50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Private PowerTom Brownmale
2Dr. GuardianHugh G. Bowermale
3The Electric DevilPatricia Lesterfemale
4The Fire SphinxTess Joe Morganfemale
5Ms. Robin BatMaria Strattonfemale
6The Ninth PriestHenry Flanaganmale
7Black KingLynn Evansmale
8The CondorKerry Draperfemale
9Ms. TwoKitty Blakefemale
10The Pale Immortal Fourth OneRonald Libermanmale
11Dr. Thunder StingHal J. Williamsmale
12Ms. CobraGabriel Malcolmfemale
13Mr. Magic Silver GhostHenry A. Carringtonmale
14FateTracy Cary Carringtonmale
15VoidC. M. Henrymale
16Sister RamEleanor P. Hinkleyfemale
17Private First RobinCharles Hinkleymale
18Sister Cold ShadowDonna Pattersonfemale
19Indigo MarvelSpencer Stevensmale
20The Deadly Deadly ShieldDylan Pickensfemale
21Dead NineSpencer I. Huntfemale
22Thirteenth CondorLane R. Martinezmale
23The Ebony MidnightTerry Babcockmale
24Shroud EnvoyPamela Spencefemale
25The Atomic Solar DruidHenry R. Martinezmale
26The Indigo Joker WizardJesus Arnold Bradfordmale
27Dr. Stalker ChemistDonald Gray Dextermale
28WolfSamuel Bissonmale
29Father BeetleLester D. Stratfordmale
30The Indigo FateEleanor Whitcombfemale
31The StarArthur Havenmale
32The Ape EagleLynne Sutherlandfemale
33Sparrow SevenDenise M. Smithfemale
34Paisley Blade WolfTom Evansmale
35Ms. Fire SpiderMaxine Hutchesonfemale
36Mr. Grey First VikingKenneth Gray Bowermale
37The Black Titanium RocketD. Aaron Hayesmale
38Red Ruby Desert FoxMaxwell Tuckermale
39Dr. Digital SpectreMadison Flanaganmale
40Captain Black Crimson PhantomDavid Sinclairmale
41The Five WaspGay Kanemale
42The Lunar KatanaSamantha Bissonfemale
43Ms. Green ChemistMaxine S. Havenfemale
44Sea JetNelson Fowlermale
45Dr. Masked TammyRina L. Whitcombfemale
46The Sea Strange Desert FangReggie Stella Bowerfemale
47Immortal FangKitty Draperfemale
48The Dark CondorHal A. Hayesmale
49Princess Second Hawk VoidJoe Wildefemale
50Miss Lost MaceTerry Masonfemale