50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Madame Scarlet Blue VikingKitty K. Stevensfemale
2The Three ClawDiego Graymale
3Rock MagicianGary Dextermale
4The KidJack Sutherlandmale
5Twelfth GuruL. A. Wilkinsonfemale
6The PriestessKathy Malcolmfemale
7Private DogLucille W. Lewisfemale
8Ancient CometRobert M. Stratfordmale
9Wicked StarSimon Hayesmale
10Swamp Grim BuddhaGinger Carringtonfemale
11ClownRobin P. Spainmale
12StalkerMildred Dylanfemale
13Thunder EelJoan Alveyfemale
14The Android JuanJesus Havenmale
15Saint DeathLaura Grayfemale
16Princess NovaRosa Pattersonfemale
17Ebony ScarabNellie K. Stevensfemale
18Mr. SaintMichael Steve Hayesmale
19The Swamp GorillaAmber Lordfemale
20The RockSpencer Dale Lordmale
21The Fire WaspFay O. Howellfemale
22Captain Monkey CometDennis Walter Lipscombmale
23Condor GuardSimon McKenziemale
24AngelEleanor J. Thurstonfemale
25Ms. Sea HornetR. C. Wildefemale
26Ancient First BishopEvan Maxwell Katemale
27Mr. ThreeDiego L. Millsmale
28HeroLeona M. Lesterfemale
29Ms. Green WaspKerry Henryfemale
30Synthetic Titanium WaspHenry Spencemale
31Mr. ImmortalMichael Wildemale
32Detective SevenLouis Strattonmale
33Dr. RobotDonna Kelleyfemale
34Prince Quantum Crimson ClawDonald Noblemale
35The TwoGinger Sutherlandfemale
36The MaskJill Davenportfemale
37Twelfth AngelReggie Bowermale
38The Wonder MonkeySpencer C. Evansfemale
39Eight BulletStuart Nelsonmale
40Weird Cosmic BladeNicholas T. Masonmale
41The Indigo ShroudRick Bissonmale
42Brother BuddhaDrake Robert Alveymale
43The AngelMurphy Rosa Spencerfemale
44Private Cold NightmareRoberta Lordfemale
45ShroudMurphy Malcolmfemale
46Private Pale Silhouette WizardKitty Boonfemale
47Son of the Secret Solar WaspRoy Scottmale
48Sea Super ScientistSteve L. Davenportmale
49Princess TarotHenrietta Strattonfemale
50Ms. Ruby HeroSpencer Grayfemale