50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Mighty FateWilliam Hayesmale
2Fire Twelfth VoidMartha M. Boonfemale
3The EnvoyJesus Walkermale
4Super ImmortalCharles Alveymale
5Detective Blood SaintCharlene O’Reillyfemale
6Princess SquirrelLinda Adrian Robbinsfemale
7JudgeLester J. Jacksonmale
8The Electric Fire FlameMurphy Barrfemale
9Queen Buddha ImmortalStella S. Lambfemale
10Kid FoxKirk Stevensmale
11Immortal FiveJuanita Bissonfemale
12The Cosmic DestroyerLane Lucille Baldwinfemale
13Weird Soul RobotMatthew R. Hutchesonmale
14Jack MaceMadison Hutchesonmale
15Father Fox Cary WithersPatrick Williamsmale
16Detective Thirteenth SignRobin Kennedyfemale
17The Third Blood White DetectiveVirginia Carringtonfemale
18FoxMatthew Jesus Alveymale
19Father Fifth AngelPhilip D. Dextermale
20IceAdrian M. Spainmale
21The Cat SwordRobin Marcos Travismale
22The Mask MasonKirk Tracy Alveymale
23Prince GoblinDonald Strattonmale
24Mad WraithHayes Dexterfemale
25The Stinging VoidDonald Fowlermale
26Canary ChemistChris Smithfemale
27The White Scarab ClawKitty Noblefemale
28Lady MarvelIna Gina Dylanfemale
29The Sea CondorFrank Stevensmale
30The First Bard OneLouis Babcockmale
31EyeMaxwell Lipscombmale
32The Mason TarantulaLaura Kelleyfemale
33The Midnight RobinFrank Williamsmale
34The Eternal Seventh MinerJustin Stuartmale
35Officer Lady AgentTracy E. Nelsonfemale
36Dr. SilhouetteMary Millsfemale
37Captain Dog ApeFrank Robbinsmale
38Solar DoctorAlice Marcy Arlingtonfemale
39White Lunar CobraTammy Davenport-Kanefemale
40Silver HornetLeo Friedmanmale
41JackMurphy Jesus Andersonmale
42Officer ScarabFay Carnegiefemale
43The Night IceAdrian Rex Tuckermale
44Ms. JackScott Hughesfemale
45Private AvengerArnold Diego Bakermale
46Prince Thirteenth PrinceLouis Malcolmmale
47Dr. Black BeetleElena Elena Draperfemale
48MissileLester D. Martinezmale
49Electric Green GuardianMary Lane Aaronfemale
50Lord Lunar Electronic Green OneSamuel Travismale