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2H on Bristol

With some drafting classes in my background before the fine art bug bit me,
I've had experience with leads from 6H all the way to 6B, and I know that
generally they each have their particular purpose.

What I have just recently found out, to my great joy, is that the reason all
the drawings in my sketchbook were turning out so satisfactorily while
everything that attempted to be final was left lacking was simply that I was
using a harder pencil in the sketchbook. I'd always been told that anything
in the H family was too hard for Bristol, that it left rivers for the ink,
but the way I'm using it I'm not having that problem at all. It keeps its
point all day long, it erases without a smudge, and my drawings end up with
more detail!

Is this some secret that only benefits me, or is everyone else really using
harder pencils as well?