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What Is Mythus-L?

Matthew E. Pearson

Mythus-L is an independent mailing list for the Dangerous Journeys: Mythus® game system.

The game system was developed by Gary Gygax and Dave Newton. It was originally released by Game Designers’ Workshop in the Summer of 1992. It has since been “acquired” by TSR Incorporated. No new material and no plans for the system have been revealed as of yet.

What Is Mythus®?

Mythus is a fantasy genre game module for the Dangerous Journeys system. Is a fully skill based system. No classes, no levels, just skills. This is a much more realistic and flexible method of creating and playing a “character” (or “heroic persona” in Mythus terminology). In addition Mythus Magick® has nearly 1500 spells for the game system making it the most complete Magick system available. In addition complete rules for making new spells or magick items are included!

Mythus is truly a quantum leap in fantasy role-playing. No other game system is nearly as well though out or as complete as Mythus. As for complexity, it can be as simple or as complex as you so desire. Persona creation is complex, but game-play mechanics are very simple based on percentages.

Mythus, Mythus Magick, Journeys Magazine, Dangerous Journeys and all related game terminology are presumably trademarked by TSR Incorporated 1994.