50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Ms. CobraSally Ginger Kelleyfemale
2Midnight OneTerry Sinclairmale
3Father Comet ThunderTim Farrmale
4Madame Cosmic Dead Atomic DogJackie Hinkleyfemale
5Ancient Sixth ScientistAaron C. Flanaganmale
6The SilhouetteMelinda Hayesfemale
7Queen Desert Lunar Lunar PriestessL. W. Pattersonfemale
8The CapeMaxwell C. Flanaganmale
9The White WizardMorgan Randallfemale
10Dr. NightmareMichael Spainmale
11Kid Scarlet Blue MinerGray Nelsonmale
12Dr. RiderLinda Adkinsfemale
13Miss SpiderDale McKenziefemale
14Lady White MarvelIna P. Lordfemale
15Wonder Gold ScientistDillon Huntmale
16Fifth PulsarEmma Blake-Gonzalezfemale
17Immortal Super KnightScott C. Dyerfemale
18Mr. Ebony MonkeyAaron Barrmale
19Thunder WolverineJane Gonzalezfemale
20Prince StalkerRandall David Kelleymale
21Madame Third KnightRobin M. Dexterfemale
22Electronic HawkMurphy Louise Malcolmfemale
23The Diamond Green KnightKip Sinclairmale
24The Fourth RickiR. Lee Tessfemale
25Ms. Nuclear BombS. K. Pattersonfemale
26Blue JackRandall Spencemale
27Ms. Thunder Magician ZeroNellie P. Lesterfemale
28Kid Red Grey TarotSimon C. Sinclairmale
29Dr. WraithMaria Scottfemale
30Captain Quantum RobertaTerry P. Kennedyfemale
31The BearLee Lesterfemale
32Dr. FateLynn Bissonmale
33Captain White SpectreMelissa D. Spainfemale
34Dr. Red SevenDavid Lestermale
35Ms. Diamond LassTammy Masonfemale
36Desert Green SamuraiGary M. Withersmale
37Officer Black Crimson VideoJoline Gay Havenfemale
38Mr. CometDennis M. Adkinsmale
39The Bat IceTom Hughesmale
40Wonder ClownPatrick G. Sutherlandmale
41Green FourDrake Carnegiemale
42The Ebony Broken StalkerG. M. Dexter-Smithfemale
43Blue EagleKirk Lambmale
44The Ruby White RandallDonald D. Huntmale
45BardMorgan Adkinsmale
46Officer Ninth HawkKenneth Millsmale
47Water Secret RobotK. N. Fowlermale
48Madame Water Mighty DetectiveSally N. Flanaganfemale
49Mr. Twelfth BardM. J. Hughesmale
50The Third PawnGabriel Tracy Dexterfemale