50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1EightMadison A. Babcockfemale
2Zero JetLane Carpenter-Carringtonfemale
3Mr. DemonEdward Drakemale
4The Blood Silver ComedianDillon Cameron Bowermale
5Third Silver SoulMorgan Robinfemale
6Swamp Mighty SignNellie K. Kelleyfemale
7Water DragonLane Lipscombmale
8The Synthetic WolverineNicole Bowerfemale
9WarriorNancy Nelson-Pattersonfemale
10Dr. Atomic First EyeDonna Henriettafemale
11Crimson Electric MagicianNelson Withersmale
12Miss Nuclear ScarabRina G. O’Reillyfemale
13Thirteenth Raven SignEvan A. Adkinsmale
14Claw ScorpionKenneth Boonmale
15The GolemTracy Grayfemale
16StarWilliam Wildemale
17Dr. Wicked RavenJuan McKenziemale
18Dr. SquirrelRobin J. Grumbyfemale
19Dr. Dead ApeMildred Clarkfemale
20Ninth Super HornetMichael Kennedymale
21Officer MichelleSutherland Henryfemale
22CobraK. K. Stratfordmale
23Brother MarvelJustin M. Lipscombmale
24The Seventh Strange DiamondPatricia Sally Evansfemale
25Cosmic SorceressRoberta Baldwinfemale
26GuardianKitty Pattersonfemale
27OneAdrian Pickensmale
28Super CondorMaxwell Flanaganmale
29WarriorAaron T. Farrmale
30Father Fire HandRoy Spencemale
31Captain MarvelEmma Michelle Lipscombfemale
32Son of the Living Masked GonzalezMorgan S. Friedmanmale
33Ruby StarSamantha M. Millsfemale
34ScientistMaria Marcosfemale
35Dr. White NineEmma Strattonfemale
36Video RatFay Guinnessfemale
37The Cosmic Dead StingAndrew Nelsonmale
38Sister Eighth Six PhantomJackie Travisfemale
39Officer WatchmanTim Eric Grumbymale
40Ms. GuruA. L. Martinezfemale
41Madame WolfCameron Bakerfemale
42Mr. Desert Seventh Heart BladeLee Wildemale
43Ancient JudgeAdrian K. Kennedyfemale
44Sir Hooded RocketScott Adkinsmale
45VideoEleanor J. Wildefemale
46The Seventh Sign JetHinkley Bradfordfemale
47Mr. WolverineTravis Henrymale
48Mr. Mad Jack TenJacob O’Reillymale
49Weird Nuclear TarotRandi Howellfemale
50The Quantum Silver KnightKate Libermanfemale