50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Dr. MoonDennis M. Pattersonmale
2Kid GorillaMason Evansmale
3Private AngelTracy Bakermale
4Seventh Strange Synthetic HeartMark Blakemale
5Ms. Dead ShadowEmma K. Jonesfemale
6The Electronic Solar VigilanteCharlene Tracy Tuckerfemale
7Mr. Titanium HoundHugh Archermale
8Silver SquirrelCameron M. Drakemale
9Dr. Masked ChemistV. T. Drakefemale
10Captain RatSamantha Arlingtonfemale
11Kid Wonder NovaTess Joan Jacksonfemale
12Dr. Swamp LaneAaron M. Davenportmale
13The Immortal DogSteve Fowlermale
14Daughter of the Phantom FoxWilma Lanefemale
15The DruidJuanita Cameron Kennedyfemale
16Detective HoundC. R. Sinclairfemale
17The Ancient ClownMichael Mark O’Reillymale
18The PhantomK. L. Huntfemale
19Madame FiveJuanita Ginger Lanefemale
20GhostDillon T. Drakemale
21Dr. Grey Digital MacePamela S. Martinezfemale
22The Mad Mighty BulletDenise Sutherlandfemale
23The CometJames Archermale
24The Strange SpainLouise Martinezfemale
25Lady SwordLeona Carpenterfemale
26Living RamIna M. Noblefemale
27Immortal Grim MoonRobin W. Bowermale
28Son of the AvengerTracy Lynn Reedmale
29Living FlyLynn Reedmale
30Dr. Mad PrincessEleanor R. Hughesfemale
31Dead NightmareMatthew McKenziemale
32The Synthetic C.Lee Lanemale
33The MasonGary Wilkinsonmale
34Sparrow RaccoonKevin J. Spainmale
35The Twelfth DevilKelly Blakefemale
36Ghost PhantomTerry Carringtonmale
37Dr. Diamond ChemistTim Brownmale
38Master CometCab Stuartmale
39Crimson EagleEleanor Pickensfemale
40Sir Tarantula RoachKenneth Fowlermale
41The Sphinx FateDarlene Smithfemale
42Detective MinerChris Carnegiemale
43The Red Digital CobraTom H. Noblemale
44The Masked RoachHenrietta Michelle Masonfemale
45Kid Twelfth Fourth Ninth SixKelly M. Libermanmale
46Monkey GuardianKaren Davenportfemale
47SnakeMaxwell Drakemale
48Miss WaspC. J. Malcolmfemale
49Madame RocketScott R. Drakefemale
50ApeJames McKenziemale