50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Tenth GuardLeo P. Dyermale
2Clown RonaldTracy H. Kanemale
3Detective Android BeastAna Nelsonfemale
4Dr. TwoNicole Millsfemale
5HeartKate Howellfemale
6The Ten SkullTracy Babcockfemale
7Dr. Midnight EelMildred L. Travisfemale
8Lord Second SilhouetteLeo Lestermale
9The AndroidLee E. Andersonfemale
10Mr. SnakeMatthew T. Malcolmmale
11Blood Lost Water WolfDavid Havenmale
12Electric WomanLouise J. Carnegiefemale
13Ms. Priestess AvengerKelly K. Kennedyfemale
14Ms. Diamond Universe GuardKim Andersonfemale
15Dr. Deadly ShieldRobin Leomale
16The ClownDonna Elena Grumbyfemale
17The Super RaccoonLester Dennis Robbinsmale
18The GolemLouis Lee Pickensmale
19Father Thunder Sea DiamondRick Reedmale
20The Dog EightWalter Lynn Archermale
21Warrior ComedianTom Hugh Strattonmale
22Detective Magic Solar SignVirginia N. Clarkfemale
23Black TwoDiego Evan Jacksonmale
24Dr. DiamondKim Lesterfemale
25The Lunar BladeIna R. Spain-Barrfemale
26WizardAna Randallfemale
27Master PhantomJames Walter Boonmale
28Mother Electric BuddhaKate Martha Spainfemale
29The RockMorgan L. O’Reillymale
30RaccoonPamela Dyerfemale
31The Diamond Universe KatanaM. E. Denisemale
32Eternal MeteorSusan Baldwinfemale
33The Comet NightmareTammy Lee Smithfemale
34Sister Black Ancient Paisley CobraMartha L. Friedmanfemale
35Queen Blue QueenNellie Tuckerfemale
36Kid SixLester Bakermale
37ComedianFay O’Reillyfemale
38The Green Eternal SoulJesus Grumbymale
39White NellieJ. K. Scottfemale
40Mother Paisley LassTess Nelsonfemale
41The DeathMatthew W. Alveymale
42The Dead AlvinFriedman S. Hayesmale
43Queen MidnightMaria Archerfemale
44Sir Mage NobleEdward Gonzalezmale
45Paisley DruidLynne T. Sinclairfemale
46Private Third ShadowScott K. Andersonfemale
47The Strange OwlM. K. Farrmale
48Ms. HandCharlene Grumbyfemale
49Ebony SolarFrank Libermanmale
50Fire Thunder Electric GaryHenry Charles Flanaganmale