50 Random Superhero Names

The Dream of Poor Bazin

Jerry Stratton

What if the Three Musketeers were journalists in Washington, DC? What if journalists were swashbuckling, swaggering, hard-drinking warriors of truth? Find out in Jerry Stratton’s The Dream of Poor Bazin.

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1Ms. SwanFay C. Davenportfemale
2HeartDonald F. Baldwinmale
3Super Night MeteorNicole Stevens-Arlingtonfemale
4Silver VikingFrank Kirk Graymale
5WraithDiana Grayfemale
6Sir Eternal SwanSimon Leo Fowlermale
7MonkeySutherland Thurstonmale
8Father Desert Scarlet Atomic ClawCary Fowlermale
9Solar Digital White KennedyRobin Chris Lewisfemale
10Detective Wonder DevaTracy Stuartmale
11Dr. Quantum Blood BoyTravis Travismale
12Dr. TarotLouis Travismale
13Mr. Water Mighty Dead NightmareHenry Spencemale
14New Sun KatanaMarcos Drapermale
15Kid WaspSamuel C. Henrymale
16Boy HoundNelson Fowlermale
17Dr. SamanthaJane McKenziefemale
18Grey Guard IceK. H. Clarkfemale
19Midnight ComedianMary Malcolmfemale
20The SoulCharles Hinkleymale
21Prince Dark DeathMarcos Kanemale
22Mask KnightStratton Stuartmale
23Dr. Shadow TwoLeo Randallmale
24New Silver PowerSpencer I. Stuartfemale
25Mad FoxCarl Huntmale
26Scientist PrinceKenneth Spencemale
27Eternal NightmareE. A. Malcolmfemale
28Destroyer PriestessDiana C. Lipscombfemale
29Private Mighty First VigilanteMurphy C. Jones-Dylanfemale
30Brother Masked TarantulaGray R. Havenmale
31The Deadly Six CometJustin Wilkinsonmale
32Masked SamuraiLee Diego Kelleymale
33Brother GorillaPhilip Drapermale
34Private Moon EnvoyPamela Wildefemale
35Pale Atomic FlyL. M. Henrymale
36The Diamond ThunderMills Tina Clarkfemale
37Kid Mighty Mighty RaccoonMarcos Whitcombmale
38BulletNelson Baldwinmale
39Brother Scientist NelsonKenneth Jacksonmale
40The PriestEvan Lipscombmale
41Mr. Wonder SamuraiHal Withersmale
42The Diamond Gold DruidDylan Kanefemale
43Indigo Moon DevaIna Stevensfemale
44The OneVirginia Bissonfemale
45Sister FlameMadison Friedmanfemale
46Dr. LightningMel Whitcombmale
47Madame Immortal Midnight RocketAnne Ricki Flanaganfemale
48Mr. DevilDennis M. Stevensmale
49Private Deadly Broken Titanium ScientistDarlene M. Arlingtonfemale
50Mr. Digital Envoy BishopEvan Fowlermale