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Re: 2H on Bristol

They don't 'fade', they are supposed to not register on most photosensitive 
equipment but a number of problems come up now,

1-scanners do not use the same methods to 'read' the art and can some times 
'see' the blue

2-people often don't understand that it is a specific shade of blue that 
does not register, you cant use just any old blue pencil, look for 
"non-photo blue" or at least use a very very light shade. as i said before 
Sanford Col-erase are the only ones i have found truly reliable. and only 
the 'light blue' and the 'non-photo blue'

3-even with non-photo blue, if you press to hard and gouge the paper or go 
over the same line to many times making it darker, it may show up.

my advice is no mater what pencil you use, use a light box and ink on a 
fresh sheet of paper, if you don't like working directly over the light for 
to long, trace your pencils with the non-photo blue LIGHTLY and ink that.

as for the fuck up in Impulse, probably a printer mistake, happens a lot, 
you often have to ride the printers, insist on seeing profs of every thing 
before it goes to print and always send printouts of your own to act as a 
guide for what the book and pages are supposed to look like.

> >>Does anyone like blue pencils?  It looks
> >>cool when other people do it.  However, I do not like it.  Too difficult 
> >>erase.
> >
> >I think one is not meant to erase blue pencils because they do not turn 
> >in print, or they can be easily removed when the artwork is scanned in 
> >computer.
>They are supposed to fade away, but they don't always.  For an example,
>check out the last page of Impulse #21 (with the Legion in it; early 1997).
>In the next to the last panel is a large "2", where the second word balloon
>was initially planned to go.  (I have the original page; this isn't all

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