Assumed Cosmology

These rules detail a fairly complete, if general, cosmology. There are fictional planets, civilizations, and organizations. There are other universes and multiverses, and the astral planes. There are other realities and higher dimensions. There are time lines, localized time lines, and there is time travel and time entropy, as well as the Astral, Universal, and the Dimensional Matrices.

I have included all of these because it is hard to create a game system without also making assumptions about the world surrounding the rules. At the same time, I have attempted to make it simple for you to change these assumptions. As I said in the introduction to the game, Men and Supermen is a modular game system. If you wish to detail a different cosmology, do so. You are the owner, publisher, editor, writers, and artists of your comic company.

Use whichever parts of this book you desire in your campaign. Replace everything else. Expand on it however you feel necessary. There will be two more supplements to expand on the framework given in the Editor’s section of the Hero’s Guide: The Brand X Travel Guide, and the Brand X Guide to Time.

Above all else, to thine own self be true.