50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Daughter of the Wicked Paisley GuardSamantha Lynne Kanefemale
2DoctorDiego Adolfo Drapermale
3Kid Third LightningMartha Wildefemale
4Officer SunStella Spencer Robbinsfemale
5Green New MaskKip S. Henrymale
6The Destroyer BrainTracy A. Walkermale
7Ram ChemistArthur T. Wildemale
8Brother OwlHal D. Andersonmale
9Midnight BladeAnne Henryfemale
10SevenRick Carringtonmale
11Mad MissileLynn R. Hinkleymale
12The Grey Desert HeartMatthew Brownmale
13Eternal SphinxGabriel R. Drapermale
14Captain Spectre KnightLouise W. Kanefemale
15Queen Dark Eighth LassSpencer Draperfemale
16Princess LindaGay A. Clarkfemale
17Synthetic MonkeyLynne Blakefemale
18Detective Blue Masked SoulTravis Adkinsmale
19Secret One SpectreJonas Michael Lanemale
20EightEric Graymale
21The Dark VoidIna Havenfemale
22BrainCab Nelsonmale
23The Immortal Deadly LadyTina Kanefemale
24Ms. Deva SunDale Lordfemale
25EnvoyNelson Nicholas Bissonmale
26Mr. Tenth Digital FourScott D. Arlingtonmale
27The Bard EyeStuart Baldwinmale
28Dr. Pawn LightningJohn Blakemale
29Dr. Thirteenth Red HeartKevin H. Graymale
30Desert MothGabriel J. Withersfemale
31Mr. JackNelson Nicholas Stratfordmale
32Princess GhostKate Spencefemale
33Wasp HandChris Clarkfemale
34Madame Red BrainLaura Babcockfemale
35Mr. Eternal BrainTex S. Scottmale
36Eighth Sea ShieldPatrick Sutherlandmale
37Scarlet UniverseAdrian D. Bissonmale
38New MarthaHenrietta Dyerfemale
39Ms. Wicked Ruby RoachGina I. Carringtonfemale
40The SkullFay Libermanfemale
41Ms. Electronic Midnight SpiderD. M. Dexterfemale
42Cosmic Eight BeetleLouise Carringtonfemale
43Ms. Magic CometMartha N. Libermanfemale
44Lunar EnvoyMarcos Sinclairmale
45Son of the ZeroJames Archermale
46ZeroPatrick O. Spainmale
47The Second ClownCarl Drakemale
48Mr. Third Digital Crimson VigilanteGary Jacksonmale
49The SoulMartin Evansmale
50Ms. Weird EelAmber M. Bowerfemale