50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The Ice GhostReggie Fowlerfemale
2The Wicked SunTracy Williamsfemale
3Scarab MagePhilip M. Kanemale
4Officer First First WomanReggie C. Morganfemale
5The Wonder Titanic HandM. A. Martinezmale
6PickensArthur Carnegiemale
7The Ancient Pawn WraithPatrick Philipsmale
8The SunLaura Williamsfemale
9The Hooded VikingLee Cary Stratfordmale
10Mr. Wicked Sea VoidLuke Lordmale
11The Gold Mad FoxMaxwell Kennedymale
12Private WolverineEdward Adrian Masonmale
13Living ShadowJoe Brownmale
14Madame Blue Condor FangChris Draperfemale
15Son of the SorcerorTom Sinclairmale
16NineE. M. Robbinsfemale
17The RobinR. G. Wildemale
18Captain BuddhaMalcolm Spainmale
19SpectreMarcy Elena Farrfemale
20JetCharlene Boonfemale
21Ms. Strange LightningS. E. Henryfemale
22Immortal SilhouetteLinda K. Lanefemale
23Diamond HandRina F. Dylanfemale
24The SwanLane Adkinsfemale
25Owl HawkK. R. Morganmale
26The Night New Atomic AvengerFrank Scottmale
27Grim Silhouette BatGray Luke Masonmale
28Green ScarabFrank Roy Drapermale
29King NightmareA. G. Kennedymale
30The Blood BulletTina Thurstonfemale
31Ms. Third Moon ClownJoe Morganfemale
32SquirrelCab A. Tuckermale
33Sister Mad Tarantula GorillaAlice Wildefemale
34Officer Living Thunder SparrowStella Howellfemale
35Son of the Cosmic BeeKevin Guinnessmale
36Mr. Seventh ClawLynn Pattersonmale
37Eighth ScarabArthur Sutherlandmale
38Kid TenKip Kirk Pickensmale
39Officer MaskReggie Havenfemale
40Lady Electric Nuclear PhantomJoan Davenportfemale
41VigilanteJacob D. Tuckermale
42JudgeT. P. Stevensfemale
43Super ClawSamuel Libermanmale
44The FateSteve Wilkinsonmale
45Ruby SorceressMichelle Bakerfemale
46Hooded GoblinTina Stuartfemale
47RoachDonald Stratfordmale
48Dead LightningKaren Dale Sutherlandfemale
49The Silver Cat ClownWilma Guinnessfemale
50Grey LadScott Sutherlandmale