The Isle of Mordol*

Jerry Stratton

Tractor Feed Adventures


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An adventure for Basic and Expert Dungeons & Dragons

And Dungeon Masters who like screaming in the night.

What is this crap?

While we played a hodge-podge of OD&D, AD&D, and Moldvay D&D in our first games, this was written using the 1981 Moldvay Basic set and the 1981 Cook Expert set as references. Thus, monsters save as character class levels (or Normal Man) and the alignments are Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic. In the descriptions of player character alignments, though, I seem to be assuming both Law/Chaos and Evil/Good axes. This probably came from starting with Blue Book D&D and rolling characters with the PH.

Some of the monsters are obviously custom monsters. Hopefully their name describes what’s special about them. I have no entry anywhere describing what a “Jonah Whale” actually is, for example. Presumably it’s a whale that you can live inside after you’ve been eaten.

I have no memory of how I rolled wandering monsters.

I’ve tried to discern the original whenever possible; in college I went through and bowdlerized it by reducing the treasure haul, as well as the bonuses on magical treasure. Fortunately, I only got about a third of the way in before I gave up. It’s an unbowdlerizable text.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you don’t have to unroll a five-foot by five-foot map (seven sheets wide by five sheets tall) to get an overview of the island. In the original, I don’t think I ever saw the island as a whole. Each section was a strip of five sheets of 8.5x11 paper taped together vertically. If the player characters went horizontally instead of vertically, I unrolled another sheet.

The maps were drawn with color pencil. This makes it virtually impossible to use Inkscape’s tracing function to get a simple vector-based map. Maybe someday I’ll go through by hand and trace over the maps to get smaller, higher quality ones. Don’t hold your breath.

Each square is fifty feet on a side. That makes each sheet about half a mile by two-thirds of a mile, and the entire map about 3.5 miles by 3.2 miles. Tiny island. Big map.

I have added punctuation, articles, and conjunctions. I wrote the key to these maps in a word processor of my own design on a TRS-80 Model I. With only 64 characters to a line, it looked really ugly if a line had more than about 60 characters (each line was also prepended by a line number). So abbreviations were the name of the game, not that D&D didn’t itself encourage arcane abbreviations. There were also some interesting “features” of that word processor not worth reproducing. Other than that and deciphering a palimpsest of erased treasure, this is the original text. I may, later, attempt to update it for Gods & Monsters, but I doubt it.

I’ve subtitled the ancient folder I keep this in as for “Character Levels 2-5”.

Maybe. If the players are very skilled and very lucky and suck up to the DM.

Remember, as you laugh, that a real person ran this, even if I can’t remember much about him thirty years later. The characters returned to Specularum with newfound wealth and power; by this time they were all evil. One became evil during the adventure due to injudicious use of one of the magic items. One had already been evil; he’d been acting awfully good while adventuring with the other good characters, so the alignment gods sent him a test to see if he would be punished for being too good; he passed the test. So, in Specularum, they were contacted by the minions of Hell and forced* to recover the Gem of Kerouac. After that, memory fades.


Copyright © 2010 Jerry Stratton. If you feel driven to use it under the Gnu FDL… you have my permission and my condolences.

Table of Contents

Something else I didn’t have access to in 1982. Such decadence!


Emphasized monster names mean something. They were asterisks in the original. Asterisks applied to vampires, werewolves, and rust monsters. And vampire sharks! I’m guessing it means that special weapons are required to hit the creature, and that I was very haphazard about adding the asterisk.

The maps inside are marked as the lower case of the island section. That was my notation for “this map is on the other side of the piece of paper used for that section of the island”.

image 2

Map AA

image 3

Wandering Monsters

• 2d4 men (day only): AC4 (chain and shield), F1, hp 5, 6, 7, 8, At1 (battle axe or sword), D1-8, C; each carries silver dagger, holy symbol, and 50% have garlic and/or wolvesbane

• 2d6 wolves: AC6, HD4+1, hp 21, 23, 20, 22, At1 (bite), D1-6, save F1, N;

• d4 dire wolves: AC6, HD4+1, hp 21, 23, 20, 22, At1 (bite), D2-8, save F2, N;

• 3d6 giant rats: AC7, HD1/2, hp 1, 2, 3, 4, At1 (bite), D1-3+disease, save F1, N;

• 2d4 giant vampire bats: AC6, HD2, hp 4, 9, 11, 10, At1 (bite then suck), D1-4 then 1-4 per round if failed save vs. Paralysis, save F1, N;

• d4 vampires: AC2, HD7-9, hp 37, 39, 41, At1 (touch plus charm gaze, save at -2), D1-10+2 levels, save F7-9, C; can summon 5-20 giant rats, 3-18 giant bats

• d6 werewolves: AC5, HD4, hp 20, 10, 14, 15, At1 (bite), D2-8, save F4, C;

• giant crabs (shallow water, to ten feet out): AC2, HD3, hp 10, 16, 12, 18, At2 (pincers), D2-12/2-12, save F2, N;

• d4 great white sharks (deeper water): AC4, HD8, hp 36, 38, 39, 34, At1 (bite), D2-20, save F4, N;

• 1-2 giant octopi: AC7, HD8, hp 36, 50, 37, At8 (tentacles, then one bite), D1-3*8/1-6, save F4, N; for each tentacle that hits, ‘to hit’ is reduced by 1

• 1-3 Jonah Whales: AC6, HD36, hp 99, 110, 120, 75, At1 (bite), D3-30 or swallow (3 greater ‘to hit’ than needed), save F15, N


The dots are shipwrecks, no treasure, obviously salvaged. The ‘x’ are dinghys, with oars. The square is the home of 15 survivors and their leader (all chaotic). For men, see wandering monsters.

• Leader: AC-1 (plate+3, ring+1), F4, hp23, At1 (2-handed sword), D1-10, C;

The home was built from the shipwrecks. The outside is smeared with garlic and wolvesbane, and there is one silver holy symbol on each wall. The walls are 12 inches thick. Inside, blankets are all over the floor.

At night, each person’s armor and weapons are kept next to them. 10 bows and 400 arrows are at the north wall.

The cupboards hold wooden utensils, food (plant and meat).

The crosses in circles are torches.

The room to the northwest holds 3,000 copper pieces, 100 gold pieces, and 10 platinum pieces in a chest that weighs 4,000 coins total. There are no windows.

Map BA

image 4

The buildings are the Orc mercenary fortress. The dots are towers (56 feet high, 24 feet diameter).

• Orcs: AC6, HD1, hp 6, 7, 8, 6, At1 (scimitar), D1-8, save F1, C;

• Orc leaders: AC6, HD1, hp 8, At1 (scimitar), D2-9, save F1, C;

• Orc officers: AC6, HD4, hp 15, At1 (scimitar), D3-10, save F1, C

Map CA

image 5

Wandering monsters

• d6 orcs: AC6, HD1, hp 5, 6, 7, 8, At1 (scimitar), D1-8, save F1, C; if there are six, one of them is a leader with hp 8 who does 1d8+1 damage.

• d6 bugbears: AC5, HD3+1, hp 8, 16, 17, 13, At1, D2-8, save F3, C;

• 2d4 goblins: AC6, HD1-1, hp 1, 6, 5, 2, 7, 4, At1, D1-6, save NM, C

• d6+2 hobgoblins: AC6, HD1+1, hp 6, 7, 2, 8, At1, D1-8, save F1, C; with d4-1 of them riding dire wolves: AC6, HD4+1, hp 13, 16, 28, At1, D2-8, save F2, N;

• d4 stone giants: AC4, HD9, hp 34, 40, 30, 33, At1 (rocks or stalactite clubs), D3-18, save F9, N;

• d4 cave bears: AC5, HD7, hp 24, 23, 22, 21, At3 (2 claws, 1 bite), D1-8/1-8/2-12, save F3, N;

• d4 giant scorpions: AC2, HD4, hp 17, 10, 19, 23, At 2 claws/1 sting, D1-10/1-10, 1-4 plus poison (if a claw hits, stinger goes at +2), save F2, C;

• 2d4 kobolds: AC7, HD1/2, hp 1, 2, 3, 4, At 1 spear, D1-5, save NM, C;

• 2d4 ogres (in forest): AC5, HD4+1, hp 20, 27, 23, 13, At 1 club, D1-10, save F4, C; 25% chance for each having a sack of 1-600 gold pieces.


image 6ca A 1) Bugbear lair

25 bugbears (see above), plus five kids (AC6, HD2, At1, D1-6, save F2, C).

1. 2d6 bugbear females, 5 kids

2. Sleeping room: d4 bugbears

3. Hearthroom: the rest of the tribe minus 2-7 are here. The leading bugbear (hp 22) wears a ring of telekinesis. Behind the fire is their treasure: 711 copper pieces, 1,032 silver pieces, and 348 electrum pieces. The exit to the empty lair is blocked by a large boulder, and a combined strength of 43 is needed to move it.

image 7ca B 1) Goblin lair

30 (see above) goblins, plus seven kids (AC7, HD1/2, hp 1, 2, 3, 4, At1, D1-4, save NM-2, C).

1. 2d6+2 goblin females, 7 kids

2. Sleeping room: d4+2 goblins, 50% sleeping.

3. Hearthroom. The rest of the tribe, minus 2-7 will be here. King Goblin (AC6, HD3, hp 15, At1, D2-7, save NM, C) and 4 bodyguards (AC6, HD2, hp 8, 9, 4, 7, At 1 sword, D1-8, save NM, C). Under the middle stone in front of the fire is 200 platinum pieces, 50 gold pieces, and 20 copper pieces. Under all that is a sword+1, slay goblins. The secret entrance to room 5 they know nothing about.

4. Food room: none edible.

5. A gargoyle guards the passageway: AC5, HD4, hp 20, At 2 claws/1 bite/1 horn, D1-3/1-3/1-6/1-4, save F8, C; any noise is likely to attract a giant shrew from location 9.

6. A thoul is guarding a treasure chest. AC6, HD3, hp 19, At 2 claws, D1-3/1-3, save F3, C; the thoul regenerates one point per round. The padlocked chest contains a +1 flaming sword, a helm of teleportation, (2) amethysts worth 50 gold pieces each, and 200 gold pieces. The chest itself is gold-lined, weighs 1,000 coins, and is worth 3,800 gold pieces.* The key to the chest is in the thoul’s stomach.

7. Empty, except for three dead trolls.

8. Empty.

9. d4+4 giant shrews: AC4, HD1, hp 7, 6, 5, 8, At 2 bites, D1-6/1-6, save F1, N;

10. 2 caecilia: AC6, HD6, hp 22, 21, At 1 bite, D1-8, save F3, N; a hit of 19 or 20 means the caecilia has swallowed its opponent who can then only use a dagger, at -4 ‘to hit’. There are piles of gold on the floor, 3026 gold pieces.

image 8ca C 4)3) stone giant lair

8 stone giants, and 6 cave bears.

1. Guard room. 3 cave bears. The bears will not attack unless the party attempts to gain entrance. Fighting has a 75% chance of bringing d4 giants from location 2.

2. 4 stone giants. This is the eating and common room. Food is in the northwest, mostly vegetables.

3. Treasure room: 300 gold pieces in piles, and a stone box with a very heavy cover contains a scroll of protection from undead, a clerical scroll of purify food and water at level 6, a wand of magic detection with 6 charges, and a map showing the location of Saridel*. Lifting the cover requires a combined strength of 55.

4. Empty room.

5. Guard room: 3 cave bears.

6. Private rooms: There are 2 stone giants in each room. There’s a 40% chance for each giant that the giant is asleep.

image 9ca D 5)7)8) empty lair

1. 4 giant scorpions: AC2, HD4, hp 17, 17, 19, 19, At 2 claws/1 sting, D1-10/1-10/1-4+poison, save F2, C; the stinger is at +2 if a claw hits. There are two human skeletons here wearing rusted chain, one with a sword and one with a hammer. There are 37 gold pieces scattered around them.

2. 3 yellow molds: AC none, HD2, hp 15, 13, 9, At spores, D1-6+choke, save F2, N; they attack if disturbed; they can only be hurt by fire. Anyone hit by the spores must save vs. Death Ray or choke to death in 6 rounds.

3. 6 black widows: AC6, HD3, hp 14, 10, 21, 12, 17, 9, At 1 bite, D2-12+poison, save F2, N in the south nook. Under their webs are 8 gold pieces. There is a stone basilisk by the northwest wall, with a chest (500 coins) next to it. The chest contains a wand of fireballs (5 charges), a scroll of feeblemind, and a potion of delusion. In the main part is a real basilisk (AC4, HD6+1 hp 23, At 1 bite+gaze, D1-10+petrification, save F6, N; anyone attacking the basilisk meets its gaze unless they take a -4 ‘to hit’ and a penalty of 2 on AC).

4. Wooden door, easily opened. Medusa wearing a turban: AC8, HD4, hp 17, At 1 snake bite+look, D1-6+poison, save F4 with +2 on magical saves, C; anyone attacking her without looking at her has -4 ‘to hit’ and a penalty of 2 on AC. She has a censer of controlling air elementals. If the party looks too tough, she will direct them to room 8; otherwise, when they are all in, she will take off the turban so that all will see her. She may also make a show of asking the elemental something, thus bringing it to bear in a fight. Air elemental: AC0, HD12, hp56, At whirlwind, D2-16, save F12, N.

5. Empty.

6. Outcast Orc: AC5, HD2, hp 16, at mace+2, D4-10, save F1, C. In the northwest is a pile of rags, under which is his meager treasure, 17 gold pieces and 6 copper pieces.

7. Shrieker: AC7, HD3, hp 12, yells, 50% per round for wandering monster: Carrion Crawler (AC7, HD3+1, hp 8, 15, 14, 19, At 8 tentacles, D paralysis, save F2, N); Cockatrice (AC6, HD5, hp 10, 22, 13, 28, At 1 beak, D1-76+petrification, save F5, N); Giant Toads (AC7, HD2+2, hp 14, 11, 13, 7, At 1 bite, D2-5, save F1, N); Wraith (AC3, HD4, hp 22, At 1 touch, D1-6+1 level, save F4, C; silver weapons do half damage).

8. One wraith (see room 7, above) guards a treasure chest (300 coins), holding a bag of holding, that holds 304 gold pieces. Also in the chest is a +1 sword that casts light, and a potion of fire resistance.

9. Empty.

10. 2 chimeras: AC4, HD9, hp 49, 51, At 2 claws/goat gore/lion bite/dragon bite or fire, D1-3/1-3/2-8/2-8/3-12 or 1-18, save F9, C; it can only breathe fire three times per day. Under a rock pile in the northernmost is 790 gold pieces and 3 garnets (50 gold pieces each).

11. Ochre Jelly: AC8, HD5, hp 35, At 1, D2-12, save F3, N; it can only be harmed by fire or cold. Other attacks turn it into 2HD ochre jellies.

12. Cockatrice lair. 6 cockatrices*: AC6, HD5, hp 24, 31, 17, 22, At 1 beak, D1-6+petrification, save F5, N. In the center of the room is a pool of unholy water. Under it is 3 stone cockatrices, a potion of human control, and a rusted +1 shield that can be buffed and oiled to usefulness. There are also 7 stone cockatrices in the room.

13. 11 giant toads: AC7, HD2+2, hp 11, 8, 18, 16, 8, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 15, At 1 bite, D3-5, save F1, N.

ba A 6)9) Kobold lair

image 10

AC7, HD1/2, At 1, D1-4 (weapon-1), save NM, C.

1. Goes down very steep for 400 feet and then just stops.

2. Guard room: 5 kobolds with spears.

3. Common room: 25 kobolds with no weapons. Most will run to the rooms marked 5, but the King (AC7, HD2, hp 9, At sword, D1-8, save NM, C) and 4 bodyguards will stay if they can hold invaders off (AC7, HD1+1, hp 6, At scimitar, D1-8, save NM, C).

4. Treasure room: a combined strength of 45 is needed to move the boulder. Inside are 2 guards who automatically gain initiative: AC7, HD1+1, hp 6, At sword+1, spear+3, D2-9, 4-9, save NM, C. The treasure is 420 silver pieces and 2,410 copper pieces.

5. 6 Kobolds in each. 25% of kobolds will have a spear (D1-6), and each has 0-5 copper pieces on them.

image 11ba B 10) Deserted lair

1. 4d10 skeletons: AC7, HD1, At 1, D1-6, save F1, C.

2. Secret rock doors to this room require a combined strength of 100 to open. They can be seen, if looking, on 1 or 2 on d6. Inside are 3 wraiths: AC3, HD4, hp 21, 13, 20, At touch, D1-6+1 level, save F4, C. In the center of the room is a living rock statue (AC4, HD5, hp 22, At 2 magma squirts, D2-12/2-12, save F5, Non-intelligent), which is controlled by a ring on a rock jut, along with a cursed scroll (turn to gecko), a potion of control plants, and a war hammer+1. To control the statue, the wearer must concentrate, may not battle, and may not move when controlling it in battle. When forcing it to move, the controller may only move at 1/2 speed.

image 12ba C 11)12) Insect cave

1. 2d10 giant bats: AC6, HD2, hp 10, 15, 4, 8, 7, 6, At 1 bite, D1-4, save F1, N.

2. 2d6 tiger beetles: AC3, HD3+1, hp 12, 13, 18, 11, 21, 10, At 1 bite, D2-12, save F1, N.

image 13ba D 13) Hobgoblin lair

45 hobgoblins: AC6, HD1+1, At 1, D1-8, save F1, C.

1. Guard room. 4 hobgoblins: 2-handed swords, D1-10.

2. Trophy room. Skulls of every creature in the area line these walls. A rug curtain (worth 150 gold pieces) covers the north exit. Seven hobgoblins, 50% chance for each that they have a weapon, either a 2-handed sword, a scimitar, or a normal sword.

3. Common room. This is where they eat and meet, and where the dire wolves live: AC6, HD4+1, hp 25, 25, 21, At 1 bite, D2-8, save F2, N. There are also 10 hobgoblins here from room 2.

4. Living quarters. d10 hobgoblins in each. There’s a 20% chance each hobgoblin has a weapon handy.

5. Guard rooms. 3 guards in each: AC5 (shield), HD1+1, hp 8, 7, 9, At sword, D1-8, save F1, C.

6. King’s room. Guarded on the outside by 4 hobgoblins: AC6, HD4, hp 14, 17, 17, 18, at scimitar, D1-8, save F1, C. The king is AC6, HD5, hp 22, At axe+2, D6-12, save F1, C. There is also one dire wolf here: AC6, HD4+1, hp 22, At 1 bite, D2-8, save F2, N. The wolf keeps bones in the northwest corner. Under these is the key to the wall ‘safe’ in the northeast corner. Inside the ‘safe’ are 3 opal gems (worth 50 gold pieces, 100 gold pieces, and 10 gold pieces), 1 pearl necklace (worth 500 gold pieces), a potion of speed, and 40 gold pieces. The king’s bed (a pile of five animal furs) is in the southwest corner. The secret door, even if found, can only be opened by touching the torch south of the door.

7. Treasure room: 2,502 gold pieces, 330 copper pieces, 266 silver pieces.

ba E 25-29) Cave bear lair

image 14

1. 2 cave bears, male and female: AC5, HD7, hp 31, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-8/1-8/2-12, save F3, N; and 3 young cave bears: AC6, HD4-1, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-6/1-6/2-8, save F2, N. There is a pile of stones and bones with rusted armor and 83 gold pieces in the west corner.

2. Empty.

3. 1 cave bear: AC5, HD7, hp 33, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-8/1-8/2-12, save F3, N.

4. 2d10 giant bats: AC6, HD2, hp4, 7, 5, 9, At bite, D1-4, save F1, N.

5. 3d10+10 normal bats: AC6, HD1/8, At confusion, D: nil, save NM, N; confusion causes -2 on ‘to hit’ rolls and saves, and spells can’t be cast. In the middle of the room is a pool, too muddy to see through. In it, under the water, is a spiny rockfish: AC7, HD5+5, hp 28, At 4 spines, D1-4 each spine+poison, save F3, N. The muck and darkness of the water cause -2 on ‘to hit’.

6. A basilisk: AC4, HD6+1, hp 31, At 1 bite+gaze, D1-10+petrification, save F6, N. Anyone meets its gaze unless looking away, which means -4 on ‘to hit’ rolls while the basilisk gains +2 ‘to hit’. A mirror means only -1 on ‘to hit’. There are many stone statues in this room, including a basilisk, some black widows, and a few humanoids. The entrances are both blocked by spider webs (giants break through in 2 rounds, humans 2-8 turns, ogres 4 rounds, flames 2 rounds and anyone in it takes d6 damage). Treasure in piles around the statues: 3171 gold pieces, 141 platinum pieces, 4 pearl necklaces (100 gold pieces), 2 silver necklaces (500 gold pieces), 3 diamond bracelets (1,350 gold pieces), a potion of polymorph self, and a magic-user scroll of three spells: transmute rock to mud, remove curse, and read magic.

7. It will take d4 turns to clear the opening of rocks enough for one person to enter at a time. Inside is a skeleton with rusted armor, and a War Hammer+3: Chaotic, Intelligence 12, Ego 12; speaks common, dwarvish, bugbear, harpy; can read magic, detect magic, detect good, detect sloping passages, x-ray vision. If there is a chaotic person in the party it will fly, handle first, to his/her hands, otherwise it will attack, with initiative: AC-2, HD4, hp 22, At 1, D4-9, save F4, C.

8. d4+1 rhagodessa: AC5, HD4+2, hp 24, At 1 leg/1 bite, D0/2-16, save F2, N; the bite hits automatically if the leg hits. In the north corner is a dead rhagodessa covering 167 copper pieces.

9. 2d4 giant weasels: AC7, HD4+4, At 1 bite then suck, D2-8 then 2-8 per round, save F3, N. Scattered around are bones, rusted armor, 60 gold pieces, two onyx gems (100 gold pieces), a beryl gem (50 gold pieces), a huge jade stone (200 gold pieces), and a treasure map to the wyvern’s lair at 10, starting from entrance 27.

10. Wyvern’s lair. Human skin covers the entrances. Three wyverns: AC3, HD7, hp 31, At 1 bite/1 sting, D2-16/1-6+poison, save F4, C. There is a 10 foot deep pit in the southwest. In the pit is 6,340 copper pieces, 360 silver pieces, 1 diamond ring (750 gold pieces), a gold ring (340 gold pieces, a silver ring (125 gold pieces), electrum ring (250 gold pieces), 1 black pearl necklace (1000 gold pieces), 1 gold necklace with silver amulet (800 gold pieces), and a turquoise bracelet (150 gold pieces). Also, cursed chain mail armor (-2), cursed plate armor (-1), +2 plate armor, and a +2 shield. There is a hole, three feet in diameter, under the armor to location aa C on the next level.

11. Troll ‘bedroom’. 2d6 trolls: AC4, HD6+2, hp 23, 34, 32, 18, 30, 22, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-6/1-6/-10, save F6, C. There are humanoid bones all over this room. The southwest entrance is a plainly visible door, barred from the inside.

12. Troll hearthroom: 2d6 trolls, loathsome eating utensils.

13. Treasure room. The secret door is a sliding door. Double one needed to hit switch*. Inside: 1,822 gold pieces, 2 electrum rings (215 gold pieces), and a jeweled belt (1,551 gold pieces).

14. Troll guardroom. 2d4 trolls. Also, skeletons in rusted armor.

15. 3 cave bears. Mom and dad: AC5, HD7, hp 23, 35, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-8/1-8/2-12, save F3, N; little bear: AC6, HD4-1, hp 18, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-6/1-6/2-8, save F2, N.

16. 3d20+6 rats: AC9, hd1/8, At 1 bite per 5, D1-6+disease, save NM, N.

17. 15 skeletons: AC7, HD1, hp 1, 8, 5, 5, 3, 3, 7, 7, 7, 2, 2, 2, 4, 4, 4, At 1, D1-6, save F1, C.

18. 2d4+2 carrion crawlers: AC7, HD3+1, hp 12, 8, 17, 15, At 8 tentacles, D paralysis. Under a pile of bones is a suit of chain mail +1.

19. Anyone entering this room is dead, and becomes 4 wights.

20. 14 stalagmites jut up 5-7 feet, 3 foot radius. Rock dryads: AC3, HD4, hp 14, 10, 20, 14, 20, 19, 13, 8, At Rock to Mud or charm, D nil, save F4, N. They can cast Rock to Mud then invert to trap attackers in the stone. 5 cast charm, send through wall to room 8 to deal with the rhagodessa.

21. 2 cave bears are here and in room 22: AC5, HD7, hp 34, 25, 24, 32, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-8/1-8/2-12 ,save F3, N. There are 25 platinum pieces here and a wand of trap detection with 9 charges.

22. Part of the cave bear lair, see room 21.

Next Level

ba F (from ca D)

image 15

1. 2d10 cave locusts: AC4, HD2, hp 12, 14, 6, 7, 9, 8, At 1 bite or 1 bump or 1 spit (if cornered), D1-2 or 1-4 or special, save F2, ML5 (have 50% even if running*), N. If the locusts spits, it attacks against AC 9 regardless of the target’s armor. The target must save vs. poison or be unable to do anything for one turn, when they become used to the smell. Anyone coming within five feet of them must save or be violently ill.

2. Gargoyle, who will attempt to look like a statue unless it can beat the party or they find its treasure. AC5, HD4, hp 29, At 2 claws/1 bite/1 horn, D1-3/1-3/1-6/1-4, save F8, C; it wears a ring of telekinesis, which it will use on its treasure (while pretending to be a statue) to scare stronger parties away. Treasure is in the northeast, hid by a secret door: 2,075 copper pieces.

3. A green slime is on the ceiling, and will drop on someone: AC none, HD2, hp 11, At 1, D special, save F1, N. It eats through armor in six rounds; four rounds later the victim will become green slime. It can only be harmed by fire or cold.

4. 2 black widows: AC6, HD3, hp 24, 12, At 1 bite, D2-12+poison, save F2, N. One black widow is in the west, the other to the east. If the spiders don’t do it right, the five stone statues will: AC4, hD5, hp 27, 31, 16, 14, 17, At 2 (magma), D2-12/2-12, save F5, C. The statues are guarding the hole in the south of the room. It goes straight down 1,500 feet, but has easy handholds (see the underground isle). There is only a 2% chance of a non-thief falling. In the east spider’s web is 95 copper pieces. In the west spider’s web is a shield+1.

5. 2d4 caecila: AC6, HD6, At 1 bite, D1-8, save F3, N; if the caecilia rolls a natural 19 or 20, it swallows its target, at which point it does 1-8 damage each round and the victim’s attacks are at -2, and unable to use any weapon larger than a dagger. A depression in the south contains 2d6 carrion crawlers: AC7, HD3+1, hp 17, 19, 17, 16, At 8 tentacles, D paralysis, save F2, N. The treasure is beneath the crawlers in the depression: 1,690 silver pieces, 260 gold pieces, a necklace with silver ornaments (600 gold pieces), and a cursed sword-2.

6. 4 harpies: AC7, HD3, hp 11, 17, 18, At 2 claws/1 mace (or charm at first), D1-4/1-4/1-6, save F3 (+2 against magic), C. They will move through the secret doors and surround the party if they have a slight chance of beating them. Otherwise they will hide in the secret room, getting the mirror ready. The treasure in the secret room is 1,261 silver pieces, a potion of delusion, a potion of gaseous form, and a mirror of life trapping. The mirror already includes one harpy and one disguised doppleganger.

7. d4 rust monsters: AC2, HD5, hp 21, 19, 26, 25, At 1, D rusts everything, save F3, N.

8. 3d10+5 giant rats: AC7, HD1/2, At 1 bite, D1-3+disease, save F1, N. Treasure among other rat carcasses is 2 opals (50 gold pieces) and a wand of polymorph with one charge.

9. Giant rats as in room 8, but the treasure is 1,017 silver pieces.

10. Empty.

11. 3 manticores: AC4, HD6+1, At 2 claws/1 bite or 6 spikes, D1-4/1-4/2-8 or 1-6 six times, save F6, C. Their treasure is 1,251 silver pieces, boots of travelling and leaping, a cursed scroll (their most powerful magic item disappears), and a potion of flying.

12. 3 yellow molds: AC none, HD2, hp 12, 8, 15, At spores, D1-6+choke, save F2, N. They can old be hurt by fire. They only spew spores if hit first. If the spores hit, the victim must save vs. Death Ray or choke to death in 6 rounds.

13. Secret door to Tiras, a cleric who took a vow to never leave unless something worthy came up. He also has a pet hippogriff*.

14. 2d4 wraiths: AC3, HD4, hp 24, 17, 18, 20, At touch, D1-6+1 level, save F4, C. Magic weapons are needed to hit wraiths; silver weapons do half damage. Their treasure is near the spot marked A: 4,022 copper pieces, 654 silver pieces, and a potion of fire resistance.

aa A (from ca, B and C)

image 16

1. Coming from the ceiling, persons who jump and do not roll under their dexterity will take 2d4 points of damage. There are 2 caecilia here: AC6, HD6, hp 26, 23, At 1 bite, D1-8, save F3, N; if the caecilia rolls a natural 19 or 20, it swallows its target, at which point it does 1-8 damage each round and the victim’s attacks are at -2, and unable to use any weapon larger than a dagger.

2. An unanimated bone golem rests in this room. A bone helmet, treated as a metal one, is in the north, under the pool of oil.

