50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The Electric SilhouetteJackie McKenziefemale
2Ebony NovaSpencer M. Bissonfemale
3The White MageLester Bissonmale
4Mr. New Hooded Thunder MageJustin V. Stevensmale
5Dr. Grey TwoArthur Dyermale
6Ms. Secret Second MaskAndrea Baldwinfemale
7Eighth Cold GuardianScott Roberta Reedfemale
8Mr. ScorpionRick Nelsonmale
9Lunar HornetCary M. Tuckermale
10BladeTina Spencefemale
11Immortal Wolf SunCameron S. Sinclairmale
12King ChemistTom Blakemale
13Sir SwanMartin M. Carnegiemale
14Sea Night Ancient CondorGray Z. Thurstonmale
15Princess SunErin Susan Spainfemale
16RamTerry Davenportmale
17SwordAna Bowerfemale
18Grey AgentTerry K. Alveyfemale
19Indigo Grim Mad LassJoan X. Hughesfemale
20Dead MagicianNellie Susanfemale
21Captain Super Blue PulsarHenry Pickensmale
22The Immortal FoxGina Denise Havenfemale
23Captain BeetleRandall M. Lanemale
24Deadly Detective EagleL. J. Andersonfemale
25Comet HeartEric Drakemale
26Father Deadly SolarDillon Henrymale
27King Desert GorillaStuart Cameron Masonmale
28Titanium Skull BombEric Evansmale
29Prince Cold WarriorLeo Bowermale
30The RaccoonWilliam D. Dyermale
31Dr. JackK. A. Kennedymale
32Viking RatMichelle Walkerfemale
33SunNelson Dylanmale
34Ragged FateTim Fowlermale
35Ms. Heart EyeM. S. Kennedyfemale
36The Wonder Jack RamAdrian Smithmale
37Sixth Watchman PriestDillon Tracy Lordmale
38Druid JudgeEmma Stratfordfemale
39PhantomNelson Tuckermale
40Thunder RatKathy Pattersonfemale
41Quantum WraithLucille Bowerfemale
42Ms. RockMelissa M. Fowlerfemale
43Kid LadTim Leo Clarkmale
44Pale EightNelson Hughesmale
45RocketTravis Kanemale
46MaceNicholas Lestermale
47Officer HeartPatrick Evansmale
48Father New TwoLuke Nelsonmale
49Private Thirteenth Druid HeroA. T. Boonfemale
50Crimson WaspFlanagan Lane Boonfemale