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Re: Future of Comics

    I personal believe that Comic have a real future.  If, it was just 
Marvel, and DC putting out comic books.  I do not believe anyone would be 
talking about comics as a dying industry.  I am speaking from my heart not 
from any inside facts.
    Second, even though it has not worked for me.  It would seem even with 
the low numbers in our current comic book fan base (even without adding by 
attracting new readers).  It seem mathematically possible to earn a living 
doing comic books.  Diamond does not seem to want to cooperate from my own 
personal perspective. 
    I assume that each of you have done the math, to figure how many comic 
books x number of times a year with x number sold to pay your bills and quit 
your day jobs?

    Third, I believe there are enough individual like myself who have simply 
decided that they want to tell illustrated stories and will continue to 
produce comic books.  "WE" have to decide if comic books are an artform or an 

    As far as wanting to turn "Pro"?  The answer is yes.  Add me name to the 
list of wanting to earn his sole earning from illustrating comic books.

    In response to "Do you think there may be better times ahead for artists 
at Marvel since Joe Quesada was named editor in chief ?"  I do not see Marvel 
as wanting me as an artist.  So, it makes no difference to me.  In theory, if 
an artist is running the show at Marvel, then yes it improve life for the 
    If, Joe Quesada does things to improve life at Marvel for the artists 
there and that in turn aids the comic book industry.  Then we benefit
    Even though, I am artist myself.  I do not believe that Art alone, is 
what makes a comic book.  The story itself should be the focus then followed 
by equal of art and words.


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