3. Sea dragon in a lake: AC1, HD8, hp 50, At 1 bite or spit, D3-24 or hp, save F8, N. It normally lives 60 feet down in a coral cave at the center of the lake. It’s treasure is 31,000 silver pieces, 66,646 electrum pieces, 4 diamonds (750 gold pieces), 6 pearls (700 gold pieces), 20 electrum rings in a box (100 gold pieces), 14 diamond bracelets in a box (800 gold pieces), a potion of control animals, a potion of control dragon, a potion of gaseous form, and a ruined spell scroll held in a ring of regeneration.

4. 3d6+4 stirges: AC7, HD1, At 1 then suck, D1-3 then 1-3 per round, save F2, N.

5. 2d12+3 robber flies: AC6, HD2, hp 15, 13, 10, 5, At 1 bite, D1-8, save F1, N. In the far end is a skeleton wearing rusted armor, and a small sack with a potion of healing in it.

6. This area is filled with traps. It is covered by a thin rock sheet layer. There is a 2-in-6 chance that each person will fall each time they traverse one room length, taking 2-8 points of damage. There are 8 traps, six feet by 5 feet by 10 teet.

7. Ogre: AC5, HD4+1, hp 24, At club, D1-10, save F4, C. Only one person can go through the entrance at a time, and it will take 2 rounds to do it, giving the ogre two to three free shots at the first guy. He has a bag of meals*.

8. 2d6+1 horned chameleons: AC2, HD5, hp 12, 30, 26, 21, 19, 11, At 1 bite/1 horn, D2-8/1-6, save F3, N.

9. 4 shadows: AC7, HD2+2, hp 5, 10, 11, 13, At 1, D1-4+1 point of strength for 8 turns. Magic weapons are required to hit a shadow. A rock to the southeast is an illusion. It will disappear on touch, revealing treasure: a +1 sword, a scroll of speak with animals9. 4 shadows: AC7, HD2+2, hp 5, 10, 11, 13, At 1, D1-4+1 point of strength for 8 turns. Magic weapons are required to hit a shadow. A rock to the southeast is an illusion. It will disappear on touch, revealing treasure: a +1 sword†, a scroll of speak with animals (clerical), a scroll of protection from undead, a potion of control cave giants, boots of levitation, and a 6-inch tyrannosaurus rex which will, in 3 rounds, grow to its full 20 feet (the roof is 50 feet here): AC3, HD20, hp 105, At 1 bite, D6-36, save F10, N.

10. 1 vampire: AC2, HD7, hp 38, At 1 touch + charm (all who gaze), D1-10+2 levels, save F7, C; 12 rats: AC9, HD1/8, At 1 bite per 5, D1-6+disease, save NM, N; and a dire wolf: AC6, HD4+1, hp 23, At 1 bite, D2-8, save F2, N. The treasure is behind a secret door to the south: 6 oak coffins, a snake staff (11 charges), and a medallion of ESP (30 feet). Anyone coming from the roof must save as for room 1.

11. 2 chimeras: AC4, HD9, hp 61, 57, At 2 claws/1 goat horn or lion bite or dragon bite or fire, D1-3/1-3/2-8 or 2-8 or 3-12 or 3-18, save F9, C. Treasure is in front of the tunnel: 1,818 silver pieces, 1,467 gold pieces, 11 rubies (300 gold pieces, 4 red, 4 green, 3 blue), an efreeti bottle, and a bag of holding. (See underground isle for what the tunnel leads to.)

image 17aa B (from ba C)

1. From 110 feet down the tunnel, the temperature slowly goes down to 3 degrees Fahrenheit. In room 1 there is naught but ice and frozen rock.

2. Frost salamander: AC3, HD12, hp 69, At 4 claws/1 bite, D1-6 (four times)/2-12+1-8 due to cold, save F12, C.

3. The same as room 2.

4. Treasure room: 1,008 gold pieces, a ring of invisibility, and an elven skeleton wearing an elven cloak and boots.

aa C (from ba E)

image 18

1. 3d10 giant rats: AC7, HD1/2, At 1 bite, D1-3+disease, save F1, N.

2. Empty.

3. 7 boulders in this room. Three of them are the homes of rock dryads: AC3, HD4, hp 20, 18, 12, At rock to mud/mud to rock/5 of ’em charm, send through wall to room 5. Treasure for dryad 1: crystal ball, 30 platinum pieces; treasure for dryad 2: 50 gold pieces, 30 platinum pieces, 100 silver pieces; treasure for dryad 3: staff of healing. The rocks are seven feet long, four feet wide.

4. An adult dragon and a young dragon. Adult dragon: AC-1, HD10, hp 63, At 2 claws/1 bite or fire, D1-8/1-8/4-32 or hit points, save F10, C. Young dragon: AC0, HD7, hp 47, At 2 claws/1 bite or fire, D1-6/1-6/3-24 or hit points, save F7, C. They speak dragon and common. The adult has the spells read magic, read languages, ventriloquism, invisibility, web, ESP, dispel magic, infravision, and protection from normal missiles. The young dragon has read magic, hold portal, and detect magic. They have potions and scrolls kept close so as to be easy to use: a potion of control human, a scroll of protection from elementals, and a spell scroll of phantasmal force. They also have 356 copper pieces, 856 silver pieces, 8,332 electrum pieces, 40,745 gold pieces, 732 platinum pieces, 3 electrum rings (225 gold pieces), 2 gold rings (300 gold pieces), 2 silver rings (175 gold pieces), 2 +1 swords, and a horn of blasting.

5. 2d6+3 wererats: AC7, HD3, hp 8, 16, 11, 4, At 1 bite, D1-4, save F3, C; and 3d6 giant rats: AC7, HD1/2, At 1 bite, D1-3+disease, save F1, C. The treasure, 175 silver pieces, is dirty and covered with feces, so only a careful search will find it.*

6. Magically lit, there is foliage here: seven trees, grass, and flowers; and twelve deer: four bucks, four does, and four fawns: AC7, HD1, 1/2, At 1 butt, D1-6, save F1, N. There is a pond with normal fish, 8 foot deep at this maximum depth. There are also small animals such as rabbits, squirrels, birds, etc. None will attack.

7. This room is completely empty. Upon reaching the center, all will be turned into (roll d4) 1) a wolf, 2) a goat, 3) a hawk, 4) a giant rat. All armor, treasure, and other belongings will disappear, to return d20+6 turns later when they return to normal. They keep hit points, and are in full control of their actions.

8. Illusion room: It looks like a ball room, with a dance going full blast. The party will trip over rocks through it on a roll of 1 or 2 on d6, taking d4-1 damage.

9. Empty.

10. 2d4 giant toads: AC7, HD2+2, hp 14, 4, 9, 12, At 1 bite, D2-5, save F1, N. They will not attack unless there are halfling or smaller people (which they swallow on a natural 20). (See underground isle map for where tunnel leads.)

11. Spectre: AC2, HD6, hp 39, At 1, D1-8+2 levels, save F6, C. It controls two other spectres (hp 35, 30), all of which can only be hit with magic weapons. There is a 10% chance upon entering that a metal net will fall and grab them back up again. Only two may enter at a time. It will trap them, carrying them thirty feet up, and cannot be cut through. A careful search will find the mechanism to let them down, but by the time it is found, the spectres will be on them. Their treasure is in the farthest corner: 1,303 gold pieces, a +1 sword, +3 vs. undead.

12. 2 hell jellies: AC3, HD5, hp 33, 21, At 1 drop, D 1 level, save F3, N. They will fall on the person with the highest level, and will only be able to be hit for four rounds before it is out of reach, then six rounds before it drops again. There is one on each entrance. Their treasure is 70 gold pieces, 10 copper pieces, 50 electrum pieces, and 42 silver pieces at the south; and a +1 dagger and rusted armor at the north.

13. A gorgon is guarding a one-way portal to the northernmost Southeast isles: AC2, HD8, hp 50, At 1 gore or breath, D2-12 or petrification, save F8, C.

14. 2d6 giant weasels: AC7, HD4+4, hp 22, 20, 26, 10, At 1 bite then suck, D2-8 then 2-8 each round. These attack on 1-4 on a d6.*

Underground isle map (from ba F and aa A, C)

image 19

Mostly plains and wilderness inhabited by deer. The deer have infravision 15 feet. AC7, HD1, At 1 butt for seven of them, D1-4, save F1, N.

1. Lake, 700 feet deep maximum, has 3 sea serpents: AC5, HD6, hp 21, 35, 19, At 1 bite or squeeze, D2-12 or 1-10 per round, save F3, N.

2. Row boat with four oars. It has eight hull points.

3. 2 chimera: AC4, HD9, hp 31, 41, At 2 claws/goat horn/lion bite/dragon bite or fire, D1-3/1-3/2-8/2-8/3-12 or 3-18, save F9, C.

4. 7-8 foot high bushes hiding 4 displacer beasts: AC4, HD6, hp 22, 29, 41, 28, At 2 tentacles, D2-8/2-8, save F6, N.

5. Amongst the rocks and boulders are 6 giant scorpions: AC2, HD4, hp 18, 16, 8, 14, 10, 14, At 2 claws/1 string, D1-10/1-10/1-4+poison, save F2, C. If the claws hit, the sting is at +2.

6. Hill: 1 foot per foot incline. 5 hippogriffs: AC5, HD3+1, hp 9, 18, 17, 16, 9, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-6/1-6/1-10, save F2, N.

Map DA

image 20

Wandering monsters

Orcs, bugbears, goblins, hobgoblins, cave bears, kobolds, ogres.


The nose of Grilkone bay is a port for the Orcs’ mercenary operations. There is a 30% chance that an Orc army will be leaving or returning (2d6 times 100 if leaving, d6 times 100 if returning). If not there is a 25% chance that a foreign emissary is coming to hire some Orcs (he will stay in cave entrance 14). He will be level 10+d6 and he will have 2d12 level d4 fighters, d4 level 7 fighters, a 50% chance for a d20+1 level magic-user, and a 50% chance for a d20+1 level Cleric. His ship will be guarded by marines (level 1-3) and a captain (level 10).

Ship Marines
Large/small/war gallery 50/20/75
Large/small sailing ship 50/25
Longship 75

The northern part of the bay is a favorite fishing spot for Ogres. 10% of the time there will be a raft there. 40% of the time there will be d4 ogres: AC5, HD4+1, hp 20, 10, 21, 15, At 1 club, D1-10, save F4, C.

The cemetery has a number of wooden holy symbols nailed firmly to its walls. The walls are 10 feet high, made of three-foot-thick oak posts.


image 21da H 14) Where visiting dignitaries stay.

The bridge over the Eröen* River looks decrepit, but will hold 3,200 coins per square foot.

1. Two ORcs: AC6, HD1, hp 8, At spear then 2-handed sword, D1-6 then 1-10, save F1, C. There is bad food and furniture in here.

2. The dignitary’s entourage (see above for description, and there are example sets in the notebook).

3. The dignitary’s room, guarded on the outside by the level 7 fighters.

image 22da A 15-17) Ogre lair

The ogres are AC5, HD4+1, At 1 club, D1-10, save F4, C.

1. Guard room. 5 ogres: hp 14, 18, 18, 17, 18, playing cards. Each has 2d20 gold pieces. Fighting here will draw ogres from room 3.

2. Treasure room. Two silver necklaces (500 gold pieces) and 956 gold pieces.

3. 10 ogres: hp 20, 14, 19, 14, 20, 26, 12, 23, 18, 20, 14. Four ogre children: AC6, HD2+3, hp 9, 16, 6, 12, At 1 club, D1-6, save F3, C. There are many skins and crude furniture here, and seven large sacks with 3d20+10 gold pieces in each.

4. Treasure room. There is a sword+1 (casts light 30 feet) and 1,022 gold pieces.

5. Treasure room. 2 rubies (400 gold pieces), 2 diamonds (150 gold pieces) and 1,033 gold pieces.

6. Church meeting room. There are d4 ogres in here, and 1 crippled ogre (HD3, hp 10, no attack) who will stay behind the rock altar. The altar can make a force field surrounding itself and the person behind it, once a day for d4 turns. The altar is 6 feet high by 5 feet by 4 feet. He also has a rod of cancellation which only works on weapons, but will work once a day, a ring of djinni summoning, and a ring of x-ray vision. He will call if (75%) he sees someone using the x-ray ring, and 3d10 ogres will arrive. Behind the altar is a silver unholy symbol (50 gold pieces). On the altar is a gold sceptre (225 gold pieces) and a black obsidian dagger (50 gold pieces).

image 23da B 19) polar bear lair

AC6, HD6, hp 30, 35, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-6/1-6/1-10, save F3, N.

1. 50% for each polar bear to be here. There are a lot of animal and humanoid bones near the mouth of the cave.

2. 40% for each polar bear to be hear, and 30% for a werebear to be here: AC2, HD6, hp42, At 2 claws/1 bite, D2-8/2-8/2-16, save F6, C. It can summon the remaining polar bears. If there is no way it can win (and if it has a few seconds foreknowledge of the party’s coming) it will assume human form (AC8, D3-4) and play as if it had been captured by the bears. It will attack later.

3. 30% for each bear to be here.

4. The polar bears will not be here. There is a 75% chance that the werebear will be here. This is where he keeps his treasure, and the armor he will wear if playing as a human. There are 5 dead lizards in here. Among the carcasses are 51 gold pieces, 30 copper pieces, a sword+1, an amulet vs. crystal balls and ESP, leather armor, a shield, boots, etc.

5. There are ice stalactites to fasten rope to, and they will hold about 3,000 coins at a time. Not even a thief could climb down, due to ice. Once down there, there is a -1 on ‘to hit’ for dexterities of 17 and 18, -2 for 10-16, and -3 for 3-9.

6. A wraith guards the entrance to the dragon. If it begins to lose, it will call its subordinate. Wraiths: AC3, HD4, hp 31, 13, At 1, D1-6+1 level, save F4, C. They will gain initiative due to the mist.

7. Room of mirrors. There is another -1 on ‘to hit’ here. There is a 60% chance that the subordinate wraith (see room 6) will be here.

8. 50% chance that the subordinate wraith will be here. A cursed scroll (lose 2 levels) is on the ice altar.

9. A white dragon: AC3, HD6, hp 35, At 2 claws/1 bite or breath, D1-4/1-4/2-16, save F6, N. The dragon can call the wraiths. It can also talk. Spells: magic missile (3, doing 2-7 each), detect magic, and read magic. He has these on a table, ready for use: a scroll of protection from lycanthropes, a scroll of protection from magic, a potion of control animal, a potion of polymorph self. His treasure is 4,441 silver pieces, 38,175 electrum pieces, 3,102 gold pieces, 5 large diamonds (1,400 gold pieces), and a treasure chest with a poison lock. The chest contains a potion of flying and a potion of diminution.

image 24da C 18) Giant scorpions

There are d4 giant scorpions in each room: AC2, HD4, hp 19, 20, 16, 10, At 2 claws/1 sting, D1-10/1-10/1-4+poison, save F2, C. The string is at +2 if a claw hits.

image 25da D 20) Goblin lair

AC6, HD1-1, At 1, D1-6, save NM, C.

1. Guard room. 3 goblins on each side (hp 2, 4, 3, 2, 5, 7, At 1 spear then 1 battleaxe, D1-6 then 1-8). There is a lot of grotesque food and liquor in here, and badly made chairs.

2. 14 goblins, skins, food, etc.

3. 4 goblins guard outside the door: AC6, HD2, hp 7, 9, 7, 10, At 1 spear, battleaxe, D1-6, 1-8, save NM, C. Inside is the king: AC6, HD3, hp 15, At battleaxe, D2-9, save NM, C. Also, 3 good furs, a 7 foot by 3 foot tapestry (15 gold pieces) showing goblins fighting humans, a silver chalice (25 gold pieces), and a wineskin half full of good wine. The tapestry covers the secret entrance (which is secret even without the tapestry).

4. Treasure room. Guarded by 4 guards (see room 3). Inside, a large sack contains 1 purple ruby (100 gold pieces), 2 skull earrings (50 gold piece set), 1 turquoise stone (25 gold pieces). On the floor is a 2-spell scroll of sleep and protection from evil (10 foot), 300 copper pieces, 1,056 gold pieces, and 445 electrum pieces.

image 26da E 21) Hobgoblin lair

AC6, HD1+1, A1, D1-8, save F1, C

1. Trap room. The wood floor is covered by sand. Only the hobgoblins know where to walk. When 3,000 coins or more is on it, it will cave, and the fall is 12 feet. Characters take 2-8 points. Noise will bring 4 guards from room 2.

2. Guard room. 6 guards: hp 9, 8, 3, 3, 3, 7, At 2 spears (one for throwing and one for using), D1-6, save F1, C. Each guard has 2d6 copper pieces. There is inedible food and wine.

3. Common room. 10 hobgoblins: hp 9, 4, 3, 8, 9, 5, 3, 2, 9, 4.

4. Living rooms. d6-1 hobgoblins in each, and d4 kids: AC5, HD1, At 1, D1-4, save NM, C. There is d20 copper pieces and d10 gold pieces in each room.

5. King’s room: AC5 (ring+1), HD5, hp 22, At 2-handed sword, D3-10, save F1, C. There are 4 bodyguards with him: AC6, HD4, hp 14, 16, 12, 13, At 1 spear, D1-6, save F1, C. Under a dirty rug and bones are 2d6 gold pieces, d4 electrum pieces, and a potion of control human. The door to room 6 is secret.

6. Treasure room. 3 guards on the outside: AC6, HD1+1, hp 7, 4, 7, 7, At 2 spears, D1-6, save F1, C. Inside is 1,200 gold pieces and 1,379 silver pieces.

image 27da F 22)23) Crystal caves

1. Empty. There is a 50% chance that a Dwarf will notice rough diamonds, 2d6 of them, worth d6 times 10 gold pieces each. The door is secret.

2. Hallway. The door at the end is pure crystal.

3. Guardroom. 4 living statues of crystal guard it: AC4, HD3, hp 11, 19, 18, 13, At 2, D1-6/1-6, save F3, L. They can talk crystal and one (hp 19, the leader) also speaks common. In the hole are three suits of plate mail armor (human), 2 suits of chain mail (dwarven), 1 bronze sword, 1 silver dagger, and 3 normal daggers. The hole goes down 20 feet.

4. 10 living statues: AC4, HD3, hp 6, 21, 13, 13, 14, 20, 11, 16, 13, 12, At2, D1-6/1-6, save F3, L.

5. King: AC3, HD4, hp 25, At 2 hits or 4 crystal darts from each hand, D1-6/1-6 or 2-8, save F3, L. He has four guards: AC4, HD3, hp 15, 15, 10, 14, At2, D1-6/1-6, save F3, L. The whole set of rooms bear a striking resemblance to the main city of Krypton in Superman: The Movie.

image 28da G 24) Bugbear lair

1. Guardroom. 4 guards on each side: AC5, HD3+1, hp 12, 15, 19, 23, 10, 10, 15, 19, At1, D2-8, save F3, C. Two of the guards have a spear (1-6). Each also has d6 gold pieces and d4 copper pieces.

2. 18 bugbears (see guards in room 1) and 5 bugbear kids: AC6, HD2, hp 9, 12, 9, 16, 15, At1, D1-6, save F1, C. There is a 25% chance for d4 casks of wine.

3. Alter in the middle of the amphitheater. d6 bugbears (see guards in room 1) are in here, plus the bugbear “cleric” with 2 inflict light wounds spells (2-7). On the altar is a gold chalice (60 gold pieces) filled with bugbear blood and a bronze dish of unholy water. The cleric’s raiments are lined with gold-thread and worth 400 gold pieces.

4. King’s room. 4 guards on the outside (see guards in room 1). The king: AC5, HD3+1, hp 18, At 1 sword+1, D3-10+paralysis to lawfuls, save F3, C. His sword is a sword+1, defeat law. There is a bag of holding among some rags, which will not be noticed unless someone examines the cloth carefully.

5. Treasure room. 1,543 copper pieces and 1,336 silver pieces.

If they are carrying much treasure and making a lot of noise, there is a 45% chance that a band of bandits will attack.

Map EA and FA

image 29

The city is Cankor*, where the party will first land. No one is allowed in the section for the army or the castle. The nearer that things are to the castle, the higher their prices, and the better their quality. The roads are stone-paved, and the rest is plains.

The people make their living fishing. Farm products (except seaweed) are very rare. The hills are 20-50 feet high. The bridges are the boundaries for fishing. The people are very superstitious, and will not travel across the river, except for funerals. Bandits sneak in at night.

Map GA

image 30

Wandering monsters

• d6 vampires: AC2, HD7-9, At 1, D10+2 levels, save F7-9, C. A vampire may charm any who gaze into its eyes. They save at -2. Level 7: hp 29, 45, 36, 28; Level 8: 32, 35, 33, 40; Level 9: 35, 34, 44, 53.

• Wolves: AC7, HD2+2, hp 12, 7, 16, 15, 10, 11, At 1 bite, D1-6, save F1, N.

• d4 dire wolves: AC6, HD4+1, hp 16, 18, 29, 26,2 4, 17, At 1 bite, D2-8, save F2, N.


The islands are invisible until within 10 feet of them. Once within 50 feet, extreme high winds will buffet them back to where they came from. There is a 20% chance that a galley will ship water, 10% for other ships. Speed will then be reduced by 1/3 until it can dock and make repairs.

• Sea serpents, lesser (water only): AC5, HD6, hp 25, 33, 29, 23, At 1 bite (person) or squeeze (ship), D2-12 or 1-10, save F3, N.

Map AB

image 31

The cliff at the “shore” goes straight down 40 feet. The point on the island closest to the shore is only 5 feet across.

Wandering monsters on land

• d6 orcs: AC7, HD1, hp 8, 6, 5, 3, 4, 2, At scimitar, D1-8, save F1, C.

• 2d4 lizard men: AC5, HD2+1, hp 12, 13, 8, 7, 9, 4, At 1 club, D2-7, save F2, N.


image 32

ab A island 1

Wandering monsters

• d10 neanderthals: AC8, HD, hp 6, 11, 8, 12, At 1 spear, stone axe or hammer, D2-7, 2-9, 2-7, save F2, L.

• d6 white apes: AC6, HD4, hp 18, 11, 16, 24, At 2 claws, D1-4/1-4 or throw stones for d6 damage, save F2, N.


1. 7 neanderthals. Among the bones, furs, food, etc., is 1,251 copper pieces, 186 silver pieces, and 104 electrum pieces.

2. 4 white apes. In the corner is cursed armor -2, dwarven chain, along with a rope of climbing.

3. 8 neanderthals and 1,523 copper pieces, 175 silver pieces, and 125 electrum pieces.

4. 6 neanderthals. Two of the neanderthals are wearing a copper ring (10 gold pieces). One neanderthal is wearing a bone necklace (10 gold pieces). They also have 51 copper pieces, 66 silver pieces, 55 gold pieces.

ab B island 2

In each room there are 1-3 black widows: AC6, HD3, hp 7, 14, 10, 13, 17, 15, At 1 bite, D2-12+poison, save F2, N.

ab C island 3

Lizard man outpost. In the room there are 7 lizard men using clubs.

ab D island 4

More lizard men.

1. Guard room. 4 lizard men each side: AC5, HD2+1, hp 14, 15, 10, 13, 8, 7, 10, 12, At 1 club (the hp 15 lizard has a +1 sword), D2-7 (3-10), save F2, N.

2. 5 lizard men with clubs.

3. d6 lizard men. There are also 13 silver pieces, and a scroll of protection from lycanthropes on a normal shield.

ab E island 5

In room 1 there are 2d4 lizard men, using spears and clubs.

Main Island

image 33

ab F 1) 2) lizard man guard cave

d6+2 lizard men outside, using spears (2-7) and clubs.

1. 5 lizard men using clubs.

2. 4 lizard men. One uses a sword-1, cursed.

3. Temporary treasure room. Empty except for bones, food, and d6 lizard men.

4. 5 lizard men, and 39 silver pieces in the corner.

Aranea in the forest

The island is damp, and the forest is thick. Besides lizard men, 4 aranea live in the forest: AC7, HD3, hp 7, 13, 19, 14, At 1 bite, D1-6+poison, save M3, C. Aranea may also use spells as a 3rd level magic-user.

• Aranea #1 (hp 7): Read languages, charm person, invisibility; In his tree is a chest with 366 gold pieces. On the chest for easy use is a 5-spell scroll with magic missile, teleport, haste, transmute rock to mud, and move earth.

• Aranea #2 (hp 13): Read magic, detect magic, locate object. It wears a ring of djinni summoning. In this one’s chest is 688 gold pieces.

• Aranea #3 (hp 19): Read magic, floating disc, levitate. This one has 48 copper pieces in her chest, and a spell scroll of project image on top for use.

• Aranea #4 (hp 14): Hold portal, sleep, knock. This one has 142 gold pieces, 2 rubies (300 gold pieces) in its chest, and a potion of invulnerability on top.

Their webs are at location 3 in trees about 10 feet apart (each has its own). They can, within d6+1 rounds, come to the aid of each other. The webs are about 30 feet up, and can be walked on, since they are webbed over, and roofed with leaves, bark, twigs, etc. The webbed sections resemble caves. They can be seen only if climbing the tree. If in the area of location 3, there is a 1 in 10 chance of climbing the right one*.

At the foot of many of the trees are lizard-men skulls. If climbing one of these, there is a 1 in 8 chance of hitting the right tree.

Each aranea has a 65% chance of being in its lair. The treasure chest in each web has a poison trap.

Wandering monsters in water

• Jonah Whales: AC6, HD36, hp___, ___, ___, ___, At 1 bite, D3-30, save F15, N. They swallow their opponent on a roll three greater than necessary.

• Sharks: AC4, HD2, hp 5, 6, 10, 7, 13, 11, At 1 bite, D2-8, save F1, N.

Map BB and CB

image 34

Wandering monsters

• d6 orcs: AC7, HD1, At scimitar, D1-8, save F1, C.

• d6 lizard men: AC5, HD2+1, hp 11, 7, 14, 6, At club, D2-7, save F2, N.

• d2 frost salamanders: AC3, HD12, hp 59, 47, 49, At 4 claws/1 bite, D1-6*4, 2-12, +1-8 per round due to cold, save F12, C.

• d4 giant scorpions: AC2, hD4, hp 27, 17, 14, 11, 13, 25, At 2 claws/1 sting, D1-10/1-10/1-4+poison, save F2, C. The stinger is at +2 if a claw hits.

Map CB caves

image 35

cb A 30) Hippogriff lair

8 adults, 3 kids: AC6, HD2, hp 9, 7, 8, D-2.

cb B 31)32) Troll lair

1. Guard room. 5 trolls.

2. Trap. Wood floor covered with gravel. It breaks at 1,600 coins. The person takes 2d4 hit points falling 10 feet, and it also brings the 5 guards from room 1.

3. 3 trolls and a lot of dead humanoid carcasses.

4. 9 trolls, rotting tables, bugs, boneware, and an orc being eaten.

5. Treasure room. 392 gold pieces, 90 copper pieces, 17 silver pieces, a mace+1, and a shield+2.

cb C 33) Rock python lair

3 rock pythons. 1d3 inside, along with skeletons, rusted armor, 48 gold pieces, 23 copper pieces, 3 electrum pieces, 19 shields, and 1 displacer shield.

cb D 34) Frost salamander lair

There is a 60% chance for each of the three salamanders to be in each room. Noise in any of the rooms will attract the salamanders.*

1. 82 copper pieces and a scroll of protection from elements, under ice.

2. 7 copper pieces and a sword, under ice.

3. 284 copper pieces and a scroll of protection from magic.

cb E 35) Robber flies

This area is completely empty except for 2d6 robber flies and black puddings.

• Robber flies: AC6, HD2, hp 11, 10, 12, 9, 3, 5, At 1 bite, D1-8, save F1, N.

• Black pudding: AC6, HD10, hp 38, 48, At dissolves armor in 1 turn, D3-24, save F5, N. Only fire hurts it.

Map DB

image 36

Wandering monsters

• d6 orcs: AC6, HD1, At 1 (scimitar, sword, short sword, arrow, etc.), D by weapon, save F1, C.

• d4 giant bats: AC6, HD2, hp 8, 9, 3, 13, 6, 7, At 1 bite, D1-4/round, save F1, N.


In the middle of the clearing in the trees in the southeast is a rock altar. A random sacrificial animal of somebody’s god will appear. If that person offers the animal as a sacrifice, he will be interviewed by his god to see if he is worthy. If so, he will be granted anything, but what he asks for is also part of the test. If he fails (doesn’t act right, asks for something big) he will be cursed. No one else will notice this questioning, as it takes place on the spiritual planes at slowed time.

In the southeast is an Orc tower, abandoned. Anyone going by (on the path or river) will hear her yell for help, and if they can see the East window, will see her—as when she was alive. There are 8 skeletons on the bottom floor: AC7, HD1, At1, D1-6, save F1, C. The 2nd, 4th, and 6th floors are empty, along with the dungeon. There are 4 skeletons in the 3rd floor, and 5 on the 5th. In the top dungeon is the “girl”—who is now a skeleton with hair. She will act as though she didn’t know she is dead, and will act lawful, following the party out if they let her loose. Upon leaving the tower, she will become dust, and then the dust will form into a red amulet, surrounded by silver, with a gold chain. This will glow whenever the wearer is about to be endangered. It will also, upon being thrown into the rivers surrounding Grabdok’s lair, reform into Ara—the skeleton, but this time fully alive, and wanting to return to Erression*. The amulet will glow with heat when next to the river.

