50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1MarvelRoy Spencemale
2Broken Void BladeTammy Kennedyfemale
3Ms. Magic WaspReggie L. Malcolmfemale
4Quantum Magic AvengerArthur Noblemale
5Lost New SaintEdward J. Martinezmale
6Brother Water MaceJuan Hayesmale
7Officer CometMurphy A. Lewisfemale
8Grim SignKip Kanemale
9Private Diamond DragonMorgan Drakemale
10The Lost ThreeMartha Martinezfemale
11The Lost SwordDale Carnegiefemale
12The CatJonas Hutchesonmale
13New ScorpionErin Carnegiefemale
14The Ferret SurferM. M. Stuartfemale
15The Agent NightmareNicholas Carringtonmale
16Mother Guard WarriorMartha Sutherlandfemale
17Ms. Seven MagicianGay M. Huntfemale
18Son of the Ninth MagicianMurphy Stuartmale
19Demon ScorpionJuan Grumbymale
20The ShadowHenry Maxwell Wildemale
21Mr. Soul MidnightSimon Drakemale
22Lord Ninth Strange SunM. C. Lewismale
23Queen Sea SpectreRina Babcockfemale
24Captain Gold SwanKate V. Whitcombfemale
25Father Ninth PrinceKevin Carringtonmale
26The ThreeSpencer Martinezmale
27Mr. Super HeartGabriel Malcolmmale
28Detective Second OwlDenise S. Kane-Alveyfemale
29Captain HawkLeona Smithfemale
30The SolarMark Kelly Baldwinmale
31The Wonder DetectiveMartin Lipscombmale
32Officer LightningLouise Walkerfemale
33Ruby WarriorLouise Farrfemale
34BearHenrietta Lucille Jonesfemale
35HornetLester Martinezmale
36Desert DoctorLane Havenmale
37Silver RockEric Chris Strattonmale
38AngelKerry Havenfemale
39The Masked WomanAdrian Bakerfemale
40Sir BardKip Hughesmale
41The RatMelissa Draper-Draperfemale
42The Lost TwoKip Carnegiemale
43The Blood JackKate Wilkinsonfemale
44Kid Grim Water Seventh SwanKelly Henryfemale
45Sir Grey RockMichael Hal Boonmale
46RoachD. S. Kanefemale
47Kid Electronic BrainJustin Spainmale
48Master Katana GoblinL. M. Flanaganmale
49Detective Titanic Ruby BoySamuel Kelleymale
50The CanaryKitty Hutchesonfemale