Men & Supermen

Pow! I wrote Men & Supermen a long time ago. Unfortunately, I don’t play it any more; we play Gods & Monsters when we get together for gaming. Men & Supermen is a real old-school game; it’s so old-school I don’t even understand some of it any more. If you have questions about it, please write, and I’ll try to remember what I was thinking.

There was a brief period where I called it Brand X instead of Men & Supermen. Here’s one of the blurbs I used in a now-defunct zine called Silver, Swords, & Sorcery:

You want great story-telling, great action, great fun? You want Brand X. Brand X is designed to encourage freedom within the game system. Players have Editing Points they use to modify their characters’ die rolls. Players can exert control over the dice when it’s necessary. And if the player continually has to edit certain die rolls, the rules adjust the character’s skill: obviously, the character’s conception and numbers don’t match. So the numbers change, not the conception. Get into the action. Get Brand X.