Orc tower in the southwest: see aa E for map. If many orc parties in the area are disappearing, or turn up dead, this will be beefed up. It is an outpost for the mercenary orcs.

image 37

In the forest between this tower and the swamp, a good person will (roll a secret 5 in 6) see a glint off to the east. About 10 feet off to the side is a sword-in-stone (+3, lawful, int 15, ego 12). This sword will not get a +3 against monsters within Grabdok’s rivers, but if the ‘to hit’ +3 is made, there is an automatic double damage. This sword does not do damage against other “goods”. It can be pulled out by a lawful good* on a 3 in 6, chaotic 2 in 6, and neutral 1 in 6. This can be tried only once every five levels.

Area A (sand)

7 staff earth elementals: AC6, HD8, hp 33, 37, 43, 36, 44, 21, At 1, D2-16, save F8, N. These elementals will attack any strong party attempting to move across the sand, and will follow them up to 10 feet from the sand (MV 20 feet/round) or scare off any party not worth attacking.

Area B (river)

7 staff water elementals: AC2, HD8, D1-8+, save F8, N. If in the water, they do an additional 1-8 points damage. The elementals will attempt to do the same as the earth elementals, but not leaving the water. Their “territory” stretches from the bridge by area B to the far west part of the river, 1-200 feet from the falls.

Area C (forest)

• 15 treants: AC2, HD8, AT2, D2-12/2-2, save F8, L.

Treants may also animate trees (2 per treant at a time) to fight as treants. The treants will not attack unless the party attempts to chop trees in area C. (There is a 1 in 20 chance that this tree will be a treant.) There is a 50% chance that the treants will attack, or that they will simply have the tree run away. If the party attempts to start a forest fire, all treants will animate two trees to fight.

Points D1 and D2 on the paths are connected by an invisible 2-way portal to each other. It will seem as though the path just acts normal, but there is a 2 in 6 chance that, if it is morning or night, each person will notice that the sun is on the other side.

Area D (swamp)

4 sea serpents will attack any non-orcs attempting to pass through the swamp.

• d4 sea serpents (lesser): AC5, HD6, hp 25, 26, 24, 34, At 1 bite, D2-12, save F3, N.

Area E (bay)

15 giant piranhas will attack anyone entering the bay.

• 3d4+3 giant piranhas: AC6, HD3+3, hp 9, 12, 20, 18, At 1 bite, D1-8, save F2, N.

Point F (buried skull)

Right at this point is a skull, half-buried in the ground. If they party digs him out, they will find a small sack with 3 gold pieces, 4 silver pieces, and a map of the island.

Area G (whirlpool)

At the fork, there must be a total strength of 90 rowing to keep from being pulled in. Anyone going down the whirlpool will take 2-8 points of damage. The boat will take 3-10. They will find themselves in the dwarven stronghold Stragenheim. See map db C.

image 38db A Farmhouse

The circle is a silo, 30 feet high, with rotted grain, and d6+3 giant bats: AC6, HD2, hp 12, 11, 9, 7, At1, D1-4/round, save F1, N.

1. Table, with 4 people—mom, dad, son, daughter—sitting, eating, and talking noiselessly. The table, food, and silverware will appear real until taken 2 feet from the table. The people will not be able to be moved. If the table is broken (it is already rotted, but the illusion hides it) they will become skeletons, and the illusion will disappear: AC7, HD1, hp 3, 7, 7, 6, At1, D1-6, save F1, C.

2. Ladder to the bedroom: just some sheets and hay.

3. Pantry: a tarantella is in here: AC5, HD4, hp 24, At 1 bite, D1-8+poison, save F2, N. Victims must save vs. poison or start a frantic dance for 2d6 turns; they have a -4 on ‘to hit’, attackers get a +4, and onlookers save vs. spells or dance as long as the poisoned victim. There are some foodstuffs here, rotted and moldy, and webs.

4. Kitchen area: gas stove, no gas, but would still work if it had gas.*

image 39db B 36) ZOMBIES!

• Zombies: AC8, HD2, hp 9, 4, 3, 12, 7, 10, At1, D1-8, save F1, C.

1. Looks like this is all there is. If secret doors are looked for, 2 ones for humans are needed. Only 1 one is needed for elves to find the secret doors.

2. 9 zombies.

3. 9 zombies.

4. The door is secret. Inside, an amber golem: AC6, HD10, hp 56, At 2 claws, 1 bite, D2-12/2-12/2-20. The golem guards an Astral armor set and sword4. The door is secret. Inside, an amber golem: AC6, HD10, hp 56, At 2 claws, 1 bite, D2-12/2-12/2-20. The golem guards an Astral armor set and sword†.

Cave 37

This cave is empty.


image 40

db C 1. Whirlpool spout

1. In this room is the whirlpool spout; many ships and skeletons but no treasure. Talking will bring the guard detail from room 2. The spout drains through to the lost world, but the holes are all less than a foot in diameter.

2. Dwarf guard. Leader: AC2, D6*, hp 31, At spear+1, D3-8, LG; Second leader: AC5 (shield+2, chain), D2, hp 14, At sword, D1-8, LG. Four soldiers with battleaxes and chain mail: AC5, D1, hp 7, 8, 6, 8, At 1, D1-8, LG. The doors are of heavy oak, as are the tables and chairs. In the southeast corner is a keg of strong ale. Some good food is on the table. At night, 2 of the dwarves are in room 4.

3. Kitchen/pantry. Lots of bread, meat, and a wood stove.

4. Bedroom. At night, 2 dwarves here, 4 in room 2.

5. King’s waiting chamber. Three gold-backed inlaid oak chairs (150 gold pieces), and a gold and silvery tapestry showing a dwarven army overcoming an orcan horde (125 gold pieces).

6. King’s chamber. Bed in southeast, closet in northeast (with clothes). Next to bed when not wearing them: plate mail, shield, war hammer+3 (returns if thrown by dwarf). He always wears a ring+1.

7. King’s treasure. 3,870 gold pieces, and a crystal ball with clairaudience.

8. Ball room. Table in southwest, chandelier in center, kegs, etc.

9. Kitchen.

10. Rooms. d4+1 dwarves in each room, with d20 gold pieces: AC4 or 9, D1-4, etc.)

11. Treasure room. 34,830 gold pieces, 6,429 platinum pieces. Guarded by two dwarves: AC4 (chain and shield), D3, hp 22, At hammer, D1-6, NG; and AC1 (chain and shield+1), D4, hp 30, At sword, D1-8, NG.

For the huge circles on the right (east) of the map, see Map EB.

Map EB

image 41

Brown circle

Only a lawful good may pass over this wall. Upon climbing off or jumping off, chaotics and neutrals will find themselves back on the other side. Even those allowed will only be able to get across 33% of the time.

Yellow Circle

Fire, and flames up to 25 feet. Anyone trying to go through here takes 4-16 points of damage per round. It counts as magical fire. A running person would be able to do it in one round.

White area (snow)

Unprotected characters in the cold here will take 1-8 points of damage every 6 turns. There is also a 6 in 20 chance every 50 feet for each to fall through a pit-portal, then roll d6 for where they ‘land’.

1. 6-way crossing (DB)

2. Northwest of vortex (DB)

3. Cemetary opening (DC)

4. Top of pyramid (FB)

5. Coast of vampire town (GB)

6. In the moat at the castle.

When within the small circle, magical high winds and snow will hit them.

Map FB

image 42

Wandering monsters

• Bandits: 50%, and if on hill where their cave is, 75%; see sheet.

• 2d4 gnolls: AC5, HD2, hp 6, 9, 15, 13, At 1 sword, D2-9, save F2, C.

• d4 vampires: AC2, HD7 (hp 26, 30, 29, 25), HD8 (hp 40, 30, 47, 44), HD9 (hp 42, 36, 45,27), At touch, D1-10+2 levels, save F7-9, C. Can charm at -2 all who meet their gaze.


image 43fb A) Bandit’s lair

1. Trap room. All except 3 feet from wall is wood, covered with dirt, which will break on 1,610 coins. It is 10 feet deep, and persons will take 2d4 points of damage. There is a 1 in 6 chance that a Dwarf will off-hand notice the difference in dirt color. Noise will bring guards from room 3 in one round.

2. Natural gas chamber. Natural gas comes in near entrance, goes out near back. It is odorless and colorless, and will not light*. Anyone in here for 2d6+1 rounds will fall asleep, dying in d4 turns.

3. Guard room. 1 level 5 bandit, 5 level 3 bandits.

4. Level 3 room. d20 level 3 fighters, no greater than 15 of them.

5. Level 5 room. d4-1 level 5 fighters.

6. Level 12 room. 60% chance that the level 12 bandit will be here.

7. Treasure room. 1,059 platinum pieces, 4 diamond rings (2*600 gold pieces, 700 gold pieces, 450 gold pieces), 6 emeralds (70 gold pieces, 3*50 gold pieces, 2*110 gold pieces), pearl necklace (400 gold pieces), locket (25 gold pieces), 2 gold-threaded necklaces (75 gold pieces), 428 copper pieces, 139 silver pieces, 260 gold pieces, and a spell scroll of mirror image. The secret doors are crude, so there is a 2 in 6 chance to see them.

image 44fb B) Unknown gods

Nothing here except toppled pillars, fallen walls, and smashed statues of unknown gods. In the center, however, is an old stairwell, leading down about 20 feet east. The walls are marble, with weird inlaid designs. The doors all have been smashed.

1. Next to the walls in this room are 21 statues, defaced, but still standing, and similar to the ones outside. Behind the middle statue on the east is a scroll of protection from lycanthropes, which the gnolls know about. There are 8 gnolls: AC5, HD2, hp 5, 10, 7, 10, 11, 6, 8, 14, At sword, D2-9, save F2, C.

2. The door to this room is secret, and kept by the gnolls since this is their treasure room. 2,559 gold pieces, 2,336 copper pieces, 50 silver pieces. There’s also a marble altar.

3. d6-1 gnolls (same as room 1, without swords, D2-8). On the west wall is a large picture, showing an aerial fight twixt the gods of which the statues are made, and some evil-looking characters. Under the fight is a temple.

4. 5 gnolls (as room 3). Nothing here but bones, rotted food, and rags.

5. No gnolls. There is a statue of an awful evil-looking person. Anyone looking at it will have an 11% chance of being cursed each time. Anyone trying to take out his ruby eyes will take 4d6 points from lightning (1/2 if save vs. spells). This will also happen if they attempt to mar it. It can do it as many times as it “wants”.

6. 4 gnolls, as in room 3. There is an altar in here, but it has rotted food, bones, etc., on it. Inside it is a ring of spell storing. It will appear out for a chaotic evil wizard. It currently has the spells flesh to stone, animate dead (twice), curse, and wall of fire, at the level of the user.

7. 5 gnolls, 50% for each to have a sword, but as room 3. There are also pictures of the fight again, in mural form.

8. The leader and 3 gnoll guards are in here. The leader always carries a potion of delusion which he thinks is of invisibility. If the party looks too strong, he will try it and attempt to sneak out. Leader: AC2 (shield+2), HD3, hp 16, At scimitar, D2-9, save F2, C. Guards: AC5, HD2, hp 14, 14, 15, At sword, D2-9, save F2, C. In the southwest corner is a rope of climbing. On the south wall is a spiral, 5-foot diameter. If 6 points or more is done to it at one time, in the center (AC8), it will break the entire wall, freeing the demons stuck below. If a person is wearing the ring from room 6, he will be forced to open it, with a +3 ‘to hit’.

fb C) Pyramid top

About 25 feet above ground. The walls are about 8 feet thick. The entrance is 7 feet below ground, on the north side, in the middle of the wall.*

Map GB

image 45

gb B A) Ruins*

image 46

The ruins here consist of fallen buildings, toppled statues, and pillars. In the center, however, one of the buildings is still up, albeit weatherbeaten. It is only about 6 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet. Inside is the entrance to a stairwell. The building will not let any evil people in. Lawful good characters will have a 6 in 6 chance of getting in. Neutral goods will have a 3 in 6 chance, and chaotic goods a 1 in 6 chance of being let in. Lawful neutrals will also have 1 in 6, and Neutral Neutrals have 2 in 6. A force field will top those who cannot enter. No non-intelligents will be let in.

1. In this room there are 21 statues (9x9x3). There is a 40% chance that the middle of the 3 in the east will talk once, warning that “the balance of the temples must be kept”. This chance will increase if the demons are loose. The others can then each be asked one question. They are the guardians of the temple, and will answer in riddles. The room is lit by a magical blue light. The roof looks like it shows deep into space. The doors are solid oak, and will open automatically.

2. The door is secret. Inside, magic lights flicker from a candle which never goes out, and doesn’t exist in this plane. In front of the candle, on the marble altar, is a crystal ball of dimension viewing.

3. A giant picture is on the west wall of this room, depicting a fight between some of the gods whose statues are in room 1, and some demonic-type characters.

4. In here is a cleric’s ghost. If there is a lawful good cleric in the party, it will beckon him to come forward, then push all the others out with a force field, closing the door. The ghost will then ask the cleric some test questions to see if he is deserving (Who is your god? Have you ever killed anybody? Why? How much money do you have? What do you intend to do with it? etc.) The ghost will also be able to take into consideration any actions that occurred while in this temple, and has a 55% chance of detecting lies. If the cleric ‘passes’ the test, the ghost will ask him to take off his armor (he must trust him to do this—this is the last test). He will then take off his robe and give this to the cleric, along with this staff. The robe is a robe of teleportation (once every hour, AC3, 5 pockets each holding 350 coins in a 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot space), and the staff is a staff of healing. The cleric will find himself out in the hallway, and the room will no longer exist. Otherwise, the force field will push the cleric out into the hallway (opening the door*), then close the door for good for them. Anyone pushed out with the force field must roll under their dexterity or be unconscious for d6 turns.

5. In the middle of this room is a statue, with blue gems for eyes. The eyes emanate a cool blue light, which lights the entire room. Anyone completely entering will regain all hit points, and the effects of newly acquired experience points. Anyone trying to take out the eyes will be teleported to the entrance, taking as damage half the hit points that they have left, and will not be allowed in again.

6. There is an altar in the middle of this room. Ordinary light is coming from nowhere. If a lawful good wizard comes to it, a ring of spell storing will appear for him from inside the altar. It has the spells stone to flesh, remove curse, wall of ice, contact higher plane, and detect evil, at the level of the user.

7. More pictures of the fight, in mural form.

8. On the south wall is a spiral, from which golden light is emanating. If it is hit for 76 or more points at once, it will disintegrate the entire wall, letting loose the gods. If the demons have been let loose, and the ring from room 6 is on someone, it will tell in empathy about the fight, and how to let the gods loose.

The town

Wandering monsters

• 2d4 vampires: AC2, HD7 (hp 25, 31, 28, 26), 8 (hp 39, 31, 46, 45), 9 (hp 43, 35, 46, 26), At touch, D1-10+2 levels, save F7-9, C. They regenerate 3 hit points per round. Any meeting their gaze are charmed at -2 to save.

• 3d4 giant rats: AC7, HD1/2, At 1 bite, D1-3+diseases*, F1, N.

gb A Army buildings

image 47

35 feet by 100 feet, 3 stories 8 feet each. Underneath each building is a cavern, about 40 feet by 80 feet by 50 feet, with 50+d10 coffins and 40+d10 vampires.

1. Check-in room. Small desk inside, file cabinet with moth-eaten files. There is a posterboard opposite the desk.

2. Officer’s quarters. Also here will be rotted cots, desks, armor, weapons, d12 copper pieces, d6 gold pieces, d4-1 platinum pieces, and d20 electrum pieces buried in the dirt floor.

3. Storage room. Old armor, rusted, weapons, furniture.

4. Hallway.

5. Lounge/meeting room. Old furniture.

6. Mess. Tables, old food, rotted utensils.

7. Kitchen. Giant rats, old stuff.

8. Men’s quarters. Old cots, etc. d6-1 copper pieces under the floor.

gb A Inns

image 48

2 stories, completely empty.

1. Bar. Old bottles, tables, playing cards, candles, d20 cn* each.

2. Kitchen. Giant rats, old utensils, dust.

3. Dining room. Once elegant—old rugs, wall rugs, wall candles.

4. Hallway.

5. Rooms. Old bottles, books, beds, etc. Price: (a) low, (b) mid, and (c) high.

gb A Castle

image 49

The moat is 7 feet deep and 5 feet across. The castle has three floors and a dungeon. The drawbridge is smashed. The guard towers are 5 stories high, 10 feet per story. There will be d4-1 skeletons, unanimated, on each floor. On the first floor of the north one is a skeleton with a sword+1, +3 vs. undead. The dungeon is empty, not even yet furnished.

First floor:

1. Hallway. Inlaid with gold and silver, old rugs used as carpeting and wall rugs.

2. Waiting rooms. Chairs, velvet, still fairly good, old pictures.*

3. Guardrooms. Old armor, tables, chairs, weapons, stairs to dungeon.

4. Reception room. Desks, files.

5. Circular stairway.

Second floor

6. Statues with plate mail, rusted, and 4 benches.

7. High officers’ rooms. In north one, under bed, is a sword +1.

King’s chambers

6. Bedroom.

7. Queen’s chamber, empty (there was never any queen).

8. Throne room. The throne is electrum and gold inlaid. Under the throne is the map of the isle of dread*. There are pictures all over. The floor is imitation stone. On the throne is the king, a skeleton, in kingly raiment, wearing a ring+1, 5 feet.

Wandering monsters in water

• d4 bull vampire sharks! AC3, HD2, hp 4, 9, 8, 11, 5, 6, At 1, D2-8, save F1, N.

• d4 water vampires: AC2, HD7 (hp 31, 23, 41, 28), 8 (hp 34, 31, 46, 36), 9 (hp 41, 32, 47, 44), At touch, D1-10+2 levels, save F7-9, C. Regenerate 3 hit points per round. Any who meet their gaze are charmed at -2.

Map AC

image 50


Wandering monsters

• d4+1 lizard men: AC5, HD2+1, hp 9, 7, 10, 8, 5, 12, At 1 club (as mace), D2-7, save F2, N.

• d4+3 orcs: AC6, HD1, At weapon, D weapon, save F1, C.


1. Shipwreck. Completely salvaged. The only thing of value is the lifeboat (8 hull points, AC9, 10,000 coins).

2. 45 feet under water is a cave opening, 30 feet by 30 feet, which opens upwards, and comes to a ‘dry’ cavern. This is the Jonah Whale barf spot. 81 copper pieces, sword +1 (charm person), miscellaneous junk armor, etc.


Wandering monsters

• Lizard men (see mainland, above).

• 1 Aranea (see map AB for details).


The small squares are lizard-men mounds, with d10+10 lizard men, 1/3 women, 1/4 kids, d4 copper pieces per male. See mainland for description.


In the quicksand, every 50 feet each person must roll under wisdom unless probing ahead, or be caught in the sand. They will fall to 1/3 of their height first, then go at 1 foot per round. One character with strength of 14 can pull a normal victim out, and two with total of 19 can also. They must use a rope or pole, etc.*

Lizard men caves

image 51ac A 1 Guard cave

10 lizard men: AC5, HD2+1, hp 14, 9, 9, 12, 10, 8, 9, 11, 10, 7, At scimitar, D2-9. Each has d6 copper pieces and d4-1 gold pieces.

ac A 2 Guard cave

10 lizard men, as in guard cave 1. They use battleaxes, except the hp 14 one who uses a sword+1.

ac B 3 Lizard man castle/center

image 521 story.

1. Entrance room. Guarded by 2 lizard men: AC4 (shield), HD2+1, hp 13, 12, At spear, D2-7, save F2, N.

2. King’s guard’s quarters. 11 lizard men as in room 1, above, in each. Plus one leader in each, who gets a +1 on ‘to hit’. The leader in 2a has a shield+1 (AC3) and axe+2 (at+3, D4-12), and the leader in 2b has a shield+3 (AC1) and a normal sword (at+1, D2-9). In room 2a is a hole, covered by rags and lizard food and drink, with 50 gold pieces, 33 copper pieces, and 25 silver pieces. In room 2b is a hole to the outside, used mainly by their pet draco: AC5, HD4+2, hp 15, At 1 bite, D1-10, save F3, N. There is a 10% chance it will be there, and a 9% chance every round that it will arrive.

3. ‘Party room’. Candles on walls light this room.

4. Kitchen. There are two cooks, non-attacking, in here.

5. The king’s advisor. Lizard man Magic-User, level 5: AC3, HS2+1, hp 10, At 1 dagger or spell or wand, D2-5 or spell or paralyzation, save MU3, N. Spells: detect magic, magic missile, levitate, web, and invisibility 10 foot radius. The curtains are of a cheap, expensive-looking material: red inlaid with gold. On the table, along with his magic books, is a potion of control animal and he also has a wand of paralyzation*.

6. The King’s room. The king: AC5, HD4, hp 25, At axe+1, D2-9, save F4, N. He wears a ring of regeneration that restores 1 hit point per round. In the north is a chest of drawers with the king’s ancestor’s bones.

7. The king’s treasure room. 569 copper pieces, 312 silver pieces, 2,138 gold pieces.

Map BC

image 53

Wandering monsters

Among the fire and sand are:

• 5 hell hounds: AC4, HD7, 5, 7, 4, 6, hp 45, 11, 28, 19, 24, At 1 bite or breath, D1-6 or HD d6 (half if save vs. dragon), save F(HD), C.

See map CC for wandering monsters for the forests.


1. Lizard man hermit: AC4, HD3+1, hp 20, At chaotic sword +-3, D5-12 or 1-6, save F2, C. The hermit also has a scarab of protection (10 charges). Inside his house is a small table, grubby food, and a fireplace with fire. The place is very dirty and rundown.

2. In each ‘fire’—caused by burning oil—are 2 flame salamanders: AC2, HD8, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-4/1-4/1-8, save F8, N. In the center of each fire is the treasure, in a small non-fire spot, 4 feet in diameter.

a) hp: 34, 37; also 112 gold pieces, 445 platinum pieces

b) hp: 49, 39; also 2,046 gold pieces, 291 platinum pieces, 3 turquoise stones (50 gold pieces), 5 diamonds (150 gold pieces, 4 rubies (45 gold pieces), 3 pearls (25 gold pieces), a potion of levitation, a potion of poison, and ring of fire resistance.

c) hp: 35, 38; also war hammer+1, sword+1, and a potion of control undead.

d) hp: 31, 45; also 2,028 silver pieces, a potion of giant strength, boots of levitation, and a shield+1.

e) hp: 30, 24; also 2,578 gold pieces, a 5-inch perfect diamond (5,000 platinum pieces), a potion of control animal, a potion of invulnerability, and a clerical spell scroll with remove fear and commune.

f) hp: 31, 33; also 1,127 electrum pieces, 743 gold pieces, 332 platinum pieces, a potion of longevity, a scroll of protection from undead, and a spell scroll with continual light, and a cursed scroll (the characters takes half the damage they deal out).

g) hp: 33, 31; also 4,051 electrum pieces and 708 gold pieces.

h) hp: 42, 42; also 1,085 platinum pieces.

Map CC

image 54

Wandering monsters for forests of BC and CC

• d4 black bear: AC6, HD4, hp 26, 11, 14, 17, At 2claws/1 bite, D1-3/1-3/1-6, save F2, N.

• d6 wild boar: AC7, HD3, hp 11, 8, 9, 19, At tusk, D2-8, save F2, N.

• 1 soul stealer: AC-4, HD12+3, hp 62, At envelope, D absorb soul (save vs. dragon breath), save E7, N. It rolls ‘to hit’ vs. AC9-dexterity and magic bonuses. It already has 2 black bear, 1 orc, an elf (level 3, lawful good, wisdom 15, intelligence 14, spells: charm, read magic, ESP), a human magic user (MU4, wisdom 11, intelligence 17, neutral evil, spells: detect magic, charm, web, wizard lock), two human fighters (F3, F4, intelligence 10 and 11, wisdom 11 and 9, lawful good and chaotic evil), and a halfling (H7, intelligence 11, wisdom 14, neutral good) for a total of 7 spirits.

Slightly rundown shack

image 55The door is wizard-locked, 5th level. On the book shelf are books, completely faded and unreadable. The pot is filled with a weird liquid and weird ingredients. If the wood under the pot is lit, the lighter will be able to ask ‘the greater powers’ one question.

Hanging on the west wall is Madrigal, the living lantern.*

In the closet (wizard-locked at level 4) is a sword, chained to the floor. If the sword is let loose it will either attack or run (probably attack): AC-4, HD5, hp 23, At 1 at +3, D1-8 (turns lawfuls to stone, save vs. spells), save F5, CE. Only one person can attack it at a time (the person it attacks). It can change person at any time without losing a round. If defeated, it will break in half, continually, until nothing is left.

Map DC

image 56


The trees to the south of the cemetery hold black widow spiders. When a party has completely entered the cemetery, it automatically becomes night. There are two wraiths and four wights. In the mausoleum is a coffin (1,000 gold pieces, 1,000 coins) with chain+2, a sword of invisibility (blade invisible; and the hilt has a small red gem on each side worth 50 gold pieces each), and a bag of holding with 936 copper pieces and 1,058 gold pieces.

• 1d3 black widow spiders: AC6, HD3, hp 9, 16, 19, 12, 20, 13, At 1, D2-12+poison, save F2, N.

Wraiths: AC3, HD4, hp 16, 18, At 1, D1-6+1 level, save F4, C. Silver weapons do half damage against them.

Wights: AC5, HD3, hp 12, 7, 14, 15, At 1, D1 level, save F3, C.

The Lake

About 80 feet deep in the midpoints, except for the part framed, which is 180 feet deep and holds a plesiosaurus: AC6, HD16, hp 67, At 1 bite, D4-24, save F8, N.

The Island

Completely bare except for the brick temple.

image 57dc A

Each person in this building wears a green ring, worth 30 gold pieces.

1. 2 evil clerics: AC4 (chain, shield), C1, hp 5, 5, At mace, D1-6, C. One leader: AC4 (chain, shield), C3, hp 15, At war hammer+1 or inflict light wounds or cause fear, D2-7, 2-7, vs. spells or run 2 turns, CE.

2. Two bone golems guard this room: AC2, HD8, hp 32, 37, At 2 pole arms, D1-10/1-10, save F4, N. Each of them can fight two opponents.

3. Two clerics: AC9 (50% have AC 4: chain, shield), C1, hp 5, 6, At mace, D1-6, CE. One leader: AC9 or 4, C3, hp 10, At mace+1, D2-7, CE.

4. 3 skeletons at each entrance to this hallway: AC6 (shield), HD1, hp 3, 6, 3, 4, 7, 7, At sword, D1-8, save F1, CE.

5. Hallway. The walls are decorated with obscene murals, etc. Anyone entering, not wearing a green ring, must save vs. stone.*

6. One zombie in each room numbered 6: AC5 (leather, shield), HD2, hp 7, 11, At scimitar, D1-8, save F1, C.

7. Elder’s room. AC-1 (chain+3, shield+2), C6, hp 25, At war hammer+3 or spell, D4-9, C. Spells: cause light wounds (2-7), darkness (blindness), hold person, blight, curse, cause serious wounds (4-14). He has a helm of teleportation which he will use if he is losing. In the chest in the northwest (2,000 coins) is 500 platinum pieces, 750 gold pieces, and 400 silver pieces.

8. Temple itself. 2 vicars: AC4, 3 (chain+1), C4, hp 12, 10, At snake staff or mace, mace, D2-6, 1-6, C. The first vicar has the spells cause light wounds, darkness, and hold person. The second vicar has the spells cause light wounds, cause fear, and blight. There are two statues in the north. Every 3 rounds each may cause light wounds on one person. They are 6 feet hight and weigh 7,000 coins each. Their heads come off, revealing a vial with three hits of stone to flesh potion. The altar is marble, with 2 gold chalices (25 gold pieces) on it.

The town: Rikladna

The town can muster an army of 40-50 level 1-3 fighters, plus the mayor, guards, and clerics.

dc B 1) Mayor’s house

image 58

The mayor wears a ring of x-ray vision. AC9 or 1, F5, At sword+1, D2-9, LN. He gets the AC1 if he’s in his plate mail and shield, and he’s got a dexterity bonus of 1.

1. Three guards in chain and shield: AC4/4/3, F3, hp 18, 22, 21, At zombie battleaxe/sword/sword, D1-8, N. The second guard has a potion of treasure finding (he doesn’t know what it is) and a scroll of protection from undead. The third guard has a crossbow with 22 bolts and a +1 due to dexterity. At night, there will only be two, and one will have the crossbow. The other will be sleeping.

2. Guard’s quarters. There are three drawers in the desk, each with a different lock. Drawer 1 (top) has 30 gold pieces, 10 silver pieces, 5 copper pieces, and a novel*. Drawer 2 (middle) has 40 gold pieces and 20 copper pieces. Drawer 3 (bottom) has 3 platinum pieces, 10 gold pieces, and a wand of polymorph. Each drawer belongs to a different guard, and each guard carries his key.

