All the Universes in the World

A theory making the rounds now is that the universe is a huge continually growing factal. Different parts of this fractal have different fundamental laws (“their own order of space and time”, right, Jor-El?). The ‘big bang’ is a local event occurring all over the place on this fractal.

Under this theory, the universe is a hell of a lot bigger than we thought it was.

First, there was this egg, see. It was as big as the universe, but that wasn’t very large, since the universe had barely formed...

Well, perhaps we should go before the egg.

First, there was this universe. It was an old universe, decrepit and dying. As it collapsed...

Well, perhaps we should start at the beginning of that universe.

First, there was this egg, see. It was as big as the universe, but that wasn’t very large, since the universe had barely formed. It consisted of all the debris of the previous universe, which had collapsed in on itself. It is impossible to measure the age of that universe. All knowledge of that universe was lost in the primordial matter of the great, seething, egg.

The egg explodes, and as it expands, so does the new ultraverse. This ultraverse consists of universes within multiverses, and is a single time stream.

The Uni-Point Code

All matter is marked by its point of origin. This code involves the Universe, Multiverses, time, and time stream of origin. There is a separate coding for the planes of origin.

Which Universe?

There are many universes within this multiverse. All universes within the same multiverse have similar physical laws. The laws of nature may be slightly different, but each universe will be familiar to visitors from neighboring universes. Many times, the differences will be completely unnoticeable. In other universes within our multiverse for example, the speed of light might be retarded, or gravity may be a stronger force, but light and gravity still exist, and will be recognizable for what they are.

There’s a hell of a universe next door. Let’s go!

E.E. Cummings

The universal interface is not as important as the multiversal interface (see below). Travelers who do not pass through the interface will probably not be in any danger. They’ll retain their native physicality, and will probably look slightly odd to natives of the new universe, perhaps gaining new powers or weaknesses while there.

Our universe’s Time Differential is 45. Our universe’s Space Differential is 60.

The Space Ratio between the Dark Universe and the Cloud Universe is 65 divided by .5, or 130.

Every universe has a Time Differential and a Space Differential. These Differentials determine the ratio between space and time between different universes. The Differentials are best explained with an example. The Dark Universe has a Space Differential of 65. The Cloud Universe has a Space Differential of .5. This means that 65 meters in the Dark Universe is equal to a half meter in the Cloud Universe. If a traveler from the Dark Universe goes to the Cloud Universe, walks 20 meters, and comes back, the traveler has moved 20 meters, times 65, divided by .5, or 2,600 meters in the Dark Universe.

The Time Ratio between the Dark Universe and the Cloud Universe is 57 divided by 48, or approximately 1.2.

The Time Differential works in the same way. The Dark Universe has a Time Differential of 57. The Cloud Universe has a Time Differential of 48. If a traveler from the Dark Universe goes to the Cloud Universe, waits 100 minutes, and returns, the traveler will discover that nearly 120 minutes has passed in the Dark Universe.

In general, universes in the same multiverse will have similar gross features. Where there is a large amount of mass in one universe, there will be a large amount of mass in the others. See Dr. von Windleband’s lecture, Physics and Us, following this section.


A multiverse is a group of universes with similar physical laws. Different multiverses have radically different physical laws. Most universes within one multiverse will have convergent physical (and magical) laws. You can have a lot of fun, sending the characters to another multiverse, and re-writing how their powers and magic work.

For the size of an anti-matter reaction, look up the mass of the smaller amount on the Doubling Chart. The result is the d100 rolled for damage. It has a Short Range of this times 50 meters, a Range Set of this times 100 meters, and a Maximum Range of this times 1,000 meters.

When characters travel to a different multiverse, they may take on a new aspect in the new multiverse. It depends on whether or not they traveled through the multiversal interface, or bypassed the interface. For example, if the new multiverse is based on anti-matter, characters must travel through the interface. This transforms their matter to anti-matter. Otherwise, their matter will interact with the anti-matter, and create a tremendous explosion.

Other multiverses might be energy-based, instead of matter-based. Passing through the multiversal interface, the characters and their equipment will be transformed to coherent energy, and will be returned to normal when they pass through the interface on the way back.

The Space Differential does not apply to two universes each in a different multiverse. There is no spatial interface between multiverses, so travel between multiverses must be to specific places.


The Ultraverse is not related to Malibu’s Ultraverse. I do recommend Sludge, by Steve Gerber, however, and Prime usually has a lot to offer as well.

The Ultraverse is the collection of all multiverses. The multiverses of the Ultraverse are separated by true Void. Between the multiverses, there are no laws. That is, physical laws do not exist, except within a multiverse.

