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FromTom Davidson
DateOct. 16, 2000, 12:50 a.m.
ThreadFuture of Comics

I agree. Look at the transformation that's come over television ever since the advent of cable and satellite services. Today there are, I believe, on the whole a better fare of programs. Sure, there are niche markets, but only because those channel's producers know that television has a wellspring of diversity in niches. We have channels dedicated to history, to science, to cooking, to golf, to fishing, and so on. As a result, the huge corporate channels have had to come up with better fare. And even if you may disagree with that notion, you have to agree that choices abound in the medium as a whole. I think Marvel having a niche is a good thing ... as long as it doesn't have the entire industry in a bear lock with it. The indy press is a good sign that comics are here to stay. I know I'll be making mine.

The same warnings that were posited throughout the television industry, first with the advent of the VCR in the late '70s and then with cable and satellite, are being heard in the comics industry today, notably regarding the Internet. Every time someone mentions, with a sense of foreboding, the "future of comics" inevitably the Internet pop into the discussion. Anyway, look at Japan. Sure, they have niche markets. But they have a diverse portion of niches ... comics for young girls, for young boys, for teens, adults and so on. That's what we need more of.

Anyway, if you haven't taken a look yet, go to and see Peter Bagge's latest venture.

-- TomD.

salgood sam wrote:

I see marvels demise as a good thing, the characters, the good ones, will
get picked up by someone else, and maybe even handled better. And the
industry may finally be forced to deal with a little reality.
Book stores, the successful ones, NEVER let themselves become totally
reliant on one kind of genre or publisher.

-- Tom Davidson , Web & Graphic Design
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