3. Hallway.

4. Dining room.

5. Kitchen. The cook is a normal man.

6. Mayor’s room. In the desk are papers, 10 gold pieces, and 30 copper pieces. The rug, showing a holy symbol, is worth 60 gold pieces. In the secret room is 60 platinum pieces, 100 gold pieces, 300 copper pieces, 400 silver pieces, 250 electrum pieces, and a broom of flying.

image 59dc C 2) Church

Worship area

1. Entrance. Brilliant red rug, over entire floor, with a gray one in front for feet. A statue of Zeus is in the south corner, and a collection box (1-10 copper pieces, 1-6 silver pieces) in the north corner.

2. Storage rooms. Old statues, robes, etc. Way in the corner of room a, under rags and statues, is a crystal ball of time vision, completely forgotten about.

3. Hall-type room. Stairs go to basement.

4. Behind the altar is the Olympic pantheon*. On it is a silver bowl (10 gold pieces) with 8 vials of holy water. There are also 3 candles (2 feet) in gold holders (75 gold pieces) on each side of the altar.

Church basement

1. Lama’s room: AC9 (-1: plate+1, shield+2), C8, hp 47, At war hammer, D1-6, LG. Spells: cure light wounds, remove fear, resist cold, bless, resist fire, speak with animals, cure disease, remove curse, curse serious wounds, neutralize poison, and dispel evil. The lama always carries his potion of invisibility, staff of healing, a spell scroll of detect magic, and a spell scroll of protection from evil.

2. Church’s store room. Chain mail, 500 gold pieces, 35 platinum pieces, 1,000 copper pieces, which the lama gives to those who need it.

3. Vicar’s room: AC9 (3: chain+1, shield), C4, hp 20, At mace+2, D3-8, LN. Spells: light, cure light wounds, and hold person. The vicar has a scroll of raise dead.

image 60dc D 3) Great hall

The great hall seats 70 people.

1. Coat room.

2. Pantry. Lots of food, preserved.

3. Kitchen.

4. Tavern. Prices: Ale, 2 ep; small beer, 2 sp; wine, 3 ep; tea, 1 sp; bread, 1 sp/slice; pudding, 1 sp/bowl, soup, 2 sp/bowl, stew, 2cp/bowl, roast fowl, 1 gp; roast joint, 2 gp; hot pie, 1 ep; cheese, 2 sp/wedge; fruit, 1 gp.

5. Stores. Sell as per rulebook: food, items, and transport. Sell at 3/4: used weapons, used armor.

dc E 6) “House of the Rising Sun”*

image 61

Room 1 is where visitors check in. The guard is a 4th level fighter mercenary: AC-3 (plate+3, shield, dexterity 16), F4, hp 22, At sword+1, strength 15, D3-10, N. He has a ring of invisibility and a medallion of ESP 90 feet. The man at the desk is a normal person, and checks people in, finding out discreetly which services the customer wants. The stairs go down to the women’s quarters.

Room prices are (A) 1 gp; (B) 3 gp; plus approximately 20 gp for extra.

The second story is the same as the first, except for check-in.


Wandering mosnters

There’s only one wandering “monster” within: a platoon of skeletons.

• Leader: AC1 (plate), HD2, hp 14, At two-handed sword, D1-10, save F2, C.

• 15 main fighters: AC0 (plate, shield), HD1, hp 7, 6, 7, 6, 7, 6, 4, 6, 4, 6, 7, 6, 5, 3, 8, At sword, D1-8, save F1, C.

• 4 archers: AC5 (leather), HD1, hp 4, 5, 6, 7, At bow or short sword, D1-6, save F1, C. The archers have 5 arrows each.


The walls of the maze cannot be climbed, and a grappling hook would slide.

Upon entering the surface of the maze, one of two red dragons will come in 2-24 rounds: AC-1, HD10, 12, hp 48, 72, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-8/1-8/4-32 or fire (hp), save F10, F12, C.

The first dragon has the spells charm person, sleep (2), ESP, invisibility, mirror image, hold person, protection from normal missiles, and haste. It also has a scroll of protection from normal missiles, and a scroll of wall of fire.

The second dragon has the spells charm person, sleep, detect magic, web, phantasmal force, detect invisible, dispel magic, and hold person (2). It also has a scroll of wizard eye.

While in the maze, the party will periodically hear a low moaning, a shrill whine, a faint thumping, or a faint shuffling coming from the walls.

Every 600 feet, one person may be polymorphed if he doesn’t save vs. spells. They will be completely, except for thinking, changed. All equipment that will not fit their new form will disappear, to return 2-12 turns later when the person returns to normal. Creatures:

1. white ape

2. tiger beetle

3. boar, wild

4. carrion crawler

5. doppleganger

6. white dragon (talks, 3 spells)

7. centaur

8. cockatrice

9. ferret, giant

10. gargoyle

11. gray ooze

12. harpy

13. elephant

14. horned chameleon

15. pegasus

16. black widow

17. troglodyte

18. unicorn

19. rakasta (no iron claws)

20. weasel, giant

At the center of the spiral is a 14th level neutral magic user. He will probably let them go in exchange for something embarrassing*: AC8 (6 hand-to-hand), MU14, hp 29, At dagger or wand of paralysis or spell, D1-4 or effect, N. He wears a ring+1 and a displacer cloak, so saves get +1 and spell/wand/stone an extra +2, and hand-to-hand attacks are at a -2 to hit. He also has a helm of fire resistance, a potion of healing, a scroll of protection from elementals, a wand of paralysis (7 charges), and a wand of metal detection. His spells are: ventriloquism, charm person, shield, floating disc, detect invisible, invisibility, mirror image, phantasmal force, fly, hold person, clairvoyance, lightning bolt, polymorph others, remove curse, dimension door, confusion, teleport, transmute rock to mud, feeblemind, control weather, geas, and reincarnation. He is also protected by the two dragons.


1. Vault #1. 50 copper pieces, 10,369 silver pieces, 1,055 electrum pieces, 2,021 gold pieces, 61 platinum pieces, sword+1, spell scroll of infravision and charm monster, 4 peridots (200 gold pieces), 6 marine stones (100 gold pieces). The tunnel opening is 3 feet by 3 feet but opens to a 5 foot by 5 foot by seven foot area.

2. Vault #2. 60 copper pieces, 14,055 silver pieces, 993 electrum pieces, 2,021 gold pieces, 49 platinum pieces, sword+1 +3 vs. enchanted monsters, bag of devouring, 2 rubies (150 gold pieces), 1 diamond ring (200 gold pieces).

3. Dragon lair. The two dragons live here. Their treasure is 1,101 copper pieces, 14,164 silver pieces, 39,022 electrum pieces, 300 gold pieces, and 25 platinum pieces. In the chest (600 coins) is a potion of healing, a ring of invisibility, a sword -1 cursed, a sword +1 +3 vs. enchanted creatures, a ring of sailing knowledge, and a sword+1 casts light on command.

Small lake

The small lake in the northwest has a maximum depth of 160 feet. Near the path at the edge of the water, but under leaves, is a skeleton wearing a ring of water breathing. There’s a 1 in 6 chance of finding it if looking.

At the ‘X’, 60 feet under water, is a small galley, guarded by 15 skeletons: AC7, HD1, hp 5, 2, 4, 4, 3, 5, 8, 1, 4, 2, 4, 4, 3, 6, 4, At 1, D1-6, save F1, C. In the ship, everything is rotted and under mud except for the forward hull.

Inside the forward hull is a 500 gold piece chest (1,500 coins) with 400 gold pieces, 300 silver pieces, 600 copper pieces, and 100 platinum pieces. There is also a box of 50 purple amethysts (50 gold pieces).

Under the mud is another chest, red, with gold inlaid (1,000 gold pieces, 2,000 coins), with a lot of padding inside and a 6-potion holder. One is broken and empty. The others are: a potion of polymorph self, a potion of fire resistance, a potion of clairvoyance, a potion of growth, and a potion of invisibility.

Under that is nothing but wood and bones. Upon leaving, if they took anything, 15 skeletons will be in front, 15 behind, and 15 on each side, for a total of 60. Only two skeletons will fight against each person, each being replaced as it dies—the dead skeletons become water.

There are also herd animals that the dragons feed on: deer and antelope.

Hadgkol, dwarf stronghold

dca* A Dwarven army

image 62

The halls are 10 feet by 10 feet. The breakdown of the army is:

Level Commands Total
Lord 8 superheroes 8 superheroes
Superhero 2 myrmidons 16 myrmidons
Myrmidon 11 swordmasters 176 swordmasters

1. Guard room. Same as other bunkers in looks, except the leader is a champion: AC3 (chain mail, shield), D7, hp 22, At war hammer+1 at +1, D3-8, LG; and 4 heroes: AC3 (chain mail and shield), D4, hp 30, 23, 31, 18, At sword+1 at +1 (three of them) or war hammer at +2 (one of them), D4-11 or 3-8, LG. The second hero has a short bow with 12 normal arrows and 6 +2 arrows, and he shoots at +1 ‘to hit’. The fourth hero has a horn of blasting, which does 2-12 points to any in the cone 100 feet long and 20 feet wide at the end. Everyone in the cone must also save vs. spells or be deafened for one turn. It can only be used once per turn.

2. Mess hall. If it is morning, noon, or evening, there will be 100 unarmed dwarves eating.

3. Kitchen.

4. Officer’s barracks. 8 superheroes (see sheet) quarter here. Their bunks are on the south wall. Each has a desk at the north, opposite their bed. In the top drawer will be papers; in the middle drawer personal effects, and in the bottom drawer 1-100 gold pieces, 1-20 silver pieces, and 2-40 electrum pieces.

5. Bunkers. Each room has 12 bunks (6 per side). The west bed, to the north, is the myrmidon leader’s*. The others are his men—sword masters. The beds have 3 feet of space under them for personal effects. The myrmidon will have d20 of each coin. The men will have 2d8. Rooms are 30 feet by 10 feet. D4 of the d12 dwarves will be armed. During mealtimes, the numbers are halved. Myrmidons and swordmasters use chain and shield, and war hammers. 3 of the swordmasters use leather armor, bow, and short swords.

6. Officer’s mess. At meal times, there will be 9-d4 superheroes and 17-d8 myrmidons here.

7. Entrance guard room. One champion: AC2 (chain mail and shield+2), D7, hp 54, At sword+1 cast light, D2-9, LG; and two swashbucklers: AC3 (chain mail and shield), D3, hp 35, At war hammer+2, D2-8, LG; AC 4 (chain mail, shield, and dexterity), D3, hp 27, At war hammer+1 at +3-1 (ring of blindness and hearing), D5-10, LG. The first swashbuckler has a ring of control human. There are also four warriors here: AC3 (chain mail and shield), D1, hp 5, 7, 9, 9, At war hammer, D1-6, LG; the third warrior uses a mace+1 so does 2-7 points damage. A fifth warrior will run to warn the others if it looks as though the guards will lose: AC7 (leather), D1, hp 9, At sword, D1-8, LG. Each of the 4 warriors has a short bow and 12 arrows.

dca B Dwarven living area

image 63

1. Ball room. 16 gold candle holders (25 gold pieces).

2. Lord’s room. In the closet is 500 gold pieces, 30 copper pieces, 25 silver pieces, and 100 electrum pieces.

3. Kitchen.

4. Pantry.

5. Treasure room. 10,087 gold pieces.

6. “Gossip” room. 4d4+4 females here.*

7. Public rooms. About 15 females, 5 young.

8. Private rooms. One male, one female, and kids (50%).

Map EC

image 64

Cemetery walls are 10 foot high, 2 foot thick rock. The forest to the south of it holds black widows (see location DC). For plains animals, see location DC also. The Keep walls are 30 feet high, 10 feet thick.

Square tower (skeletons)

image 65

50 feet high, 40 foot by 40 foot sides, 10 foot stories. See map on back of map EC for tower*. Anyone dying in this tower will become an intelligent skeleton. They keep hit points (but can be cured only magically, or 1 hit point every three days) and fight as a skeleton of Hit Dice equal to their hit points divided by 5. They save as a fighter the same level as their hit dice. They keep all equipment, so their AC drops by 2. They can keep alignment. Their skin disperses.

1. Seven skeletons: AC7, HD1, hp 5, 6, 7, 1, 7, 4, 6, At spear, D1-6, save F1, C.

2. Three skeletons: AC5 (leather), HD1, hp 3, 6, 6, At sword, D1-8, save F1, C.

3. Empty.

4. Empty.

5. 3 skeletons: AC7, HD1, hp 7, 5, 3, At 1, D1-6, save F1, C. Five packs of 5 rats: AC9, hD1/8, At 1 bite/pack, D1-6+disease and knock down, save NM, N. Victims of a knock-down attack must save vs. death or be knocked down and take a round to get up.

6. Empty.

7. 1 skeleton: AC7, HD2, hp 16, At sword or spell, D1-8 or spell, save F3, C. Its spells are one each of sleep, charm, and cause light wounds. It is protected by 2 skeletons: AC2 (chain mail and shield), HD1, hp 8, 8, At sword, D1-8, save F2, C. All three wear an amulet of protection from turning. The skeletons are at the southwest wall, and gain +1 to initiative.

Flanking towers

image 66

The towers are 20 feet in diameter, four stories, for 50 feet up (10 feet inside per story). There are various skeletons in rusted armor in each room. In the top story of the north tower is, among other rusted ones, a magic +3 chaotic evil sword with intelligence 15 and ego 12. This sword will not get a +3 against fights within Erression’s* walls, but a ‘to hit’ at +3 more than needed will bring automatic double damage. This sword does no damage vs. other evils.

Map FC

image 67

The flanking towers are the same as above, except without any magic.

image 68

Wandering encounters

For herd animals, see map DC.

• Gnolls: AC5, HD2, hp 8, 3, 6, 11, At scimitar or sword or axe, D2-9, save F2, C.

• Stirges: AC7, HD1, At 1 ‘hook’ then suck, D1-3 per round, save F2, N.

Square tower (zombies)

image 69The square tower uses the map on the back of map EC.

People dying in here change to zombies, as above.

1. Seven zombies: AC8, HD2, hp 16, 3, 6, 7, 11, 7, 12, At spear, D1-6, save F1, C.

2. Three zombies: AC6 (leather), HD2, hp 14, 12, 8, At sword, D1-8, save F1, C.

3. Empty.

4. Empty.

5. Three zombies in here: AC8, HD2, hp 13, 8, 7, At 1, D1-8, save F1, C. Also, 5 packs of 5 rats: AC9, HD1/8, At 1 bite per pack, D1-6+disease+fall, save NM, N.

6. Empty.

7. One zombie: AC8, HD4, hp 32, At sword or spell, D1-8 or spell, save F5, C. Its spells are two of cause light wounds. It is protected by 2 zombies: AC3 (chain mail and shield), HD2, hp 16At sword, D1-8, save F2, C. All three wear an amulet of protection from turning. They are by the southwest wall, and gain+1 to initiative.

Map GC

image 70

Cave system

The hole goes straight down about fifty feet.

image 71

Wandering monsters

• 1-2 giant shrew: AC4, HD1, hp 7, 8, At 2 bites, D1-6/1-6, save F1, N.

• 1-4 robber flies: AC6, HD2, hp 12, 9, At 1 bite, D1-8, save F1, N.

gc A

1. Twelve robber flies inhabit this cavern. They gain surprise on a roll of 1-4: AC6, HD2, hp 10, 5, 15, 10, 9, 3, 11, 11, 10, 5, 6, 8, At 1 bite, D1-8, save F1, N. There are 4 skeletons with various rusted out armor and weapons. Lying around the skeletons is some treasure. Skeleton 1: 11 copper pieces, 2 gold pieces; skeleton 2: 3 electrum pieces, silver holy symbol (25 gold pieces); skeleton 3: 12 copper pieces, 4 platinum pieces; skeleton 4: a large pouch holding 3 gold pieces, 4 silver pieces, a ring of flying and unknown control (Grabdok*) and a scorpion: AC5, HD1/2, hp 4, At 2 claws/1 sting, D1-4/1-4/1-2+poison, save NM, N.

2. 8 giant shrews live here: AC4, HD1, hp 5, 3, 4, 8, 5, 7, 2, 8, At 2 bites, D1-6/1-6, save F1, N.

3. In here is an animated skeleton of an allosaurus: AC4, HD7, hp 41, At 1 bite, D4-24, save F3, C. Hidden by stalactites and stalagmites in the south is a pile of rocks. Under it is a helm of telepathy. Any who wear this or who have worn it will not see the way down to cavern 4.

4. There are 20 boulders, 6 feet by 8 feet, in this room. 5 hold a Rock Dryad: AC3, HD4, At special, D special, save F4, N. They can attack by doing a rock-to-mud and immediate mud-to-rock which will, if a save vs. dexterity is failed, cause the victim(s) to be stuck; or by charming and sending the charmed victim to room 5. Five dryads are required for the charm attack. They will not attack unless the party starts to hit the boulders, move them around, etc.

a) Dryad 1: hp 20; 312 gold pieces, 15 silver pieces, 25 platinum pieces, and a vial with 4 hits of a potion of attribute something-or-other. The first three hits are for increasing attribute numbers. The 4th is decreasing.*

b) Dryad 2: hp 19; 856 platinum pieces, a wand of metal detection, a map of the lost world, and a potion of longevity.

c) Dryad 3: hp 21; emerald (10 gold pieces, diamond (600 gold pieces, giant peridot (1,000 gold pieces), powder of light (3 pinches).

d) Dryad 4: hp 17; 2,138 gold pieces and a ring of control dinosaur.

e) Dryad 5: hp 16; staff of healing, scarab of protection, and a potion of invulnerability.

5. 5. Nothing in this room except lots of boulders. The one in the middle (there are 25 that size) covers a 6-foot diameter hole which goes down 20 feet, then opens to an 8-foot room with a 6-foot diameter† pool in the middle. In the water is a giant octopus: AC7, HD8, hp 45, At 8 tentacles, D 1-3/round + special, save F4, N. Anyone hit by a tentacle automatically takes d3 damage per round from then on per tentacle, and a penalty of 1 to hit per tentacle; if they fail a save vs. dexterity the octopus will attempt to bite the victim for d6 points damage. An edged weapon that does six points severs a tentacle. The water hole is 50 feet in diameter‡ and 60 feet deep. At the center on the bottom, under some coral, is a coffin, nailed shut, holding a water vampire: AC2, HD9, hp 33, At 1 touch+charm on gaze, D1-10+2 levels, save F4, C. Under the coffin, in a hole, is a rope of climbing, a potion of growth, and a ring of two questions.

6. Ten skeletons line the walls. Each one when touched will utter a hideous laugh, then turn to dust.

7. A living darkness: AC6, HD3+2, hp 21, At 1, D 1-6, save F3, CE. It always hits, except where magic protection is used, then subtract bonuses from AC 9; it takes 1/2 damage from magic weapons and full damage from fire. It takes 1-4 points from a light spell if it doesn’t save vs. spells at -2. The ‘tunnel’ in this room starts out three feet in diameter and goes to 20 feet. It converts 1 inch to 1 foot. There are 25 platinum pieces and 30 gold pieces around a skeleton wearing +1 chain mail and a +1 spear at the short end. It is only seen if someone walks through from the large end. There are also six skeletons in the area:

a) Skeleton 1: 3 gold pieces, a peral necklace (100 gold pieces), and a potion of heroism.

b) Skeleton 2. 10 gold pieces, 9 copper pieces, 3 rubies (100 gold pieces).

c) Skeleton 3. Sword+1, +3 vs. undead.

d) Skeleton 4. Gold necklace (50 gold pieces), two pearls (100 gold pieces).

8. Three gargoyles: AC5, HD4, hp 17, 19, 24, At 2 claws/1 bite/1 horn, D 1-3/1-3/1-6/1-4, save F8, C. There are 900 copper pieces in a pile here. Under it is a mace+1 and a cursed shield-2.

9. In this room, characters can hear shuffling and squeaking like a bunch of insects were in the room.

10. Five rhagodessa: AC5, HD4+2, hp 14, 32, 18, 25, 13, At 1 leg then 1 automatic bite, D0 then 2-16, save F2, N. 53 copper pieces, and a sword-2, cursed.

11. Two wyverns: AC3, HD7, hp 33, 27, At 1 bite/1 string, D2-16/1-6+poison, save F4, C. On a jut to the west are 245 silver pieces, 833 gold pieces, a vial of two hits of poison, and an x-ray ring.

12. A fire illusion fills this room. It gives no real heat, but the characters will feel it.

13. A freeze illusion fills this room. It acts as room 12.

14. Two hydramen: AC0, HD10-generation, hp (37, 18, 9, 4, 2, 1), (52, 26, 13, 6, 3, 1), At sword at +1, D 1-8, save F10-generation, N.

Map AD

image 72

Wandering monsters (desert island)

• Rust monster: AC2, HD5, hp 23, 18, 25, 29, At 1, D rust, save F3, N. Magic weapons or armor lose pluses before they rust; there is a 10% chance, times the number of remaining bonuses, that the magic item will not be affected by the rust monster that round.

• Giant scorpions: AC2, HD4, hp 19, 16, 22, 20, At 2 claws/1 sting, D1-10/1-10/1-4+poison, save F2, C. The sting is at +2 if a claw hit.

Map BD

image 73

Shack on lake

It’s a one-room shack with a hermit inside: AC0 (chain mail, shield+1, a ring+1, and a 17 dexterity), F6, hp 31, At sword+1 at +2, D4-11, C. He also has a longbow, 17 arrows, and 13 arrows+1, which he will use on anyone attempting to cross the lake. He will see them, 51-150 feet away, 85% of the time.

He shoots from inside the house, gaining AC-3. Also inside is a crude fishing pole, a barrel of salted fish, and a crude table and chair.

Docked to the house is a decrepit rowboat with one oar and five hull points.

The swamp

• 12 giant leeches: AC7, HD6, hp 34, 31, 32, 24, At blood suck, D 16/round, save F3, N.

The forest

• Grizzly: AC6, HD5, hp 24, 23, 31, 21, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-4/1-4/1-8, save F2, N.

• Black bear: AC6, HD4, hp 18, 21, 15, 14, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-3/1-3/1-6, save F2, N.

• 1-6 wild boar: AC7, HD3, hp 5, 12, 16, 13, At tusk, D2-8, save F2, N.

• 2-12 wolves: AC7, HD2+2, hp 18, 17, 13, 8, At bite, D1-6, save F1, N.

• Soul stealer: See Map CC.

• Mountain lion: AC6, HD3+2, hp 21, 7, 12, 17, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-3/1-3/1-6, save F2, N.

• Owl bear: AC5, HD5, hp 24, 20, 29, 26, At 2 claws/1 bite, D 1-8 each, save F3, N.

Map CD

image 74

The lake in the south is 250 degrees celsius.* The temple is made of gold, silver, and electrum. The walls are 8 inches thick, and 10 feet by 15 feet by 11 feet. The arch goes up 5 feet from the 11 feet. Inside will be 3 Kopru: AC3, HD8+4, hp 49, 41, 32, At 1 bite/1 tail or charm, D1-4/3-18 or committed to Kopru, save F9, C. Save vs. death ray to resist charm.

Inside is a gold holy symbol, 4 feet by 3 feet (2,500 gold pieces). There are 2 windows (2 feet by 1 foot) on each side of the house. There is 1 foot of water in the temple.

The dots in the crook by the river are upside down crosses, with corpses and skeletons in various tages of decay. Ten crosses are empty.

image 75cd A Temple

The temple in the clearing is made of oak and is still in good condition. The doors are wizard-locked by a 12th level wizard.

1. Coffer in south, empty. A hydra guards this room: AC2, HD7, hp 56, At 7 heads, D1-10 per head, save F7, N. It loses one head for every 8 hit points lost.

2. Room of the head cleric, now a spectre: AC2, HD6, hp 25, At touch, D 1-8+2 levels, save F6, C. The cleric controls two other spectres: AC2, HD4, hp 22, 12, At touch, D1-10+2 levels, save F4, C. In the desk (one drawer, E*) is 38 electrum pieces, a scroll of protection from elementals, a crystal ball with clairaudience, and a potion of polymorph self.

3. Storage room. 4 old rock statues, a box of 11 quill pens, and a jug of dried ink.

4. The 13th level cleric has been polymorphed into a bronze golem: AC-2 (shield+2), HD20, hp 63, At fist+special, D3-30, save F10, C. Anyone hitting the bronze golem with an edged weapon must save vs. death ray or take 2-12 points damage from the golem’s blood. There is one drawer on each side of the desk:

a) Poison-locked. Contains a potion of ESP and a ring of fire resistance.

b) Contains a clerical scroll of insect plague, resist fire, quest, raise dead, and silence.

5. Storeroom. 2,122 copper pieces, 5,169 silver pieces, and 5. Storeroom. 2,122 copper pieces, 5,169 silver pieces, and boots of levitation†.

6. Main temple. Anyone going behind the altar must save vs. spells or be charmed to protect the temple, as the Kopru spell. There are two gold chalices (50 gold pieces) and a bowl of dried blood on the altar. The altar is marble. There are six stone statues in various places.

The river circle

The green inside the river circle are thorn bushes, 20 feet high. It takes 1 turn to clear a path 5 feet by 10 feet. A silver axe does twice as much.

There is a 2 in 20 chance every 3 turns that d6 basilisks are encountered: AC4, HD6+1, hp 31, 27, 34, 37, At 1 bite+gaze, D 1-10+petrification, save F6, N. On a gaze, save vs. stone to avoid the gaze, and be at -4 to hit and +2 to be hit; this is only a -1 to hit if a mirror is used; and a 2 in 6 chance it sees itself in the mirror. There are 75 total basilisks.

The sand in the thorns

The sand inside the thorns contains a total of 26 manticores: AC4, HD6+1, hp 21, 25, 35, 32, At 2 claws/1 bite or spikes, D1-4/1-4/2-8 or 1-6, save F6, C. A manticore can shoot up to six spikes four times. They will attack in as small a number as possible, but with a large chance of winning.

Also, there are three chimeras who will only come if needed: AC4, HD9, hp 52, 38, 47, At 2 claws/3 heads (goat gore/lion bite/dragon bite or fire), D1-3/1-3/(2-8/2-8/3-12 or 3-18), save F9, C. The dragon head can breath fire up to three times.

The lake is an illusion showing a lake covered with muck, seaweed, and corpses of animals and humans. Actually, it is a volcano, home of the evil wizard Grabdok.

Map DD

image 76

Ring of fire

The ring of fire is about 50 feet thick. Characters take 3-18 points of damage per round. Any flammable items have an 80% chance of catching fire per round unless wet. Water will take 1 round to dissolve. A wall of ice will melt in 1/2 turn, leaving a path for 1 round.

If the person is drenched he will only take 1/2 damage. A cold spell will cancel out the heat for half its normal radius.

Inside the ring, in the middle, which can barely be seen from outside, are five scantily-clad females, charisma 18, 15, 17, 18, and 17, chained to the rocks. When the characters reach 10 feet from the females, they will disappear*.

The ring fire will double its thickness, and close in at five feet per round, taking 10 rounds to completely close. One of the five rocks, when moved, discloses a hole. The hole is completely dark and cannot be lit. It is a one-way portal to the middle of the city.

For the circles, see map CD.

Map ED

image 77

When the path in the upper left corner ends, an illusion makes it impossible to see where it was.

The corner tower

See map EC’s square and rotate 1/4 clockwise. Anyone dying in here becomes a ghoul in the same manner as in the tower of map EC.

1. Twenty monster weeds are cracking through the floor: AC6, HD2+3, hp 10, 11, 15, 13, At bite then suck, D1-4/round+ paralysis, save F1, N.

2. This room is completely empty.

3. Completely ransacked. Even the door is gone. Six oil beetles: AC4, HD2, hp 14, 14, 8, 7, 14, 11, At bite or oil, D1-6 or blisters, save F1, N. Each beetle can use their oil once. It cause a -2 on ‘to hit’ rolls.

4. See room 3.

5. Seven ghouls: AC6, HD2, hp 14, 8, 8, 10, 9, 7, 14, At 2 claws/1 bite, D 1-3 each + paralysis, save F2, C. The two ghouls with 14 hit points are wearing an amulet of protection from turning.

6. One ghoul: AC-2 (plate+2), HD2, hp 16, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-3 each + paralysis, save F3, C. It wears an amulet of protection from turning.

7. This room has a permanent silence spell on it. Five ghouls: AC6, HD2, hp 10, 5, 8, 12, 6, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-3 each + paralysis, save F2, C. The 12 hit point ghoul has an amulet of protection from turning.

Flanking towers

See map EC’s flanking towers. There are eight gorgons total: AC2, HD8, hp 37, 30, 41, 34, 42, 37, 28, 31, At gore or breath, D 2-12 or petrify, save F8, C. There will be d4+4 at any time. 60% chance that d4 will be on the first level of each tower, and 50% for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors on south.


1. Room 1. Table, 12 feet by 4 feet. At the west is a rock statue of a harpy. Eight stone chairs surround table.

2. Room 2. Vegetables.

3. Room 3. Meat.

4. Room 4. Treasure. 2,101 copper pieces, 300 silver pieces, 125 gold pieces, leather+2, shield+2, potion of increasing attribute numbers.


Each room has a stone bed.

1. Room 1. Three statues of ghouls, two of humans (a cleric and a fighter), and one of an orc line the walls.

2. Room 2. A statue of an elf.

3. Room 3. A statue of a dwarf.

4. Room 4. A statue of a doppleganger.

ed A Church

image 78

Still holy after all these years.