If matter travels into the Void, the physical laws of its universe will come with it. They quickly disperse into the Void and die away, and as the matter’s Uni-Point Code laws die away, the matter itself fades from existence.

There are civilizations within the Void. When the multiverses collapse into each other at the end of time, there are occasionally civilizations that have attained a level of technology and magic which allows them to escape their dying universe into the Void between the multiverses. They carry their physical laws with them, and bind them to their new, created world. From the Void, these civilizations can observe the end of time, and the beginning of a new time.

The Mickey Mouse Conjecture

From a lecture by Dr. Wilhelm von Windelband

May 13, 1988

Madison Square Garden

I have tried to transcribe this speech as best as possible, but as those of you who have met him know, his accent is thick and often hard to follow.

Why is it possible to travel from one universe to another? Research in this area has evolved directly from Professor Einstein’s seminal work in Space and Time. As many of you no doubt know, from the popular space fiction movies and literature, space bends when it encounters mass. It has been assumed that mass causes space to warp, though there are those who claim that warped space causes energy/mass to take the form of mass.

During the problems of last December, I was able to conduct many experiments to confirm and modify our knowledge about other universes.

Whereas it was previously conjectured that multiple universes were a form of dimensions beyond height, width, and depth, this has not been born out. Separate universes are not separate dimensions, at least as we define dimensions in physics today.

There are other dimensions co-existing with our own. Because our concept of the laws of the universe is influenced by the dimensions we see, these worlds based on different dimensions seem quite foreign and strange.

More From Dr. Windelband

In an interview I conducted with Dr. Windelband in January of 1988, for Omni, he clarified the point about masses and space:

The Christmas Scientist

OMNI Magazine

August, 1988

“It is not that large masses make it easy for travel to occur, though it does make it easier for useful travel to occur. It is differences in mass across universes that make it hard for travel to occur. Generally, larger masses will allow for more spectacular breakdowns. Picture a large rock on a 20 foot diving board, and a similar rock on a 5 foot diving board. The same energy is required to push each rock into the pool, but the higher rock’s display will be much more spectacular. And so, large bodies across universes correspond to the higher rock.”

Time Travel

It is possible to travel through and across time. There are many time streams (time lines) in various parts of the Ultraverse. These streams can intercept each other, and some streams are larger than others. Traveling across time is the term for traveling from one time stream to another, yet staying in the same location in space and time.

A character will travel across time to find a word in which Napoleon conquered and held all of Europe. A character will travel through time to travel to the eighteenth century.

Traveling through time involves going to another time within the same time stream.

Time Streams

It is possible to change history. Or, more precisely, it is possible to travel into the past and cause specific events to happen in different ways. This creates a new time stream at that point. The new stream branches away from the old stream. As far as the time traveler is concerned, this new stream is history. The time traveler will return home via the new stream, not the old one.

Creating a new time stream does not necessarily create an entire new ultraverse for that time stream. Only the part of the ultraverse that is different will be created.

Temporal Alpha

There is a force that attempts to reduce the differences between different time streams. This force, called the Temporal Alpha, results in different time streams joining together. When there are two or more time streams in a particular location, random events in those time streams will tend to occur so as to minimize the differences between the streams. Since the smaller stream is made up only of the parts of the larger time stream that are different, when there are no differences, there is no separate time stream.

An example will help. Suppose DGK agent Bob goes back in time to observe an empty room. He goes back, stays there for 15 seconds, and returns home. This creates a new time stream. His body displaced air molecules when he appeared in the past. This creates a very small divergent time stream--only the part of the universe which is different is needed for the new stream. This will consist simply of the part of space where he appeared and displaced the air. When he leaves, the random motion of the air molecules will tend to occur so that those air molecules are in the exact same place as their corresponding air molecules in the main time stream. As that happens, the new time stream gets smaller and smaller, until it finally disappears. Since this is a very simple occurrence, the new time stream probably exists for no more than 10 or 15 minutes.

The Space-Time Continuum

Where a new time stream is created, the Universal Continuum is disrupted. At the exact point in time when the stream diverged, increase the Continuum. Look up the spatial radius of the new time stream (how far it exists in space), in tens of meters, on the Doubling Chart. Add this to the Universal Continuum at the time of divergence.

Matrices and Dimensions

Discussing dimensions gets a little confusing. When I say a dimension, I’m really talking about a group of spatial/ temporal dimensions.

