50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Kid SevenAna Murphy Grayfemale
2The Tenth Electronic GhostMaxine Hughesfemale
3FlyMel M. Kennedymale
4RobotIna Strattonfemale
5SwanLinda Stuartfemale
6Titanic JaneMildred Baldwinfemale
7Captain EnvoyMaria Kennedyfemale
8StingLester Scottmale
9Son of the Super OneGabriel Davenportmale
10Third VideoE. J. Carringtonmale
11Surfer HeroJoline Lewisfemale
12EyeCharlene Barrfemale
13Private Two PriestGary Kennedymale
14Master MasonJack A. Millsmale
15Eighth Second Grim DragonHenry Nelsonmale
16Sister Wicked Indigo WomanKim K. Whitcombfemale
17Lightning NineBrown Stratfordmale
18Captain Ebony Seventh FerretEvan K. Sutherlandmale
19The SixMelinda Pickensfemale
20Electronic MaceSpencer Cameron Carnegiemale
21Officer Paisley DruidMadison Lipscombmale
22The ChemistErin Travis-Whitcombfemale
23Sir Ninth Ruby Sixth GorillaJuan Archermale
24King BrainRobin Barrmale
25The Scarlet Living Atomic O’ReillyJesus Dyermale
26The ClownGay Withersfemale
27Tenth White NineTex Walkermale
28Dr. Stinging Paisley OwlNancy Spencer Walkerfemale
29Captain MaceKelly J. Hutchesonfemale
30BombTracy Millsfemale
31The Android JokerJ. T. Reedmale
32The DoveErin M. Grayfemale
33EightMorgan Farrmale
34Electric Skull KnightGray Andersonmale
35DetectiveScott M. Hayesfemale
36SphinxChris Adkinsfemale
37The UniverseDiego Gonzalezmale
38Mr. Night RocketGay E. Henrymale
39The Six ScarabAdolfo Tracy Drakemale
40BishopLester Robbinsmale
41White DevilPamela Evansfemale
42Officer RatMarcy G. Dylanfemale
43King Broken Tenth ClawDale D. Lestermale
44Kid Electronic ScarabDrake Guinnessmale
45Sixth BishopFrank St. Tommale
46Mr. FoxRick Howellmale
47Ancient Diamond KnightIna Jackie Kanefemale
48Mother Queen WolverineKelly Morganfemale
49Madame Blade HeroJane N. Henryfemale
50SorceressSamantha Wildefemale