1. Entrance room. Empty.

2. Temple. Living light: AC5, HD4+1, hp 22, At touch (vs. AC9-magic adjustments) or blindness, save E3, L. It will only attack if an evil person is in the party. The blindness will affect one person, who must save vs. spells at -2. The living light takes no damage from normal weapons, and half damage from magic weapons. The colored glass (8 foot diameter, 400 gold pieces) shows Zeus and his lightning. While in the church it will not break. The rug is gold thread inlaid in red (400 gold pieces). The altar and statues (Zeus, Hera, Heracles, Mercury, seven feet tall on a three-foot pedestal) are of marble.


1. A black pudding, 15 feet diameter, only hit by fire. AC6, HD10, hp 52, At 1, D 3-24 (dissolves armor in one turn), save F5, N.

2. Head cleric’s chambers. Empty. In the desk, one drawer-middle, is powder of darkness, 3 pinches; a clerical scroll of resist cold, a clerical scroll of striking, continual light, detect evil, raise dead, and purify food and water, and a cursed scroll of -2 ‘to hit’.

3. Church storeroom. 52 copper pieces, 19 silver pieces, 897 electrum pieces, and 287 gold pieces.

4. Acolyte’s room. The acolyte is now a shadow: AC7, HD2+2, hp 8, At 1, D1-4+1 point of strength, save F2, C. The shadow can only be hit by magic weapons. In the drawer of this desk is 17 platinum pieces, and a scroll of protection from magic.

5. Empty. In the drawer of the desk is 25 copper pieces.

6. Food storeroom. Empty except for crumbs.

Wandering monsters on plateau

The plateau is up 500 feet, from an incline almost straight up. Only a thief could make it.

• d5 hippogriffs: AC5, HD3+1, hp 18, 9, 12, 15, At 2 claws/1 bite, D 1-6/1-6/1-10, save F2, N.

Map FD

image 79

The houses, church, and tavern are completely empty. They’ve been ransacked of everything, even wood.*


There are 11 carrion crawlers wandering the graveyard: AC7, HD3+1, hp 16, 20, 19, 18, 23, 17, At 8 tentacles, D paralysis, save F2, N.

Under the 4th row, 3rd grave from the east, is the treasure: there is a 3-foot hole to it, going 7 feet. The room is 4 feet by 10 feet by 7 feet. Some crawlers are here, too, and treasure: 435 copper pieces, 237 silver pieces, and a silver machete covered with dirt (75 gold pieces).

ec tower farthest west

image 80

The top is caved. Rotate the square clockwise one quarter.

1. Ten giant rats in here: AC7, HD1/2, hp (4, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 3, 3, At 1, D 1-3+disease (1 in 10 chance), save F1, N.

2. Thirty-five rats (in packs of five) here: AC9, hp 1, At 1 bite per pack, fall down (save vs. death), D1-6+disease, save NM, N.

3. Empty, ransacked.

4. Empty, ransacked.

5. Three cockatrice: AC6, HD5, hp 14, 18, 12, At 1, D1-6+petrification, save F5, N. There is one stone magic-user, eight stone rats, and three giant stone rats.

6. Treasure, under a 5 foot hole. Anyone going under has a 90% chance of being hit by manticore spikes from room 7 until moving (check for it every half turn). 38 silver pieces, 2,487 gold pieces, a pearl (100 gold pieces), a ring of electrum (110 gold pieces), a diamond necklace (1,500 gold pieces), a staff of healing, and an iron box filled with water and a potion of levitation. The box has a poison tip, but the tip is rusty. The save is at +2.

7. The roof has fallen to the floor. Two manticores live here. See room 6 for chances and hole. AC4, HD6+1, hp 30, 30, At 2 claws/1 bite or spikes, D 1-4/1-4/2-8 or 1-6 per spike, save F6, C. They can each throw six spikes at a time, four times.

The flanking towers

The flanking towers are entirely caved in. 21 stirges inhabit the ruins: AC7, HD1, At 1 hook then suck, D 1-3 per round, save F2, N.

ec northeast corner tower

image 81

Rotate the square one half clockwise.

There will be 3-60 dire wolves protecting the outside: AC6, HD4+1, hp 19, 21, 17, 14, At bite, D 2-8, save F2, N. Anyone dying here becomes a vampire, in the same manner as in the tower of map EC.

1. Four to 12 giant bats: AC6, HD2, hp 5, 8, 8, 5, 9, 12, At1, D 1-4, save F1, N.

2. Sixty bats: AC6, hp 1, At confusion, D nil (-2 on ‘to hit’ and saving rolls, no spells), save NM, N.

3. One vampire, wearing an amulet of protection from turning: AC2, HD7, hp 38, At touch or gaze, D1-10+2 levels or charm, save F7, C. A coffin, 7 foot by 2 foot by 3 foot.

4. Five empty coffins (7 foot by 2 foot by 3 foot) here.

5. Five vampires, as above, no amulet. HD 7, 7, 7, 9, 8; hp 34, 27, 32, 33, 43; and 10 giant bats: AC67, HD2, hp 4, 9, 8, 5, At1, D1-4, save F1, N.

6. Four vampires: AC2, HD9, hp 49, 37, 36, the rest is the same.

7. One vampire, wearing an amulet of protection from turning: AC2, D7, hp 29, the rest is the same. It is guarding 82 silver pieces, 823 electrum pieces, 406 gold pieces, 2,086 platinum pieces, a potion of longevity, a potion of healing, a potion of invisibility, and a magic-user scroll of magic missile, stone to flesh, and polymorph self.


East flanking towers: see EC. Empty, but up.

image 82

East tower, square: in ruins, empty.

Map AE

image 83

Upon entering the main island, the party will, within 3-6 turns, meet a party of Elves. If they are lawful goods, they will be allowed to stay, but will be ‘debriefed’ on what they have seen on the island. Evils will be forced to leave immediately (see sheets for Elf party).

The kingdom of the Elves is about 40 feet off the ground, invisible from the ground, and still at least 25 feet below the trees.

ac A 1) Elf kingdom

The houses have natural walls, etc., and are 7.5 feet by 8 feet by 9 feet. The normal rooms are similar to the castle (map ac B) but with husband and wife in room 1, kids in room 2 and 3, kitchen, and dining room in room 1 and 2.*

ac b King’s castle

In the center.

1. Waiting room.

2. Guard room. Four 6th level elves.

a) AC1 (chain mail +1, dexterity 18), E6, hp 20, At sword+1 +3 vs. dragons at +1 (strength 15), D3-10, LG. Has a potion of control plants, a scroll of invisible stalker, and the spells charm person, magic missile, detect invisibility, web, fireball, and lightning.

b) AC3 (chain mail and shield, dexterity 15), E6, hp 34, At war hammer+2 at +1 (strength 14), D4-9, LG. Has: boots of levitation and the spells magic missile, sleep, detect evil, ESP, haste, and dispel magic.

c) AC-1 (chain mail and shield+1, +1 ring 5 foot radius, dexterity 18), E6, hp 33, At sword+1 +3 vs. regenerating creatures at +1, D3-10, LG. Has a scroll of protection from elementals and the spells magic missile (twice), web (twice), and hold person (twice).

d) AC1 (chain mail and shield, dexterity 18, E6, hp 24, At sword+1 at +2, D4-11, LG. Has a wand of illusion with 18 charges and the spells magic missile, sleep, mirror image, web, hold person, and lightning bolt.

3. King’s quarters.

4. Princess Cyra, 12 years old. AC9, E0, hp 1, At and D nil, LG.

5. Treasure room. 5,057 silver pieces and 304 gold pieces.

Island #2 (pegasi)

Six pegasi live here. They will not attack, or show up, but may be called by the Elves. AC6, HD2+2, hp 9, 13, 13, 8, 16, 7, At 2 hooves, D1-6/1-6, save F2, L.

Map BE

image 84


• 3 sea serpents: AC5, 5, 6, HD6, 6, 4, hp 26, 33, 15, At bite, D2-12, (1-8 for the HD4 serpent), save F3, F3, F2, N.

The ocean

The ocean also holds sea serpents (see Swamp, above, hp 26, 33, 17, 35).


The pit holds millions of bones of just about every type of animal on the island. At the absolute bottom, unseen unless see invisible is used is a sword +1 +3 vs. dinosaurs*, across a 3-foot diameter hole. The hole goes down 4 miles to the lost world.

Wandering monsters among the bones

• d6 giant scorpions: AC2, HD4, hp 20, 15, 17, 16, At 2 claws/1 sting (at +2 if claws hit), D1-10/1-10/1-4+poison, save F2, C.

• d6 scorpions: AC5, HD1/2, At 2 claws/1 string, D1-4/1-4/1-2+poison (save at +1), save NM, N.

The building

The building looks like a gigantic temple. It is an illusion. The walls can be walked through, as can the trappings inside, except for one statue of a dragon, in marble, with its mouth wide open and water gushing out into a pool around the statue. If a character crawls in, he will be immediately completely under water. The tunnel goes down 30 feet, then opens into a completely water-filled room.

The room is 100 cubic feet. Inside is a sea dragon (95% chance to be there every turn): AC1, HD9, hp 43, At bite or breath (poison glob), D3-24 or die, save F9, N.

At the north end is a large hole, 50 feet by 25 feet, that goes straight to the ocean. The treasure is under a coral reef to the west (unnoticeable unless looking very closely): a pile of coral-encrusted coins (10,742 gold pieces, 28,503 electrum pieces) and a chest (10,000 coins) with 1,510 electrum pieces, 5,904 gold pieces, a sword+1 locate objects, and boots of speed.

Map CE

image 85

For the large building, see map BE.


33 nixies abide in this lake: AC7, HD1, At trident or dagger, D1-4, save E1, N. Ten of them together can cast a charm spell. If forced to fight, each will summon a giant bass: AC7, HD2, hp 16, 15, 14, 13, At 1, D1-6, save F1, N.

Their home is at the bottom of the lake, and guarded by four charmed adventurers.

• AC2 (chain mail and shield, dexterity 16), D5, hp 33, At war hammer+3 returns, At+2, D6-11, LG.

• AC0 (plate mail +1 and shield +1, F12, hp 53, At sword+1, At+1, D3-10, NE; also has a magic bow+1 with 7 arrows.

• AC3 (chain mail and shield), H2, hp 10, At sword, D2-9, NG.

• AC7 (dexterity 17, MU8, hp 28, At dagger, D1-4, CE. He also has a ring of water-walking, a ring of control plant, and a bag of holding with 3,000 gold pieces, a 5-spell scroll of locate object, dimension door, invisibility, invisible stalker, and feeblemind, and a 2-spell scroll of detect magic and charm person. His spells are magic missile, read magic, sleep, invisibility, web, ESP, fireball, lightning bolt, curse, and polymorph self.

image 86ce A 1

1. Rooms. Each holds d6+3 nixies.

2. A giant crab guards the entrance: AC2, HD3, hp 11, At 2 pincers, D2-12/2-12, save F2, N. The treasure is 6,897 copper pieces, 1,129 silver pieces, a topaz gem (60 gold pieces), cursed chain mail-2, and a shield+1.

four rocks

The four rocks are highly magnetic, and will attract a 150-pound person in plate from 25 feet; the effect is noticeable from 60 feet. Between 26 and 35 feet, metal weapons get -2 on ‘to hit’, 36-50 feet get -1, and 20-25 feet get -3. Chain mail is pulled from 20 feet.

Weapons less than 20 feet away will be taken, as will any metallic objects.

Each rock is 10 feet by 6 feet, weighing 35,000 coins.

On the rocks:

1. three suits of rusted chain mail, a short sword, and 6 spikes.

2. non-rusting plate mail*, a crowbar, a rusted war hammer, a sword, and 10 arrows.

3. plate mail, a rusted mirror, a sword+2, an old lantern.

4. five rusted swords, two lanterns, and a rusted two-handed sword.

Map DE

image 87

River in the east

The river in the east goes clockwise.

Wandering monsters (river)

• 1-6 crocodiles: AC5, HD2, hp 3, 11, 9, 4, 8, 12, At 1, D1-8, save F1, N.

There are also trout, plankton, and sunfish in the river.

Wandering monsters (trees inside the river)

• Sprites: AC5, HD1/2, At curse, D joke, save E1, N. Their jokes are never meant to cause death. It takes 5 sprites to cast a curse, and there are 39 sprites.

• Unicorns: AC2, HD4, hp 25, 13, 16, At 2 hooves/1 horn, D1-8/1-8/1-8, save F8, L. There are 3 unicorns.

Tower ruins

Both are completely caved in and weather-worn. The east one has caved completely through to the basement. But the west has only caved to the first floor. Treat rock covering entrance to the basement as a secret door.

Inside the basement is a 12-headed hydra: AC5, HD12, hp 96, At 12 bites or 10 bites and 2 flames), D1-10 per head, save F(number of heads), N. The two middle heads breathe fire, up to three times each, for 1-8 points damage*. For every 8 hit points lost, one head is also lost.

Also in the basement is a skeleton shackled to the floor.

There is a small rat hole (3 feet diameter) in the west wall, just above the floor. Just beyond that (a 5 foot tunnel) isa 20 foot by 30 foot by 7 foot high room with 12 giant rats: AC7, HD1/2, At 1, D1-3+disease, save F1, N. The rats will get 3 attacks for 1 of the character’s until the character can stand up.

Among the rats are three skeletons in rusted armor and weapons in the northwest; and a bag with 178 silver pieces.

In the south of this room is a 3 foot by 4 foot hole, going straight down. After about 400 feet it levels off into a natural tunnel 5 feet by 5 feet by 7 feet, which goes 20 feet, winding a bit, then opening into a room 10 cubic feet*, holding 3 mummies: AC3, HD5+1, hp 21, 28, 28, At touch, D1-12+disease, save F5, C. Magic weapons or fire are required to hit the mummies. Upon seeing the mummies each character must save vs. paralysis or be paralyzed with fear until the mummies attack.

In the east is a hole, going east 20 feet then down 3 miles to the lost world.

Map EE

image 88

For circles, see map DE.

The lakes are stagnant. In them are leeches: AC7, HD6, hp 23, 36, 38, 22, At suck, D1-6/round, save F3, N. Someone in the water will attract 2-5 leeches after 1 round. Outside there is a 2 in 8 chance that that many will come out every 3 rounds.

ee A diamond building

image 89

The large diamond is a building, 150 feet by 300 feet, 1 story (20 feet) high, no windows. The outside walls are rock, the inside ones are wood. Inside each door are two Green Sleestak armed with crossbows and 15 quarrels each: AC5, HD6+1, hp 32, 27, 35, 15, At crossbow at +2 or 2 claws, D1-6 or 2-8/2-8, save D8, N. If someone attempts to come in, the Sleestak will go down to the end of the corridor and aim their bows, shooting as soon as they see someone not a Sleestak. They get a minimum of two shots and cannot be surprised. If there are many intruders, the guards from the other door will help, and raise the alarm. 1-4 will arrive each around, until no more can fit or no more are left. The most that can fight side by side are two.

1. Treasure room. A double one is needed. There is 3,000 gold pieces, 400 platinum pieces, 1,000 electrum pieces, 1,500 silver pieces, and 7,000 copper pieces in here. There are also 4 zombies: AC8, HD5, 2, 4, 9, hp 30, 5, 15, 31, At sword, D1-8, save F4, F1, F3, F8, C.

2. Quarters for 10 Green Sleestak. In the closet are 200+ quarrels.

3. Quarters for 8 Green Sleestak.

4. Kitchen. The circle is a stove. The line to the east is utensils. The room to the west is the pantry, with loads of food.

5. A Blue lives here: AC6, HD7, hp 41, At spell or 2 claws, D1-6/1-6, save D8, C-g/n*. His spells are sleep, ventriloquism, hold portal, invisibility, detect evil, locate object, lightning bolt, and wizard eye. He also has a potion of fire resistance.

6. Blue: AC6, HD8, hp 36, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D9, C. His spells are charm person, protection from evil, shield, continual light, levitate, location object, fireball, dispel magic, massmorph, and polymorph others. He also has a potion of healing.

7. Blue: AC6, HD8, hp 32, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D9, C. His spells are light, sleep, charm person, detect invisible, locate object, ESP, clairvoyance, hold person, confusion, and polymorph self. He has a potion of speed.

8. Blue: AC6, HD6, hp 29, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D7, C. His spells are detect magic, charm person, locate object, mirror image, clairvoyance, and invisibility 10 feet.

9. Blue: AC6, HD6, hp 24, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D7, C. His spells are read magic, shield, invisibility, wizard lock, protection from evil 10 feet, and fly. He has a rod of cancellation.

10. Blue: AC6, HD5, hp 23, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D6, C. His spells are magic missile, floating disc, locate object, knock, and lightning bolt.

11. Ballroom.

12. Record room. Full of their history.

13. Blue: AC6, HD5, hp 21, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D6, C. His spells are charm person, read languages, knock, phantasmal force, and fire ball. He has a potion of levitation, a ring of fire resistance, and a wand of cold (20 charges).

14. Blue: AC6, HD5, hp 22, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D6, C. His spells are floating disc, charm person, levitate, wizard lock, and lightning bolt. He has a spell scroll of hold person and disintegrate.

15. Blue: AC6, HD5, hp 26, , At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D6, C. His spells are charm person, sleep, continual light, mirror image, and invisibility 10 feet. He has a ring of invisibility.

16. Blue: AC6, HD5, hp 28, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D6, C. His spells are protection from evil, hold portal, continual light, wizard lock, and protection from normal missiles.

17. A green guard guards the door: AC5, HD6+1, hp 30, At 2 claws, D2-8/2-8, save D8, N. This is the room of a Blue: AC6, HD9, hp 28, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D10, C. Its spells are floating disc, detect magic, ventriloquism, levitate, detect invisible, wizard lock, protection from normal missiles, hold person, fly, confusion, hallucinatory terrain, and telekinesis.

18. A green guard guards this door: AC5, HD6+1, hp 35, At 2 claws, D2-8/2-8, save D8, N. Blue: AC6, HD9, hp 34, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D10, C. Its spells are floating disc, invisibility, detect magic, continual light, knock, levitate, clairvoyance, fly, dispel magic, wall of fire, curse, and telekinesis. It has a potion of speed and a spell scroll of charm person and disintegrate.

19. A green guard: AC5, HD6+1, hp 35, At 2 claws, D2-8/2-8, save D8, C. Blue: AC6, HD9, hp 41, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D10, C. Its spells are floating disc, sleep, hold portal, levitate, clairvoyance, wall of ice, growth of plants, and contact higher plane. It has a scroll of protection from undead and a staff of commanding (19 charges).

20. A green guard guards the door: AC5, HD6+1, hp 40, At 2 claws, D2-8/2-8, save D8, C. Blue: AC6, HD9, hp 40, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D10, C. Its spells are two of ventriloquism, charm person, locate object, continual light, mirror image, fly, hold person, water breathing, massmorph, wall of ice, and wall of stone. It has a ring of wishes (1 wish), a spell scroll of detect magic and magic missile, and a broom of flying.

21. One green guard on each door: AC5, HD6+1, hp 43, 44, At 2 claws, D2-8/2-8, save D8, C.

22. Blue: AC6, HD10, hp 54, At spells or claws, D1-6/1-6, save D11, C. Its spells are charm person, shield, hold portal, phantasmal force, wizard lock, invisibility, clairvoyance, fly, hold person, remove curse, polymorph others, wizard eye, animate dead, and conjure elemental. It has a potion of flying and a stone of controlling earth elementals.

23. Treasure chest with a helm of reading languages and magic, a helm of alignment change, a dagger+2, a sword+1, and a shield+3.

24. Fifty-six possible Green Sleestak in each.

de A small buildings

image 90

The small buildings are 30 feet by 80 feet by 10 feet. There are 34 Green Sleestaks in each.

The storerooms have 25 extra crossbows and 550 quarrels.

The medium building is usually empty. It is a meeting room.

Map GE

image 91

The wall is oak, 3 feet thick and 25 feet high.

There is nothing unusual about the cemetery. See villagers for leaders, clerics, etc., of villages.

Once a year an immense storm tidal wave crosses this peninsula, so all houses are tent-like.

The residents do not travel, nor do they speak common.

Castle Barkon

In section FD there is a castle. The outer walls are 15 feet high by 8 feet deep. The inner walls are 10 feet high by 6 feet deep. Stories are usually 10 feet high plus about one and a half feet.

First level of Castle Barkon

image 92

Wandering monsters

Every two turns an encounter occurs on 1 on 1d6.

1 doppleganger (1, room 5)
2-6 Wights (1-4, room 9)
7-11 Giant rats (2-5, room 12)
12-14 Driver Ants (1-4, room 14)
15 Gargoyle (1, room 15)
16-18 Sprites (2-8, room 17)
19-20 Spectre (1, room 26)


1. Five NPC’s (see sheet) line the south wall. They are in magical suspended animation (as stasor beam*). Only smoke from burning the remains of the logs in the great hall (room 14) can wake them.

2. There are 5 leg bones in the northeast corner. Anyone touching one must save vs. spells or go to an empty room and guard it as if they were a monster.

3. Empty.

4. Empty.

5. Two dopplegangers inhabit this room. AC5, HD4, hp 26, 10, At two-handed sword, D1-12, save F10, C. They are here 95% of the time.

6. Dead medium: just a skeleton in a tattered robe. In the robe is a normal dagger, and a book in an unknown language (her spell book).

7. Empty.

8. A gelatinous cube. AC8, HD4, hp 7, At 1, D2-8+paralysis, save F2, N.

9. Six wights. AC5, HD3, hp 11, 10, 17, 11, 12, 12, At 1, D1 level, save F3, C. They are here 69% of the time.

10. Upon entering it will look as though some rocks are falling. Each person must save vs. spells or be unconscious for 1-4 turns. Actually, there are no rocks.

11. It looks as though this room is bustling with activity. It used to be the kitchen, and the illusions are preparing a great feast.

12. A lot of rotted old food. 2-5 Giant Rats every turn: AC7, HD1/2, At 1, D1-3+disease, save F1, N. There are a total of 127 rats.

13. On each side of the tables, from longest to shortest, there are 10, 9, and then 7 chairs. Blood drips from a point above the king’s chair, and falls in a small pool on the floor. Occasionally (when they least expect it, 50% when walking in) the party may see the wounded king also*. Any putting their hands through the ‘body’ of the king must save vs. death ray or gain that wound (lower back). Nothing will stop it (bandages won’t even get bloody!) and the person will not be able to heal in any way until this has been dispelled, as a curse. The curse is allowed a save vs. spells as a 6th level fighter. The tables have rotted, and are falling apart, as are the chairs.

14. There are 8 chairs on the north side of the small tables, and 12 on the north of the large ones. Six driver ants inhabit, 65% of the time. AC3, HD4, hp 32, 30, 28, 26, 24, 22, At 1, D2-12, save F2, N.

15. One gargoyle lives here, and is here 90% of the time. AC5, HD4+4, hp 22, At 2 claws/1 bite/1 horn, D1-3/1-3/1-6/1-4, save F8, C.

16. Eight chairs, all rotting, on each side of the tables.

17. Ten sprites here, 90% of the time. AC5, HD1/2, hp 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 2, 2, At curse, D nil, save E1, N.

18. Six chairs on each side of the tables. On the two large tables are fruits of many kinds, all appearing fresh. Anyone eating them must save vs. poison or die.

19. A shrieker: AC7, HD3, hp 18, At noise, D monster, save F1, N. It will shriek 1-3 rounds when they enter. Each round there is a 50% chance for a wondering monster to be attracted by the noise. It will arrive in 2-12 rounds.

20. Empty except for hay.

21. Empty except for hay.

22. Empty except for hay.

23. Empty except for hay.

24. Empty except for hay.

25. There is a two-handed sword in a stone here. When the sword is pulled out, the stone becomes a blob monster: AC4, HD4+1, hp 16, At 2, D 1-6/1-6, save F8, C. Only the sword can hit it. Once it dies, or the wielder of the sword dies, both the sword and the stone return to normal, the sword in the stone.

26. One spectre is here 95% of the time: AC2, HD6, hp 28, At 1, D1-8+2 levels, save F6, C. Treasure, in the far corner4, under hay: 5,000 silver pieces, 300 gold pieces, 40 platinum pieces, a dark green nephrite gem (50 gold pieces), a purple amethyst bracelet (120 gold pieces), and an emerald brooch (50 gold pieces).

27. An empty treasure chest, locked (weight: 1,000 coins, 500 coins*). When opened, a flash of light will blind all in the room who do not save vs. spells, for 1-4 turns.

28. Any entering this room must save vs. spells or have a nature call. There is a 40% chance that a wandering monster will come after they’re done but before they have their armor back on.

Second level of Castle Barkon

image 93

Wandering monsters

1 Wear boar (1, room 6)
2 Tuatara (1-2, room 8)
3 Gargoyles (1-2, room 10)
4 Owl bear (1, room 12)
5-7 Minotaurs (1-6, room 14)
8 Blink dog (1, room 17)
9 Wear boar (1-2, room 19)
10 Trolls (1-2, room 21)
11 Cave bear (1, room 22)
12 Cockatrice (1-3, room 23)
13-14 Shadow (1-4, room 27)
15 Hellhounds (1-3, room 28)
16 Rhagodessa (1-3, room 30)
17 Werewolves (1-6, room 32)
18 Rhagodessa (1-2, room 35)
19 caecilia (1-3, room 36)
20 wraith (1-2, room 38)

Also, every three turns on this level and higher, there is a 50% chance that one person’s major weapon will appear, glowing, in front of the party. Anyone touching it must save vs. spells or go to an empty room to protect that room as a monster. (The weapon will disappear.)


1. Empty.

2. Bathroom; stinks. Footsteps can be heard outside the door.

3. Old treasure room. A cockatrice guards it: AC6, HD5, hp 26, At 1, D1-6+petrification, save F5, N. There is 5,000 copper pieces, 1,000 silver pieces, 200 electrum pieces, 500 gold pieces, and 75 platinum pieces in piles.

4. Empty.

5. In the northwest corner is 119 silver pieces.

6. A were boar: AC4 (9), HD4+1, hp 28, At 1, D2-12, save F4, N. It is here 62% of the time.

7. Empty.

8. Two tuataras, here 55% of the time: AC4, HD6, hp 19, 31, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-4/1-4/2-12, save F4, N.

9. In a pile in the southwest: 1,000 silver pieces; in the southeast: 200 gold pieces.

10. Two gargoyles, here 95% of the time: AC5, HD4, hp 23, 20, D1-3/1-3/1-6/1-4, save F8, C.

11. Empty.

12. An Owl bear is here, 80% of the time: AC5, HD5, hp 28, D1-8 each, save F3, N.

13. This room smells; there are 12 skeletons lying around.

14. Six minotaurs here 50% of the time: AC6, HD6, hp 15, 25, 27, 31, 28, 27, D1-6/1-6, save F6, C. Their treasure is 6,470 copper pieces, 2,400 silver pieces, a gold necklace (30 gold pieces), and a silver brooch (50 gold pieces).

15. In piles: 500 platinum pieces, 6,000 silver pieces, 800 gold pieces, and 900 electrum pieces. In a chest: a 2-inch vial with a portable hole inside.

16. Empty.

17. A Blink Dog is here 55% of the time: AC5, HD4, hp 15, D1-6, save F4, C. It can attack without fear of reprisal if it gains initiative. There is a gold water pitcher (40 gold pieces) on the sink, and a ruby ring (300 gold pieces) in the southwest corner.

18. It looks as though two people are making out on the bed*. In the northeast corner is 600 silver pieces, 600 gold pieces, a topaz gem (10 gold pieces), a chalcedony gem (10 gold pieces), and an onyx gem (35 gold pieces).

19. Two wereboars here 69% of the time: AC4 (9), HD4+1, hp 19, 19, D2-12, save F4, N. In a pile is 1,021 silver pieces.

20. A raven is on the table: hp 4, D1-4/1-4, AC2. If talked to (asked a question), 60% of the time it will answer ‘nevermore’.*

21. Two trolls here 56% of the time: AC4, HD6+3, hp 34, 35, D1-6/1-6/1-10, save F6, C, regenerate 3 hit points per round. They have 1,030 copper pieces, 7,003 silver pieces, and 1,230 gold pieces.

22. A cave bear is here 60% of the time. AC5, HD7, hp 28, D1-8/1-8/2-12, save F3, N.

23. Three cockatrices are here 75% of the time: AC6, HD5, hp 23, 29, 26, D1-6+petrification, save F5, N. In the barrel are 36 arrows. In a pile are 9,090 silver pieces. Under the pile is a scroll of protection from lycanthropes, a ring of invisibility, and a potion of plant control.

24. In the closet is 5,000 silver pieces and 600 gold pieces.

25. Due to a freak accident, the handles on the sink are charged with electricity. Once discharged it is harmless. Characters touching it take 2-8 points of damage, and liquids on him have a 25% chance of exploding.

26. Inside the closet is 6,000 silver pieces, 1,000 gold pieces, and a blue sapphire gem (1,500 gold pieces). Three rounds after entering, 5 darts will come out (as 5 HD, at +3) from the south, and do 1-4 per hit.

27. A half turn after entering, the door will slide out, and a rock wall will take its place (moving back in 12 turns). Four shadows will each arrive in 1-4 rounds through the secret door. AC7, HD2+2, hp 13, 13, 15, 13, D1-4+1 point strength, save F2, C.

