50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The KnightEleanor Lambfemale
2Stinging Second Midnight FiveKitty Morgan Farrfemale
3MagicianEdward Robbinsmale
4Sir ChemistGary Flanaganmale
5Scarlet DeathJonas Lewismale
6Gold EnvoyMichelle Tuckerfemale
7The NineA. T. Millsmale
8Deadly Paisley MasonCab Fowlermale
9Detective Fly RocketCharlene Randallfemale
10Detective WarriorDonna Masonfemale
11Dr. LadJonas Hugh Wildemale
12Captain Ancient SignMalcolm Bakermale
13The Fire Watcher GuardIna Carnegiefemale
14PrincessMartha X. Noblefemale
15Ms. WizardD. W. Kanefemale
16Third Ninth Green BearSamantha Martinezfemale
17Officer Two JackSamantha Howellfemale
18Mother Lunar GuruWilma Dexterfemale
19The Ninth DestroyerChris Nelsonmale
20Princess Water Midnight DeathStella Kelleyfemale
21Miss Grim Pale ThreeMaxine Lordfemale
22Daughter of the DiamondMurphy Spencefemale
23IceAdolfo Fowlermale
24NovaAndrew Kelly Huntmale
25Ms. PrincessAlice E. Babcockfemale
26Ms. BrainV. N. Lanefemale
27The Indigo Pale Fourth BrainKevin Kirk Walkermale
28Cobra EightAnne R. Spencefemale
29The Fire Tenth FlameReggie L. Carpenterfemale
30BrainGay Masonfemale
31The Quantum SoulJoan D. Lambfemale
32K.Nancy Linda Bradfordfemale
33VoidMildred L. Hinkleyfemale
34Thunder PawnCharlene Kitty Hughesfemale
35The SamuraiGay Hayesmale
36Detective Third KatanaTammy Nelsonfemale
37Scarlet Eighth MaskWalter Tuckermale
38Pale ShadowKaren Carnegiefemale
39Mr. Second Cold BeeAndrew St. Dylanmale
40The WaspSusan L. Smithfemale
41The Magician BishopGabriel Bissonmale
42Ruby GuruRosa Hinkleyfemale
43ShadowVirginia W. Masonfemale
44Lord WarriorFrank J. Stevensmale
45Fire MeteorAdrian Masonfemale
46Beast FiveJane Charlene Bowerfemale
47SpectreRobin Karen Pickensfemale
48Brother Red Super UniverseAdolfo Howellmale
49Detective Ragged Lunar E. PhilipsLeo Farrmale
50Daughter of the RockIna Grumbyfemale