The Classification of Magic

Magical spells are classified as either Intensive or Extensive. Intensive magic is power that comes from within--telekinesis, clairvoyance, empathy, et. al. Extensive magic is the flashy stuff, the powers that exist outside.

I. Intensive

A. Physical

B. Mental

C. Temporal

D. Spiritual

II. Extensive

A. Special Magic

1. Attack

2. Defense

3. Confining

4. Servants

5. Binding

B. Ceremonial Magic

1. Create

2. Contact

3. Summoning

4. Binding

C. General Magic

1. Create/Destroy

2. Control

3. Information

Extensive magic has the further subdivisions of:

a) Matter/Energy

b) Psychic/Mind

c) Magic

d) Space/Time/Universal

e) Life/Soul/Planar