50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Wonder New SpainKerry G. Archerfemale
2BearMadison Drapermale
3HoundSally L. Howellfemale
4The Red DogSimon Nelsonmale
5The Beast ChemistDylan Robbinsfemale
6Roach HeartJoan Carnegiefemale
7Madame Lunar Blue MonkeyJustine Kerry Bradfordfemale
8The BrainKitty Kanefemale
9Ruby Green Nightmare SoulTammy Strattonfemale
10Ms. Living Cosmic ComedianGay Lanefemale
11The Thirteenth ShieldTracy Travismale
12Brother Stinging DruidRex Kanemale
13The Wolverine EyeRex Andrew Sinclairmale
14Miss RoachKim Joline Kelleyfemale
15Atomic GhostJill Bakerfemale
16Lady Blade MissileKim Henryfemale
17Dr. Twelfth Thunder BardJustine Flanaganfemale
18The Gold Thirteenth CapeDale R. Walkerfemale
19Tenth Night ThreeMildred K. Howellfemale
20Silver RobinMaria K. Grumbyfemale
21MoonJoe Jonesmale
22Grey F.Scott Lesterfemale
23The Grey Night DetectiveKenneth Fowlermale
24SoulFrank Scottmale
25The Ragged Indigo Lady StarJill L. Walkerfemale
26Cat ThunderCharles Hayesmale
27Red Atomic ComedianElena M. Boonfemale
28Detective One ComedianRoberta R. Draperfemale
29Princess Water SorceressCameron Rona Bakerfemale
30Mr. Immortal DogArthur Millsmale
31The Fourth GorillaKelly J. Reedmale
32The AvengerDonald Blakemale
33The SignLynne Spainfemale
34Mr. Lunar AvengerLane Carpentermale
35The Sea ChemistTess Withersfemale
36Queen Ninth VikingDale G. Wilkinsonfemale
37The Crimson Nuclear Black DragonKerry Pamela Withersfemale
38The Fourth ScarabJane Lipscombfemale
39Dr. First Dead Midnight WizardLynn Lynn Sinclairmale
40Dr. GuardSpencer Smithmale
41Dr. MidnightRick Arlingtonmale
42Ninth VideoRoberta Jonesfemale
43Titanic GuruSamantha Chris Carnegiefemale
44Lord Third Secret Eagle DoctorRonald N. Wilkinsonmale
45Kid Dark ZeroGinger Carringtonfemale
46Ms. Broken DemonDenise L. Flanaganfemale
47Water EelGary Flanaganmale
48The Swamp MasonRandall Jackiemale
49Indigo DevaDavid T. Morganmale
50Kid Solar First PrincessMildred H. Arlingtonfemale