28. Three hellhounds are here 75% of the time: AC4, HD7, 4, 7, hp 43, 30, 23, D1-6 or 1-6*HD, save F&, 4, 7, C. There is 4,000 copper pieces and 400 silver pieces in the closet.

29. The first person who enters must save vs. dexterity at a penalty of 3 or be hit by a falling stone for 2-8 points.

30. Three rhagodessa are here 85% of the time: AC5, hD4+2, hp 20, 20, 15, D0 then 2-16, save F2, N. A potion of gaseous form is under the bed.

31. Empty.

32. Six werewolves are here 60% of the time: AC5 (9), HD4, hp 13, 16, 12, 21, 20, 8, D2-8, save F4, C. There are 1,000 electrum pieces and 400 gold pieces in the southwest corner.

33. Empty.

34. Empty.

35. Two rhagodessa are here 80% of the time: AC5, HD4+2, hp 21, 22, D0 then 2-16, save F2, N. There are 20 platinum pieces, 2 gold pieces, and 33 silver pieces in the southwest corner.

36. Three caecilia are here 90% of the time: AC6, HD6, hp 30, 31, 24, D1-8 (19 up swallows), save F3, N. Under the main table are 2,300 gold pieces. Under the gold pieces is an opal (50 gold pieces, an onyx (25 gold pieces), a silver ring (10 gold pieces), and a sword +1 +3 vs. undead.

37. A gray ooze is in here: AC8, HD3, hp 12, D2-16 (destroys magic armor in 1 turn), save F2, N.

38. Two wraiths are here 90% of the time: AC3, HD4, hp 15, 17, D1-6+1 level, save F4, C. Under the 3,080 electrum pieces and 5,060 silver pieces is a chest with 770 gold pieces, 4 crossbow bolts+2, a wand of paralyzation (3 charges), a vial with powder of darkness (5 pinches), and a spell scroll with invisible stalker, protection from normal missiles, and lower water.

39. A treasure chest with a poison lock contains a ruby sapphire (500 gold pieces), 150 copper pieces, and a two-handed sword+1.

Third level of Castle Barkon

image 94

Wandering monsters

1-3 Weretiger (1-3, room 2)
4-5 displacer beast (1, room 3)
6-7 rust monster (1, room 5)
8-9 Mummies (1-3, room 6)
10-11 Medusa (1-2, room 7)
12-14 cave bear (1-2, room 8)
15-16 cockatrice (1, room 11)
17-20 minotaurs (1-4, room 17)


1. A faint moaning can be heard here.

2. Three weretigers are here 40% of the time: AC3 (9), HD5, hp 30, 19, 19, At claw/claw/bite, D1-6/1-6/2-12, save F5, N.

3. A displacer beast is here 70% of the time: AC4, HD6, hp 28, D2-8/2-8, save F6, N. Opponents have a -2 on ‘to hits’ against it. Its treasure is 4,310 silver pieces, 3,450 gold pieces, a spell scroll of wall of stone, a shield+1, and cursed leather armor -2.

4. There are 60 gold pieces here, and a diamond (1,000 gold pieces). When touched, they will fly about the room for 13 rounds, doing 1-4 if they hit (they attack as a 7HD creature). It will get one attack against each person.

5. A rust monster is here 70% of the time: AC2, HD5, hp 19, D rust, save F3, N.

6. Three mummies are here, 90% of the time: AC3, HD5+1, hp 28, 24, 33, D1-12+disease, fear, save F5, C. Their treasure is 8,040 silver pieces and 4,450 gold pieces.

7. Two medusae are here 80% of the time: AC8, HD4, hp 21, 18, D1-6+poison, save F4 (+2 vs. spells), C. They have a bag of meals, a shield+2, a ring of delusion (control human), a potion of treasure finding, and a clerical spell scroll of protection from evil.

8. Two cave bear are here 70% of the time: AC5, HD7, hp 41, 41, D1-8/1-8/2-12, save F3, N.

9. Upon entering here, a poison fog will envelope them.

10. First person entering will fall to room 24, 2nd level, taking 1-6 points.

11. Four cockatrice: AC6, HD5, hp 21, 14, 17, 28, D1-6+petrification, save F5, N. They have 3,213 gold pieces.

12. 500 copper pieces, 3 swords, 4 bows, and 100 arrows.

13. Three magic missiles, as phantasmal force, will shoot when they enter.

14. Four dead fighters; in one stomach is a ring of 2 wishes*. The corpses are magically preserved.

15. 300 silver pieces, 200 gold pieces.

16. 16. There is a crazy statue in here. It talks in quotes, which don’t necessarily make sense. It is a halfling.†

17. Four minotaurs are here 66% of the time: AC6, HD6, hp 23, 36, 20, 40, D1-6/1-6, save F6, C. They have 250 electrum pieces, 400 gold pieces, and 1,000 silver pieces.

18. Empty.

Towers of Castle Barkon

image 95

1. Four werebears: AC2 (8), HD6, hp 32, 13, 20, 34, D2-8/2-8/2-16, save F6, N.

2. Three vampires: AC2, HD7, hp 34, 28, 37, D1-10+2 levels, save F7, C. They have 10,920 silver pieces and 2,010 gold pieces.

3. Chimera: AC4, HD9, hp 27, At 2 claws/3 heads/one may breathe fire, D1-3/1-3/2-8/2-8/3-12 or 3-18, save F9, C.

4. Hydra: AC5, HD9, hp 72, D1-10 per head, save F9, N.

5. There is an illusionary pile of 5,000 platinum pieces.

6. Two frost salamanders: AC3, HD12, hp 50, 46, D1-6/1-6/1-6/1-6/2-12, save F12, C. They have 4,021 gold pieces, a sword+1 +2 vs. lycanthropes, a sword+1 slay clerics, a cursed sword-2, and a scroll of protection from magic.

7. Empty.

8. Everyone entering must save vs. spells or jump out the north window, taking 3-18 points of damage.

Dungeon Barkon, first level

image 96

Wandering monsters

1-5 Black widows (2-7, room 6)
6-7 Basilisk (1-3, room 7)
8-9 Ochre Jelly (1, room 12)
10-12 Mummy (1-2, room 14)
13-16 Spectre (1-3, room 19)
17-20 No monster


1. Empty.

2. Full of food. The food looks okay while in this room, but if any is eaten, a save vs. poison must be made, or the person will be sick for 2-8 days, unable to move at more than 1/2 speed, and no attacks.

3. Empty.

4. Some old food. Any spells cast while in here will either act in the opposite manner, cause damage to the caster, or not work at all—although the spell will have been used up.

5. The food, decomposed, gives off a gas which will cause sleep in 1-6 rounds.

6. Seven Black Widow spiders are among the food supplies here, 95% of the time. AC6, HD3, hp 19, 11, 17, 16, 8, 21, 10, D2-12+poison, save F2, N. Their lair contains 116 electrum pieces and a lance+1 behind the food.

7. Three basilisks are here 95% of the time: AC4, HD6+1, hp 30, 33, 30, D1-10+petrification, save F6, N. Their treasure is 40,000 silver pieces. Under it is a spinel and gold necklace (1,300 gold pieces), a beryl and amethyst anklet (1,400 gold pieces), a turquoise-in-gold earring set (1,500 gold pieces), a jadeite and silver pin (1,100 gold pieces), a garnet and sardonyx in amethyst bracelet (900 gold pieces), and a jade, gold, and diamond locket (1,300 gold pieces). Also, a lot of rotten food.

8. Upon coming in here, one person must save vs. turn to stone or turn to stone.

9. Old rusted armor and weapons in here. Upon entering, each person must roll d6. On a 1-3, they lose all their hit points but 1. On a 4-6 they regain all hit points.*

10. Empty, except for an illusionary pool of water in the middle.

11. d6 darts will hit the person opening the door, for d6 points.

12. An ochre jelly is here 90% of the time: AC8, HD5, hp 16, D2-12, save F3, N.

13. This room is filled with weird, pulsating colors. In the middle is a pool of water, acting as a mirror of life trapping, now empty. To be ‘broken’ it must be evaporated.

14. Two mummies are here 95% of the time: AC3, HD5+1, hp 25, 26, D1-12+disease+fear, save F5, C. They have 200 platinum pieces, a jade gem (10 gold pieces), an emerald-in-platinum locket (1,300 gold pieces), and a turquoise necklace (200 gold pieces, or 10 gold pieces per ball).

15. Two phantasmal force mummies will attack.

16. When the door is closed, a kaleidoscope of colors will fill the room.

17. Living Darkness: AC6, HD3+2, hp 23, D1-6 automatically, save F3, C. It has 86 electrum pieces.

18. Six treasure chests. Chests (e) and (f) are poisoned.

a) 3,512 copper pieces.

b) 5,000 gold pieces.

c) 4,000 silver pieces.

d) 1,000 electrum pieces.

e) a spell scroll of quest and a scroll of protection from elementals.

f) A potion of polymorph self, a potion of flying, and a potion of control plant; f) A potion of polymorph self, a potion of flying, and a potion of control plant; plate+1, shield+1, a cursed shield-2, and a broom of flying.†

19. Three spectres are here 75% of the time: AC2, HD6, hp 29, 25, 19, D1-8+2 levels, save F6, C. In the north by the hall on the stairs is 800 electrum pieces and a diamond-encrusted sheath (1,000 gold pieces).

20. It looks like 5 piles, of 10,000 copper pieces, 10,000 electrum pieces, 10,000 platinum pieces, 10,000 gold pieces, and 10,000 silver pieces. If someone tries to take from any pile it will disappear, but if the copper pile is tried first a gold ring of questions (275 gold pieces) will appear on the floor where it was.

21. In here it looks like a miniature desert, but feels normal. In the middle is the illusion of a guru with a wound pouring blood. If a cure wounds spell is cast on him, the illusion will disappear, and where the guru was will be a vial with powder of monster creation/red dragon: AC-1, HD7, hp 32, D1-8/1-8/4-32 or hit points, save F7, N.

Dungeon Barkon, second level

image 97

Wandering monsters

1-3 Trolls (1-8, room 3)
4-5 Gorgon (1-2, room 9)
6-7 Spectre (1, room 11)
8-9 Owl bear (1-2, room 13)
10-12 Hellhound (1-4, room 14)
13-14 Rust Monster (1-2, room 15)
15 Black pudding (1, room 16)
16-17 Giant Scorpion (1, room 17)
18-20 Displacer beast (1-3, room 20)


1. Seventy skeletons chained to the wall: AC7, HD1, D1-6, save F1, C. They will attack one all are freed or it is obvious no more will be freed. Once all are dead, the treasure will appear in the northwest corner: a staff of wizardry (24 charges), a staff of healing, a sword+2 charm person (only can be used by fighter), a war hammer+3 (returns to dwarves), a ring of true invisibility, and a ring of pick pockets.

2. Empty, except for rusty chains.

3. Eight trolls are here 75% of the time: AC4, HD6+3, hp 30, 30, 39, 33, 32, 28, 27, 19, D1-6/1-6/1-10, save F6, regenerate 3 points per round, C. Their treasure is a ruby earring set (25 gold pieces), a pearl necklace (13 pearls,100 gold pieces), two garnets-set-in-gold lockets (100 gold pieces), a chrysolite gem (10 gold pieces), a silver ball earring set (50 gold pieces), and an emerald bracelet inlaid with coral (500 gold pieces).

4. The treasure chest here contains a Pandora’s Box, with the following curses: (1) -2 ton ‘to hit’ rolls; (2) -4 on ‘to hit’ rolls; (3) most powerful magic item disappears; (4) 100-1,200 gold pieces of non-magic goes; (5) reroll a characteristic (1d6); (6) all saves are made at -3; (7) cannot sleep at night; (8) penalty of 3 on AC; (9) the next time he is in a fight with a monster of equal or greater hit dice, he will be paralyzed for 1-4 rounds, when melee starts; (10) largest carrying thing becomes one of devouring; (11) most-used weapon will be cursed, -2; (12) armor or clothing is cursed, -3. The treasure is 750 gold pieces, 500 silver pieces, 30 platinum pieces a nephrite gem (10 gold pieces), an agate (10 gold pieces), a pure gold nugget (40 gold pieces), an onyx gem (100 gold pieces), a ruby (100 gold pieces), a diamond (500 gold pieces), and a ring of regeneration.

5. Empty, except for chains.

6. There is a giant blade which will swing down, as a 7HD monster with +4*. There is a brick at the entrance (as a secret door), which, when pushed, locks the blade for 1/2 turn.

7. Empty, except for a barrel of 60 rusted, no-good quarrels.

8. Empty.

9. Two gorgons are here 95% of the time: AC2, HD8, hp 32, 37, D2-12 or petrification, save F8, C. They have 80 platinum pieces.

10. Upon entering, it will seem as if no way out to sight, but feeling will discover doors.

11. A spectre is here 80% of the time: AC2, HD6, hp 19, D1-8+2 levels, save F6, C. It has 600 gold pieces in the southwest.

12. Time in here passes 60 times as fast as outside (1 round inside is 1 turn outside), but it will be unnoticed unless something is outside to indicate it.

13. Two owl bears are here 75% of the time: AC5, hD5, hp 32, 23, D1-8/1-8/1-8, save F3, N. They have a 6-inch sapphire (1,000 gold pieces).

14. Four hellhounds roam this area 95% of the time: AC4, HD4, 6, 3, 4, hp 21, 27, 13, 19, D1-6 or 1-6 times HD, save F4, F6, F3, F4, C. Light only does 1/4 as normal.

15. Two rust monsters are here 85% of the time: AC2, HD5, hp 24, 22, D rust, save F3, N.

16. A Black Pudding is here 87% of the time: AC6, HD10, hp 39, D3-24, save F5, N. It is on the ceiling. In the southeast is a rock ‘box’. It can only be opened by one person with strength 18, two with strength 32, or three with strength 42. Inside is 300 platinum pieces and 300 gold pieces.

17. A giant scorpion is here 80% of the time: AC2, HD4, hp 22, D1-10/1-10/1-4+poison, save F2, C.

18. Upon opening the door, six darts will come out, at +1 and as 5 HD.

19. Four adventurers. See sheet.

20. Three displacer beasts are here 80% of the time: AC4, HD6, hp 30, 32, 32, D2-8/2-8, save F6, N.

21. 2,000 silver pieces, 3,000 gold pieces.

22. Persons in this room will take 1-4 points of damage. To enter, look, and take the bag, it will take at least 5 rounds. The bag contains a lot of things that confer special abilities: a copper ring (cures 10 hit points per day), a vial with a black liquid (control animals once per week), a small statuette of a girl (+2 on saves, rock), an iron bar (allows user to speak any human tongue), two wooden sticks (as iron bar), a box of dirt (delusion: user believes their prime requisite is 18), a copper medallion with a lead chain (50 coins, +1 on random ability score), a sword+1, and a mirror (3 inches by 4 inches, it cures one disease per week).

23. Upon entering this room, a poison fog envelopes them for 2 rounds.

24. Treasure chest: a poison tip on the lock. When opened, there is a 4 in 6 chance of being hit by a poison dart. It contains 2,000 gold pieces and 30 platinum pieces.

25. Treasure chest: upon opening the character must save vs. dexterity at -3 or it hits their armor, acting as a rust monster. It contains jade (100 gold pieces) pink coral (50 gold pieces), an agate (10 gold pieces), an onyx (100 gold pieces), a peridot (100 gold pieces), and a chrysolite (10 gold pieces).

26. A one-foot diameter beam of pure energy is moving north to south from the walls. Anything stuck in it will be destroyed.

27. There is a statue, rubbery, of a gargoyle in here. If a person tries to hit it, he will take the damage. Behind it is 7,000 silver pieces and 500 gold pieces. Under the silver pieces is a belt of constitution, a chalcedony (5 gold pieces), two onyx (50 gold pieces), a turquoise (25 gold pieces), an emerald (150 gold pieces), two chrysolites (10 gold pieces), a nephrite (40 gold pieces), a topaz (50 gold pieces), an emerald (150 gold pieces), a turquoise (25 gold pieces), a topaz (50 gold pieces), a ruby (200 gold pieces), three beryl (50 gold pieces), a sapphire (150 gold pieces), and a zircon (15 gold pieces).

28. In here is rusted torture equipment.

29. Same as room 28, except that a glowing dagger is on the floor to the east. Upon being disturbed, it will attack, disappearing once everyone has been hit. AC-10, HD5, hp 40, At 2 at +7, D3-6, save F14+1, C.

30. A low moaning can be heard in here.

Tunnels below Barkon

image 98

1. 21-30 giant rats: AC7, HD1/2, hp 4, D1-3+disease, save F1, N.

2. 27-45* giant rats: AC7, HD1/2, hp 4, D1-3+disease, save F1, N.

3. The number of skeletons here is the total HD of the party divided by 2. AC7, HD2, hp 16, D2-11 (two-handed sword), save F2, C.

4. The number of zombies here is the total HD of the party divided by 4. AC8, HD4, hp 30, D3-11 (pole arm), save F2, C.

5. In here there will be HD/5 will-o-the-wisps: AC-8, HD6+5, hp 40, D2-16, save F7, CN.

6. In here, there will be skeletons for the first person (as in room 3), zombies for the second (as in room 4), and will-o-the-wisps for the third (as in room 5). For the fourth person, there will again be skeletons, etc.

7. Here, the party will meet a replica of themselves—each replica will have the same attributes, spells, weapons, and armor, including magic, and will always gain initiative. If a replica is killed, it will disappear, and the real person must save vs. spells or pass out for 1-4 rounds.7. Here, the party will meet a replica of themselves—each replica will have the same attributes, spells, weapons, and armor, including magic, and will always gain initiative. If a replica is killed, it will disappear, and the real person must save vs. spells or pass out for 1-4 rounds.†

8. There is an empty, closed treasure chest in the center of this room. Upon being opened, it will cause the floor to fall, 50 feet, so each person will take 5-30 points of damage.

The Lost World

image 99


1. Map CA, the underground isle map, area 3.

2. Map DB, map db C, area 1 (the whirlpool)

3. Map BE, the pit, (hidden tunnel)

4. Map DE, the tower ruins (hole beyond mummies)

There’s also the underground isle map in map CA’s Next Level. Location three has a tunnel leading to the sleestak underground.

And there’s a map of the lost world for the player characters to find in map GC, gc A 4.

The Pylons

The pylons in the underground can be used to travel dimensions. On the dimensional map, purple marks a main connection; red marks a “circle connection”, and green marks an “under-bypass connection”.

image 100

A is Dimension Zero, the Sleestak Genesis.

AM is Earth Prime’s dimension.

Something is Flash Gordon’s dimension, because, after all, this was the eighties.

Wandering Monsters

Roll two times every day, and once during the night.


Encounter on 2 in 6.

01-10 Antelope
11-19 Wild Boar
20-26 Sabre-tooth Tiger
27-30 Giant Hawk
31-38 Tuatara
39-45 Wolves
46-49 Stegosaurus
50-54 Titanothere
55-60 Toad, Giant
61-68 Giant Elk
69-75 Dire wolves
76-82 Grangeri
83-88 Megatherium
89-94 Hulk (see location 1)
95-00 Rock Python


Encounter on 2 in 6.*

01-03 White Ape
04-09 Antelope
10-13 Wild Boar
14-16 Cave Bear
17-23 Sabre-tooth Tiger
24-28 Giant Hawks
29-34 Neanderthal
35-43 Elephant
44-49 Pterodactyl
50-55 Rhinoceros
56-57 Rock Baboons
58-60 Wolves
61-65 Stegosaurus
66-70 Titanothere
71-75 Triceratops
76-80 Tyrannosaurus Rex
81-85 Allosaurus
86-89 Ankylosaurus
90-91 Dimetrodon
92-93 Giant Elk
94-95 Rhororhacos
96-98 Trachodon
99 Rock Python
00 Dire wolves


Encounter on 3 in 6.

01-04 Wild Boar
05-09 Sabre-tooth tiger
10-15 Giant Crocodile
16-17 Tuatara
18-19 Elephants
20-24 Stegosaurus
25-30 Tyrannosaurus Rex
31-35 Allosaurus
36-40 Ankylosaurus
41-45 Brontosaurus
46-50 Dimetrodon
51-54 Um…
55-60 Grangeri
61-65 Megatherium
65-71 Phororhacos
72-76 Trachodon
77-85 Sleestak
86-90 Rock Python
91-94 Green Dragon
95-00 Giant Leech


Encounter on 2 in 6.

01-08 White Ape
09-16 Cave Bear
17-26 Sabre-tooth tiger
27-32 Giant Hawks
33-38 Tuatara
39-47 Neanderthal
48-50 Pterodactyl
51-58 Rock Baboons
59-68 Wolves
69-78 Giant Scorpions
79-86 Dire wolves
87-90 Crab Spider
91-94 Black Widow
95-97 Pteranodon
98-00 Draco


Encounter on 1 in 6.

01-05 Giant Crabs
06-18 Giant Octopus
19-25 Plesiosaurus
26-36 Sea Serpent
37-45 Giant Squid
46-50 Giant Piranha
51-55 Spiny Rock Fish
56-66 Giant Catfish
67-75 Giant Sturgeon
76-84 Great White Shark
85-91 Killer Whale
92-95 Sperm Whale
96-00 Freshwater Termite


1. Hulk house

AC -16, HD14+25, hp 76, At +2, D28-100*, save G15+1, N. The human part is AC 7 (leather armor), F7, hp 21, At -1 (sword), D1-7, save at -1, LG. He’s got 44 silver pieces, a peridot (50 gold pieces), a turquoise (50 gold pieces, an emerald (1,000 gold pieces), a copper/platinum/diamond pin (1,000 gold pieces), a jade/amethyst/platinum ring (600 gold pieces), a woman’s bust in marble and garnets (500 gold pieces), and a necklace in jade and agate (200 gold pieces. He lives in the one-room shack. Inside is a table, chair, and crude eating utensils. He has a bow and 100 homemade arrows (shoot at -1). He has some flint/steel to start fires. He is here because he doesn’t want to endanger others.

2. Pylon. Sleestak Dimension Viewer/Traveler

When traveling through this area, there is a 2 in 20 chance of seeing it, 5-in-10 if keeping their eyes open. Only the Sleestak historian knows anything about it, and that isn’t much—he doesn’t even know its here!

image 101
Pylon controls

1. A1: panic button (erase all previous commands)

2. A2: viewing control—move crosshair up

3. A3: viewing control—move crosshair down

4. A4: on/off (lights when on)

5. B1: initiate dimension viewing procedure

6. B2: viewing control—move crosshair to the right

7. B3: viewing control—move crosshair to the left

8. B4: display crosshair on screen

9. C1: let other dimensions view the controller

10. C2: #1

11. C3: #4

12. C4: destruction initiation

13. D1: allow voices to be heard

14. D2: #3

15. D3: D2

16. D4: #7

17. E1: allow controller to talk to other dimensions

18. E2: #5

19. E3: #6

20. E4: #0

21. F1: ENTER: must be pressed when number is through being entered

22. F2: Play a pause between the next command of 3.4 times the number entered, seconds

23. F3: Allow a person to walk through the screen to other dimensions

24. F4: Transport the object the crosshairs are on (or would be on) here

Destruction sequence

1. #0: keyboard

2. #1: keyboard and control unit

3. #2: entire pylon

4. #3: pylon and five foot radius

5. #4: 18 foot radius

6. #5: 498 feet

7. #6: 1896 feet

8. #7: 1.4 mile

9. #8 (#1#0): 15.3 mile radius

3. Sleestak Ruins

image 102

Still some sleestak here. 7 blues and 34 greens total. The whole building is 150 by 75 feet.

1. Hallway.

2. Treasure room. A treasure chest with 500 silver pieces, 100 electrum pieces, 50 gold pieces, and 10 platinum pieces. Another treasure chest with a silver and gold anklet with an agate stone (400 gold pieces), a sardonyx and onyx-gemmed sheath (1,500 gold pieces), a copper/zircon/coral/olivine brooch (800 gold pieces), a silver/onyx/nephrite earring set (400 gold pieces), a cursed scroll, a scroll of protection from undead, and a sword of darkness (+2, evil).

3. Meeting room.

4. Green room. 34 Green Sleestak: AC5, HD6+1, hp 28, 33, 18, 26, At crossbow+2 or 2 claws, D1-6 or 2-8/2-8, save D8, N.

5. Empty.

6. Blue sleestak (their leader). AC6, HD8, hp 35, At 2 claws, D1-6/1-6, save D9, NG. His spells are sleep, protection from evil, ventriloquism, web, phantasmal force, mirror image, protection from normal missiles, haste, polymorph self, and wizard eye. He has a 2-spell scroll with ESP and Death Spell, a medallion of ESP 30 feet, and a floating table (5 feet by 3 feet).

7. Blue sleestak. AC6, HD6, hp 23, At 2 claws, D1-6/1-6, save D7, NG. His spells are magic missile, read languages, continual light, mirror image, lightning bolt, and fly.

8. Blue sleestak. AC6, HD6, hp 30, At 2 claws, D1-6/1-6, save D7, NG. His spells are detect magic, locate object, detect evil, protection from evil, haste, and protection from normal missiles.

9. Blue sleestak. AC6, HD5, hp 26, At 2 claws, D1-6/1-6, save D6, NG. His spells are read magic, shield, web, detect invisible, and haste.

10. Blue sleestak. AC6, HD6, hp 30, At 2 claws, D1-6/1-6, save D7, NG. His spells are hold portal, magic missile, knock, web, fireball, and hold person.

11. Blue sleestak. AC6, HD5, hp 21, At 2 claws, D1-6/1-6, save D6, NG. His spells are detect magic, shield, invisibility, mirror image, and hold person. He has a scroll of protection from magic.

12. Blue sleestak. AC6, HD5, hp 32, At 2 claws, D1-6/1-6, save D6, NG. His spells are sleep, charm person, web, phantasmal force, and fireball. He has a ring of control dinosaur.

13. Storeroom. 200 crossbow bolts, 35 crossbows.

14. Pit. Hole in west to egg storage. (My guess: the unmarked tunnel coming out of room 15.)

15. The pool is 2 feet deep in middle. Its fumes are slightly poisonous to humans. In 2-8 rounds, they must then save vs. poison each round or become unconscious, dying 1 turn later.*

16. This room is now empty, except for an Earth elemental guarding the room. AC0, HD12, hp 57, At 1, D3-24, save F12, N.

17. This room is filled with fog (like room 15, though apparently not as poisonous).17. This room is filled with fog (like room 15, though apparently not as poisonous).† They must save vs. poison each round at +2 or their vision is reduced to 1/2 feet, and ‘to hits’ penalized by 2. In the pool is a green dragon.‡ AC1, HD11, hp 49, At 2 claws/1 bite or breath, D1-6/1-6/3-24, save F8, CE. The dragon’s treasure is at the bottom of the pool: 4,700 silver pieces, 1,200 platinum pieces, 200 copper pieces, 100 electrum pieces, a jade/sapphire/platinum/electrum holy symbol (1,500 gold pieces), an amethyst/garnet/silver brooch (700 gold pieces), and a potion of strength.

18. Full of fog (as room 17). This is their egg storage area.§



Mordol is a tiny island on its own, about 2,000 miles west and 200 miles south of Specularum—very close to the equator.

History of Mordol

Mordol’s Gods lived here, and were worshipped by the builders of the pyramid flanked by temples. Some remnants of their power can still be seen: the ‘haven’ for animals in the cave system was fashioned by the Goddess of animals. The illusion of a ball in that same system was made by the Sun God.

Sleestak came to the underground from their dimension.

The worshippers of Mordol’s Gods build a mission on the northeast peninsula for the natives there.

The demons come, and are worshipped by a few people of map CD, the oak temple.

The big fight. As a result of this fight, the mission was destroyed, and the two forces (Gods and Demon) were mutually imprisoned under the temples. All but the highest level of people in the area survived, and these retreated to stay in the pyramid.

A college for Magic-users is started on a southeast islet. Eventually they note that there is some great power somewhere on the island, although it cannot be told what this is.

Two factions break out, both searching. Erression—leader of one and Grabdok—leader of others, build their fortresses.

Both bring in help from anywhere possible. Erression brings in Elves, and Dwarves, and humans (Clerics, Fighters). Grabdok brings Orcs, finds some Kopru from the Isle of Dread, human clerics and fighters.

Both sides make lots of magic objects to help them. There is finally a big battle, but neither side wins a decisive victory. Both settle back in, Erression trying to keep Grabdok from finding whatever it is.

Period of Tranquility

Some Sleestak come up (now eggs in hot fog*)

Clerics from pyramid—some leave (Mages Castle)

People move from Grabdok’s thrall to by lake, soon Grabdok has some worshippers on lake.

Orcs move out and set up mercenary operations.

Elves, Dwarves move out.

The feudal rulers

King Arinion includes Mordol in his kingdom—gives it in fealty to Sam Barkon, who went to build a castle. However, Grabdok sent army of fighters, clerics, magic-users to empty it. However, he didn’t have enough power to occupy it once he defeated it, so he then left it.

The castle was built above a set of caverns from clerics from the pyramids, who, though a lot of R&D set it up nicely.

Samson Barkon (Sam’s Son) tries to take over where dad left off. He built by the ocean. However, before the town was completely finished, vampires took over.*

King Fallon takes over the area of Mordol from the line of Arinion. He gives it to Justinian, who built up the town of Cankor, with magical protection.

