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Welcome to the world of Men and Supermen. As you travel through the world of super-powered fantasy, there is one rule you should keep in mind:

There are no rules.

Big Words

So, what’s this book about? The rest of the rules tell you how to create a superhero, what your numbers mean, and the rest of that shit. This book gives you some pointers on how to play the damn game.

Consider this a primer on the physics, sociology, and politics of a world with super heroes. This is a world where anything can happen, and, sooner or later, everything does.

Men and Supermen

The Hero’s Guide was designed expressly for the Men and Supermen superhero role-playing game. If you aren’t playing Men and Supermen, you may still find a lot of this information useful.


Black Cat and Tween by Rory Keating.

Torm, Goggles, Cyber, and Stalker by Thor Brickman.

This is the campaign book for the Men and Supermen Super Hero Role-Playing Game. If you like this, you’ll love the game. Men and Supermen should be available where you found the Hero’s Guide.

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