50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Vigilante StingReggie C. Grayfemale
2Miss Second SolarChris Jill Bradfordfemale
3Kid SphinxJack Grumbymale
4Miss HawkLee Morganfemale
5Brother Ragged Dark PowerTracy Q. Spencemale
6Mr. SunRandall W. Mildredmale
7Four GolemTom Whitcombmale
8Five BeeNellie Tess Noblefemale
9Nuclear New MageCab Pattersonmale
10Ms. Diamond ClownFay N. Millsfemale
11The Eel MissileRoy Blakemale
12Detective Broken DragonMadison K. Spencefemale
13Mother Stinging Second VikingNicole Carringtonfemale
14The SnakeErin Brownfemale
15Lord Electric StevensAdrian Arlingtonmale
16Dr. Atomic Immortal DoveElena Grayfemale
17Ms. TwoTess Tuckerfemale
18Green Demon MinerGabriel J. Sinclairmale
19WarriorEllen K. Andersonfemale
20Dr. Secret Midnight SwanTerry Gonzalezfemale
21Dr. Wicked AngelJuan Fowlermale
22Flame WarriorLane Henryfemale
23Mad SurferRobin M. Williamsmale
24Crimson Sun MaskRick Lestermale
25Captain Nuclear ShadowJill Hinkley-Bissonfemale
26The JokerSteve Millsmale
27Dragon AgentPatrick Martinezmale
28Magician GolemTerry L. Farrmale
29The Eel JudgeScott G. Howellfemale
30Dr. Sixth Super CanaryLane Dyerfemale
31Midnight Swamp Silhouette AngelAna Arlingtonfemale
32JudgeMurphy Robbinsfemale
33RobotLuke Huntmale
34Dr. Clown NovaGina Lanefemale
35Ms. MothErin Adkinsfemale
36The Wicked EightMelissa Dexterfemale
37Kid Immortal KaneFay Philipsfemale
38Captain Third OwlLouise Alveyfemale
39QueenDenise Alveyfemale
40Third SparrowReggie O’Reillyfemale
41The BishopLynn R. Pickensmale
42The Thunder Digital ManRonald Smithmale
43Lunar DoctorTess Lordfemale
44Mr. Desert AndroidCab Gay Wildemale
45The BearJesus D. Barrmale
46The Claw BeetleJane Alveyfemale
47Officer Fifth GorillaSteve Wilkinsonmale
48Princess Sea Midnight Night HandRona E. Bissonfemale
49Master ImmortalJ. R. Adkinsmale
50Dr. PriestLeo Farrmale