Victimless Crime My Ass

by Neckroph, from the Usenet newsgroup Alt.Drugs, August 15, 1995

I do have to disagree on the victimless crime. We are the victims. We are threatened every day by the same government that is supposed to protect us, the same government that 200 years ago or so guaranteed us our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The same government that at one time required every one to grow hemp, to pay taxes in hemp or pay a substantial fine for not.

The same government that had to have a constitutional amendment to outlaw alcohol and then repealed it since it was a failure. The same government that now thinks your backyard is involved in interstate commerce if you have one hemp plant growing. The same government that will take all your belongings for that one plant. The same government that buys cocaine then sells it at a profit and uses that money to finance a private war in a foreign country. The same government that has declared war on its own people, that has killed innocent children while nursing their mother’s breast based on tips from unknown sources. That has imprisoned cripples and denied them any treatment because they turned to a plant because they could not afford the synthetic drug or bear the side effects of another treatment.

Where is the justice for pot users?? Where is the justice and compassion for the sick and dying that take comfort in a plant that makes them feel better and live more productively?? When does this madness end??

At the DEA’s own estimations 30,000,000 (that’s thirty million) Amercians use pot occasionally. Is the non-using public going to be able to support that size of a prison population?? Is society going to be able to stand up when that many people, mostly productive individuals, are taken out of the work force and quit paying taxes, producing goods, and otherwise make the other half possible?

Also by the DEA’s own admission, they do not believe that at any given time they have gotten over 10% (one tenth) of the total volume of drugs flowing into or through the USA in any given year. If you were going into debt to pay a doctor to treat a disease and he was only making a small amount of progress with a certain treatment, would you still pay him for that treatment or would you want him to change???

Thirty million is a lot of people. If everyone wrote a letter to the government, their representative or anybody whether you signed your name or not, how could they not listen? You don’t even have to write a letter. Next time an election comes along find a candidate that supports your views and vote for him. Do something but quit sitting there being stoned or we will end up, one and all, living in a concentration camp called the United States of Amercia.

I hope I pissed you off, maybe you’ll do something. Don’t bother e-mailing me your anger. The Vets did not fight and die so that a few could run my and your life. They died for freedom: everyone’s and anyone’s.