50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1The Third Silver ApeJacob Lee Boonmale
2Mr. Midnight BishopN. Q. Baldwinmale
3Ms. Hooded DoveAnne V. Williamsfemale
4Mr. Hooded ManDennis Johnmale
5Mr. ScarabJ. K. Hayesmale
6The Pale Mage ClownAaron Sutherlandmale
7New ScorpionLucille Carnegiefemale
8The Blood ScorpionDrake Waltermale
9Mighty Mad TwoKenneth Hughesmale
10Ms. Queen SwordEleanor Madison Bowerfemale
11EightJack O’Reillymale
12Detective Quantum PrinceWilliam Bowermale
13Mr. New Black RaccoonJack Jack Dyermale
14Mr. Grim Seventh Silver ScarabJuan T. Lanemale
15Mother Synthetic AngelGay Dexterfemale
16Father Paisley Moon NovaLester Evansmale
17Mr. DoctorDale Adkinsmale
18EnvoyEleanor Baldwinfemale
19Kid Wonder Cosmic Third RavenMartha Kennedy-Philipsfemale
20The Quantum FoxMorgan Dyerfemale
21ScientistAnne M. Mills-Guinnessfemale
22Hound DogJacob Tuckermale
23King Immortal DiamondJoe Lipscombmale
24Dr. Midnight MoonHunt Henryfemale
25Queen Owl RobinI. P. Libermanfemale
26Snake EelVirginia G. Fowlerfemale
27Queen Solar Digital Gold ShieldVirginia Tina Tuckerfemale
28Prince Green Eagle WarriorLouis Jonesmale
29Dr. Pawn BatDennis Spencemale
30Eternal Wicked SwanAna M. Spencefemale
31The Eel CometGary Kanemale
32The ChemistAlice Barrfemale
33The Digital Nuclear ShieldMaxwell Dextermale
34Captain ThreeCarl Strattonmale
35Madame SaintKaren Kennedyfemale
36Lord Lunar Cosmic BeetleHugh S. Noblemale
37Quantum NineSpencer M. Pattersonfemale
38Mr. New Scarlet Ragged AngelLee Alveymale
39The Twelfth Night EelMorgan Kennedyfemale
40LassKim L. Gonzalezfemale
41Fire Fifth SolarGina Evansfemale
42Officer Electric Envoy PulsarS. M. Millsmale
43Sister Sixth Ebony FourDenise Andersonfemale
44Dr. Red SignScott Scottfemale
45Mighty Dark Thunder SolarHal L. Gonzalezmale
46Mr. Digital Morgan ReedAaron R. Boonmale
47The GoblinSamantha Grayfemale
48WatchmanJuan Lynn Lewismale
49Captain MaceLester P. Malcolmmale
50Private FoxMaxine Huntfemale