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Re: 2H on Bristol

    I general use a 2H 5 mm mechanical pencil.  Only on rare occasion Have I 
noticed "damage" to Bristol board.  Does anyone like blue pencils?  It looks 
cool when other people do it.  However, I do not like it.  Too difficult to 
    On the occasions that I use a number 2 pencil, it seems that my 
Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph ink does not want to color the line.  On a rare 
occasion I have seen the ink move off the line. The other reason, I resist 
using No. 2 or softer lead on my comic book pages, is how dirty the page 
gets.  The harder lead seem to make less of mess. ( and my pages still have 
smudges with the 2H)

    Soft lead users: are you scanning your art as a finished product for 
publication?  Or do you just like the different effects, i.e., soft shading, 
fading shadows, curves..etc.  I assume that you intend on inking your art for 
publication?  Is this extra work justified? I can think of why I would do it. 
    Does anyone follow John Buscema advice in the Journal and uses a light 
box and/or transfers finished image to the Bristol board or use a light box 
for inking? 

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