50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The SpiderSteve L. Henrymale
2The Swamp Nuclear DoctorDiego Millsmale
3The Digital ShroudGabriel Joan Draperfemale
4Dr. Fifth RocketJ. R. Grumbymale
5Mother JolineLaura Evansfemale
6First CatMildred Bissonfemale
7The Silver GoblinMary K. Robbinsfemale
8Devil TwoL. A. Draperfemale
9Stinging Solar Night FoxRona Draperfemale
10Lost RocketLuke Williamsmale
11Princess JudgeDylan Smithfemale
12Brain SnakeJack Dyermale
13Master FangCary N. Libermanmale
14EnvoyMaria Laura Grumbyfemale
15The AngelTim Adkinsmale
16Red KnightLynn Tom Bradfordmale
17The Bear SunRobert Rex Andersonmale
18The Eighth RamJesus Thurstonmale
19The Eternal First Fifth FlyTammy M. Lesterfemale
20Electronic ChemistKaren A. Stratfordfemale
21Officer Lady MariaMildred Adkinsfemale
22Mr. Green DemonAdrian Fowlermale
23The Synthetic WilkinsonAmber Terry O’Reillyfemale
24Sister WraithJill J. Arlingtonfemale
25Sixth Eye RockJustin Lordmale
26Dr. Hooded SilhouetteSmith Morganfemale
27Son of the Magic DiamondRobert Drapermale
28Sphinx SquirrelLouise Draperfemale
29UniverseLynn Lestermale
30Quantum Mighty SamuraiMadison J. Tuckerfemale
31Dr. Beetle AndroidEllen Rona Philips-Williamsfemale
32Mighty Guru SurferKate Dylanfemale
33Eighth Hero RobotMichelle M. Martinezfemale
34MagicianRandi Hayesfemale
35Princess Wicked Twelfth FerretSusan Elena Arlingtonfemale
36Spectre CometWilliam Kelleymale
37Brother NovaLee Archermale
38Father Ruby Magic ZeroL. William Hughesmale
39Fourth SpectreJoline J. Adkinsfemale
40Private Condor EightHugh J. Reedmale
41Dr. GoblinJane Lipscombfemale
42Captain Cold Electric RockCary Mel Babcockmale
43Digital ClownGabriel Arlingtonmale
44Detective WizardKelly M. Lynnemale
45Thunder ComedianMichelle Tuckerfemale
46Cold Ragged Tenth FlameHal K. Graymale
47Ragged Cold DavenportKelly Brownmale
48Deadly Indigo JetKerry Joe Scottfemale
49Ninth Silhouette HeroMorgan R. McKenziemale
50The Broken Vigilante SwanAlice Strattonfemale