50 Random Superhero Names

If you would like to create a full Men & Supermen character, you want the full Men & Supermen NPC generator. This page just does names. (You can also click on a hero’s name to generate abilities for that hero.)

1Officer Cosmic ThreeMelissa Spainfemale
2Deadly JokerFay Scott-Wilkinsonfemale
3DogLeona Randi Clarkfemale
4The Sixth Crimson RaccoonLaura N. Baldwinfemale
5The Masked Grim SphinxHal Clarkmale
6DruidKelly T. Hutchesonmale
7Dr. WarriorDennis Mark Stuartmale
8Lady Water Silver UniverseMelinda G. Thurstonfemale
9Dr. Titanic Cold Water BladeLee Grumbymale
10Thunder HawkNicholas Hughesmale
11LadyDale Clarkfemale
12Ms. Clown ApeGabriel Gonzalezfemale
13Lord Water WatchmanLeo Kevin Lambmale
14Ninth DemonAna N. Boonfemale
15The JackLane O. Walkermale
16The ThunderMartin Adkinsmale
17Grim Indigo Two DevilKerry M. Howellfemale
18Dr. Paisley MaskSamuel Spainmale
19Detective Fox DoveKerry N. Carringtonfemale
20Grey ThunderRandall Dextermale
21Madame VikingEmma Jane Alveyfemale
22The DemonKitty Smithfemale
23Fire Titanic SwordHenrietta Virginia Andersonfemale
24The Dark Diamond Ebony SquirrelArthur Blakemale
25Ms. JokerAna Carringtonfemale
26The Hero DemonPhilip T. Howellmale
27ClawAdrian Thurstonmale
28The First Scorpion EagleLeona Sinclairfemale
29Thunder RockJohn Withersmale
30Swamp JudgeKelley Mary Howellfemale
31Mr. MaceJesus Bowermale
32Kid Green MissileEleanor Bissonfemale
33Mother Thirteenth PhantomRoberta L. Dylanfemale
34JudgeRonald Hutchesonmale
35The Strange Hooded RobotJustine Carnegiefemale
36Grey BeastTracy Smithfemale
37ImmortalL. A. Henryfemale
38Sir Weird DavenportDonald McKenziemale
39Son of the MagicianGray L. Evansmale
40The Digital IceAdolfo Pattersonmale
41Officer Green Super Second WolfGabriel C. Drapermale
42Father Spider BeetleAaron Howellmale
43Paisley Dead GolemTerry L. Nelsonmale
44The Diamond RamCameron Martinezfemale
45Mother Shield JudgeTammy Barrfemale
46Seventh Blood ApeRoy Hayesmale
47Dr. Seventh Cold SignMorgan Travismale
48Secret Green DiamondMatthew L. Spencemale
49Grim OwlRobert Nicholas Sinclairmale
50The First VikingEdward Patrick Andersonmale