Useless Facts:

Area of Circle: P times Radius squared

Area of Rectangle: Width times Length

Area of Sphere: 4 times P times Radius squared

Area of Triangle: 1/2 base times height

Circumference of Circle: 2 times P times radius

Degree of Latitude at 40 Degrees: 110 km

Density of Air: .0012929 g/cc (divide by 3 per 10 km of height)

Density of Flesh: 1.4 g/cc

Density of Water: 1 g/cc

Diameter of the Universe: 1020 Light Years

Gravity: 9.81 m/second/second (approximately 10 m/second/second)

Knot: 1.852 km/hr

Light Year: 946 X 1010 Kilometers

Liter: .26 gallons

Parsec: 308 X 1013 Kilometers, or 326 light years

Solar Wind: 400 km/second (at the earth)

Terminal Velocity: about 54 m/second, 193 kmph, 13 m/segment, or 3.2 km/minute. This is reached after approximately 1 round, or about 150 meters. This only applies to Earth.

Velocity of Light: 1080 billion meters/hour, 300,000,000 m/second

Velocity of Sound (in air): .331 km/second, 331 m/second

Velocity of Sound (in water): 1460 m/second

Volume of Box: Width times Height times Length

Volume of Cone: 1/3 area of base times height

Volume of Cylinder: P times Radius squared times height

Volume of Pyramid: 1/3 area of base times height

Volume of Sphere: 4/3 P times Radius cubed

Wavelength: 300 divided by frequency in MHz

Sir, I send a rhyme excelling in sacred truth and rigid spelling. Numerical sprites elucidate, for me, the lexicon’s full weight. If nature gain, who can complain, tho’ Dr. Johnson fulminate?

P: 3.141592653589793238462643383279 (or thereabouts)