50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Dr. Electronic MissileDylan Sutherlandfemale
2The HornetSusan E. Grumbyfemale
3Dr. Missile ComedianArthur Jonesmale
4Dr. EelJesus Martinezmale
5MaceJustin Adkinsmale
6Wicked Ebony DiamondKirk Randallmale
7Dark Sixth FourCameron Dexterfemale
8Dr. Water Cosmic SunLeo N. Bowermale
9The Blood Lost TenLuke Havenmale
10Son of the VikingSteve Adkinsmale
11Dr. PhantomMarcy Gay Pattersonfemale
12Ruby AngelKennedy J. Pickensfemale
13Dr. Ragged Mad Stinging DruidL. L. Spainfemale
14Masked VikingVirginia Travisfemale
15Mr. Seventh Solar JackMorgan K. Wildemale
16Seventh Dead TwoBabcock M. McKenziefemale
17Devil PhantomAdrian Gina Masonfemale
18The SilhouetteLuke Dextermale
19Brother Green Pale ScientistT. D. Fowlermale
20DeathJonas S. McKenziemale
21The Electronic Fourth WolverineHenry Drakemale
22Daughter of the MidnightMary Grumbyfemale
23The Bard LordJoline Baldwinfemale
24Brother First BoyDavid O’Reillymale
25The DevaReggie C. Babcockmale
26Master Paisley Eternal RatMatthew Sinclairmale
27GolemKelly Madison Philipsmale
28Private VigilanteDiego Lordmale
29The Digital Ragged Stinging GuardArthur Dillon Dyermale
30Mr. Atomic Broken NineAdolfo Stevensmale
31Gold HeartMelissa Masonfemale
32Madame Thunder Indigo SurferJill P. Henryfemale
33The ClawReggie Lestermale
34BardD. D. Lambmale
35Daughter of the Titanic WraithJustine C. Tuckerfemale
36Gold Hooded Vigilante ShieldMorgan L. Libermanfemale
37The Third HavenJill Bowerfemale
38Mr. Digital MasonTom O’Reillymale
39AgentCameron T. Lipscombfemale
40The CapeJames Robbinsmale
41The Stinging Death BishopTom S. Babcockmale
42Ms. Quantum RobotMelissa Randallfemale
43The Masked Indigo Crimson EightLeona Wilde-Scottfemale
44Daughter of the Clown PriestessDenise Robbinsfemale
45Father Wolverine FourGary Babcockmale
46Ms. BardLynne Lipscombfemale
47The Immortal Ram RobinJane Hughesfemale
48Lady Thirteenth Swamp Secret SphinxStella Samantha Whitcombfemale
49Lord Electronic NobleCab Whitcombmale
50Dr. JudgePamela E. Kennedyfemale