Evil Quest For The Gem Of Kerouac

Jerry Stratton

lost in the eighties

Character Levels 2-4

no, not really

The Scenario

The characters come home one night and find a woman in their apartment,1 in normal clothing. Her message: “Your aid is needed for a quest.” She will say she represents higher powers of evil, and needs their help, since they have “so proven themselves in their other endeavors.”

She is actually an Erinyes, a devil from Hell’s second plane2, but she is indeed telling the truth. AC2, MV6/21, HD6+6, hp 36, at 1, D2-8, SA: poison (save for fall unconscious for 1-6 rounds), SD: see MM) armed with a dagger.

Her story is this: “A gem has just been found near here, which could have dire consequences for all evil persons. It gives Lawful Good people great powers when fighting evil.”

This is almost the truth—it only gives power when fighting demons or devils.3

She will attempt to get them to help—offer them 4,000 gp. Each time they attempt to bargain, she will go down 1,000 gp. If it goes to zero, she will thank them for volunteering to do it for free. If they still refuse, she will use her rope of entanglement and attempt to bring them back to hell with her. Note that she will state that she will give them the money when they give her the gem.

She will travel with them to the dungeon if they ask, but will not take more than her share of the fighting.

The Gem

The Gem of Kerouac, in the hands of a Lawful Good person, will do the following: allow them to detect evil at any time, give them +3 vs. CE, +2 vs. LE, and +1 vs. NE on to hit and damage.

This does not include Devils and Demons. When fighting these, the following powers are also given: +8 on saves, ability to mask the holder from the mind until attack (even if the demon or devil already saw the holder!), a -3 on AC, a + equivalent to the HD of the creature on to hit and damage, regeneration of 1-4 hp per round that was caused by the demon/devil and, if he can touch the demon/devil, send them back to their own plane for 10 years.

If any evil person touches the gem, 1/2 of their hp will be lost each round (if they had 24 hp, they would have: 12, 6, 3, 1, 0).

The Trip

image 1

The trip to the dungeon will be safe, unless an unutterably evil creature is traveling with them (such as an Erinyes…). In this case, there is a 2 in 10 chance every 2 miles of an encounter4. Roll d6:

1-3 Pegasus 1-4 AC6, MV24/48, HD4, at 3, D1-8/1-8/1-3
4-6 Werebear 1-2 AC2, MV9, HD7+3, at 3, D1-3/1-3/2-8, SA: hug if both paws hit, for 2-16, SD: silver or +1 weapon needed

The Dungeon

image 2

The cave entrance is as far as the Devil will go. She will help against the statues, and finding the secret door (she knows about neither, however).

The Erinyes will be waiting outside the dungeon, invisible. She will not, of course, pay them any more than offered, and will only pay if they do not outright give the gem to her—that will send her back to hell! The party must stay on its guard, since she will find nothing wrong with bringing them back to hell with her. She may even tell them that that is where the gold is, and to “come with her there to pick it up.”!

Pit traps all do 1-6. They’re marked with an X, usually in front of a door.

1. Four Crystal Statues guard this room: AC4, HD3, hp 17, 19, 15, 17, at2, D1-6/1-6. They are dust covered, and will not attack un less the party starts searching the area of this cavern. Even if discovered, the door will not open, unless this procedure is followed: There is an imprint of a foot in the NE. If one of the statues’ feet are placed here, the door will slide open. The halls are decorated with symbols of Carl Sagan—the cosmos (stars, planets, etc.).

2. There are two level 3 fighters here, each commanding 5 level 1 fighters. Both Swordsmen will attempt to fight together, thus gaining the advantage of his ring+1, 5’. Fighters:

a) L3a: AC2, F3, hp 19, at1, D1-6, LG, (see magic, traits for AC, at, D); str 15, dex 14, int 16, con 13, wis 15, chr 13; mace+1, ring+1, 5’

b) L3b: AC2, F3, hp 16, at1, D1-8, LG, (see magic, etc.); str 16, dex 13, int 17, con 9, wis 18, chr 10

c) L1, all: AC4, F1, hp 7, at1, D1-8, NG

3. Trip step: if not looking, roll under dexterity with a penalty of 3 or fall for 1-4 points.

4. If the door is allowed to close, it will lock, requiring a break out. Each round, the walls will move in 3 feet closer, smashing persons in 5 rounds (weapons may increase by 1 round).

5. 1/4 turn after this room is entered, it will spin around, so that the entrance points the other way.

6. Opening the first door will warn the men at 7, but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere! The other door is a secret door. Upon opening it, the men from room 7 will fire, automatically gaining initiative.

7. A 4th level Elf (Fighter/M-U) commands the scene here, including a 2nd level M-U and 8 second level fighters. The gem is in a secret depression under the large throne. Only the Elf knows about it, and he may attempt to eat it before the party enters if they seem strong.

8. Elf: AC4, E4 (F4/M-U4), hp 29, at1, D1-6, LG (see magic, etc.); str 16, dex 18, int 13, wis 15, con 17; chain+1, shield+1, hammer+1; Charm Person, Shield, (2x) Phantasmal Force

9. M-U: AC9, M2, hp 9, at1, D1-4, LG; Charm Person, Light; str 11, dex 11, int 17, wis 14, con 13

10. Fighters: AC6, F2, hp 12, at1, D1-8 or 1-6, NG: short bow or sword.

11. 1/2 turn after entering this room, it will fall 20 feet, so that the N door opens to the Cavern of the Bronze Dragon.

12. Cavern of the Bronze Dragon: AC0, HD8, hp 48, at3, D1-6/1-6/4-24, save F12, LG, SA: breath. A pile of 10,000 gp is in there, and 10 six gp goblets, 40,000 cp, 30,000 sp, 10,000 ep. A 1,000 gp chest (1,500 cn) with 200 pp and 5 rubies (40 gp each). The cavern leads out into the forest. The Dragon will not be asleep, due to the room slamming down.