Time and Space

Time in Men & Supermen is measured the same way as time in the real world. To the normal units of time, we add the Panel, the Round, and the Segment. Space is measured using the metric system, with the meter being the most common.


The Segment: The smallest unit of time in Men & Supermen is the segment. A segment is approximately a quarter of a second--there are 50 segments each 12 seconds, and 250 segments every minute. When conducting combat, you’ll count up from Segment: 0. You’ll know when a round has gone by whenever you pass a segment number ending in 50 or 00--Segments: 50, 100, 150, 200, etc. What’s a round? Well...

The Round: The round is 12 seconds long, and there are 5 rounds in a minute. Powers, spells, and abilities that remain in effect over time usually must be paid for (in Endurance Points) each round. A round is approximately one panel during a fight. So, what’s a panel?

The Panel: The panel is an indeterminate amount of time. It is however long you and the other players want it to be, at any point. It’s the amount of action that takes place in one panel of a comic book. It’s enough time for a change in scenery, or the normal amount of space needed to show the passage of time.

Between adventures, players will want to outline what their characters are doing. These actions take place off-panel. Rarely, you may have need of the Issue which is simply one gaming session.


Meters: Most of the time, you’ll be measuring distances in meters. If you use hex paper and miniatures (highly recommended), one hex/square should be 1 meter across.