50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Father DoveTracy Lambmale
2DragonHal S. Withersmale
3Kid Second Titanium DetectiveMurphy Mary Davenportfemale
4Officer Ancient JackMartin Stuartmale
5The RatJuanita Joline Kane-Masonfemale
6Prince Titanic VigilanteMarcos G. O’Reillymale
7The Super Digital NightmareDillon J. Sutherlandmale
8Ms. Seventh SilhouetteMary Blakefemale
9The Android MonkeyCarl Hinkleymale
10Weird Stinging SwordLouise Jane Adkinsfemale
11Lord Hooded SphinxCarl Lipscombmale
12Sea Jet RamJoline Marcy Henryfemale
13The NightmareEllen Withersfemale
14Mother Weird Fifth CapeH. Scott Masonfemale
15Ms. Masked RickiAndrea Gabriel Gonzalezfemale
16Private Thunder Weird FourTerry R. Stuartmale
17The Mad FateKaren N. Spencefemale
18SwanAndrea K. Martinezfemale
19The Nuclear ZeroAdrian Patriciafemale
20Dr. FiveGary Carringtonmale
21Vigilante GolemJ. X. Morganmale
22The CatJoline Scottfemale
23Miss IceDonna M. Spainfemale
24Mr. BladeJacob Pickensmale
25IceKenneth Andersonmale
26Son of the CanaryDennis Masonmale
27Kid FerretCharles L. Lewismale
28Prince Electronic Atomic SixM. R. Jacksonmale
29Mr. BatEric W. Hinkleymale
30Digital Fire SamuraiArnold Arlingtonmale
31Tenth SkullTim Carnegiemale
32Prince Digital Synthetic KingJonas Farrmale
33The JokerMadison Stevensfemale
34Kid Titanium Strange ComedianRoberta Andersonfemale
35Third HeartLuke Pattersonmale
36Master PowerReed Drakemale
37Titanic SpectreCameron Barrmale
38ManGray D. Adkinsmale
39Mighty GoblinPhilip Clarkmale
40GoblinTom Millsmale
41The FourLester Pattersonmale
42Mr. WolverineMurphy Arlingtonmale
43Sister WaspRosa Reedfemale
44Master Red Third Deadly ClawWilliam Hughesmale
45Dr. Scarlet Owl ApeHaven Wildefemale
46The ThunderLynne Walkerfemale
47SevenCab Fowlermale
48The Ragged Cold ChemistNellie N. Scottfemale
49Wicked PowerRona Hughesfemale
50Five ShroudDarlene Pickensfemale