50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The ChemistAdrian Lordfemale
2Detective First FlyLinda Sutherlandfemale
3BearMartha Anderson-Baldwinfemale
4Mr. Eel OneWilliam Spencemale
5Madame Fifth EelGina Tuckerfemale
6RocketIna Martinezfemale
7Lunar Magic SignSamuel Strattonmale
8Masked ScorpionJoan Morganfemale
9Dr. Stinging RatReggie Drakemale
10WomanNicole J. Lanefemale
11Grey Pale AgentGabriel Matthew Spencemale
12Night Immortal BeePhilip S. Fowlermale
13The StalkerMichael L. Archermale
14Lord Living JetRex Henrymale
15Ms. Third BeetleLinda Havenfemale
16Kid PawnKathy Noblefemale
17Captain Solar Ninth BoyKirk Reggie Williamsmale
18Titanium Twelfth PrincessLane Joline Lesterfemale
19Officer Second LightningLucille Clarkfemale
20Ms. Swamp Electronic New TarantulaMurphy Drakefemale
21The Scarlet ManE. Randall Whitcombmale
22The Lunar ComedianLouise Eleanor Arlingtonfemale
23The Mighty RamJesus Williamsmale
24The Grim HornetKerry Lipscombfemale
25The Silver CobraDavid Bowermale
26Queen SquirrelFay Farrfemale
27Red AngelLynn M. Dextermale
28Dr. Solar CapeKitty G. Barrfemale
29The Thunder Stinging DevilAaron Arlingtonmale
30Mad TuckerCameron N. Farrfemale
31The Wicked AndroidDiana Travisfemale
32The Ninth FlyJoline T. Blakefemale
33PriestessLaura Patricia Kanefemale
34Electronic PrincessKim Blakefemale
35Lunar WolverineWilliam Huntmale
36Father Gorilla StingK. T. Masonmale
37DoctorNicholas Juan Lipscombmale
38Daughter of the Warrior SorceressMadison Lane Kelleyfemale
39Eternal WarriorJill Draperfemale
40Officer Fourth HoundSusan Grayfemale
41Deadly GhostMadison Bakermale
42Detective StarGina Farrfemale
43New BardA. X. Spencefemale
44Seventh New Stinging TwoMark Adkinsmale
45Son of the Silhouette AndrewM. B. Grumbymale
46DoveJacob Martinezmale
47King SwanG. L. Alveymale
48MonkeyGray Waltermale
49The Nine SpectreEmma Guinnessfemale
50Private WraithAdrian Spencer Grayfemale