Dead Dreams

Spiritual connection

From: Alan Silverman <[h--ps--r] at []>
Date: 9 Aug 1995 15:30:08 -0700

My friend Keith just told me over the phone that this morning he woke up right after having a dream. Someone in his dream told him to tell Jerry to call his mohter, so in his dream, he told Jerry, "call your mom".,

He woke up right after that, turned on the radio, and heard that Jerry had passed away.

I'm going over ther tonight because it is his daughter's birthday. We'll be celebrating life, her's, Jerry's, and the rest of us. Peace be with you.


Jerry Dream

From: Susan Mudgett aka little gator <[s c m] at []>
Date: 10 Aug 1995 04:52:49 -0400
Organization: gators 'r us

This is the dream that woke me a little while ago:

There was a Dead concert somewhere. Jerry was playing.. Space I guess, though I couldn't hear it, I could only see as if I was a camera on the ceiling. He played for two days and nights without a break. Every few hours security tried to clear the arena, only to meet thousands of Deadhead gators shrieking in unison, "But the concert isn't over yet!" The rest of the band had wandered offstage or curled up behind the drums to sleep.

Just before I woke, Jerry crashed facedown on the stage. Maybe he died then, I couldn't tell. But as I woke, though the rest of him wasn't moving, one hand was still working the strings, not of a guitar, but a painted mandolin, inlaid with a pretty face in jade.

And his hair hung gently down.

dreaming of Jerry (long)

From: K8 Phish <[k 8 phish] at []>
Date: 11 Aug 1995 02:56:07 -0400

Jerry Garcia's death has effected me in a way I would never have expected. I am 14 and began listening to the dead about a year ago as a way to remember my father, who died of cancer when I was eight. Among my dad's record collection were many grateful dead albums. I played a few songs and recognized some from when my dad used to play them. I immediately fell in love with Ripple and listened to it over and over again. It was not until a couple months later that I found out Ripple was also my dad's favorite song, which made the song seem even more special to me. When I heard Jerry had died, it was as though another part of my father had died along with him. I didn't listen to a single dead song on the 9th, with exception to the bits and pieces of songs that were played on TV and radio, for fear that if I allowed myself to think about Jerry long enough that I would in turn think of my father, which would most likely result in me sobbing.

That night I had the first dream I have *ever* had of my dad since he died, and Jerry was there too. In the dream I was awakened by Jerry in the form of an angel sitting by the side of my bed with his arms open. I sat up and hugged him as we began to float upwards. His hug was so increadibly warm and nice, unlike any hug I have ever had. We eventually reached a cloud, where my dad was sitting. Jerry took me over to him and placed me in his lap. My dad just sat and held me while he stroked my hair and kissed my cheeks and forehead over and over. Jerry went over and picked up a guitar and began to play Ripple. My father held me in silence while we watched Jerry play. When the song was over, Jerry picked me up once again, and we floated back down to my room, where he placed me in my bed, kissed my head and drifted away.

The fact that the one dream I have ever had of my dad was brought upon by Jerry Garcia really means something. Who knows, maybe it wasn't a dream. Maybe Jerry really is an angel and was able to bring my father and I together one last time until I make my way to heaven. Either way, I thought maybe this story would interest some of you. It just shows the power music can have over people. Although I never made it to a dead show, I feel like this dream was like my own private concert for just me and my dad.



Re: Dreaming About Jerry

From: Michael Dickson <[m--ck--n] at []>
Date: 14 Sep 1995 21:32:14 GMT

OK, here is my dream. The night that Jerry passed on, I went to bed feeling very alone and sad, as most of us were. I had been to a few small-but-sweet vigils in Boston with my tour partner, Jeff, and had a fair share of the wine. As i slept, I dreamed that a bus pulled up. to me as I was walking down a long open road. The bus was not unusual in any way. Just a big ol' bus. Could have been a Greyhound. Anyway the door opens and I climb in. It was sparsely populated - maybe about five or six guys. I found a seat and sat down, feeling very natural. I looked around and I saw mickey first. he said something like "Come on in" or Welcome aboard"...he greeted me - and I thanked him. I looked around the quiet bus and saw that all the biys were on it. Phil, Bill, Bob, Mick, Vince. We were all just sitting there, silent. I had the specific feeling I was invited and chosen. No sounds. Just silence. I looked around for something to happen and that was when I realized that there was no driver, but somehow I knew. I just knew.

This was so real I awoke and cried tears of joy and sadness, but totally knowing that I was an alright guy and that Jerry is indeed watching out for us. His spirit is great and will live in us all. Let's be sure to spread his love around and to our children.

Peace to all of you.


Wierd Dead Dream

From: Jessica S Racusin <[Jessica S Racusin] at []>
Date: 11 Sep 1995 13:20:40 GMT


Last night I had a really wierd dream. The Dead were playing at this little fairgrounds type place in Vermont, it was really low key. They were inside this wooden stadium with a high, solid wood fence, and the music wasn't turned up very loud. First we were just wandering around outside, seeing how cool it all was, hanging out with people. Then we rushed to get in when they came on. Jerry was not there, of course, but the wierd thing was you could hear his voice and his guitar just fine! We all thought this was cool but sort of took it in stride. Then they were doing all these things with the audience. First they lead a chant of "Jerry!...Jerry!.." Then they had a big conga line going. Everyone rushed the field in front of the stage but I was stuck up in the seats. Then everyone ran downstairs, to where the back stage area was. I followed but got turned away by security just as the last couple people were getting in. I said, "Why are THEY getting in and not me!" and the guy kind of shrugged and said something like "Well, you can't control everyone, you do what you can" or something. I was all sad and went,"Now I'll NEVER get to meet Phil!" But then I came back and the security guy was not there so I ran down the stairs and thru the door. These people cam in and I was like, "It's them!" but it was just these biker looking guys. Then Phil walked by, he was wearing a dark blue and red track suit. I gave him an apple and a lobster.I was grinning like an idiot.

