Bibliography and Sources

Comics Today

Just take a look at where comics are going today. We’re finally getting beyond the setbacks of the fifties, and delving into some real hard-core shit.

Independent companies are sprouting up everywhere, and even the mainstream companies occasionally take a few chances with non-standard ideas.

So start getting into this stuff! Robot rights? Space-Mutant Rights? Abortion? Sexism? Racism? New World Language Barriers? You won’t solve the problems of the world playing a role-playing game over beer and pizza, but you will have a damn good time.

You know, you can do whatever you want with this game system. You want a game where men run around like testosterone-crazed idiots, and women have large breast sizes and no mental capacity? Hey, it’s your world. But...

Take a look at what can really be done in the superhero genre. Take a look at Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, or Perez’s Wonder Woman. And for God’s sake, take a look at some of the independents out there.

If you want to know what we were thinking about during the playtesting of this game, here are some clues. The first list is a Role-Playing Bibliography, a list of adventures and articles that we found useful while playing and creating Men and Supermen. The second is a list of the comics, movies, and books that have influenced the things I want Men and Supermen to do.