50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1StalkerAndrew Robbinsmale
2Miss Fire NightmareGabriel Huntfemale
3Red Seventh MonkeyMichelle Pattersonfemale
4Detective Blood RiderCarolyn O’Reillyfemale
5Mr. Ninth MaceMaxwell Lordmale
6SamuraiGina Morgan Howellfemale
7The Blue RavenKitty Ana Henryfemale
8Lost Ice ChemistCab Diego Kanemale
9Officer Mighty PhantomAlvin Noblemale
10CatLynn C. Lordmale
11Father Quantum IceTravis Smithmale
12The Masked Secret SparrowKevin Noblemale
13Pale FateCharles Gonzalezmale
14Monkey GorillaRobin Williamsmale
15Officer Grey MoonGay Jane Andersonfemale
16ShadowAdrian R. Lordfemale
17Dr. Synthetic WaspVirginia Carnegiefemale
18Brother Katana JokerAdolfo Wildemale
19The Indigo HeroKip Joe Guinnessmale
20Master BishopArnold Maxwell Morganmale
21Dr. Nuclear MidnightMichael Kelleymale
22Lunar DevilRobin Jonesfemale
23The Cat MidnightJack Brownmale
24Detective Ancient Desert RobinJackie M. Malcolmfemale
25The WaspHenry Pickensmale
26Comet TwoAnderson Andersonfemale
27Master Lost VoidGabriel K. Pattersonmale
28The Mighty RocketJuan Morgan Pattersonmale
29The Fire Eye SurferMarcos Dylanmale
30Magic SwordLinda Thurstonfemale
31StalkerKelly Dextermale
32Captain Magic Hooded UniverseLuke T. Carringtonmale
33Dr. Blood FerretHal S. Carringtonmale
34Dr. Roach ThunderChris Pickensfemale
35The Hooded Clown DevilJustin Lipscombmale
36Kid Digital Comedian GolemTim Hayesmale
37Viking MarvelDavid Baldwinmale
38Ms. Quantum Guru RiderDylan Jill Reedfemale
39The Ragged Hooded LadMatthew S. Pattersonmale
40Miss Pale ScientistRobin M. Noblefemale
41Officer Ancient SorcerorGabriel Hughesmale
42KatanaPatrick Brownmale
43Private Third Eighth FangMarcy C. Blakefemale
44The SnakeKirk Thurstonmale
45Mr. Cold SunL. N. Carnegiemale
46Daughter of the Thirteenth FangEleanor Murphy Carringtonfemale
47Prince Broken Meteor SparrowAnderson Dylanmale
48The First Miner PrinceJames Steve Carnegiemale
49Daughter of the Dark Masked Bear SkullRona S. Tuckerfemale
50Sir SwordDale Jonesmale