50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The MothLynne Philipsfemale
2Private Titanic SevenRicki McKenziefemale
3Fifth WarriorMorgan J. Carnegiemale
4King Ninth Black Masked BladeMalcolm Robbinsmale
5Daughter of the Dead Indigo DemonMildred Amber Bowerfemale
6The Deadly Tenth CatCarolyn Anne Draperfemale
7The Quantum SilhouetteMarcos M. Pattersonmale
8ScientistTerry Flanaganmale
9SoulLinda L. Davenportfemale
10ElenaJ. J. Kelleyfemale
11Titanium SoulMelissa S. Sutherlandfemale
12FangHal Lanemale
13ZeroMelinda Sally Withersfemale
14The SparrowLeona Lanefemale
15The Shield OneKate Lordfemale
16KidMorgan C. McKenziemale
17Sixth Moon DevaAndrea C. Jacksonfemale
18The Lunar SwordSally Grumbyfemale
19Super Green FiveNellie Scottfemale
20New Immortal SixPhilip Hinkleymale
21Officer Twelfth Paisley GuruAlvin Nelsonmale
22Sir BuddhaSteve D. Jonesmale
23Ghost MothMurphy Hugh Nelsonmale
24The Sixth RavenMurphy Jacksonfemale
25Indigo CapeLeo Graymale
26Dr. Hound EelTracy K. Grayfemale
27ZeroMelinda L. Alveyfemale
28The Dog MageJoline Arlingtonfemale
29Fly PawnChris Sinclairfemale
30Madame Swamp DevaMadison Sutherlandfemale
31TenWilliam M. Havenmale
32Eighth Lunar ImmortalHenrietta Millsfemale
33Midnight HeroReggie Flanaganfemale
34RaccoonLee Spencer Blakemale
35The HawkL. Ricki Gary-Wilkinsonfemale
36StalkerRoy Frank Dextermale
37The SamuraiLane Lestermale
38The FlameJuan Lanemale
39Sir Black BakerAndrew C. Spainmale
40Dr. Bullet KatanaKitty R. Draperfemale
41Son of the Seventh SparrowGay Gonzalezmale
42Mr. Second JudgeMurphy Graymale
43Ms. FerretLynne Pickensfemale
44Son of the Ancient Third ComedianLane Waltermale
45Father Masked BarrGay H. Sutherlandmale
46King Blood ThreeMel Carnegiemale
47MasonMaxine D. Sutherlandfemale
48Brother Strange JudgeRex Reggie Spainmale
49Private Magic ShieldMaxine Kelleyfemale
50Mr. ThunderMark Gaymale