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Re: Future of Comics

I see marvels demise as a good thing, the characters, the good ones, will 
get picked up by someone else, and maybe even handled better. And the 
industry may finally be forced to deal with a little reality.
Book stores, the successful ones, NEVER let themselves become totally 
reliant on one kind of genre or publisher. At the most you find shops that 
only sell fantasy, but even there you have a dozen deferent branches, 
dragons and knights, science fiction, urbane fantasy, vampires and monsters, 
Kabala and zombies and on and on. If a shop owner is foolish enough to run 
his business solely on the profit and failing of one publishers goods than 
they have no one but them selves to blame if the source of their well drys 
up. they weren't in business, they were indulging in a hobby or profiteering 
on a trend.
The market and the art form are being held back by the convenience and 
safety of the direct market system (a model every other medium as 
abandoned). The publishing industry is hurting in general but the comics 
medium would probably be healthier in the real world than as a niche market 
medium simply because there would be that many more potential readers and 
that much more exposure. the good work and the well marketed would survive, 
the well intended but un refined would continue to be the underground - 
finding there own way to readers through the admittedly small network of 
alterative shops, and if they are smart? some new venues. For the commercial 
market it would be the beast thing and would allow for a massive broadening 
of the kind of stories being told. for the indie seen, it will have to learn 
all the same kinds of tricks to stay alive as the indie music and 
independent presses have had to.
Itís time for the medium to grow up and leave home and make a go of it in 
the big bad world, and i for one am VERY hopeful for the fate of the medium, 
the future of comics. And i donít think marvels existence, or the lack of, 
will mater.
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