50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Dr. Synthetic PulsarDiana E. Havenfemale
2Prince New SilhouetteLee Hutchesonmale
3Officer ZeroDonna Joline Scottfemale
4Officer Soul VoidHal Masonmale
5The Paisley Indigo SnakeE. Rina Boonfemale
6The Titanium Weird PawnAndrew Stuartmale
7JetDennis R. Lambmale
8Officer MidnightMarcos Sinclairmale
9The Swamp WolfStella Chris Scottfemale
10Officer Lost Dark DoctorEdward Pattersonmale
11Ms. CarringtonPatricia Pamela Carnegiefemale
12Dr. Grim WraithNicole Robbinsfemale
13Dr. Wicked Cold EightAmber Morganfemale
14Nuclear StarGay Stuartfemale
15Kid Indigo TarotLucille A. Tuckerfemale
16The LadKenneth Carringtonmale
17Dr. Mask EmmaMorgan P. Andersonfemale
18DestroyerMorgan Pickensfemale
19Daughter of the SorceressTracy Philipsfemale
20Dr. Eighth TwoMildred R. Alveyfemale
21WatchmanMurphy Pickensmale
22Grim PowerMorgan Dyerfemale
23Immortal Tenth BatReggie Lanefemale
24Water Magic ShroudMorgan Randallmale
25Captain Power NightmareDale Fowlermale
26Dr. Gold PriestDonald McKenziemale
27Sea Diamond Electric IceRobin Jonesmale
28Sir Midnight Grim FourRoy Sinclairmale
29Daughter of the ImmortalDiana Thurstonfemale
30The BeastSpencer Dexterfemale
31Deadly Second FlameEllen Clarkfemale
32EightChris F. Reedfemale
33Dr. RobinE. S. Friedmanfemale
34The PriestessSally Wilkinsonfemale
35Kid JokerRosa Alveyfemale
36The SevenLane Maria Fowlerfemale
37ComedianAdrian Malcolmfemale
38Sister White TenLee E. Withersfemale
39The Desert SolarM. R. Lanefemale
40HeartDavid Stuartmale
41Midnight Atomic SphinxG. D. Dylanmale
42Sir Hero MothKenneth Wilkinsonmale
43Sea WizardRobert Hayesmale
44Rocket EelMorgan Kanefemale
45Dr. Ice SpiderJames A. Jacksonmale
46The Lost LindaLynne Drakefemale
47Detective Fifth ScarabRobert Hinkleymale
48The Titanium Super Desert SurferAnne Williamsfemale
49Ms. BeetleTess Sinclairfemale
50Thunder Vigilante UniverseJacob A. Scottmale