Reign of Darsinian, Justinian’s heir.

Reign of Jalset, Darsinion’s heir.

Darien (present king) is born.

Darien turns out to be a black sheep (Lawful Evil), but is the only son.

Darien leaves, in a huff, with some friends.

Town stuff

Base prices

These are used for the inns and taverns.

ale: 2 cp
small beer: 1 sp
wine: 2 sp
kelp tea: 5 cp
bread: 1 sp/slice
fish stew: 1 sp
fried fish: 1 gp/platter
fish/vegetable pie: 4 ep
water: 3 ep
fish filet: 1 gp/plate
roast meat: 7 gp
cheese: 8 gp/slice

From this we can deduce that fish is pretty damn cheap on this island. Bread, meat, and cheese are extremely expensive. And that ale for some reason is much cheaper than beer, and kelp tea is in the middle. Fresh water is pretty damn expensive, too.


Each inn has either two or three sets of prices. I’m assuming that the first price is for their best room, and the last price is for their common room, as this is pretty standard for D&D inns. If there’s a middle price, they probably have two classes of rooms.

Each price also has a percentage after. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what that percentage means. Judging from the notes for Cankor’s Corker, it’s the chance of something happening. Maybe it’s the chance of a wandering monster? Or the chance that someone tries to steal their stuff? The latter doesn’t fit my idea that the lowest price is for a common room; I’d expect the chance of theft much greater in the common room, and the numbers don’t differ by much.

1. The Green Guardian. Tavern prices are at 2 times base. Inn prices are at 25 gp/month or 2 gp/night (4%); or 15 gp/month or 1 gp/night (7%). They have some sea serpent (delicacy!) at 150 gp for portions or 850 gp each.

2. Genesis. This is the best, and most prestigious, of the inns. Their tavern prices are at 2.5 times base. Inn prices are 30 gp/month or 3 gp/night (2%); or 18 gp/month or 1.5 gp/night (4%).

3. Borderline Tavern. Tavern prices are at 1.8 times base. Inn prices are 25 gp/month or 2 gp/night (5%); or 13 gp/month or 1.5 gp/night (7%).

4. The Pobtob. Tavern prices are at base. Inn prices are 20 gp/month or 1 gp/night (4%); or 10 gp/month or 5 sp/night (5%).

5. Trepis Inn. No tavern. Inn prices are at 20 gp/month or 1 gp/night (7%); 10 gp/month or 7 sp/night (9%); or 5 gp/month or 2 sp/night (12%).

6. Cankor’s Corker. Tavern prices are at half of base. For prices, chances see Trepis Inn.

7. Tavern prices are 1/4 base and well worth it.* Names are clockwise from the top, except (c).

a) Red Coach, Flying Areal, Cabals, and Seetort Blue

b) Grackle Bar, Green Dragon, Blue Lizard, Slight Tira, and Iris.

c) From lowest, clockwise: Nothing! Apparently I never got around to naming these, even though I did get around to deciding what order I’d name them in.

8. Prices are 2/3 base.

a) Spider Eye Tavern

b) Red Arrow

c) Brown Town Round

9. Prices are 1/2 base.

a) Black Dog

b) Purple Rabbit

c) Rock Jaw

d) Le Côte Rocheuxd) Le Côte Rocheux†

The pyramid

Anyone inside the pyramid does not age, need food, or need drink.

At the bottom is a pool; people looking into it can see the future, past, and/or present. There is no controlling it. There is a 45% chance it will show someone an important event, not more than once a week, and -5% each successive week they try; +5% each week they don’t look, not going higher than 45%.

Textbooks remaining in college

This section is in pen. Nothing else is, so this may be from a later strata.


Descriptions, where they can be found if it can. 5% will not be listed. 10% cannot be found. 13% do not have weakness listed, or are otherwise incomplete.

It does have Hell Jellies.

Special Spells

Trace Magic

Fire Guardian

Magic Equipment—Basic

It does have spell scrolls, pluses on weapons, protection pluses on rings and amulets, potion spells, and wands of spells.

It does not have pluses on armor, helm of reading languages and magic, or helm of alignment changing.

Magic Equipment—Expert

It has special purpose weapons, rings of summoning lesser demons, staff of wizardry, crystal balls, ring of unknown control, pandora’s box, shadow weapon, astral armor, and mirror of questions.

Things to remember and write up

This is a sheet of paper along with it, not something I’m planning on doing now.

1. Saridel

2. Grabdok

3. Erression

4. Town clerics

5. Pyramid people

6. Ara

7. Below Barkon Castle

8. Important town people

9. Temples of Cankor

10. Tunnels to volcanic caverns from CD

11. Grabdok’s Lair

12. Erression’s Fortress

13. College Ruins

New things

That is, things that I can’t find in the Basic set or Expert set rulebooks. I assume I made them up. This was the hardest part about going through this adventure. Why did I keep the adventure, but throw away all of my “generic”* notes? I mean, let’s face it, this adventure sucks. But some of the things I’m finding references to are potentially cool.


Amulet of protection from turning

This amulet provides some protection against being turned by clerics. I can’t remember if it as an absolute protection or a penalty on the cleric’s roll, but since it doesn’t provide a plus number, I’m guessing it was absolute.

Astral Armor

As I recall, this armor let you go astrally, leaving your body behind, for some distance. Every time a character goes out of body, however, there was a chance of some evil spirit taking their body over. While they could still return, the evil spirit would from then on influence them to be evil.

The player who found the armor used it whenever possible, and did in fact eventually turn evil. The other PCs decided to go along with it—one was either already evil or switched his alignment after a dream test from the alignment gods; I ended up creating a couple of adventures for evil characters, but the game broke up when we went to different colleges.

Bag of meals

Mmmm… donuts.

No, I have no idea. It sounds to me like a stock item, but I can’t find it. So I’m going with, it gives you a different gourmet meal every day. One day it might be frogs’ legs in hollandaise sauce, another day oysters on the half shell, perhaps some raw fish the next.

No wonder that ogre in map CA is ambushing adventurers.

Chaotic sword

There’s a lizard-man hermit with a Chaotic Sword +- 3. As I recall, this weapon required a secret roll by the Dungeon Master before every combat to determine if the sword was acting as a +3 sword or a -3 sword. The bonus or penalty applied to both ‘to hit’ rolls and damage rolls as normal. It did a minimum of 1 point of damage.

Crystal ball of time vision, Crystal ball with clairaudience

Is this one of mine? I vaguely recall enjoying having different kinds of crystal balls that could do the different things you were supposed to be able to do with crystal balls. So some could see the future, some could see the present, some could see and hear the present, and so-on.

Madrigal, the living lantern

Basically, a talking lantern with special knowledge. Possibly ESP and monster detection. If I remember right, it was evil and manipulative.

Pandora’s box

A box of curses. Assuming I wasn’t being completely evil, opening it (or perhaps looking inside it) will let out one curse. If I was completely evil, opening it lets out all curses, like the original.

Powder of light/powder of darkness

These were powders you could throw into the air, and it would light the area up (or darken if it was powder of darkness). Pretty much a light spell or a darkness spell.

Ring of questions

The first question is, what does a ring of questions do?

Ring of true invisibility

This ring, if I recall, let people attack while invisible. It gave a bonus to AC and ‘to hit’ while in use, besides the normal surprise bonus to invisibility. Probably around 4.

Shadow weapon

As far as I can tell, there is no shadow weapon anywhere in this adventure. But the college still has textbooks on how to make them. My notes are somewhat incomplete: “+2, 1 point constitution. Exists in slight space warp. Must save vs. spells or feel compelled to use it (as cursed weapon). A normal person will lose one point (strength, wisdom, or constitution) every round it is used. If any hits zero, war will be”

Fortunately, I have never gamed with a normal person.

Sword of invisibility

Jogs something in my memory. I think this sword let the wielder choose to make themselves invisible, or make the blade invisible. The hilt is never invisible. If the wielder is invisible, they get a bonus to defense; if the blade is invisible, they get a bonus to attack.

Zombie battleaxe

A zombie battleaxe is a battleaxe that, when used by a zombie, can be thrown and will return to the zombie. I think it also gave the zombie bonuses to hit. What the guard on map DC in Rikladna is doing with one I have no idea. It’s only useful for zombies. That’s why, even though he has a magic weapon, it isn’t marked as having any bonuses to hit or damage: he’s not a zombie.



This creature appears on the notes for the college, but I don’t think they appear anywhere in the adventure—certainly not under that name, now that I have search. Oddly, these are also in pencil, whereas everything else on this sheet is in pen.

AC -1, HD 3+2, At sword+1, D 2-9, save F5, NG.

The Atavi has two forms: an out of phase form and a solid form. When out of phase, they cannot be hit, nor can they hit anyone. Nothing can affect them while they are out of phase. The stats here are for when they are solid.

Their swords are not magical, but gains their bonus by their special nature, and can only be used by Atavi.

They have the spells cure light wounds and cure serious wounds. They cannot be solid and cast spells at the same time.

Hell Jellies

I have no idea, but damn, it sounds cool. Demonic animated napalm?


When you kill a hydraman, two more hydramen take its place. However, those two attack and save as one hit die less, and have half the hit points of the original (round down). A hydraman that only has one hit point will not spawn more hydramen.

This is kind of cool. In the example in room 14 of map GC, the two hydramen will each become 32 single hit-point hydramen before they are killed permanently. That last generation pretty much pops like a balloon, but there are 32 of them all attacking as an HD 5 creature.

How about “angular soldiers from a crystalline reality” who “shatter, like holographs, into more fragile duplicates of themselves until the final generation fades out completely”?

Jonah Whales

I’m guessing they eat you, but you stay alive. They also barf you up in map AC’s underwater cavern.

Living darkness, living light

I may still have this one lying around somewhere. Literally, light or darkness that could move and attack. Light was Law, darkness was Chaos, and they could only be hit by magic weapons, which only did half damage.

Rock Dryads

Normal dryads live in trees. Rock dryads live in giant geodes. Their treasure is inside their rocks. I’m guessing from the notes here that it takes 5 dryads to charm someone. Much later, I named these petraiads, and they’re still in Gods & Monsters.

Shadowbird (Darkwing)

This creature appears on the notes for the college, but I don’t think they appear anywhere in the adventure—certainly not under that name, now that I have search.

AC 4, HD 5, At 2 claws/bite, D 1-6/1-6/2-8, save F3, NE. Treasure is nil.

Anyone seeing it must save vs. paralysis or run with fear.

Shadow slave

This creature appears on the notes for the college, but I don’t think they appear anywhere in the adventure—certainly not under that name, now that I have search.

AC 2, HD 12, At shadow weapon at +2, D 2-8 and 1 point constitution, save F12, CE. Number appearing is 1-4 (0), and treasure type is W.

Silver does half damage. Any losing all constitution become slaves of the shadow slave.


These are not my creation, of course, but they’re also not from the books. They’re from Sid & Marty Kroft’s Land of the Lost. In my interpretation, there are different colors of Sleestak: Green and Blue. Green Sleestak are HD 6+1, and Blue Sleestak are HD 6 to 8. The Blue Sleestak are probably the ones from Enoch’s time, and the Green Sleestak would then be their degenerate ancestors. Blue Sleestak can use magic, and for some reason save as Dwarves of one level higher. Green Sleestak save as Dwarves of 8th level.

Soul Stealer

I don’t see it in the basic or expert set, so this must be one of mine. The soul stealer can only be hit by magic weapons. Judging from the description in the map CC monster list, the souls it steals can somehow either be used or be freed. While this sounds like something from Elric, I had not read Michael Moorcock at this point (and still, to my shame, haven’t read any of the Elric books).

Vampire sharks!

Vampire sharks! must always include the exclamation point. Exclamations weren’t in the original, but I’ve decided to add them here. Lasers! optional.

What do you need to know about them? They’re sharks… and they’re vampires. Oh, they’re also “bull” sharks, which in the expert set are 8 feet long; they like to ram their prey, stunning it, and then attack the stunned prey the next round.*

People of the Island


Bandits travel in groups of (1) level 5 fighter and (5) level 3 fighters. Two of the level 3 fighters will have a crossbow and 3d10 quarrels.

A group going to the city (sneak in, of course) will usually have one of the thieves with them also.

The thieves do not live with the bandits: they live in the forest. Their treasure is buried. See map.

Bandits and thieves all have a holy symbol.

Dielt, level 12 fighter

Shield+3, control human potion (being saved til useful), leather armor, longbow, d20 arrows, sword

str 15: +1 ‘to hit’, damage; dex 14: +1 ‘to hit’ missiles, -1 AC

AC 2, F12, hp 81, At bow or sword, D1-6 or 2-9

4 level 5 fighters


Chain mail, shield, scimitar, longbow, d20 arrows

str 16: +2 ‘to hit’, damage; dex 13: +1 ‘to hit’ missile fire, -1 AC

AC 3, F5, hp 20, At bow or scimitar, D1-6 or 2-9


Sword+2, chain mail, shield, long bow, d20 arrows

str 13: +1 ‘to hit’, damage; dex 13: +1 ‘to hit’ missile, -1 AC

AC 3, F5, hp 26, At bow or sword, D1-6 or 4-12


Chain mail, shield, long bow, d20 arrows, scimitar

str 15: +1 ‘to hit’, damage; dex 16: +2 ‘to hit’ missile fire, -2 AC

AC 2, F5, hp 27, At bow or scimitar, D1-6 or 2-9


Leather armor +2, shield +3, scimitar, long bow, d20 arrows

str 16: +2 ‘to hit’, damage; dex 13: +1 ‘to hit’ missile fire, -1 AC

AC 0, F5, hp 32, At bow or scimitar, D1-6 or 2-9

Hey, you! (20 level 3 fighters, no magic)

Leather armor, shield, scimitar, str 13, dex 13, +1 ‘to hit’, +1 damage, -1 AC

AC 5, F3, hp 17+d4, At scimitar, D2-9


The thieves treasure: 40 feet up in the tree (under is a little dug up to throw off)

1. South chest: 200 GP; 1,000 CP; pearl (500 GP), topaz (10 GP), amethyst (100 GP)

2. North chest: 350 PP; 400 SP; 600 EP; sheath (zircon, 2 periodots, and jade: 800 GP); locket (quartz, jadeite, platinum: 1,000 GP); pin (leaf: olivine and gold: 1,400 GP); necklace (5 rubies, 2 emeralds, platinum-gold ball: 1,300 GP)

Thistik (10th level thief)

AC 6, T10, hp 35, At -1, D1-7, NE

str 5; int 9; wis 12; dex 15; con 14; chr 16

sword+1, potion of polymorph self, leather armor, thieves tools, spear +1, dagger

treasure map to their treasure: the dagger shown is upright on the side of a tree.

Talara (6th level thief)

AC 6, T6, hp 18, At 1, D1-6, CE

str 12; int 12; wis 9; dex 13; con 12; chr 10

potion of longevity (doesn’t know), scarab of protection (5 charges), powder of darkness (doesn’t know)

leather armor, short sword, dagger, thieves tools

Mitrelk (5th level thief)

AC 7, T5, hp 18, At +1, D2-9, CE

str 12; int 12; wis 14; dex 10; con 9; chr 10

sword+1, potion of treasure finding (doesn’t know), leather armor, dagger

Chrolic (3rd level thief)

AC 7, T3, hp 14, At 1, D1-6, NE

str 9; int 14; wis 14; dex 12; con 17; chr 13

potion of invisibility (knows, 5 charges)

leather, short sword, dagger



Moldon, Castle Guard House Leader (lives in castle)

AC 3, F21, hp 82, At 2 at +1, D2-9, LG

str 12; int 16; wis 15; dex 11; con 17; chr 17

sword+1, shield+1, chain mail

Donlet, area 1 leader (lives in center)

AC -4, F18, hp 81, At 1, D1-8, LG

str 12; int 14; wis 14; dex 16; con 18; chr 16

plate +2, shield +2, sword

Crac, area 2 leader (lives in coast, corner)

AC 1, F20, hp 75, At 2 at +1 or 0, D2-7 or 1-10, LG

str 11; int 16; wis 14; dex 16; con 14; chr 18

war hammer+1, plate mail, two-handed sword

Zal, area 3 leader (lives in northernmost barracks)

AC 3, F 21, hp 70, At 2 at +2, D3-10, LG

str 15; int 14; wis 10; dex 16; con 11; chr 14

sword+1, +3 vs. enchanted monsters, leather +1, shield

Larkt, area 4, leader (lives in mid barracks)

AC 4, F18, hp 73, At 1 at +1, D2-9, LG

str 10; int 15; wis 12; dex 15; con 14; chr 16

sword+1, leather +1, shield

Intchip, area 5 leader (lives in center)

AC 0, F18, hp 66, At 1 at +3, D4-9, LG

str 17; int 16; wis 13; dex 17; con 12; chr 13

spear+1, plate mail, shield, short sword

Eldon, area 6 leader (lives in barracks to the East)

AC 0, F20, hp 77, At 2 at +1, D2-11, LG

str 13; int 13; wis 17; dex 9; con 14; chr 12

plate mail +3, magic bow+1, 20 arrows, two-handed sword

Micad, army barracks leader (lives in corner barracks)

AC 4, F20, hp 70, At 2 at +1, D2-11, LG

str 15; int 15; dex 15; wis 9; con 12; chr 11

chain mail, two-handed sword, pole-arm

Priests of Cankor

1. Temple of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love & Beauty

This is the official temple of the city.

There are also 6 Acolytes, no spells, who do the ‘gofer’ work in the church.

Mother Adeladé

str 16; int 14; wis 17; dex 15; con 11; chr 13

AC 8, C12, hp 49, At 1, Dspell, LG

potion of diminution (knows)

potion of giant strength (knows)

spell scroll of neutral poison, remove curse

scroll of protection from magic

potion of treasure finding (knows)


(2) cure light wounds; detect evil; detect magic; remove fear

bless; know alignment; (2) hold person; speak with animal

cure disease; striking; remove curse; locate object

cure serious wounds; neutralize poison; speak with plants; sticks to snakes

commune; dispel evil; raise dead

Bishop Klag

AC 8, C7, hp 36, At 1, D spell, LG

str 8; int 16; wis 11; dex 12; con 13; chr 15

ring+1, cursed scroll (knows) of lose 3 experience levels, staff of healing


detect evil; cure light wounds

silence 15’; bless

remove curse; continual light

neutralize poison


Sister Morgan

AC 6 (4), C5, hp 26, At 1, D spell, LG

str 11; int 18; dex 16; wis 11; con 11; chr 12

shield +1

potion of healing (doesn’t know)

amulet +1


cure light wounds, remove fear

know alignment, hold person

Sister Dralána

AC 8, C4, hp 27, At 1, D spell, LG

str 18; int 10; dex 12; wis 14; con 16; chr 10

ring of protection +1, 5’


(2) cure light wounds

silence 15’

Brother Tisken

AC 8, C5, hp 29, At 1, D spell, LG

str 13; int 12; wis 15; dex 13; con 15; chr 16


detect evil, detect magic

know alignment, find traps

Two guards

AC 2 (plate and shield), F8, hp 42, At +2, D3-10 (sword), LG

str 16; int 14; wis 7; dex 12; con 12; chr 8


AC 2 (plate and shield), F5, hp 32, At +2, D3-10 (sword), LG

str 16; int 16; wis 17; dex 9; con 12; chr 8

2. Temple to Odin, King of the Norse Gods

Father Dmitriev*

AC 7 (-1), C11, hp 42, At +4, D5-10, LG

str 14; int 17; wis 14; dex 16; con 12; chr 13

shield+3, chain, mace+3, scroll of protection from lycanthropes, staff of healing


remove fear, cure light wounds, (2) detect evil

find traps, hold person, speak with animal, resist fire

locate object, cure disease, remove curse, growth of animals

protection from Evil 10', create water, cure serious wounds

create food, raise dead, commune

Bishop Jensën

AC 9 (7), C7, hp 53, At +2, D3-8, LG

str 13; int 14; wis 13; dex 10; con 17; chr 16

sling+1, 30 stones, snake staff, boots of levitation, leather armor, mace


resist cold, detect magic

silence 15', hold person

(2) cure disease

speak with plants

dispel evil

Brother Lars

AC 8 (4), C6, hp 33, At +3, D4-9, LG

str 18; int 11; wis 14; dex 9; con 13; chr 15

leather+1, shield, ring+1, potion of stone to flesh (knows), mace


detect evil, remove fear

bless, snake charm

growth of animals

cure serious wounds

Brother Magë

AC 8 (3), C5, hp 24, At +2, D3-8, LG

str 16; int 12; wis 14; dex 14; con 13; chr 16

chain, shield, mace


light, cure light wounds

know alignment, bless

Brother Cansson

AC 10 (5), C4, hp 22, At +2, D3-8, LG

str 16; int 9; wis 11; dex 8; con 12; chr 6

chain, shield, mace


(2) light, resist fire


There are 5 acolytes (AC 9x2, 8x3, C1, hp 6, 7, 3x6, At 1, D1-6). At least 2 acolytes will have armor and weapons, and at least one higher level priest also.


Royal Court

Atkaltrak, Advisor to the king

AC 9, MU 12, hp 23, At at +2, D3-6, LG

str 15; int 17; wis 12; dex 10; con 11; chr 15

potion of heroism, dagger +1, spell scroll of dimension door, wand of enemy detection


detect magic, read magic, read languages, charm person

ESP, locate object, wizard lock, invisibility

(2) clairvoyance, dispel magic

wizard eye, polymorph self, dimension door

contact higher plane, teleport, conjure elemental

control weather, invisible stalker

Watal, Princess’ tutor

AC 9, NM, hp 4, At none, D none, LG

Has expert knowledge: politics, common, high tongue

Has good knowledge: geography, history of kingdom

Has some knowledge: mathematics, natural science

Xenel, Bard

AC 6, NM, hp 4, no At, LG

dex 18; wis 17; int 17; chr 18

Plays: Lute, flute

Types: ballads, love songs, funny songs

Students to Atkaltrak


AC 8, MU 7, hp 19, At 1, D1-4, LG

str 12; int 15; wis 13; dex 15; con 10; chr 11

potion of control red dragon (knows), ring of invisibility, displacer cloak, dagger


protection from evil, sleep, floating disc

ESP, knock

water-breathing, protection from evil 10'

dimension door


AC 8, MU 4, hp 11, At -1, D1-3, LG

str 6; int 16; wis 13; dex 15; con 8; chr 15

potion of invulnerability (knows), dagger


(2) charm person

locate object, invisibility

Royal Family

King Darien

AC 7 (1), F26, hp 104, At 3, at +3, D4-11, LG

str 16; int 16; wis 13; dex 17; con 17; chr 11

sword+1 (flames on command), shield +1, ring of spell casting, chain mail, sword+1, longbow, 30 arrows


Detect magic, light, cure light wounds, purify food & water

web, detect evil, bless, speak with animals

fly, lightning bolt, cure disease, remove curse

polymorph self, wall of ice, cure serious wounds, speak w/plants

teleport, wall of stone, create food, raise dead

stone to flesh, control weather

This ring is aligned with Aphrodite.

Queen Illia, daughter of Elf-King Cyrus

AC 9, E10, hp 41, At spell, D spell or wand, LG

str 15; int 13; wis 12; dex 12; con 13; chr 18

shield +1, wand of magic detection (5 charges), wand of illusion (10 charges), helm of reading languages and magic, sword of freezing, leather armor, coin which curses 1-10 points damage per day (heirloom)*


magic missiles (three of ’em), (2) read magic)

invisibility, locate object, wizard lock

dispel magic, fly, water breathing

polymorph self, wall of fire, growth of plants

conjure elemental, contact higher plane

Elsina, youngest daughter

3 years old, hp 1, 83% Elf, can advance to 14th level

str 10; int 13; wis 15; dex 10; con 12; chr 16

Cyrina, eldest daughter

17 years old, hp 9, 62% Elf, can advance to 19th level

str 15; int 10; wis 14; dex 14; con 14; chr 17

AC 9 (5), F1, hp 9, At +1, D2-9, LG

DR 11; PSN 12; MW 12; PRL 13; T-Stone 12; DB 15; RSS 14

Leather, shield, sword


not listed

Royal Guard: King’s Guard


male, AC 2, F13, hp 55, At 1 at +2, D3-10, LG

str 14; int 14; wis 10; dex 13*; con 10; chr 11

sword+1 (locate objects), chain+1, shield, ring of x-ray vision


male, AC 3, F12, hp 80, At 1 at +2, D3-10, LG

str 11; int 9; wis 15; dex 11; con 16; chr 9

potion of giant strength, shield+1, chain, axe+2

Royal Guard: Queen’s Guard


female, AC -1, F11, hp 46, At 1 at +1, D2-9, LG

str 15; int 8; wis 12; dex 14; con 10; chr 13

plate+2, shield, sword


female, AC -5, F12, hp 67, At 1t +2, D3-10, LG

str 14; ingt 15; wis 11; dex 18; con 17; chr 14

sword+1, chain+3, shield+3

Royal Guard: Princess’ Guard


female, AC 1, F10, hp 61, At at +2, D3-8, LG

str 14; int 16; wis 17; dex 14; con 17; chr 15

leather+3, shield+1, war hammer+1

Royal Guard: Young Princess’ Guard


female, AC 5, F9, hp 50, At at +1, D2-9, LG

str 11; int 14; wis 15; dex 14; con 10; chr 17

sword+1, leather, shield

Castle Barkon

NPC party, first level, room 1

Thrius, Magic-User

AC 10, MU3, hp 10, At at +2, D3-6, LG

str 14; int 18; wis 15; dex 7; con 12; chr 7

dagger+1, dagger, lantern

backpack: 99 CP, mirror, 6 flasks oil, 1 wk iron rations


magic missile, read magic


Tilgar, Dwarf

AC 3, D4, hp 29, At at +3, D4-11, NG

str 17; int 13; wis 10; dex 14; con 12; chr 15

sword+1, +3 vs. dragons

chain mail, shield

small sack: 1 wk iron rations, tinder box, 1 qt wine

short bow, 10 arrows

short sword

Somnar, Thief

AC 6, T2, hp 8, At at +3, D4-11, CG

str 13; int 9; wis 10; dex 15; con 12; chr 13

sword +2, leather, thieves tools, rope 20 GP, 29 SP, 20 CP

Markcël, Fighter

AC 3, F2, hp 18, At at +2, D3-12, NG

str 17; int 14; wis 15; dex 16; con 17; chr 15

two-handed sword, chain mail

large sack: 20 GP, 10 CP, 100 SP, 1 wk iron rations, 1qt water

rope, longsword, 15 arrows, hand axe

Telgar, Fighter

AC 1, F4, hp 34, At at +1, D2-9, CG

str 15; int 12; wis 14; dex 13; con 15; chr 12

ring of spell turning (10 charges), scroll of protection from elementals, potion of treasure finding (doesn’t know), sword, battleax, plate mail, shield

backpack: 110 PP, 24 CP, 56 GP, 1 wk iron rations, 3 torches

NPC party, dungeon, 2nd level, room 19

Miletón, Magic-User

AC 6, MU8, hp 32, At 1+2, D3-6, CG

str 16; int 14; wis 11; dex 18; con 15; chr 9

potion of control dragon (doesn’t know), staff of striking (6 charges), dagger


read magic, charm person, detect magic

web, (2) continual light

water breathing, fly

polymorph self, remove curse

Aspen, Fighter

AC 2, F6, hp 47, At +1, D2-9, LG

str 13; int 16; wis 12; dex 10; con 17; chr 10

plate mail, shield, sword

Nathan, Fighter

AC -1, F10, hp 60, At +2, D3-10, CG

str 15; int 15; wis 13; dex 16; con 12; chr 14

sword+1, +3 vs. enchanted monsters

sling+1, ring+1, potion of extra healing (knows), plate, shield

Milan, Fighter

AC 0, F9, hp 46, At 1, D1-8, NG

str 9; int 18; wis 13; dex 8; con 14; chr 16

chain+2, shield+3, potion of flying (knows), axe+1, sword


There are 700 common demons, 100 minor demons, and 30* major demons.

Common Demons

AC 0, HD 6+10, Move 300' (100'), At: 2 claws/fire, D7-17x2/5-10, 700, save F12, ML 8 (12), CE

Common Demons can only possess with the help of a God-Demon, and the person gets a save vs. turn to stone at -3. Clerics at Level 7 may attempt a turn with an 11 needed to turn, progression as normal. Up to 5 demons may inhabit a person at a time. These demons may only materialize in the material plane as a fire person, only partly solid. A person who saves vs. a common may not be possessed by another common for 27 days, 18 hrs. Demons are immune to fire, and automatically make saves vs. magic fire.

Minor Demons

AC -3, HD 10+30, Move 420' (140'), At: 2 claws/fire, D8-29x2/5-10+1 level, 100, save F30, ML 9 (12), N(25%) or C/Evil)

Minor Demons may possess someone, and the person gets a save vs. turn to stone at -4. Clerics at Level 9 may attempt to turn one, progression as normal. These may take on the familiar goat form. Only 2 may possess a person at a time, but this is unlikely. These and above may enter freely into empty but alive bodies. (Of the trapped, these are the only who may escape in this manner.) Once a person saves vs. a minor demon, he cannot be possessed by another minor or common for 11 hours, 6 min. Damage done by magic fire is automatically half for these demons. Each Minor Demon leads 7 Common Demons.

