50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The Indigo Grim Monkey MissileAna Pamela Dyerfemale
2Ms. Ragged Eight WizardLouise Tuckerfemale
3Thirteenth PrinceAlvin Tom Dyermale
4Princess Secret EightStevens Reggie Tuckerfemale
5Private Magic Electronic GuardNancy L. Lipscombfemale
6ScarabAlice Anne Philipsfemale
7Mother NovaMildred Barrfemale
8The Desert DetectiveCameron Howellmale
9Electronic UniverseJustine Dylanfemale
10SilhouetteRona Drakefemale
11Captain Fly PriestAlvin Kenneth Spencemale
12Electronic Grim GaryJohn Boonmale
13The Fourth ShadowSusan Bowerfemale
14Ms. Sea Masked Weird AndroidLee Davenportfemale
15The VideoKevin Kennedymale
16The Swamp EelMurphy Murphy Libermanfemale
17Officer Blue Secret BladeRona Hughesfemale
18MissileDale Dylanfemale
19Captain FateDavid Grumbymale
20Indigo Black ComedianJohn Reggie Malcolmmale
21Cosmic Third FerretGay K. Fowlerfemale
22Ms. ClawKaren Nelsonfemale
23Kid Mad Water BoyPhilip Scottmale
24Kid Cat TwoRick Walkermale
25Detective Water Dead RockKevin O’Reillymale
26Master Pale KnightDonald Dyermale
27The Fourth Super GuardianAdrian Spencefemale
28The Midnight Red ClawPatrick X. Sutherlandmale
29The Eternal DevilGray Jonesmale
30Green BearTess Evansfemale
31Crimson ShieldAna Martinezfemale
32DragonAndrea Carpenterfemale
33Lost MaskAmber A. Kennedyfemale
34Four DoctorJustin Dyermale
35Ebony EelSusan Draperfemale
36Zero NineEric D. Bradfordmale
37Private Masked Pulsar FiveTerry Tuckerfemale
38Officer Owl BearEllen Robbinsfemale
39Princess Seventh MidnightKerry Arlingtonfemale
40Private TarotKip Kelleymale
41Claw RavenChris Flanaganmale
42Red MidnightWithers Stratfordmale
43Magic BrainT. M. Grumbyfemale
44The SignKirk Jonesmale
45ShadowCharlene Farrfemale
46The Lost DogMelissa D. Stevensfemale
47Dr. DevaSally Hinkleyfemale
48The Skull ShieldScott Flanaganmale
49Dr. Digital Wicked Wicked HornetGay Huntfemale
50Kid Death MaceRosa Alveyfemale