50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Lady DoctorRobin Spainfemale
2Ms. MissileS. N. Thurstonfemale
3Kid Secret Electric LightningLaura McKenziefemale
4Captain Deadly Solar Crimson FourNelson Carpentermale
5Dr. Swamp HeartWilliams Farrmale
6Ms. NightmareKathy Dale Sinclairfemale
7Mr. Twelfth Ruby HuntDennis Dextermale
8MagicianDavid Graymale
9Sir Twelfth KingReggie Spencemale
10Midnight BatPamela Whitcombfemale
11Gold Synthetic Atomic PawnAna R. Smithfemale
12Ms. PawnJustine Martinezfemale
13The FlameKevin M. Strattonmale
14Private WaspMary Roberta Whitcombfemale
15Dark Ram WolfR. R. Adkinsfemale
16Private ImmortalJoe Martinezmale
17Ancient Mason PulsarCary Madison Williamsmale
18Green Seventh RaccoonGary H. Babcockmale
19SparrowTom Millsmale
20Water ScorpionKirk Juan Libermanmale
21Lost TessTerry Havenfemale
22ImmortalRoy Withersmale
23HornetS. Aaron Scottmale
24The MaskTravis N. Libermanmale
25The Diamond Fire Living DoctorJustin Tuckermale
26Detective Miner ComedianJonas S. Lestermale
27Digital Dead MarvelJoe J. O’Reillyfemale
28Mason HoundMarcos Wilkinsonmale
29Captain Priestess WolverineS. Kelly Stevensfemale
30Miss Quantum MidnightKaren Randallfemale
31WraithKathy Maxine Janefemale
32Mr. RockMaxwell Strattonmale
33Super DogEmma Noblefemale
34The NineEric Scottmale
35Son of the ThunderDavid Millsmale
36Princess Watcher MidnightNancy Hinkleyfemale
37Scarlet Black WraithMel Lester Pickensmale
38Mr. GoblinCharles Boonmale
39Kid Synthetic PriestessMaxine R. O’Reillyfemale
40Master GoblinKip L. Farrmale
41Rock StalkerA. M. Barrfemale
42Crimson New HornetMurphy Morganmale
43Miss Titanium MageLee Henryfemale
44Ms. GuruCharlene Pamela Draperfemale
45The Atomic Lightning MagicianSimon Withersmale
46Magic Ninth BishopRonald J. Millsmale
47Mother Synthetic DoveJackie Robbinsfemale
48The Fourth Bee ScarabDiana Hayes-Thurstonfemale
49Master Katana DoveLuke Millsmale
50JudgeSusan Stella Bakerfemale