Minor Demons may only be hit by magic weapons.

Major Demons

AC -5, HD 20+35, Move 600' (300'), AT 2 claws/fire, D11-36/7-11+2-3 levels, save F36, ML 8 (12), L(10%) or N (25%) or C/Evil. #: 30

Major Demons may possess someone, and the person gets -6 on save. Once a save vs. major demon is made, the character cannot be possessed by a major or less for 11 minutes 1 sec. 12Major Demons may possess someone, and the person gets -6 on save. Once a save vs. major demon is made, the character cannot be possessed by a major or less for 11 minutes 1 sec. 12th Level clerics§ may attempt to turn. Major Demons may take the goat form, human form, or the form of a giant raven. Damage done by magic fire is automatically cut in four for these demons.

Major Demons may only be hit by magic weapons.



Rasha, Lord

AC 2 (chain+1, shield), D12, hp 61, At sword+1 at +1, D3-10, LG

str 14; int 16; wis 11; dex 15; con 17; chr 12

sword+1 (int 7, Lawful, detect shifting walls and rooms), chain mail+1, shield, potion of control undead, scroll of protection from undead, ring of x-ray vision, medallion of ESP 30'

Zelit, main officer 1

AC 1, D8, hp 65, At battleax at +1, D2-9, LG

str 13; int 17; wis 14; dex 14; con 18; chr 18

chain mail+2, ring of protection+1, battleaxe, short bow, 20 arrows

Timér, main officer 2

AC -1, D8, hp 59, At war hammer, D1-6, LG

str 11; int 16; wis 15; dex 15; con 15; chr 11

plate mail+1, shield+1, war hammer, crossbow, 30 quarrels

Seldon, main officer 3

AC 3, D8, hp 39, At mace at +1, D2-7, LG

str 14; int 16; wis 8; dex 13; con 14; chr 13

leather armor+2, shield, mace, spear, potion of control undead, ring of djinni summoning

Malat, main officer 4

AC 3, D8, hp 37, At sword, D1-8, LG

str 12; int 16; wis 17; dex 13; con 12; chr 16

chain mail, shield, sword, crossobw, 24 quarrels, 6 bolts+1, potion of control plant, potion of control human, scroll of protection from elementals

Rorshak, main officer 5

AC 7, D8, hp 47, At sword+1 at +2, D4-12, LG

str 16; int 15; wis 13; dex 16; con 17; chr 15

leather armor, shield (AC 9 cursed), spear+1, amulet vs. crystal ball and ESP

sword+1, +3 vs. enchanted monsters

Delt, main officer 6

AC 5, D8, hp 46, At sword+1 at -3, D1-6 (d8+1-3), LG

str 16 (3); int 17; wis 17; dex 14; con 16; chr 13

leather armor+1, shield, sword+1 (casts light on command 30' radius), potion of control animal, ring of weakness, powder of darkness (doesn’t know what—only that it’s magic)

Keger*, main officer 7

AC 0, D8, hp 32, At sword at -1, D1-7 (d8-1), LG

str 7; int 16; wis 14; dex 16; con 15; chr 10

chain mail+2, shield, sword, boots of speed

Piltar, main officer 8

AC 4, D8, hp 49, At sword+1, D2-9, LG

str 10; int 15; wis 12; dex 11; con 12; chr 10

sword+1, potion of growth, ring of water-walking, chain mail, shield


The chain of command:

1. One Lord with 5 officers under him

2. Five officers with 2 leaders under each

3. 10 leaders (level 4-5: 7 dwarves under each)

4. 70 dwarves, level 1-3

Alazar, Lord

AC -2, D12, hp 63, At +5, D6-11, LG

str 17; int 14; wis 10; dex 18; con 14; chr 14

plate mail, shield, war hammer+3 (returns if thrown by dwarf), ring+1, sword

Melikan, main officer 1

AC 1, D6, hp 35, At +2, D3-10, LG

str 15; int 14; wis 13; dex 15; con 12; chr 14

sword+1, +3 vs. regenerating creatures

plate mail, shield, short sword

Harrigan, main officer 2

AC 1, D8, hp 39, At -2, D1-6, LG

str 12; int 14; wis 15; dex 13; con 10; chr 10

sword-2 (cursed), ring of control plant, plate mail, shield

Orcsön, main officer 3

AC 1, D8, hp 50, At +2, D3-10, LG

str 17; int 11; wis 13; dex 11; con 11; chr 11

plate+1, shield, potion of clairvoyance (knows), sword

Teestar, main officer 4

AC 1, D8, hp 39, At +1, D2-7, LG

str 13; int 15; dex 17; wis 14; con 10; chr 12

chain, shield+1, war hammer, mace

Xitan, main officer 5

AC 0, D7, hp 57, At +2, D3-10, LG

str 17; int 15; dex 16; wis 14; con 16; chr 13

plate mail, shield, sword


Military command

The chain of command starts with the four high officers who report to the king. Each high officer has five champions (8 female, 12 male), and each champion has 10 warriors of 1st to 6th level (110 female, 90 male).

If absolutely necessary, they can muster 75 black bears, 50 normal hawks (as messengers and spies), 35 giant hawks, 6 pegasi, 128 deer (messengers), 128 rabbits (messengers), and 128 squirrels (messengers and spies).

King Cyrus

AC 2 (chain, shield), E10, hp 50, At sword+1 at +1, D3-10, LG

str 15; int 12; wis 16; dex 16; con 15; chr 13

sword+1 (casts light on command, 30' radius), chain mail, shield, staff of striking (17 charges)


read magic, floating disc, protection from evil

levitate, phantasmal force, detect evil

clairvoyance, protection ffrom evil 10' radius, dispel magic

confusion, remove curse, dimension door

telekinesis, animate dead

Cyrussën, High officer 1

AC 7 (leather, shield), E9, hp 47, At sword+1 at +3, D5-12, LG

str 18; int 11; wis 13; dex 8; con 16; chr 17

sword+1, +2 vs. lycanthropes

scroll of protection from undead

displacer cloak (+2 on throws vs. spells, wand/staff/rod, turn to stone; opponents get -2 on ‘to hit’)

leather armor, shield


floating disc, read languages, magic missile

wizard lock, detect evil, detect invisible

fly, dispel magic, invisibility 10'

polymorph self, growth of plants


High officer 2

AC 3 (chain, shield), E8, hp 37, At spear+2 at +1, D4-9, LG

str 15; int 14; wis 14; dex 13; con 16; chr 14

spear+2, wand of negation (17 charges), chain mail, shield, short sword


magic missile, read languages, magic missile

locate object, levitate, invisibility

haste, fly

polymorph others, polymorph self

High officer 3

AC 3, E8, hp 41, At sword at +2, D3-10, LG

str 17; int 14; wis 17; dex 17; con 13; chr 15

leather, shield+1, potion of healing (2 hits), 2 crossbow bolts+2, 28 crossbow bolts, crossbow, ring of control plant, sword

High officer 4

AC 1, E8, hp 47, At sword at +3, D4-11, LG

str 18; int 14; wis 17; dex 17; con 16; chr 12

plate mail, shield-2, 8 arrows+1, 12 arrows, long bow, ring of protection+1, powder of darkness, sword


magic missile, read magic, light

ESP, phantasmal force, levitate

protection/evil 10', lightning bolt

polymorph self, dimension door

Elf party #1

Myrdok, champion

AC 1, E7, hp 29, At 1+3, D4-11, LG

str 16; int 10; wis 18; dex 13; con 10; chr 6

sword+1, +3 vs. undead

chain+1, shield+1, short sword


floating disc, magic missile, sleep

wizard lock, detect invisible

protection from normal missiles, fly

remove curse


AC 3, E4, hp 22, At at +3, D4-13, LG

str 18; int 18; wis 17; dex 16; con 13; chr 9

10 crossbow bolts+1, 20 normal crossbow bolts, crossbow, two-handed sword, chain mail


light, magic missile

locate object, knock


AC 6, E3, hp 14, At at +2, D3-10, LG

str 13; int 14; wis 4; dex 11; con 9; chr 10

sword+1, leather, shield, longbow, 20 arrows


charm person, ventriloquism

phantasmal force


AC 5, E1, hp 6, At at +1, D3-9, LG

str 15; int 18; wis 10; dex 8; con 12; chr 6

sword, chain, shield, bow, 20 arrows


protection from evil


AC 1, E1, hp 7, At 1, D1-8, LG

str 9; int 14; wis 15; dex 14; con 15; chr 12

sword, short sword, plate mail, shield




AC 3, E1, hp 6, At +1, D2-9, LG

str 14; int 11; wis 9; dex 13; con 11; chr 9

powder of light (3 pinches), sword, long bow, 20 arrows, chain, shield


charm person

Elf part #2

Matthius, champion

AC 3, E7, hp 22, At +2, D3-10, LG

str 16; int 8; wis 14; dex 13; con 8; chr 16

crossbow bolts+1 (15), crossbow bolts (15), chain mail, shield, sword, lance


read languages, shield, hold portal

locate object, ESP

water breathing, fly

wall of ice


AC 5, E6, hp 38, At +1, D2-9, LG

str 14; int 15; wis 12; dex 14; con 14; chr 7

potion of clairaudience (knows), powder of monster creation (doesn’t know): giant weasel, AC 7, HD4+4, hp 15, At 1, D2-8, save F3, N

sword, dagger, leather, shield, short bow, 20 arrows


read languages, ventriloquism

phantasmal force, web

fly fireball


AC 7, E5, hp 32, At +2, D3-12, LG

str 16; int 11; wis 14; dex 12; con 17; chr 13

two-handed sword, leather armor, crossbow, 30 quarrels, short sword


light, hold portal

detect invisible


AC 3, E5, hp 21, At +3, D4-11, LG

str 17; int 11; wis 12; dex 13; con 7; chr 11

sword +1, +3 vs. dragons

scroll of protection from lycanthropes, wand of trap detection (9 charges), mace, chain, shield


sleep, detect magic

detect invisible


AC 6, E3, hp 18, At +1, D2-9, CG

str 15; int 11; wis 9; dex 11; con 15; chr 16

helm of alignment changing, scimitar, leather, shield


charm person, magic missile



str 15; int 10; wis 15; dex 11; con 15; chr 11

potion of flying (knows), sword, leather, shield, crossbow, 30 quarrels


sleep, read magic


Magic is needed to hit any God.*

Gods I


God of Lightning and War, husband to Laralie

AC -10, HD 150, hp 399, At: 5 (lightning) or 20 (Battleaxe+25), D 10-100 or 101-108, CG

MR: level% in 4%

Spells: Remove curse and curse, cure serious wounds, telepathy, wizard lock, once every round;

Forms: Aged man, goat, giant hawk, storm giant


Goddess of weather and the Earth, wife of Siramak

AC -10, HD 125, hp 354, At: spells, D: spells, CG

MR: level% in 42% in 3%

Spells: weather control, hallucinatory terrain, massmorph, growth of plants, rock to mud and reverse, move earth, conjure elemental (up to 6), once per round reach; stone to flesh and reverse, once per 1/2 turn; levitation, once per 2 rounds.

Forms: young woman, aged crone, giant hawk


God of Strength, son of Siramak and Laralie

AC -8, HD 130, hp 299, At 20 (falcon+25 or fist), D 251-260 or 6d4+60, LG

MR: Level in 3%

Spells: cure light wounds, once every 2 turns.

Falon: long sword+25, Defeat Chaotic Evil (paralyze) (-45%, level=98%) Spells: detect evil, find traps, telepathy, flying, regenerates 2 hp per round; Status: Int 23, ego 15, languages: Ancient Common, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling. A strength of 30 is needed to pick it up.

Forms: young man, sabre-tooth tiger, hippogriff.

Gods II


God of Wisdom

AC -6, HD 100, hp 199, At 10 spells, D spell N

MR: level % in 6%

Spells: all clerical spells, but he will not often infringe on spells of others

Forms: owl, aged man, Elf, unicorn


Goddess of Love and Peace

AC -6, HD 100, hp 189, At 8 spells, D spell, LG

MR: level % in 8%

Spells: cure light wounds, remove fear, charm person (8 at a time), charm monster (20 HD or one monster), hold person, invisibility, levitation, sleep, dispel evil.

Forms: Young Girl, Elf, halfling, Black widow, dove


God of the Moon and Death

AC -7, HD 100, hp 198, At 9 (pole arm), D 2d20+20 and 1 level, CN

MR: level % in 5%

Spells: clairvoyance, invisibility, silence 15', polymorph self, finger of death, wall of stone, animate dead (up to 15 HD per turn, up to 250 HD can be controlled at a time)

Forms: skeleton in robes, owl bear


Goddess of Life

AC -5, HD 100, hp 188, At 8 (staff), D 5-50, CG

MR: level in 7%

Spells: stone to flesh and reverse, clairvoyance, levitate, curse and remove curse, resist fire, dispel evil, once per round; reincarnation, raise dead, create water, create food, once per 6 turns, commune once per 4 days

Forms: Elf, Gold Dragon, dryad, living light


God of the Sun, the Hunt and Feasting

AC -6, HD 100, hp 199, At 9 (sun sword or arrow+9) or 6 (sun sword beam), D 51-58 or 41-46 or 71-90+blindness (save at -10), to cold based creatures, undead, etc., an extra 2-16 points is done, CG

MR: level % in 8%

Spells: create food, create water, phantasmal force (no concentration needed, save at -8), continual light, fly, resist fire

Forms: will-o-the wisp, antelope, roc


Goddess of Animals

AC -5, HD 100, hp 198, At 8 (sword), D 41-48, LN

MR: level in 8%

Spells: protection from evil, purify food and water, bless, speak with animals, speak with plants, clairvoyance, once every round; dispel evil, growth of animals, insect plague, web, phantasmal force, hold monster, magic missiles (20), every turn

Gods III


Messenger-God, God of stealth

AC -6, HD 75, hp 89, At 3 fire balls (8th level) or 14 dagger+10, D 8-48, or d4+15, LG

MR: level % in 18%

30th level thief abilities

Spells: fly, telepathy, invisibility, silence 15', wall of stone.

Has a belt of haste (normally has seven attacks)

Forms: Hawk, cougar, spider, young male


God of War and Battles

AC -5, HD 85, hp 149, At 8 sword+15 at +15, D d8+30, CN

MR: level% in 15%

Spells: raise dead (25th level), quest

Forms: vulture, jackal, old man, 8 year old kid


God of Healing and the Atavi

AC -3, HD 80, hp 103, At 5 (Arala) +8, D d8+15, LG

MR: level% in 16%

Spells: continual light, detect evil, protection from evil, dispel evil, remove fear, cure light wounds, cure serious wounds

Forms: will-o-the wisp, winged baby, handsome-golden haired young man

Arala: sword+7, turn chaotic evil opponent to stone, other evils get paralyzed (allowed a save if Demons—at -10%, level=90%); powers: see invisible objects, clairvoyance, levitation; stats: int 18, ego 12; languages: Atavi, Ancient common


Goddess of the Ocean and water-travel

AC -4, HD 82, hp 128, At 7 (trident+6)+14, D d4+20, CG

MR: level% in 15%

Spells: speak with animals (water), speak with plants (water), water-breathing, growth of palnts (water), wall of ice, lower water, part water

Forms: giant wave, giant octopus, narwhal, old or young mermaid


God of the Psyche and Dreams

AC -3, HD 79, hp 113, At 6 (staff)+10, D 2d4+15, CG

MR: level% in 14%

Spells: sleep, remove fear, cause fear, bless, blight, silence 15', commune, confusion, magic-jar, telepathy, phantasmal force

Forms: small cloud, transparent person (young man), old man, cleric


Goddess of Plants and Farming

AC -4, HD 76, hp 102, At 7 (pole arm)+11, D d10+18, NG

MR: level% in 16%Spells: continual light, ventriloquism, invisibility, infravision, growth of plants, hallucinatory terrain, curse, remove curse, speak with plants, ground fertilization

Forms: Farm woman, large oak tree, breeze


Goddess of the sky and the stars

AC -4, HD 79, hp 111, At 4 (psychic blast), D 3d6+20, LG

MR: level% in 15%

Spells: fly, dimension door, clairvoyance, wizard eye, teleport, conjure air elementals (up to 4)

Forms: Young female Elf, olive leaf, roc


Goddess of Marriage and the Hearth

AC -2, HD 76, hp 101, At spells only, LG

MR: level% in 18%

Spells: bless, charm person, blight

Forms: old widow, cow


God of Fire and metal working

AC -5, HD 81, hp 118, At war hammer of power+10, D d6+25, NG

MR: level% in 17%

Spells: resist fire, create food, wizard lock, fireball, wall of fire, conjure fire elementals (up to 4)

War hammer: +15, returns, able to absorbe energy and return it

Forms: Fire elemental, Red Dragon, Allosaurus


Goddess of the Rainbow and Goodwill*

AC -3, HD 75, hp 101, At spell, D spell, LG

MR: level% in 20%

Spells: light, remove fear, find traps, locate object, detect magic, detect invisible, levitate

Forms: Robin, young elf-girl, cheshire cat


Goddess of Destruction and Revenge

AC -5, HD 85, hp 141, At 5 (two-handed sword+5)+10, D 16-25, CG

MR: level% in 17%

Spells: darkness, cause fear, blight, curse, remove curse, dispel evil, knock, fire ball (40 HD), polymorph others, disintegrate

Forms: warrior maiden, blue racer, woodpecker, boulder


God of Histories and Record-keeping

AC -3, HD 70, hp 101, At 3 (dagger+3)+4, D 8-12, LG

MR: level% in 21%

Spells: detect evil, detect magic, know alignment, locate object, commune, wizard lock, knock, clairvoyance, dimension door, teleport

Forms: middle-aged man, crystal statue, giant toad

The Atavi

The healers

AC 4, HD 7+6, At 1, D 2-5, LG

MR: level% + 60%, save F8

Spells: (3) cure light wounds, cure serious wounds, cure disease, remove fear, automatic protection from evil, may raise dead as a 6th level cleric, neutralize poison, repel flame (automatic)

Forms: male or female, with and without wings, partridge


All can fly, with the use of wings, at the speed of a major demon. They are completely immune to any type of fire. Magic weapons are needed to hit all.


AC -10, HD 133, hp 466, At 21 (soul fire), D (5d4+50 & 3-6 levels) times 2 due to Trident of Soul Fire, CE

Anyone seeing Zapranoth must save vs. Death Ray at -17 or run in fear, 5-10 turns.

Zapranoth’s Magic Resistance and chance of not being able to possess: level% in 1%.

He leads the 30 major Demons, and has the following spells: telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairtriloquism, invisibility, once every turn. Metamorphos once every 3 turns.


AC -9, HD 99, hp 301, At 13 (soul fire), D 3d4+40 & 2-5 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 5%

Spells: charm monster (up to 88 HD at a time, he prefers fire monsters), telepathy with animals; Once every turn may charm 21 HD.


AC -9, HD 97, hp 313, At 13 (soul fire), D 3d4+42 & 2-5 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 5%

Spells: conjure elementals (fire, up to 13, no concentration needed), telepathy with fire elementals; once every 1 turn may call 2.


AC -8, HD 89, hp 283, At 8 (soul fire), D 3d4+33 & 2-4 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 10%

Spells: phantasmal force (no concentration needed, victims save at -10, once every 1/2 turn), fire ball (40th level, once every turn), wall of fire (2400 square feet, 3-18 points through, no concentration needed)


AC -7, HD 87, hp 279, At 8 (soul fire), D 3d4+32 & 2-4 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 10%

Spells: conjure sand elementals (up to 9, as Efertoi)


AC -7, HD 77, hp 299, At 5 (scythe+20), D d8+43, CE

MR and CP: level% in 15%

Spells: animate dead (up to 20 HD per turn, controlling up to 200 HD at a time), finger of death (once a turn, save at -8, even then: lose one level)


AC -6, HD 75, hp 279, At 6 (soul fire), D 2d8+20 & 2-3 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 15%

Spells: teleport (warp hole 7 ft by 10 ft, as long as he concentrates, one every turn), polymorph others (save at -9)


AC -6, HD 66, hp 99, At 3 (soul fire), D 2d8+12 & 2 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 20%

spells: curse (save at -7), once every 5 turns.


AC -6, HD 66, hp 88, At 3 (soul fire), D 2d8+12 & 2 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 20%

Spells: massmorph, hallucinatory terrain: once every 2 turns, mirror images (13—once every turn)

Fikri and Ilt

AC -6, HD 66, hp 87, At 3 (soul fire), D 2d8+12 & 2 levels, CE

MR and CP: level% in 20%

Spells: telepathy with each other, anytime, dispel evil (once every 2 turns)

These God-Demons lead the 100 Minor Demons


BA (Orc army)

The command structure is the King, with 6 officers; each officer has 12 leaders with horse; each leader has 20 orcs beneath them, including 6 with horse.

This is a total of 6 officers, 72 leaders, and 1,440 orcs-at-arms.

Barstonk, King

AC -1, F16, hp 68, At sword+1 at +3, D 5-12, CE

str 18; int 16; wis 16; dex 17; con 16; chr 15

sword+1: defeat law, speaks common, orc, dragon, bugbear

chain mail+2, shield+1

potions of control human, flying, healing

dagger+1, crossbow, 6 bolts+1, 24 bolts

amulet vs. crystal ball and ESP

Officer #1

AC 3, HD 4, hp 15, At scimitar, D 3-10, C

leather armor, shield

scarab of protection (10 charges)


Officer #2

AC -1, HD 4, hp 15, At scimitar, D3-10, C

leather armor+1, shield+3, ring of spell turning (6 charges), scimitar

Officer #3

AC 3, HD 4, hp 15, At scimitar, D3-10, C

leather armor, shield, scimitar

Officer #4

AC 3, HD 4, hp 19, At scimitar, D3-10, C

ring of control human, leather armor, shield, scimitar

Officer #5

AC 3, HD 4, hp 15, At scimitar, D3-10, C

leather armor, shield, scimitar

Officer #6

AC 3, HD 4, hp 15, At scimitar, D3-10, C

leather armor, shield, scimitar

Entourage #1 (DA)

The emissary from Karameikos brings with him a guard of three level 7 fighters and seventeen level 4 fighters. He arrived via a longship with one captain and 75 sailors/marines.

They are interested in hiring the Orcs to help Stephan take his land completely over.


Emissary from the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, has 50 GP on person, 30 PP, 25 SP.

AC 3, F14, hp 76, At at +2, D3-10, LE

str 10; int 15; wis 17; dex 13; con 13; chr 17

chain+1, potion of levitation, battleaxe+2

dagger+2, +3 vs. Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds


AC 1, F7, hp 47, At +3, D4-11, LE

str 16; int 11; wis 16; dex 15; con 14; chr 14

war hammer+1, crossbow, 5 bolts+2, 25 bolts, plate mail, shield


AC 1, F7, hp 39, At +2, D6-20, CN

str 13; int 16; wis 11; dex 15; con 9; chr 14

sword+1, girdle of giant strength, helm of alignment changing, plate mail, shield


AC 1, F7, hp 45, At 1, D1-8, LE

str 12; int 11; wis 12; dex 13; con 13; chr 13

potion of flying, sling+1, 30 stones, plate mail, shield, sword

17 level 4 fighters

(10) AC 4, F4, hp 21, 20, 22, 19, 23, 18, 19, 18, 19, 20, At 1, D1-8, LE; chain mail, shield, sword

(7) AC 7, F4, hp 21, 22, 20, 19, 18, 20, 20, At 1, D1-6, LE; leather armor, short sword, longbow, 20 arrows

Malataklacshinxtor, 10th level cleric

AC -2, C10, hp 47, At 1, D1-6, CE

str 12; int 12; wis 14; dex 16; con 8; chr 13

plate mail, shield+2, potion of control plant, staff of healing


(2) cause light wounds, darkness, cause fear

speak with animal, find traps, (2) hold person

curse, cause disease, locate object

(2) cause serious wounds, neutralize poison

commune, raise dead

Entourage #2 (DA)

The emissary from Gelackina has arrived on a small galley with a captain and 20 marines.

They want to hire the Orcs to take over a neighboring LG castle.


Emissary from Gelackina, has 25 GP, 30 PP, 40 SP

AC 2, F8, hp 61, At 1, D1-8, LN

str 10; int 14; wis 12; dex 11; con 16; chr 17

scroll of protection from magic, sword, plate mail, shield


AC 3, F7, hp 39, At +1, D2-9, LE

str 15; int 9; dex 15; wis 15; con 16; chr 10

potion of speed, sword, chain mail, shield

(8) level 4 fighters

(6) AC 4, F4, hp 21, 20, 22, 19, At 1, D1-8, LE; chain mail, shield, sword

(2) AC 7, F4, hp 21, 22, At 1, D1-6, LE; leather armor, short sword, crossbow, 30 quarrels

Talak, 5th level cleric

AC 5, C5, hp 20, At -1, D1-8, NE

str 8; int 15; wis 15; dex 9; con 10; chr 6

potion of levitation, potion of fire resistance, mace+1, chain mail, shield

Shadow Slaves

1. Shardon

AC 2, HD 12, hp 55, At shadow spear+2, D3-12+1 pt con, save F12 at +3, CE

HI ssteed: AC4, HD5+1, hp 30, At 2 claws/1 bite, D1-6/1-6/2-8, save F3, NE

2. Kastar

war hammer; hp 48

steed: hp 19

3. Krashet

short sword; hp 57

steed: hp 27

4. Draka

war hammer; hp 54

steed: hp 25

5. Granckdt

sword; hp 59

steed: hp 22

6. Svled

pole arm; hp 30

steed: hp 24

7. Plart

short sword; hp 51

steed: hp 28


Map GE.


Carton, Chieftain

AC 6, F5, hp 41, At 1, D1-8, LN

str 10; int 13; wis 16; dex 9; con 14; chr 15

leather, shield, sword

Meta, head cleric

Female. God: Alana

AC 5, C5, hp 32, At 1at +2, D3-8, LG

str 17; int 13; wis 15; dex 17; con 13; chr 12

potion of speed, leather, war hammer


(2) cure light wounds

bless, speak with animals

Tola, student cleric

Female. God: Atar

AC 5, C2, hp 16, At at +3, D4-9, LG

str 18; int 10; wis 16; dex 16; con 17; chr 15

leather, war hammer


cure light wounds


Derek, Chieftain

AC 6, F8, hp 62, At at +2, D3-8 or 3-10, NG

str 16; int 9; wis 13; dex 9; con 13; chr 17

leather, shield, spear, sword

Kraken, second-in-command

AC 4, F3, hp 31, At 1, D1-8, LN

str 12; int 18; wis 14; dex 14; con 15; chr 10

ring+1, leather, shield, sword

Makan, head cleric

God: Tranagar

AC 1, C7, hp 42, At at +1, D2-7, N

str 15; int 14; wis 16; dex 10; con 14; chr 17

leather+3, shield+2, mace


(2) cure light wounds

bless, silence 15'

cure disease, curse

cure serious wounds

raise dead

Poron, priest

God: Talatara

AC 5, C3, hp 25, At at +2, D3-8, NG

str 16; int 13; wis 12; dex 16; con 13; chr 13

leather, mace


(2) cure light wounds


Epelt, Chieftain

AC 5, F6, hp 44, At at +1, D2-7, NG

str 14; int 16; wis 14; dex 14; con 15; chr 17

spear, short sword, leather armor, shield

Shad, head cleric

God: Ardneh

AC 5, C4, hp 22, At 1, D1-6, LN

str 11; int 17; wis 13; dex 14; con 18; chr 13

bag of holding, mace, leather, shield


(2) cure light wounds


Malk, acolyte

God: Lufton

AC 7, C1, hp 6, At 1, D1-6, N

str 10; int 15; wis 13; dex 6; con 11; chr 14

leather, shield, mace

No spells



AC 9, MU11, hp 47, At 1 at +1, D2-5, NG

str 13; int 16; wis 14; dex 12; con 17; chr 15



magic missiles, detect magic, read magic, shield

wizard lock, phantasmal force, ESP

clairvoyance, fly, haste

polymorph self, wall of fire, wizard eye

animate dead, contact higher plane


Darksel, apprentice

AC 7, MU 3, hp 9, At 1 at -1, D1-3, LN

str 8; int 15; wis 13; dex 13; con 12; chr 15

amulet+1, dagger


magic missile, detect magic


Miscellaneous NPCs

Map CA

Tiras, Cleric of Thor

56 years old

AC 2, C14, hp 48, At+3, D5-15, CG

str 15; int 14; wis 14; dex 11; con 14; chr 8

chain +3, warhammer+2, girdle of giant strength, silver war hammer, staff of withering (16 charges), silver holy symbol

Large pouch: 1 GP, 7 CP, 4 EP, 4 PP, 16 SP

Tinder box, 3 wax candles, 2 sprigs wolfsbane, 1 bud garlic, steel mirror

potion of levitation (knows), scroll of protection from undead

Pet Hippogriff, Multin: AC 5, HD 3+1, hp 22, At 3, D1-6/1-6/1-10, save F2, N


(3) cure light wounds, purify food and water, resit cold, remove fear

hold person, know alignment, resist fire, silence 15', speak with animal

locate object, remove curse, (2) cure disease, continual light

create water, speak with plants, protection from Evil 10', neutralize poison, cure serious wounds, raise dead, dispel eivl, create food, commune