, with very steep (about 3 feet down for every 1 foot over) sides. Inside the valley there is sparse vegetation, while to each side the forest is thick. There are 3 cave entrances. Cave A goes in 10 meters before stopping. Cave B goes in 20 meters. Cave C (the true entrance) goes in 15 meters.

Cave C: At the end of Cave C, characters who listen to the wall may hear a low humming—treat it as strength 5, 50 meters away. Characters who look for secret doors are allowed a Detect Hidden Objects Perception Roll, with no sight modification, at -5. If this roll is made, the character has found a moveable rock on the north wall. Behind this is some electronics and a numeric keypad. What this is is a computerized switch. If the correct set of numbers is entered, this switch will send a burst of electricity to a transmitter located 2 meters in the rock. When the transmitter gets the burst, it will shut off for 10 seconds (1 round). When the door mechanism no longer receives the transmitter signal, it will open. As soon as the transmitter resumes transmitting, the door will close. The code is 1984. If an incorrect code is entered, nothing will happen (except that an alarm will be sent to the laboratory). If the electric switch is torn out or destroyed, nothing will happen. If a charge of over 1 volt but less than 100 volts is applied to each of the 2 bare wires after the switch is torn out, the door will open.

The Secret Entrance: The door is 1 meter thick. It has a Skin Temper of 1.5, Ignores 19 points damage, and has 60 DP.

Cameras: Once beyond the secret doors, there are cameras set up at three locations. At each location, there is a concealed camera on each side of the cavern. These are tied in to the central laboratory. If someone’s ‘keeping an eye out’ for hidden objects, the Perception roll is at a bonus of 20. Otherwise, the roll is at a penalty of 10.

The Ambush: Characters are allowed a Detect Danger Perception Roll. As soon as one or more characters are within 2 meters of the corner, the Sasquatch will ambush them. The Sasquatch are standing silently on the other side of the corner.

The Laboratory: The double doors to this room are closed. They are 2 decimeters thick, and made of steel. They have a Skin Temper of 1.3, ignore 11 points, and have 20 DP. Inside the laboratory, there are 5 thugs who have formed a firing line 2 meters in front of the door. As soon as the heroes burst through, the thugs will open fire with their handguns. This assumes, of course, that they know the heroes are coming. (See the Schedule of Events for more information).

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