Physics tells us that there are numerous dimensions besides the dimensions of height, width, and depth. These invisible measurements are small dimensions. They only allow for tiny, invisible shifts in amplitude. There are two types of dimensions: the standard dimensions, which seem to be entire universes unto themselves, and the matrices, sub-dimensions of the standard dimensions.

Another way of thinking about dimensions is that each dimension is a different way of viewing the same universe. All of the dimensions exist in the same space, though space may well act differently in different dimensions, depending on how many spatial or temporal dimensions are shared between the dimensions. Things that exist in one dimension may well exist in the other dimensions. Taking Earth as an example, the Empire State Building of our dimensions is a large castle in the Faerie Dimension.

Standard dimensions are complete dimensional shifts. Entirely new cultures exist within different standard dimensions. Two dimensions that are know to us are the Faerie Dimension and the Demon Dimension.

There are sub levels within each of these matrices as well. The communal mind, for example, is divided up by cultures and communities.

Each matrix is a special shift in a dimension. Some of the known matrices include the Animal Matrix, the Plant Matrix, the Electromagnetic Matrix, the Gravitational Matrix, and the Nuclear Matrix. Some consider the Animal Matrix and the Plant Matrix the same, and call it the Living Matrix. There’s also Jung’s communal mind, the Sentience Matrix.

In order to reach a matrix, there must be something besides you nearby, that is hooked into the matrix. When in a matrix, a person rides members of the matrix. You must also, of course, have the power to reach the matrix.

Senses in a matrix are vastly different from our normal senses. In the animal matrix you’ll use the senses of the animal being ridden. In the Electromagnetic Matrix, you’ll sense the shifts in magnetism and power fluctuations that are apparent to whatever appliance or device you are riding.

Control of the Matrix

Characters inside a Matrix can attempt to control the matrix. They can train in Matrix Control (for a specific Matrix), as a standard skill, and their skill level acts as a level in Weaving magic. Only the bases of Physical, Energy, and Mind can be used.

Computer Nets and the Electromagnetic Matrix

There is not a grain of sand on the surface of the Earth that isn’t sliced every second by hundreds of man-made electromagnetic signals.

Even the most mundane of kitchen appliances today uses electronics as powerful as what went into entire computers a decade ago.

Home computers regularly connect with other home computers and with larger, mainframe computers. A permanent link connects almost all non-security mainframes in the United States, and in the world. This conglomeration of computers is known as the net.

“Computers rule the world. The net rules computers. Control the net, and you control the world.”

Unknown Hacker

The net is an unwieldy monster. If you want to send a message from San Diego to Germany, that message might go from San Diego, to Los Angeles, to Colorado, then New York, and on through a satellite link to France, and then to Germany. This can take anywhere from a minute to a day or more. Messages can get lost in the net. If that message was accidentally rerouted to Singapore, it might take weeks to get back on track.

The Matrix is different. The net is physical. The matrix is an electronic astral space. Every electric wire, every computer chip, every radio signal affects and is affected by the matrix. The matrix is primal and untamed. Link in to a VCR. Travel through the AC lines to the switching station, from the station to a radio tower. Ride the radio waves to a household in Milwaukee, and feel the web of appliances. This is the Electromagnetic Matrix.

Dimensional Shift

Things that shift to another dimension or matrix will always take on the outward appearance that the dimension requires. In some cases, the change will be nearly invisible. Shifting to the Faerie Dimension or the Demon Dimension will cause no visible change. Shifting to the Electromagnetic Matrix will cause a great and obvious change--the traveler will take on an electronic/computer aspect.

Time and Space are not actually random. Inhabitants of the dimension who are familiar with both sides can use this to their advantage. The Faerie Parties, where someone disappears for one night, but returns a hundred years later, are classic examples of this.

Time and Space are variable between dimensions. When someone returns from another dimension or matrix, roll d100 for the effective Space Differential, and again for the effective Time Differential. Add 50 to the Base Differentials for those dimensions, and subtract the d100 roll. These effective differentials apply to the character for that trip only. For results less than 1, make it positive, add 1, and divide into 1. A -5 is 1/6, for example.

Dimensional Shifts exist in the world in various places. Faerie rings can lead to the Faerie Dimension, and there are rumors of openings into the Demon Dimensions. These openings will be closely guarded secrets on both sides.

Faerie Dimension

The Faerie Dimension is a shift in which the Faerie of legend exist. The Base Time Differential is 18, and the Base Space Differential is 12.

Demon Dimension

The Demon Dimension is a shift in which the demons of legend exist. The Base Time Differential is 36, and the Base Space Differential is 6.