Role-Playing Bibliography

Ancient and Modern: White Dwarf Magazine 80-81, August & September, Graeme Staplehurst. This is a wild first adventure for experienced players, if you wish to create a darker, mystical campaign.

Beyond the Rule Book: Dragon Magazine, July 1983, Lew Pulsipher. This article was written for the prospective fantasy game referee. Mr. Pulsipher’s tips apply to any game. If you’ve never refereed a role-playing game before, I recommend reading this article.

Creeks and Crawdads: Martin M. Costa, Crustacean Games. Just in case you’re taking yourself too seriously. The Beer and Pretzels Role-Playing GameŠ. The most realistic post-holocaust game on the market. Nobody lives.

Heroes are Made Like This!: Dragon Magazine #135, August 1988, Jerold M. Stratton. Players need to remember that the game world differs from the real world in important ways. And sometimes, they also need to be reminded that their characters are not just collections of numbers.

One From the H.A.R.T: Space Gamer #70, July/August 1984, Gregg Sharp. This is an easy to run, low-powered introductory adventure. Give the characters their powers from the exploding truck. Use ROC as the major crime organization. Or, make up your own.

Square Pegs and Round Holes: Dragon Magazine #165, January 1991, Jerold M. Stratton. A good adventure is hard to find. Don’t throw one out just because it’s not written for your game system or your world.

Stayin’ Alive: Dragon Magazine, November 1986, John J. Terra. This article was written for Espionage game players, but the basic information is useful for any player who wants a surviving character.

United States v. the Lizard Thing: White Wolf Magazine #31, May/June 1992, Steven Long. This very informative article covers questions of constitutional law in a world of super powers. Highly recommonded.

Volturnus Series: TSR Inc., SF0-SF2. This is a well-crafted epic space adventure. With only a little work, you can use it to brilliant effect in your Men and Supermen campaign. See Square Pegs and Round Holes.

When GMs Go Bad: Dragon Magazine #134, July 1988, Sherri Gilbert. As a game referee, you have to remember to pace yourself. Of all the players, you alone have the power to make or break the night’s game. And the mistakes you make can carry over from night to night. Heavy load, eh?

There is a What’s New collection now, covering the earlier issues. It doesn’t include the superhero strip. Volume 2, perhaps?

What’s New: Dragon Magazine comic strip, Phil Foglio. This running strip gave a tongue-in-cheek representation of the failings and foibles of role-playing and role-players. See especially issue #75 for tips on role-playing superheroes. Still no Sex and D & D. Next issue, Scout’s Honor!

Wings of the Valkyrie: ICE adventure for the Hero System. Very easy to modify for use with Men and Supermen. If you want an adventure with heavy moral overtones, this one’s for you.