Genetics and Superpowers

There are a couple areas where genetics (or association with Specials) comes into play. If the character has brothers and sisters, and parents, read over the section on Normals. This will, among other things, tell you the chance that members of the character’s family are Special. If the character has a twin, or the character has children, you’ll want to know what powers and mutations are carried over.

Twins and Children

Powers: If a character has a twin or children, roll d100 on the following table for the twin’s or child’s powers.

01-25 Same powers, with the same power rolls.

26-50 Same Powers, with different power rolls.

51-65 Different powers, but the same Type of Hero.

66-75 Different powers, different Type of Hero.

76-00 No powers.

Mutations: If one twin is mutated, use the following chart to see if and how the other twin is mutated:

01-25 Same mutations, with the same mutation%.

26-50 Same mutations, with a different mutation%.

51-65 Different mutations, but the same mutation%.

66-75 Different mutations, different mutation%.

76-00 No mutation%.

If a mutated character has children, each child has a 50% chance, rolled for each mutation, of having that mutation. If both parents have a specific mutation, the child has a 95% chance of having that mutation. The child has a 50% chance of having the largest of the parents’ mutation percentages. If not, the child has a 50% chance of having the average of the parents’ mutation percentages. If the child doesn’t have this, the child has the lower of the parents’ mutation percentages. It is possible, in this case, for a child to have no mutation%, but still have specific mutations inherited from one of the parents.

True Twins: If the twin is a true, zygotic, twin, subtract 10 from the above d100 rolls. Also, true twins have the same build, height, and physical beauty. They have a 50% chance of having the same mental abilities, and a 50% chance of having the same physical abilities. Mental abilities are intelligence and charisma, and physical abilities are strength, dexterity, constitution, hearing, and sight.

Both Parents: If both parents have super powers, add 25 to the d100 roll for powers, above, and roll twice--once for each parent. Do the same for mutations if both parents are mutated. In this case, average the resulting mutation percentages, for the child’s mutation%.