World Chancelleries

  1. World Chancelleries
  2. Germany’s Hope for Peace

Sentiments, ideas, and arguments expressed by famous occidental and oriental statesmen looking to the consolidation of the psychological bases of international peace.

With an introduction by Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States

By Edward Price Bell, Dean of the Foreign Staff of The Chicago Daily News


The Chicago Daily News


Copyright, 1926 by
The Chicago Daily News Company

Printed in the United States of America

To the memory of
Victor Fremont Lawson
Builder, Owner, and Editor-in-Chief
The Chicago Daily News
Whose Understanding and Sympathy Transcended Religious, National, Ethnic, and Geographic Boundaries

Victor Fremong Lawson.jpg

Photograph by Matzene, Chicago.

This Volume Sets Forth Notable Conversations That Are Known in Newspaper Mode of Speech as “Interviews”

“… One feels their earnestness, their sympathetic quality, their sincerity. One is moved by their eloquence. Almost every major principle and problem of civilized life fall within their range, and their outlook consistently is that of the common interests of mankind.…”

Calvin Coolidge

The White House
November 20, 1925.

  1. World Chancelleries
  2. Germany’s Hope for Peace