Men & Supermen, in some form or other, has been around since 1980. I couldn’t have done it without the many playtesters. Their heroes survived the early days of the world’s creation and the fundamental changes in the laws of physics which followed. Their names shall forever be etched in the Chronicle of Heroes, on the Life Stone in the Caverns at the End of Time.

Special thanks go to Rory Keating and Thor Brickman, who spent many hours arguing with me over various rules and the game as a whole. This book is dedicated to Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, creators of Superman and to E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, creators of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. If it weren’t for them I’d spend all my free time reading romance novels and playing bridge.

Jerry Stratton,

Agent Aura “Kincaid” Ange (Darryl DeLeeuw)

Agent Bobo (Russ Nelson)

Ape (Thor Brickman)

Black Cat (Rory Keating)

Blue Disc (Darryl DeLeeuw)

Brat (Rory Keating)

Brinn X’Halikso (Rick Turner)

Bob (Rory Keating)

Daklin (Chris Eitniear)

Dark Horse (Thor Brickman)

Elektra (Irish McWhorter)

Eric Exploso (James Stratton)

Ian McKellan (Vince Kimball)

JC-9 (Vince Kimball)

Lightwave (Rob Reed)

The Lugnuts/New Wave Heroes
(Rob, Rory, Vince, Thor, Linc)

the Lurking Grue (Rory Keating)

Pale Destroyer (Ron Watkins)

Pulsar (Kevin McMinn)

Rayzon (Rex Bowers)

Razz (Andee Kunza)

Roach (Virginia Walker)

Shaman (Thor Brickman)

Tween (Rory Keating)