50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Dr. Android DogMaxwell Bradfordmale
2The ScorpionRina Stuartfemale
3Kid Hooded Rocket ApeTravis L. Boonmale
4Ruby CobraTracy Arlingtonfemale
5Private White Indigo Diamond FlyDonna Lane-Wildefemale
6Hero SquirrelChris T. Scottfemale
7Electric Sixth FlyMarcos Nelsonmale
8Private SamuraiEric Lambmale
9Mr. Stinging JackNelson Guinnessmale
10The Eighth IceGay Howellmale
11AvengerPhilip Randallmale
12Electric Raccoon RamStella Scottfemale
13RatAnne Nicole Lewisfemale
14Private KidJoe Evansmale
15Solar FlameJuanita Smithfemale
16The Swamp Quantum New SphinxMatthew A. O’Reillymale
17Lady Cosmic Quantum WomanRicki Stevensfemale
18The ScorpionKenneth Nelson Havenmale
19Officer DiamondAlvin Dylanmale
20ScientistWilliam Kelly Stevensmale
21The Strange Secret AndroidS. G. Boonmale
22Kid Masked CapeDarlene Howellfemale
23The Bomb BrainJesus Juanitamale
24WarriorGabriel Pattersonfemale
25Mighty RoachCarolyn Babcockfemale
26The Magic DoveTina Barrfemale
27Prince HandRoy Spainmale
28The Eternal Bard DoctorJill Rosafemale
29Ragged Dark CondorJesus Millsmale
30Ebony DogTom R. Robbinsmale
31PawnAdrian Gonzalezfemale
32King Wicked Red RoachArthur Spencemale
33Paisley Grim ScarabAdrian Pickensmale
34Ms. Grey FerretP. Randi Andersonfemale
35Dr. Silver ShieldLeo Lester Hutchesonmale
36Mr. PrinceJuan Bissonmale
37Princess FangLaura Susan Pattersonfemale
38New Weird GolemRobin Lewismale
39Queen Nuclear MagicianSpencer Malcolmfemale
40NightmareAlice Thurstonfemale
41Dr. Electric CatPatricia R. McKenzie-Walkerfemale
42Dr. DevaEvan Jonesmale
43Father ImmortalDennis Adolfo Baldwinmale
44Secret Shield FlameLuke Brownmale
45Mr. Raven MaskLuke Evansmale
46The NancyKerry A. Stevensfemale
47The Ebony MagicianBaker Hayesfemale
48Desert EagleCarolyn Nicole Carnegiefemale
49Daughter of the First OneVirginia Kanefemale
50Private Masked DragonMartin Masonmale