50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Eighth Masked AndroidKirk Whitcombmale
2Dr. GuardianTracy L. Travisfemale
3Captain Death NovaKathy S. Lipscombfemale
4The Titanium SwanAna O’Reillyfemale
5Daughter of the MageMorgan Dexterfemale
6Lunar Titanic KidDonna Reedfemale
7Strange Eel BarrKirk Withersmale
8The Weird RockT. R. Drakefemale
9Lady BuddhaTina L. Farrfemale
10The Grey Stinging Mad Immortal RatJuan Grumbymale
11Brother Digital JetHugh Friedmanmale
12Sister New VideoKitty Grayfemale
13Madame DragonLinda Royfemale
14Detective StalkerAnne Nancy Wildefemale
15Masked ArnoldCharles Lanemale
16The Paisley SquirrelHal Reggie Wildemale
17Prince ChrisNicholas Havenmale
18Blue Stinging Deadly TarotStella I. Hinkleyfemale
19Deadly MaceArthur Carnegiemale
20The GhostJohn Bradfordmale
21LadyKathy Dexterfemale
22Lord FoxDiego Davenportmale
23The Masked Blood KatanaMorgan M. Farrmale
24The Scarlet Sphinx HornetTammy Jill Babcockfemale
25AvengerMildred Bradfordfemale
26King Black Wicked WolverineArthur L. Grumbymale
27The Wonder DragonGinger Karen Bradfordfemale
28Detective BeeMarcos Friedmanmale
29Mad SquirrelL. C. Carringtonfemale
30Daughter of the EelAlice Thurstonfemale
31Condor RocketCameron Travismale
32Kid Clown GuruFay Millsfemale
33Ms. Fly SwanK. M. Spainfemale
34Dr. Mad BombEvan Adkinsmale
35StarDonald McKenziemale
36Crimson Synthetic MonkeyJackie Andersonfemale
37Ms. Immortal DeathMelinda M. Carnegiefemale
38The Silver Scarlet VideoChris Withersmale
39Private MarvelMark Wilkinsonmale
40Mother ScorpionNellie Kerry Kelleyfemale
41Seventh BissonLester Juan Randallmale
42Lady BeastWhitcomb Bissonfemale
43Kid UniverseCary Spencer Stratfordmale
44The LightningKelly Arlingtonfemale
45Paisley Cold MonkeyEvan Williamsmale
46ShroudMartha Henryfemale
47Sir WarriorJustin Hughesmale
48Thunder EyePamela Bissonfemale
49Father Thirteenth EnvoyGray Carringtonmale
50Captain Water Cosmic EnvoyReggie Pattersonmale