50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1CondorD. J. Randallfemale
2Masked Fourth ScarabDylan E. Andersonfemale
3Stinging MissileRandall Blakemale
4Dr. IceP. R. Sutherlandmale
5Mr. Lost Deadly SnakeSutherland Walkermale
6WaspM. M. Adkinsmale
7Mr. BardArthur G. Friedmanmale
8King Stinging ScientistJuan Spencemale
9Dr. SunKenneth Guinnessmale
10Kid WolfScott Marcos Libermanmale
11Sister Secret LipscombFay G. Barrfemale
12Electronic Solar SignCary D. Guinnessmale
13CatAaron K. Baldwinmale
14Robin JackL. C. Gonzalezmale
15The Sea Paisley LassLucille Masonfemale
16Dr. Dark PriestReggie Tom Henrymale
17Father Lightning BardKelly Archermale
18Fire One StarRicki Masonfemale
19Dr. Digital Midnight UniverseM. T. Alveyfemale
20The CapeLee Alveyfemale
21Captain Seventh Lost HeroLouis Fowlermale
22The Grey Sorceress HawkH. A. Pattersonfemale
23Dr. Angel SparrowGay Stratfordmale
24Captain SignS. K. Randallfemale
25Solar Second Indigo EagleDarlene Brownfemale
26Ms. Paisley GuruDylan J. Wildefemale
27Cosmic Crimson KnightP. T. Jackson-Baldwinfemale
28The Stinging Dead SaintEleanor Dylanfemale
29The Immortal Red VikingJustin Martinezmale
30The SkullAdolfo Rex Carnegiemale
31The GonzalezNicole Henryfemale
32Dr. Electric NovaLucille Kitty Hughesfemale
33Lord LadTravis A. Archermale
34Sister Sun ImmortalS. R. Lesterfemale
35Kid Twelfth TwoTim Jack Wildemale
36Wicked MaceGina M. Scottfemale
37SolarDavid Thurstonmale
38Lady CatLaura Hutchesonfemale
39Ms. GirlKim Dylanfemale
40Seventh SkullMartin Bowermale
41The CondorLouise Stratfordfemale
42Tenth First VideoDylan Lee Huntfemale
43The Green Titanic Monkey HornetA. M. Carringtonfemale
44Digital BoyKenneth P. Archermale
45Dr. Indigo Blue Eighth WraithTerry Lestermale
46Kid DevaRonald Dextermale
47The StarWalter K. Andersonmale
48The Thirteenth SamuraiMadison C. Dylanfemale
49Mad ThreeDale Brownmale
50Lord Black EnvoyAndrew Philip Davenportmale