50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The SolarDennis K. Havenmale
2The Ragged Immortal Star WolfChris Libermanmale
3SignRina Maria Blakefemale
4The Monkey MeteorMalcolm Bowermale
5Stinging Swamp Immortal JackLeona I. Carringtonfemale
6Father ManA. W. Scottmale
7Mr. Indigo RavenTravis Dylanmale
8Captain Power BeastSimon Hutchesonmale
9Living Broken WraithKitty Dylanfemale
10GuardianJackie Philipsfemale
11Ruby Ebony Second ClawGinger Robbinsfemale
12Jack BuddhaMarcos K. Kelleymale
13The Twelfth Ragged StalkerMaxwell Thurstonmale
14Ms. RavenJane Robbins-Huntfemale
15Crimson DestroyerSusan J. Dylanfemale
16BoyChris Friedmanmale
17Mighty SaintReggie S. Lesterfemale
18The SignTex Fowlermale
19New Weird WomanAlice Bakerfemale
20Dr. KidKathy Jonesfemale
21Gorilla MissileHenrietta Hughesfemale
22The Ancient Lost FlyRona Millsfemale
23The Dead OneMalcolm Stevensfemale
24Fourth StarKane C. Clarkmale
25Weird GonzalezTex Huntmale
26The Electric WilliamsS. L. Lesterfemale
27Dr. GuruEdward Simon Lewismale
28RiderMelinda Lanefemale
29Lord Thunder SwanSamuel Barrmale
30New Thirteenth First StingCharlene Noblefemale
31Ms. White BeeR. K. Philipsfemale
32Fifth TarotL. P. Lanemale
33The Magic GolemR. Mel Baldwinmale
34Brother Solar CobraSteve J. Lestermale
35The Ragged Mad MoonSpencer Kelleyfemale
36Sir KnightArnold Whitcombmale
37The MaceJoline Alveyfemale
38The Blood MaskDylan Evansfemale
39The BrainLynne A. Lesterfemale
40Silver Fire SamuraiNancy Jane Robbinsfemale
41Dr. BoySpencer Carpentermale
42DetectiveKirk Huntmale
43Dr. Magic Fourth MoonTina Stevensfemale
44Madame Seventh KnightJoline Lipscombfemale
45The JackJackie Tess Randallfemale
46The Weird Weird ThunderJacob Martinezmale
47Officer RavenKelly Boonfemale
48Deadly FiveLynne Fowlerfemale
49The VoidJacob D. Alveymale
50The Ninth Black DragonSamuel Farrmale