50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Mr. Gold VikingChris Morganmale
2SpectreDillon Hughesmale
3Blood DoctorAnne E. Guinnessfemale
4FlyM. F. Spencefemale
5Ms. Crimson Bomb RavenAmber Blakefemale
6Brother Green MoonAdrian Drapermale
7Captain Super BeastDillon A. Havenmale
8RamJuan Lester Fowlermale
9AndroidDrake Whitcombmale
10The Swamp First OneDale Kirk Withersmale
11DeathCarolyn Hayesfemale
12Eighth SpectreTerry Pickensmale
13The BatJohn Lewismale
14Captain OwlNicole K. Bissonfemale
15Ms. Ragged KnightAnne Susan Scottfemale
16Detective OneJane P. Pickensfemale
17RobotJesus Masonmale
18The UniverseCharles Philipsmale
19Dr. MaskGray W. Reedmale
20Mother Synthetic Sixth ScarabKaren Hinkleyfemale
21Super Broken StalkerCharlene Malcolmfemale
22Sister WarriorJoe Gay Whitcombfemale
23Black JackRonald Boonmale
24Captain Ruby Diamond Gold FangAnne Robbinsfemale
25Ms. Ninth Guru HornetAnne Arlingtonfemale
26Private Titanic New ImmortalRobin R. Noblemale
27The Fourth DevaKathy R. Adkinsfemale
28Nuclear HeartMichelle Masonfemale
29The Blood Fifth KatanaLinda E. Drakefemale
30TenJill S. Archerfemale
31Second Grim Bullet BladeDonald Bissonmale
32Green DiamondE. D. Stevensmale
33Deadly BatT. N. Philipsfemale
34Dr. Diamond VikingReggie Reggie Smithmale
35MissileJesus Jacob Archermale
36Ms. Hooded Lost QueenKathy Martinezfemale
37The Phantom VideoDale Howellmale
38The Crimson Joker TwoLester Evansmale
39Swamp Quantum JudgeJustin Walkermale
40The TwoKelly M. Brownfemale
41Dark Paisley TerryDonald W. Hutchesonmale
42The Sixth GoblinSamantha L. Henryfemale
43The DiamondMichelle Diana Lambfemale
44The Third BuddhaJane J. Brownfemale
45Ms. Deadly Desert JokerWilma Blakefemale
46Master Shield ComedianKelly T. Pattersonmale
47Ms. Electronic DaleGina L. Dyerfemale
48Heart SnakeReggie Masonmale
49The Indigo DeathMurphy Hughesmale
50Princess SparrowMadison D. Dexterfemale