FireBlade Coffeehouse Texts

These are books that I enjoyed so much that not only did I want to bring them online, but I wanted easy-to-read PDF versions as well. I read them from the PDF that I’ve provided here, and designed them for easy reading on both a computer screen and a tablet.

New Grub Street

As the Milvains sat down to breakfast the clock of Wattleborough parish church struck eight; it was two miles away, but the strokes were borne very distinctly on the west wind this autumn morning. Jasper, listening before he cracked an egg, remarked with cheerfulness: ‘There’s a man being hanged in London at this moment.’ (Mar 10, 2012)

The Planet Strappers

The Archer Five came in a big packing box, bound with steel ribbons and marked, This end up—handle with care. It was delivered at a subsidized government surplus price of fifty dollars to Hendricks’ Sports and Hobbies Center, a store in Jarviston, Minnesota, that used to deal mostly in skin diving equipment, model plane kits, parts for souping up old cars, and the like. The Archer Five was a bit obsolete for the elegant U.S. Space Force boys—hence the fantastic drop in price from two thousand dollars since only last June. (Mar 10, 2012)

A Princess of Mars

I am a very old man; how old I do not know. Possibly I am a hundred, possibly more; but I cannot tell because I have never aged as other men, nor do I remember any childhood. So far as I can recollect I have always been a man, a man of about thirty. I appear today as I did forty years and more ago, and yet I feel that I cannot go on living forever; that some day I shall die the real death from which there is no resurrection. I do not know why I should fear death, I who have died twice and am still alive; but yet I have the same horror of it as you who have never died, and it is because of this terror of death, I believe, that I am so convinced of my mortality. (Dec 19, 2012)

Fistfuls of Authors

Most of the author pages in the Coffeehouse have a “fistful of” page that bundles up all of they pages, or at least shorter pages, that I have on them. These bundles are very useful for reading on iPads or other mobile devices. (Aug 1, 2015)