50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Kid SamuraiReggie J. Hutchesonmale
2Monkey MaceRex Drakemale
3Ms. RaccoonKerry Carnegiefemale
4The ImmortalEllen Hughesfemale
5The Broken Wicked FlameCarl Farrmale
6Private Broken PulsarDylan A. Morganfemale
7Officer Titanium Super EelDale Alveymale
8ScientistGary Hughesmale
9Eighth Desert HeartSpencer O’Reillymale
10The CanaryTina Martinezfemale
11Sea ClawM. A. Huntfemale
12The Dragon DiamondRoy Drake Alveymale
13Devil SurferKaren Henryfemale
14SurferReggie R. Friedmanmale
15The Green SkullMichelle Archerfemale
16AngelWalker M. Martinezfemale
17Officer Weird Third GuardNelson Alveymale
18Miss DestroyerRoberta Travisfemale
19Lady FourAmber Morganfemale
20Private JackSimon Philip Jacksonmale
21Ten DiamondFrank Dylanmale
22Son of the Kid SwordRex Bakermale
23Lunar HoundAdrian T. Pickensmale
24King Electric SpiderSteve L. Davenportmale
25Madame Queen UniverseMelissa Guinnessfemale
26King Eternal Cold PulsarRonald Bakermale
27The EagleMalcolm Guinnessmale
28Seventh Crimson JudgeJustin G. Hutchesonmale
29Mr. King MoonS. D. Dylanmale
30The RiderMelinda J. Pickensfemale
31Mr. Dark Atomic ScorpionLuke Henrymale
32Queen Beetle JudgeTracy Huntfemale
33The DoveRobert Nicholas Barrmale
34PowerMaria Lordfemale
35PhantomHenrietta Wilma Stevensfemale
36The BearMelinda G. Sutherlandfemale
37Kid Dead ClownJoe Robbins-Havenfemale
38ThreeFay S. Dexterfemale
39The Dead ScorpionPhilip Henrymale
40MothRobin Babcockfemale
41Daughter of the DoveTracy Williamsfemale
42The Atomic StarStella Clarkfemale
43Ms. First CometKelly A. Thurstonfemale
44ApeEmma Whitcombfemale
45Lost Bomb WraithAdrian Jacksonfemale
46Captain Wizard SurferRobert Robbinsmale
47First EagleCarolyn Philipsfemale
48Blue Nuclear KidEmma Grayfemale
49The RavenJuanita Flanaganfemale
50Strange Red EagleMaria Dylanfemale