50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1BulletJackie Adkinsfemale
2Titanic Blue Red BrainAna Bakerfemale
3Dead Dead Magic FlyEdward Lordmale
4Sixth SixJames Dextermale
5Kid CanaryHal Farrmale
6Tarantula PawnLeona Travisfemale
7Dr. Flame ApeNancy St. Maryfemale
8Pale Envoy SorcerorA. S. Stratfordmale
9SnakeCameron Williamsmale
10The HeartKate D. Stevensfemale
11Second SilhouetteDiego Samuel Bowermale
12Fourth Synthetic SquirrelMildred M. Jonasfemale
13The Titanium VideoJackie Malcolmfemale
14The TarantulaGay Stuartmale
15The Atomic SnakeLynn Randall Arlingtonmale
16Sixth Cosmic GoblinErin Tuckerfemale
17MonkeyIna Lipscombfemale
18Mr. Wasp SunGay Martinezmale
19Mr. Sixth Grim Wicked NineC. R. Dylanmale
20Night Missile GolemLouise Williamsfemale
21Mother Hooded Black KnightNicole I. Alveyfemale
22The White GirlGabriel Fowlerfemale
23Brother JohnJohn Babcockmale
24The Atomic Synthetic Blood BishopJustin J. Pickensmale
25Joker MagicianNelson R. Blakemale
26Brother Wonder DragonLane J. Wildemale
27The Eternal BeetleWilma A. Sutherlandfemale
28The Red Indigo LadTim Jonesmale
29Eighth EagleDale M. O’Reillyfemale
30Dr. Ruby HeroJesus Arthur Flanaganmale
31The Ragged GirlAmber Andersonfemale
32Master New Scarab NovaRoy Libermanmale
33Ms. Strange Super SpiderF. Joan Drakefemale
34The Water Atomic PowerCharles Davenportmale
35Captain SpiderAndrea Virginia Howellfemale
36The Water New WizardElena G. Erinfemale
37The VigilanteJacob D. Philipsmale
38Princess AnneMelinda P. Gonzalez-Draperfemale
39The Cosmic OwlLeo D. Lipscombmale
40Master Judge NineRobin Drapermale
41Princess KarenMarcy Jill Arlingtonfemale
42White Mighty JackSimon R. Alveymale
43The MeteorMelinda Gonzalezfemale
44Daughter of the Robot PawnPatricia Mason-Wildefemale
45GorillaSpencer Sutherlandfemale
46Twelfth Hooded ApeMichael Stuartmale
47Daughter of the SilhouetteJill Gonzalezfemale
48Captain FiveTom Barrmale
49Comedian TwoGabriel Boonfemale
50Captain Electronic HoundDiana Lesterfemale