(Shortly thereafter I was rudely awakened by my alarm clock. Now I have to go to class!)

Wierd, huh.


Jerry as the Dream Weaver - what does this mean?

From: Jim Deady <[deady parc] at []>
Date: 4 Sep 1995 21:57:03 GMT

I've had a pretty weird experience since Jerry died that took me until yesterday to even share with my wife. If there's anyone out there who studies dreams and such, I'd appreciate it if you could contact me. I'm excited about this and very interested in having it further interpreted .

I always thought that if I ever got to meet Jerry, more than anything else I'd thank him for some wonderful experiences. I never got the opportunity.

Two nights after Jerry died, I dreamt I was at the Warfield seeing Jerry play acoustic accompanied by Phil on bass and an anonymous drummer. There was a lull between songs, and I was just off the stage rail, so I was sure Jerry could hear me. I spoke up, "Jerry, Thanks for all the years of everything you have given us." Garcia smiled sheepishly, and a rousing cheer went up from the crowd. Phil sort of waved across the wake of fans as if to tell Jerry, "See, they all really do love you".

As Jerry seemed stuck thinking what to play next, I said "Sing Me Back Home". A smile lit his face and he jumped right on it. Without any prodding, the next song was Uncle John's Band. My life-long wish was to hear an acoustic Uncle John's. This was the first Dead song I ever related too. At the lowest point of my life, this song pulled me back from the abyss.

There's probably nothing too remarkable about this tale until you consider that I am one of those unfortunate souls who never remembers their dreams. Since that night, however, I have woken every morning with very vivid memories of my dreams. The themes of these dreams have been unremarkable, but the point is that I've delved into a level of my consciousness I never thought I could reach. It seems as though just as I learned to expand my consciousness through the Grateful Dead experience during Jerry's life, Jerry's spirit is now giving me the strength to explore this deeper level.

Any thoughts?

Jim Deady

Re: Jerry as the Dream Weaver - what does this mean?

From: Jocelyn Paul <[c--a--l] at []>
Date: Wed, 06 Sep 1995 04:12:54 GMT

I have had some Grateful Dead dreams, and in one, the most recent, I met Jerry in a small room after a show. There were about 6 people, and it seemed like a press type of thing, where we were all allowed to ask Jerry questions , only I was too thrilled to even speak. The beautiful thing about the dream was that, in order to get into this room I had to have a "key" which was a guitar pick a girl gave to me before the show in the dream. She said it would allow me to meet Jerry.

The next day, I was walking my dog and my daughter down to the corner market and right at the end of the street on the sidewalk was a guitar pick. I picked it up and started to shake. I have never picked up a guitar pick or seen one on the sidewalk before (especially in the small town I live in)! It really blew me away and brought tears to my eyes. I really thought that someday I would actually meet Jerry. That was about a month before he died.

I think dreamworld is real. I'm not crazy, but the times I have seen the Grateful dead in concert in my dreams have been incredible. There's alot more to life than meets the eye!

Thanks for giving me an oportunity to share this special dream, and for sharing yours.


Jocelyn Paul

Jerry's ghost visited me last night....scary but true

From: LZYLTNING <[l--t--g] at []>
Date: 28 Aug 1995 20:54:09 -0400

Last night I was watching Dead Ahead on KQED (the local San Francisco PBS station). I had had a long day..I was tired. I've seen this video countless times but I figured why not. I turned my lights off, got into bed and began watching. During To Lay Me Down the camera zoomed in on Jerry's face. When he sang the words "To be with you once more" I was overcome by the strangest feeling. His face seemed to diappear and all I saw were his eyes. Lightning seemed to flash in them. All of a sudden my heart almost leapt out of my chest, I got goosebumps, and I felt some kind of presence in the room with me. I freaked out, turned on the lights and cried. I've never had an experience like this before...ever. I really felt his presence there with me.


Hologramatic Jerry?

From: Daniel Dressler <[d--n--d] at []> Date: 12 Aug 1995 04:00:33 GMT

I had a dream the other night which I wish to share with all you Deadheads.

I was at a Dead concert enjoying the show. I was aware of Jery having passed away and the band was playing without him. Suddenly, he appeared on stage. Not him, but a hologram of him lifted from a previous concert.

Somehow, I was transproted backstage talking to one of the tech gurus who arranged it. He was telling me about how they converted a videotape of an actual concert and turned it into a hologram so the Dead could play once more together. He was telling me about the logistical problems with the other members, timing and such, but that he was able to nail it down and the concert went without a hitch.

When I woke up, I though about all the techies I know who are deadheads in the Silicon Valley. Perhaps it is possible for this to become a reality? Hey, Considering Jerry and his legacy, I am sure he would love it.

Thanks You for your time. My condolences to all Deadheads. It is a great loss.


Jerry Dream

From: Jay Sokol <[sokol 14] at []>
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 1996 12:55:01 -0500

Last night I had the strangest dream. I was at a show (don't know which one) and afterwards, Jerry was signing autographs for fans. When I got up to him, all I asked him for was a big hug. And you know what, he did it.


"So Many Roads, to ease my soul"