50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The Seventh GorillaCameron Alveymale
2Sister PulsarEleanor C. Randallfemale
3The KidDiego Dextermale
4Lord Secret ThreeTex Jacksonmale
5Ms. GhostDale Lambfemale
6Dr. Green AgentKelly S. Whitcombmale
7Detective Titanium EightDarlene Huntfemale
8The Titanium Hooded SevenAmber Masonfemale
9The SurferIna Stevensfemale
10Lord Atomic Cold Fire VikingLee Dylanmale
11The Titanic Meteor SoulCarl Malcolmmale
12FiveJ. C. Carnegiemale
13Queen Dead Black CapeEllen Gonzalezfemale
14Midnight PawnRosa Stratfordfemale
15Dr. JudgeCab McKenziemale
16The Pale Surfer KatanaCameron M. Stevensmale
17SurferMorgan Lewismale
18Dr. Eternal Green CatRick Walter Martinezmale
19The Solar Comedian WarriorDennis Carnegiemale
20The RiderMel Howellmale
21Prince Mad SignLeo Grumbymale
22Spider EnvoyLee Friedmanmale
23Brother Silver AndroidMorgan Barrmale
24The BishopRobert L. Clarkmale
25Atomic Living AndroidCharlene Gonzalezfemale
26Ninth Indigo WolverineFay Morganfemale
27Officer Water DeathAaron Ronald Farrmale
28Fang FriedmanLewis McKenziefemale
29Ms. WraithCharlene Barrfemale
30Mr. Atomic Grey FourCab Blakemale
31Miss RoachRandi M. Stratton-Hutchesonfemale
32Mr. BulletSpencer L. Jonesmale
33Kid Video NovaKate Kelleyfemale
34The Grey Titanium ImmortalHugh Hinkleymale
35Sea Masked Quantum Immortal PulsarMaxine Melissa Jacksonfemale
36The TenL. J. Havenmale
37Detective Living BeetleMary J. Dylanfemale
38Immortal Crimson MaskStella Cameron Howellfemale
39Master Miner SunMatthew McKenziemale
40Grim NineMaxwell C. Morganmale
41Dr. Twelfth CometRick Philip Withersmale
42Dr. GirlMaxine Whitcombfemale
43FerretJacob Masonmale
44Gorilla BuddhaAlvin Randallmale
45Father HawkTim Kennedymale
46Eighth FourJane Nelsonfemale
47BoyGary Wildemale
48Silver Canary EagleEric Randallmale
49The RaccoonCameron O. Stratfordmale
50Fifth WolverineMatthew K. Thurstonmale