50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The Phantom MoonTracy Babcockmale
2Master Wolverine GorillaRobin Davenportmale
3Brother Hooded Second KnightMorgan Stuartmale
4New ShadowM. C. Spencemale
5Midnight Monkey ThreeReggie Alveyfemale
6The Synthetic VoidKathy Bradfordfemale
7The BrainMelissa Libermanfemale
8The Strange EelMelinda Draperfemale
9The Fifth Roach RamT. S. Blakefemale
10FiveTina A. Davenportfemale
11Ms. ScarabAndrea Arlingtonfemale
12Brother TarantulaDiego C. Malcolmmale
13PriestessLaura T. Andersonfemale
14ThunderGabriel Withersmale
15Mighty PawnAndrew Kelleymale
16Crimson MonkeyMildred Fay Huntfemale
17Lady RoachMalcolm Thurstonfemale
18Lost MissileGay Bakerfemale
19Ms. CondorLee Strattonfemale
20Prince DoctorLane Gonzalezmale
21Dr. Spectre SorcerorMel Tom Morganmale
22Goblin NineAlvin Kevin Jonesmale
23Master Titanium DragonCarl N. Scottmale
24Ms. Quantum BardJ. M. Tuckerfemale
25Detective Third WatcherRicki Eleanor Bowerfemale
26Captain Digital Green Masked GhostEvan B. Donnamale
27The Digital SpectreMaxine Emma Arlingtonfemale
28Crimson AndroidPatrick M. Carpentermale
29Blue ThreeDale James Kanemale
30Dr. Anderson-HowellS. J. Walkerfemale
31Father StalkerMel Samuel Graymale
32The Sphinx ShadowSpencer Clarkfemale
33The Weird BearDennis Carringtonmale
34Sister Third Wonder TarotCameron E. Philipsfemale
35Dr. Swamp DemonJuan F. Farrmale
36Owl BardKitty Spainfemale
37Ms. Electric Mighty EightTina S. Flanaganfemale
38The EagleRandall E. Grumbymale
39The Blue Green Scarlet VigilanteStella K. Flanaganfemale
40The Second HandMary Friedmanfemale
41Third SignGabriel Travis Drakemale
42Roach ManMartin Bissonmale
43SparrowDale Walkermale
44Mr. DestroyerGary Millsmale
45Dr. Eternal LadWilliam Morganmale
46Electronic Super PrinceNelson Andrew Boonmale
47Ms. Wonder Red KatanaRicki C. Alveyfemale
48Private CatMarcy M. Masonfemale
49Pulsar MinerRandall J. Randallmale
50The Jack ThreeMel Nelsonmale